Maxine Waters: "They're Trying To Kill Me!"

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California Democrat Maxine Waters thinks white nationalists and the KKK are trying to kill her.

At least she suggested as much during a House subcommittee hearing on terrorism and illicit financing when she asked what she and others could do about white nationalists and KKK members who threaten them on the Internet.

“What can we do to deal with the KKK, the white nationalists, the extremists, the alt-right?” Waters, who serves as ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, asked during a Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance hearing. ‘They’re on the internet, they’re Breitbart. If you look at the YouTube, you see how much they want to kill me and others. What can we do?’”

“Extremists radicalized by foreign terror groups are not the only terrorists with the capacity to target and kill American citizens,” Waters said. “Indeed, domestic terror attacks have become more frequent in recent years.”

The hearing was intended to discuss “lone-wolf” terrorist threats, with a focus on the financial aspects of terror plots, according to PJ Media.

Seamus Hughes, deputy director for George Washington University’s Program on Extremism and former senior counterterrorism advisor for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, told Waters that domestic terrorists are just as big a threat as foreign born terrorists.

“You should be worried about the Orlando shooters, the Omar Mateens of the world as much as you are the James Fields and the Dylann Roofs of the world,” Hughes said.

Waters responded by reeling off a long list of domestic attacks including the Ruby Ridge standoff in 1992, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting in 2009, the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting in 2012, the Los Angeles International Airport shooting in 2013, the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting in 2015, the Portland train attack this year and, of course, Charlottesville.

“Extremists radicalized by foreign terror groups are not the only terrorists with the capacity to target and kill American citizens,” Waters said. “Indeed, domestic terror attacks have become more frequent in recent years.”

Hughes, who testified at the hearing, described the creative ways in which domestic terror groups like an offshoot of the Aryan Nation finance their activities. The group robbed several armored vehicles in the 1980s and successfully laundered more than $4 million to be used in financing and arming white nationalist groups. Hughes explained how Army Private Isaac Aguigui murdered his pregnant wife in 2011, collected about $500,000 in insurance money and then purchased $30,000 worth of guns and ammunition for his militia group Forever Enduring Always Ready, a group that had planned to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Watch the webcast of the hearing below

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Trust can only wish...

Shit Cancer won't take out McCain...some true Devil shit going on here...

and SETH RICH vanishes...we did not forget SETH.

and Maxi pad...if "They" wanted you would be...

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“Extremists radicalized by foreign terror groups..."

... trained and financed by IsraHell.

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Has she looked at the numbers for black on black murder?

Billy the Poet's picture

She doesn't want to make the black kids angry.

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Maxine is what your mind looks like after years of bad weed.

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We don't want to kill you; we just want you to die. I don't expect you have the brainpower to understand the distinction.

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"What can we do?"

Put that crazy bitch in a tight straight-jacket and haul her dumb ass off to an insane asylum.

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It's wonderful she lives in fear of the cracker boojieman!

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"Zem" - get with the program!

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Is there any NGO fund that can be donated to dispatch her the same way McStain and Noodleman did Ukraine?

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Ah, the 80-IQ chimp-out,  politician style.....

Barely any blowback from threatening the President, and she's playing the KKK card- what next?   Gonna call yourself a slave to the people, sitting in your $4M mansion and putting half your family on public graft?

The only embarrassment here is that We The People have let this vain idiot continue to prosper long after she should have been hauled off to prison.

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Eugenics is targeting most everybody of the 93.4% and TPTB are trying to softkill all the targeted individuals, in their gangstalking program, that numbers in the millions.

If in doubt, search top-selling gangstalking titles in Amazon and see how many million with a big "M" are being touted. Approximately 1M.

This is one of the largest crimes on humanity this millenium, and it got its start by the false flag called 9/11.

The ziostasi will not be content with taking us out. Their Georgia Guidestones point to a 500M target.

And it probably does not include you.

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Have you been implanted yet and do you believe in shape-shifting lizards...just asking?

peddling-fiction's picture

Do you pray to your Egregore of Fallen Angels? If not, I am informing you of what your bosses do in their spare time.

They do believe in the Egregore´s lead "diety".

Minions (you) are not part of this 500M Agenda 21 plan. Capiche?

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"Maxine Waters: They're Trying To Kill Me!"


Just get the job done & shut this whiny Bitch up!

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Hell, I want this Wacko to run for President. I'd vote for her for entertainment value alone. Waters/Pelosi 2020......That's The Ticket.

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Wasn't Ruby Ridge where the FBI assassinated some dude AND his pregnant wife who were living off grid? Can't remember the details but pretty sure he wasn't posing a domestic terrorist threat. She might as well have mentioned Waco, TX as domestic terrorists too.

Future Jim's picture

Ruby Ridge was where the US government tried to coerce Randy Weaver into infiltrating a local group of white people in Idaho and serving as a government informant. They spent months and millions attacking him and his family when he would not cooperate. At the end, they shot his wife in the head while she was holding their baby, and they shot Randy in the shoulder for an equally BS reason. The guy who shot his wife was promoted, and was present a couple of years later at the Waco massacre -- a much greater atrocity. Near the beginning of the siege, they had been sneaking around on Randy's property dressed like ninjas, and they suddenly jumped out from behind a rock and emptied a clip into the family dog, which was walking in front of Randy's 15 year old son and his friend. His friend immediately shot an intruder in the chest by firing his 30.06 from the hip. The other intruder ran away. As Randy's son was running back to the house, they shot him in the back. The Waco and Ruby Ridge atrocities and the Clinton assault weapons ban were such a transparent attempt to demonize and attack white conservative rural Americans, that these together were what fueled the militia movements of the 1990's. Nothing has changed except that these NWO forces are now sneakier and more powerful; whereas, white conservative rural Americans are now weakier and more universally demonized. The reason is that they are the last thing standing in the way of a bigger American polcie state and global government. These kinds of atrocities wouldn't be necessary if people would just learn their place and obey.

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She's been brain-dead for she's worried someone is going to pull the plug. 

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the first idea that has made sense in well over a year

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I would instead haul her to Miami Beach and let Irma take care of her nigger cunt.

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You know the USA is in the good hands, when the great Maxine Waters sits on a government subcomittee to discuss “lone-wolf” terrorist threats with the deputy director for Program on Extremism who is also former senior counterterrorism advisor for another committee.

This is serious government stuff and impressive credentials - if I was a lone wolf terrorists I'd be running scared!

new game's picture

representative gov-now that scares the hell out of me. she represents a box of fuking rocks.

and she got elected, huh, the problem is bigger than first thought....

simple shit maynard.

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Maxine Waters: "They're Trying To Kill Me!"

My response: As Clint Eastwood would say: "LADY, you are a LEGEND in your own mind!"

This lady needs psychiatric HELP!!!! Time for her to SHUT UP, STAND DOWN, RESIGN and GET MENTAL HELP.

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Maybe it's the meth that is making Maxine so paranoid.

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She is brain dead. No point in it. So brain dead, even a moron can see it.

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Wasnt it Maxine that called for assassinating our Pres?

Irony is a bitch, you and her should keep good company Maxy.

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You must be one of those racisst haters with "cognitive privilege"

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"cognitive privilege"

Stealing that.

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White cognitive privilege... I like it.

Goes well with "Ebonically impaired".

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Wutta divisive race baiting dried up withered nasty twat.  Progressive liberal democraps are the meanest nastiest hypocrite intolerant divisive turds on the face of the earth Fukemall

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How about the black guy in kansas that executed 5 older white men with shots to the back of head?

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There is no such thing as “black-on-black crime”—just crime.

That’s right. White people kill white people. Black people kill black people. I know what you’re thinking: Yes, but black people do so disproportionately. You’re right—even though white people commit most violent crimes (which means that because of the raw numbers, if we had a choice between eliminating white-on-white crime or black-on-black crime, confronting white-on-white crime would pay far greater dividends)...

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She was at that baseball  practice where the Berniebro tried to kill several of her colleagues?

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Does she look likes she's in the habit of getting out in the fresh air at 6 AM?

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I beleive "they" are trying to kill her but it ain't th eKKK.


It's all the poor blacks she neglected in her ghettoe district while she wallows in a wealthy neighborhood in a $4.3 million mansion.

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I thought it was the Clintonian group that wanted her dead because she lost Hillary's campaign for being so generally stupid. Maybe it is a case of certain black people thinking that the general populace is paying attention to them. Hate to sound racist, but I could care less about what the black community is up to. I don't care what they listen too, think, drink, I got nothing, because most dark skinned city people are extremely vain and selfish. Well, except for the ones I know, and all the many other real people of color. Yep, organizing parties right now to subdue the blacks. Ehhh ...  we'll do it next week. Maxine Waters is in the way of us bringing down darky, so we can't do it this week guys. In the mean time, will the lady who brought that delicious potato salad last Sunday please share her recipe for the group?

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But they will continue to vote for her, 'cos she's black.

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Just like the idiots did for the illegal Indonesian kenyan alien muslim fudgepacker imbecile who did zero to help bkack peoole improve their lives except to foment more racisl division. Wutta buncha fukn morons.

Born in Hawaii?  Hahahahahaha

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That hair must sit on the bedstand each night.  Too stiff to sleep on.

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Have you seen Oprah without the wig and 4 hours of makeup? That would be Maxine! It takes a lot of work and money to present yourself as Maxine does. A lot.

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politically dead cat bouncing.