Barbuda "Totally Demolished" After Hurricane Irma Levels 90% Of All Dwellings

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Having mauled the Caribbean island of St. Martin overnight, where this morning the French government said that the four "most solid" buildings have been destroyed, Hurricane Irma - now at 185mps for a record 33 straight hours - has just passed north of Puerto Rico, buffeting the US island territory’s capital, San Juan, with heavy downpours and strong winds that scattered tree limbs across roadways, but not before totally demolishing” the island of Barbuda, with 90% of all dwellings leveled, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said.

Browne said that Irma has unleashed "absolute devastation" on the island making Barbuda, home to some 1,800 people, "basically uninhabitable" with preliminary damage estimated at some $150 million.

He said that the island's communication network is 100% destroyed.

A before and after photo confirms the devastation:

"This rebuilding initiative will take years," Browne told local television after a visit to the island, where he confirmed at least one person had died due to the storm. A second storm-related fatality, that of a surfer, was reported on Barbados and the French government said at least two people were killed in Caribbean island territories of St. Martin and Saint Barthelemy.

Irma, with top sustained winds of 185 miles per hour (300 km per hour), was on track to reach Florida on Saturday or Sunday, becoming the second major hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland in as many weeks.

While Irma’s intensity could fluctuate, and its precise course remained uncertain, the storm was expected to remain at least a Category 4 before arriving in Florida.

Irma is not alone, and as reported earlier, two other hurricanes formed on Wednesday. While Katia, in the Gulf of Mexico, poses no threat to the U.S. Hurricane Jose in the open Atlantic, about 1,000 miles (1,610 km) east of the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles islands, could also eventually threaten the U.S. mainland, a third hurricane landfall on the U.S. in under a month.

According to Reuters, Florida emergency management officials, chastened by Harvey’s devastation, began evacuations days in advance of Irma’s arrival, ordering all tourists to leave the Florida Keys, a resort archipelago off the state’s southern tip, starting Wednesday morning. Evacuation of residents from the Keys was to begin Wednesday evening.

Ed Rappaport, acting National Hurricane Center director, interviewed on Miami television station WFOR-TV, called Irma a “once-in-a-generation storm,” adding that for Florida, “It’s the big one for us.”

Chuck Watson, disaster modeler with Enki Research, said in a note that "Irma is the kind of storm where you get thousands of lives lost. This is not going to be the big slow-motion flood like Harvey - this is a real, honest-to-God hurricane."

Late on Wednesday, the eye of Irma passed just north of Puerto Rico.

“The winds that we are experiencing right now are like nothing we have experienced before,” Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello told CNN. “We expect a lot of damage, perhaps not as much as was seen in Barbuda.”

At least half of Puerto Rico’s homes and businesses lost electricity by nightfall, according to a Twitter message posted by an island utility executive. According to the Miami Herald, Puerto Rico residents could be left without power for four to six months after Hurricane Irma grazes the island.

"There are going to be blackouts. Areas that will spend three, four months without electricity," Ricardo Ramos, executive director of Puerto Rico's energy agency, said, according to the Spanish-language news agency EFE.

On its current path the core of Irma, which the Miami-based center said marked the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, was expected to scrape the northern coast of the Dominican Republic on Thursday. It was on a track that would put it near the Turks and Caicos and southeastern Bahamas by Thursday evening.

Trump, whose waterfront Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, could take a direct hit from the storm, has already approved emergency declarations for Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, mobilizing federal disaster relief efforts. He spoke with governors of all three by telephone on Wednesday, the White House said.


Florida Governor Rick Scott said Irma could be more devastating than Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm that struck the state in 1992 and still ranks as one of the costliest ever in the United States.

Residents in most coastal communities of densely populated Miami-Dade County were ordered to move to higher ground beginning at 9 a.m. ET (1300 GMT) on Thursday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced on Wednesday. The evacuation orders will affect more than 100,000 residents, the Miami Herald reported. Miami-Dade has a population of 2.7 million.

Scott told a news conference in the Keys that 7,000 National Guard troops would report for duty on Friday, ahead of the storm’s expected arrival. Statewide emergency declarations were issued in both North and South Carolina, and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared an emergency for six coastal counties in anticipation of Irma’s arrival.

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Didn't understand what you wrote and I don't care about thumb this or that.

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RedPill is chastising you for not acknowleging that the Earth is flat.

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Thanks, and I thought I've seen everything! Red pill I've been all over the world, helped R&D the gps in the mid 80's at one of the most advanced physics weapon labs, I can promise, the earth is not flat.

One job I had was to build gps tracking stations for deployment all over the world. Another was to monitor
a geo and com satellite in polar orbit. Take it from me, the earth is not flat.

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Fun Fact: Gubmints are actually astrological death cults that engage in human sacrifice to maintain control, and the entire socioeconomic system is designed to obscure this from the profane, no different from a slaughterhouse being off a distance from a pen.

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I understand Santa's suit to be red because it's an animal skin worn inside out.  Right there with ya.

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Why didn't the Green Beret warn Barbuda?

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He was busy warning about Eskimo EMP strikes.  And he's a Former Green Beret, dangit.  ;-)

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Actually his official title is 'Retarded Green Beret'

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Barbuda?  I had literally never heard of it until now...and it's been flattened.  ??

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 Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.

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You will never see a Trump impeachment just as the Trump crowd will never see a Hillary prosecution.


The preceeding had nothing to do with a hurricane I just felt like saying it.

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Ya know, you may be on to sumptin' there....

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Barbuda "Totally Demolished" After Hurricane Irma Levels 90% Of All Dwellings

What is 90% of Totally?

-Show your work

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90% smucks and 10% elite.  Population is around 100K; so far one reported death.  How they reported that I do not know given 100% of communications were down.  

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Infinity x 0.90 = Infinity

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I would walk through that bitch naked just to see Hillary in jail. These people just might recover without "The Clinton Foundation" mobsters in there.

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Hey Puerto Rico: DESPOSITO !?!?!?!   Better turn that daddy Yankee shit off and repent !

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Dear Lord, please hit Boca Raton and Weston, home of Debbie Was A Man Schultz with all your fury.  This is my prayer.

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How about just bounce in, sit over Debbie's house for 4 hours, then bounce back out to sea and become a fish storm?  Afterall, Harvey backed up.

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Throw in a few Sharknadoes to boot.

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I'm sure the Clinton Foundation is already working behind the scenes to profit from this.

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Here is a great reason to give to the American Red Cross (sarc); a private organization created by CONgress with no accountability and a great track record of fraud - sounds like the FED.  They do some good work, but they need to be accountable and others do it better & if given the same Federal resources would really do better.

Matthew 25 ministries: "100% of donated funds designated for Hurricane Harvey Relief will be used for the purpose intended."

See "Climates do change"....more sarc.

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The Red Cross refused to help christian Serbia when it was attacked, devastated and suffered mass murder by the islamic fundamentalist KLA - the precursor to ISIS and backed, of course, by the US and NATO.

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Its karma of USA

playing dungeons & dragons with

the rest of the world

in order to enforce its evil dollar regime

run by zewish mafia

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What is Karma and how do you know if you have it or not and on what authority?  Thanks.

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How much percentage is the material world

find it ?


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Watched some old drone videos of Barbuda today.  Most of the houses there were not much better built than Gilligan's.  That had to be hell staying there and riding out that direct hit.  Looks like some of those Bahama Islands will get a direct hit as well.  Crooked Island was devasted just a few years ago by another hurricane.  Stay safe people.  

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I hear there was nearly seven dollars in damagesAHHAHAHHAHHAHA*snurrk*AAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA!


Yah, go ahead and call me a heartless bastard, but I already know this.

There's gonna be a lot of free construction materials available for rebuilding

in the form of downed palm trees and loose sheets of tin here and there.

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Worst thing is - the library was demolished.

Both books destroyed and one of them hadn't even been colored in yet. 

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Was that the one cell tower? 

OMG all the cell towers were knocked down! 

Well I guess that is technically correct but you usually don't use all to refer to one thing. 


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I say NO NO I ain't going 2 rehab I say NO NO

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when you are dealing with a population of 1800, a hand held pretty much works.  turn it to the right charlie, no, too far, back a little. ok that's good.  let's get a rum and cola.

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Well, all I have to say is that there are 20 million people in FL in a state of confusion, panic, anxiety... and it is palpable.

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Lets palpate a few Florida girls.

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Sint Maarten took a full hit. Retarded Dutch didn't even secure their harbour machinery and container storages. Not a single house looks remotely capable of withstanding even a Cat 3.

Now reports of dindus looting the place. The Dutch army is there doing what they're trained to do. Absolutely FA.


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Dutch are stupid AF because they are stubborn coupled with stupid, exacerbated by being arrogant and obnoxious fucks.     Quite possibly the dumbest white country until Sweden surpassed them with their immigration policy!

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I only know their food is utter shite. They don't even have their own cusine. They fucking pancake every fucking edible thing, chicken, bacon, you name it and charge you like restaurant food.

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Dutch pirate left overs .... like that goon that murdered the Halloway girl .... in Aruba ?

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If the US and Cuba are such mortal enemies than why do we have Guatanamo Bay in Cuba?   Stupid AF plot twist that the Deep State screenwriters have never been able to rationalize in that school play but yet no one questions!

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"This will be great for jobs!"

-some Keynesian, probably

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Those poor people! Trapped on an uninhabitable island. That is horrifying! At least in the US, people can drive to other states for safety. 

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That's right. Nothing you can do. Even if you're rich, you cant fly out. All you can say is " beam me up, Scotty "

When all the vegetation blows away,  the islands are revealed as giant garbage tips. Rum still works.

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Keynesians can think of it as a free war.


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US is pissed. They are the only ones with a free pass to flatten countries.

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Looks like there's a nuclear power station on the southern tip of Miami.  Right on the water.  I am sure the backup power and cooling pumps are raised 5m, so no worries.  Better not be a direct hit.  Cooling ponds look very low lying though.

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Voodoo alley gonna get striked out by Irma and Jose will pick up the spare for what's left standing. If Miami gets wiped too then it truly is a perfect 1,2 combo. Kartia is just over kill. Miami completes the compass and square across the US as well.

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How can you have a 100% communications disruption while you are ... able to talk about it to the world?

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When it pays to be a ten per center.

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well i finally see what those guys at were talking about the southern trough.  katia.  that is what is going to make irma take that hard northern track.  when ever that high pressure front pushs out of the southeast US, it hits irma and irma goes north.  when and where the immovable object hits the irresistable force will mean the hard northern path.

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If Erma heads north by north west it will weaken and downgrade.  That's a good thing right?