Barbuda "Totally Demolished" After Hurricane Irma Levels 90% Of All Dwellings

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Having mauled the Caribbean island of St. Martin overnight, where this morning the French government said that the four "most solid" buildings have been destroyed, Hurricane Irma - now at 185mps for a record 33 straight hours - has just passed north of Puerto Rico, buffeting the US island territory’s capital, San Juan, with heavy downpours and strong winds that scattered tree limbs across roadways, but not before totally demolishing” the island of Barbuda, with 90% of all dwellings leveled, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said.

Browne said that Irma has unleashed "absolute devastation" on the island making Barbuda, home to some 1,800 people, "basically uninhabitable" with preliminary damage estimated at some $150 million.

He said that the island's communication network is 100% destroyed.

A before and after photo confirms the devastation:

"This rebuilding initiative will take years," Browne told local television after a visit to the island, where he confirmed at least one person had died due to the storm. A second storm-related fatality, that of a surfer, was reported on Barbados and the French government said at least two people were killed in Caribbean island territories of St. Martin and Saint Barthelemy.

Irma, with top sustained winds of 185 miles per hour (300 km per hour), was on track to reach Florida on Saturday or Sunday, becoming the second major hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland in as many weeks.

While Irma’s intensity could fluctuate, and its precise course remained uncertain, the storm was expected to remain at least a Category 4 before arriving in Florida.

Irma is not alone, and as reported earlier, two other hurricanes formed on Wednesday. While Katia, in the Gulf of Mexico, poses no threat to the U.S. Hurricane Jose in the open Atlantic, about 1,000 miles (1,610 km) east of the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles islands, could also eventually threaten the U.S. mainland, a third hurricane landfall on the U.S. in under a month.

According to Reuters, Florida emergency management officials, chastened by Harvey’s devastation, began evacuations days in advance of Irma’s arrival, ordering all tourists to leave the Florida Keys, a resort archipelago off the state’s southern tip, starting Wednesday morning. Evacuation of residents from the Keys was to begin Wednesday evening.

Ed Rappaport, acting National Hurricane Center director, interviewed on Miami television station WFOR-TV, called Irma a “once-in-a-generation storm,” adding that for Florida, “It’s the big one for us.”

Chuck Watson, disaster modeler with Enki Research, said in a note that "Irma is the kind of storm where you get thousands of lives lost. This is not going to be the big slow-motion flood like Harvey - this is a real, honest-to-God hurricane."

Late on Wednesday, the eye of Irma passed just north of Puerto Rico.

“The winds that we are experiencing right now are like nothing we have experienced before,” Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello told CNN. “We expect a lot of damage, perhaps not as much as was seen in Barbuda.”

At least half of Puerto Rico’s homes and businesses lost electricity by nightfall, according to a Twitter message posted by an island utility executive. According to the Miami Herald, Puerto Rico residents could be left without power for four to six months after Hurricane Irma grazes the island.

"There are going to be blackouts. Areas that will spend three, four months without electricity," Ricardo Ramos, executive director of Puerto Rico's energy agency, said, according to the Spanish-language news agency EFE.

On its current path the core of Irma, which the Miami-based center said marked the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, was expected to scrape the northern coast of the Dominican Republic on Thursday. It was on a track that would put it near the Turks and Caicos and southeastern Bahamas by Thursday evening.

Trump, whose waterfront Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, could take a direct hit from the storm, has already approved emergency declarations for Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, mobilizing federal disaster relief efforts. He spoke with governors of all three by telephone on Wednesday, the White House said.


Florida Governor Rick Scott said Irma could be more devastating than Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm that struck the state in 1992 and still ranks as one of the costliest ever in the United States.

Residents in most coastal communities of densely populated Miami-Dade County were ordered to move to higher ground beginning at 9 a.m. ET (1300 GMT) on Thursday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced on Wednesday. The evacuation orders will affect more than 100,000 residents, the Miami Herald reported. Miami-Dade has a population of 2.7 million.

Scott told a news conference in the Keys that 7,000 National Guard troops would report for duty on Friday, ahead of the storm’s expected arrival. Statewide emergency declarations were issued in both North and South Carolina, and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared an emergency for six coastal counties in anticipation of Irma’s arrival.

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are we there yet's picture

If the Florida orchard trees are uprooted, it will affect orange harvests for many years.
Also, using past major hurricanes as a model, many expensive beachfront properties land will erode away to become open ocean and cease to exist as real estate.
What is the commodity price change of orange juice.

Pollygotacracker's picture

I have to hand it to the weather, it sure got Trumps Russian collusion off the front page. Hahahah.

jughead's picture

you mean the snowflake's Russian delusion? 

dogismycopilot's picture

Damn, Branson lives to bitch about climate change.

And all of those beautiful sailboats! Destroyed!


Robert Trip's picture

Not to worry about the impact on Miami-Dade County.

The residents there with verifiable ID all have 10 sandbags each.

They'll be fine.

NickPeeMe's picture

I tricked them into giving me 11 sand bags, they are only just half full but still I think that makes me pretty much bullet proof.

jughead's picture

I got my ought-six here, let's test out your bullet-proofness in advance!

Arrest Hillary's picture

Nick Pee Me .... back in the 70's the favourite fag joke was .... Fuck Me Duke (Wayne) ?

The Gladiator's picture

Nothing but old useless jews down there. My money is on Trump declaring Irma to be anti semetic.

NickPeeMe's picture

Fake news. this rain storm barly registers on the OJ simpson Hurricane scale. Just keep listening to Rush it is all just hype. Just pop some Oxy , wash it down with a 6 pack and go back to bed till it stops raining.

Arrest Hillary's picture

OJ's stiletto cut so deep .... it nicked the neck bones of his wife .... and her Jewish lover ?

Sparehead's picture

Sounds like you've been listening to NBC, not Rush.

pocomotion's picture

You people have no idea how to function in wind and rain and water rising.  That is why I have just written an introductory e-book series called "BITE MY HURRICANE" for people that live in northwest America's including Canada.   I developed it downwind from a stinking barge along the Mississippi river.  Just send me 9.99 and I will gladly open a portal for you to read up on what you might need IF you ever wanted to move down south to live in Florida, Alabama or host of other states that could potentially have wind, rain and rising water.

For the people that are in the throws of Erma, May God, with his divine mercy, save you from evil and from this storm's harm.

I will be adding to my e-book series soon, with titles like BITE MY GOV., BITE MY HEALTHCARE, BITE MY TAXES and so on.



desirdavenir's picture

1. Erma -> Irma

2. I support your writing and selling of a "hurricane survival book" given that it seems that reliance on prayer and god seems strong in you. That should be a good way to ameliorate the genetic pool of the US...


Bai Suzhen's picture

The good news is that if it hits Haiti, it'll be difficult to tell the before and after.  So they've got that going for them.

Arrest Hillary's picture

That black snatch will smell like pussy for awhile .... then return to smell like rotten fish sauce ?

vollderlerby's picture

same thing with Puerto Rico

Arrest Hillary's picture

Dwellings .... huts where the niggers hang out .... once in a while .... Google dwell, coil, ignition points ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

"Irma la Douche" .... collateral benefits .... wash the blood stains off that ice chute .... Fidel used to bury his victims in a watery grave ?

gmak's picture

Unfortunately, Barbuda is about to experience the broken window fallacy first hand.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Why do hurricaines rotate counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere .... atmospheric traction .... the equator moves faster than the north pole ?

Handful of Dust's picture

Can we see the "before" photos just to make sure there's a difference?

wherewasi's picture

Better send in the Clintons.  Or is that only for Haiti?

Sparehead's picture

I'm certian they'd be happy to collect your donation.

JoeTurner's picture

I'm fully confident that white, middle-class Americans will get stuck with the bill for rebuilding the Caribbean....

Boubou's picture

We are hoping so. Of course , if you wanted to demolish the caribbean, I bet you guys would suddenly have all the money in the world. 

robertocarlos's picture

Those island peoples were oppressed by whitey for 100s of years. We deserve to pay for it.

Sparehead's picture

"Those island people" Which ones, the original ones which have all but vanished, or the Africans and Spanish?

Mr Perspective's picture

WTF? Why more lies from the terrorist media?  The Prime Minister of Barbuda reported that 95% are DAMAGED and 20-30% were destroyed.

This is no occasion for goddamn irresponsible bullshit media hype.

Boubou's picture

I live 40 miles from  Barbuda. in southern Antigua. If you look at the information properly, 40 miles to the south can make a huge difference.

The extent of extreme  winds in the SE and SW sectors is limited.

Antigua is relatively OK. Most damage is to very poorly installed utility poles and overhead power lines , un-maintained landscape and ticky tacky houses.

Nearby Guadeloupe which is French administered has underground power and communications and serious building codes like in Europe, and they say they get through these things with minimal disruption.

Recently almost all new  building in Antigua is in concrete or blocks heavily reinforced with steel bar. 

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

So now CNN is hyping damage as they roll footage of many homes with no damage...what's us with the false reporting?  Can they not speak one word of truth?

Boubou's picture

True. The truth is nowhere to be found. The media are just lapping this up and spreading as much shock and awe as possible.

A sober, informative commentary would be better, read by a sensible adult. People need to act but not panic.

If you hype every event to the sky, eventually no one will heed any of it.

The Gladiator's picture

Go to Tropical tidbits dot com.A guy named Levi Cowin runs that sight.(Also on Youtube as levi cowin). He is more accurate than any forecaster anywhere. No hype,no fear mongering.Just sound forecasting and good advice to those who may be affected.

Juliette's picture

And they will build up those silly US-style cardboard houses all over again ... instead of opting for steel-reinforced concrete houses, which are 100% hurricane proof. Build them on pillars of 12 feet and they also prevent flooding of your home.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Good idea except instead of costing $100-150/sq. ft. you are talking $250-300/sq. ft.  Never happen . . .

Also, "12' pillars" don't help much with a 20' storm surge.

Boubou's picture

The cost is true, but that's what they do in third world Antigua these days. Better than having your wooden shack fall on your head.

DjangoCat's picture

No wooden shacks are being buit in Antigua and Barbuda these days.  There are (were) old ones still standing, or not.  The houses destroyed were concrete block.

Bopper09's picture

Or don't live right beside a giant body of water.

Boubou's picture

Trump states;-

" These hurricanes have got some nerve

   Only US of A has a license to demolish third world countries

   Lets nuke up the hurricane hunter " 

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Buy The Tropical Depression?
Also, Branson's "Wine Cellar" is pro'ly a weather control station HQ's.

In other news, Branson buys Barbuda for salvage for US$8.oo+transfer fees!

William Dorritt's picture

Before Flood insurance: Florida and the Keys were affordable.

End govt flood insurance and stop subsidizing the hotel and commercial re owners in FL

McMansions on the beach, not if you can't afford to rebuilt it with your own money.

robertocarlos's picture

Irma has to go somewhere so it might as well hit Miami.

are we there yet's picture

Both Irma and Harvey are illegal South of the border immigrants.