Mueller Requests Interviews With 6 Members Of Trump's "Inner Circle"

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In one of the Washington Post’s tamest Friday-night bombshells to date, the Jeff Bezos-owned paper of record alleges that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is trying to interview six current and former White House aides, a sign that “the probe that has dogged Trump’s presidency is starting to penetrate a closer circle of aides around the president.”

However, a closer look at exactly who Mueller is hoping to question appears to contradict WaPo’s interpretation: While his list reportedly includes a handful of senior figures like former chief of staff Reince Priebus and former press secretary Sean Spicer, names like Hope Hicks, Don McGahn, James Burnham and Josh Raffel aren’t as widely known to the public - and hardly qualify as "senior aides."

Still, the Post’s anonymous sources claimed that these individuals may have been privy to important decisions, like Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and the White House’s initial reluctance to address warnings about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s integrity, and the reasoning behind them.

Of course, Mueller, who has been keenly interested in the process that ultimately led to the ouster of his friend, and potential witness, James Comey, has continued to press the issue even after Comey himself said he believed Trump's conduct during a meeting where the president allegedly asked his then-FBI director to "let go" of the investigation into gaps in Flynn's security clearance disclosures didn't rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

As for how Comey's firing may be connected to Russian interference during the election - we're still not clear on that.

“Each of the six advisers was privy to important internal discussions that have drawn the interest of Mueller’s investigators, including his decision in May to fire FBI Director James B. Comey and the White House’s initial inaction following warnings that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had withheld information from the public about his private discussions in December with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, according to people familiar with the probe.


The advisers are also connected to internal documents that Mueller’s investigators have asked the White House to produce, according to people familiar with the special counsel’s inquiry.”


Following this round of interviews, it’s widely expected that Mueller could go after senior officials like Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.


“White House officials are expecting that Mueller will seek additional interviews, possibly with family members, including Kushner, who is a West Wing senior adviser, according to the people familiar with Mueller’s inquiry.”

The idea that Mueller wants to interview Kushner is almost ridiculous, considering he has already sat for marathon interviews with investigators from at least two Congressional committees. Former Campaign CEO Paul Manafort has also delivered extensive testimony to Congress.

In addition to Priebus, Spicer and Hicks, Mueller will probably want to question White House counsel Don McGahn.

Mueller has a different reason for speaking with each individual staffer. Hicks, who is now White House communications director, and Raffel were purportedly involved in discussion over how to respond to the New York Times, which was preparing its initial report about the now infamous “Russia meeting.”

However, if Mueller wants to learn more about Hicks's role in the decision-making process, there appears to be an easier way: He could just pick up a copy of the Post.

“The two communications staffers advocated being transparent about the purpose of the meeting, which Trump Jr. had accepted after he was offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton that he was told was part of a Russian government effort to help his father’s campaign.


Ultimately, according to people familiar with the discussions, the president dictated language for the statement that his son would release to the New York Times, which was preparing a report about the meeting. The response omitted important details about the meeting and presented it as “primarily” devoted to a discussion of the adoption of Russian children.”

Spicer was reportedly drawn in to the administration’s handling of the Flynn firing.

“After The Washington Post reported that Flynn had talked with Kislyak about sanctions, Spicer told reporters that Flynn had “reached out to” Kislyak on Christmas Day to extend holiday greetings — effectively rejecting claims that they had talked about U.S. sanctions against Moscow. A few days later, President Barack Obama had announced he was expelling 35 Russian “intelligence operatives” in response to the Kremlin’s meddling in the U.S. election.


After Obama’s announcement, Spicer said Kislyak had sent a message requesting that Flynn call him.


‘Flynn took that call,’ Spicer said. But he stressed that the call ‘centered on the logistics of setting up a call with the president of Russia and [Trump] after the election.’”

Of course, those leftist conspiracy theorists who believe plotting Russians successfully influenced the outcome of an American election have received plenty of grist from the media this week.

On Thursday, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump Jr. told Congressional investigators that he took the now infamous Russia meeting to try and determine Hillary Clinton’s “fitness” for office. Earlier in the week, Facebook unleashed a veritable firestorm of hysteria after it “admitted” that it had sold at least $100,000 in advertising to a Russian troll farm - though the ads in question didn't explicitly support either candidate.

While the competing Congressional investigations have largely devolved into a battle of political posturing between competing committees, it seems that Mueller remains determined to cast the widest possible net, suggesting that the former FBI Director is frantically searching for a "smoking gun.

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

Mueller Requests Interviews With 6 Members Of Trump's "Inner Circle"

My response: When is this BS with this charlatan Mueller going to end?

What a waste of TAX PAYER MONEY!!!!

greenskeeper carl's picture

Will these interviews come with a pre-pardon, like apparently all of killery's inner circle, or does that rule only apply to the clinton's?

FoggyWorld's picture

Wonder if Mueller makes them take the oath - unlike the FBI treatment of Clinton & Co. and her emails.

algol_dog's picture

You said it exactly like I was. How much money is Mueller and his cohorts going to make off all this? Nothing will result of this, no matter what the hell is found, not that anybody gives a fuck anyways - minus MSNBC. We're all getting fleeced ....

Zer0head's picture

there's going to be some folks perjure themselves and cut a deal to avoid 20 years at Pelican Bay just as soon as their memory comes back of Trump doing something impeachable


mstyle's picture

But have they finished their illegal searches of the Russian embassies yet? 

I'm still waiting for them to get lucky find the 'magic evidence' that they have been working so hard to fabricate.

With the technology available today one can't even rule out the possibility that they could be eavesdropping on Trump's calls and conversations, recording him, and splicing together whatever they want him to say...or just have a computer generate it completely after feeding in enough audio samples and voice mannerisms. 

This however makes the assumption that Trump actually is fighting on behalf of the American people like he claims.  Which sometimes I am rather suspect of.

Handful of Dust's picture

Ignore him. He has no legitimacy.

FoggyWorld's picture

The good news though is Mueller won't be able to write a book entitled:  What Happened?

pynky01's picture

A M E N  ... can we not get rid of this ruse...this joker ...this farce ...this demonrat boondoggle  ...fuk this ...things need to burn....

carlnpa's picture

You all are missing the point.

This is the deep state ensuring no one ever looks at 9/11.

Mueller does it best.

carlnpa's picture

Mueller by definition had to look the other way and ignore the reality of 9/11.

StarGate's picture

Actually Mueller IS the official 911/WTC story.
FBI was required to "investigate" the event; Mueller was chief of FBI.

He was the reputed source of the 19 desert rats did 911.
One of the 19 was housed by the FBI. They learned to fly jets by watching video games. These uneducated desert rats out smarted all of the US and international agencies per Mueller.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Basically, we have to put up with shitty sideshow stories like these on ZH because the Fed killed all the fun, interesting, important shit.

Hang in there my peeps, it'll all come back to us.

Gorgeous's picture

He's got to throw the MSM a bone and give the appearance of doing something at the same time.

Blacksunday3's picture

Save face w soft landing. One person gets busted for perjury. Msm gets to cast aspersions.

FoggyWorld's picture

Barron up next then.  Kids have trouble when faced with 17 lawyers and Barron no doubt would crack.

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

another clown pretending to be after another.......keep coming in flies to horseshit...........the human goes into politics.............


"to serve"........................................


greatest show on the planet...........

chunga's picture

I think it would be cool if he managed to get Jeff Sessions thrown in prison.

Schmuck Raker's picture

The last government 'person'  I remember being thrown into jail was.........

lester1's picture

Fuck you Mueller you globalist deep state piece of shit !!!

Fake Trump's picture

He doesn't care what you are calling him. 

Giant Meteor's picture

Uh huh, I see, I see ..

Horseshit, and I hardly could be considered a POTUS fanboy. But these fuckers, crying all dirty and shit, is, in a few words, over the top. Unless of course, as it turns out, this was all in the script to begin with  ..

Reminds one of the old Casablanca line ..

Shocked I tell you, shocked !

Washington Compost, Jeff Bezos ..

No shit!?

lester1's picture

President Trump needs to shoot down any North Korea missile test and on the same day fire Rosenstein and Mueller. If they ever try to impeached Trump on some bs manufactured crime, a million deplorables will March on Washington to restore his presidency! I'm just sick and tired of it all and have nothing to lose.

Trump needs to stick it to the deep state and release all classified documents related to the JFK assassination immediately !! Fucking liberal media would have a heart attack finding out the deep.state killed their beloved JFK!!

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

The more people he interviews the less he will find on Russia and it will be more obvious this is just libtards going full libtard.

FoggyWorld's picture

Maybe he should Interview the Podestas who actually were doing business with a Russian who I believe is a friend of Putin's.

Salsa Verde's picture

Can't wait to see the bill for how much Mueller and his team have spent on this crap-fest.

Giant Meteor's picture


Money's no object. Hell, money isn't even money !

Probably should be one of the biggest tells in this massive shitshow of a "consumerist" e con oh me, the central banking, money changing, globalist, debt ridden, fiat rode hard, financialization, money for nuthin con. The gift that keeps on taking !

The new Santa Klaus  ..

He ain't here to give, he's here to take !

nmewn's picture

So where we at here, month 8 or 9 of an endless investigation of nothing? It took eight years for the general public to become aware of Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and decades for Crony Hillary & Bubba's pay-for-play schemes to come to the general public.

I guess in a century or so we'll know everything there is to know about Trump ;-)

New_Meat's picture

OT, duuuude, I hope that you and Seasmoke and all of dem otha' Crackaz stay as dry and as wind-free as you can over this weekend.

Us yankees are watchin' and will help over time.

- Ned

Giant Meteor's picture

Good comment. Agreed. Have familiy and friends on both coasts in Florida, and let's face it. there is a lot of everyone there, yankees included . Good luck to all, 

nmewn's picture

Hey we appreciate it Ned, I think we'll be ok one way or another. And by the way, you were officially adopted as a Southern compatriot a long time ago whether you like it or not. 

Even when I say Bawstun it's with a wink ;-)

dogismycopilot's picture

I understand the Democrats plan to run this PSYOP for two (2) fucking years. 


lester1's picture











Loretta Lynch's


Obstruction of Justice, and Susan Rice's illegal NSA surveillance???


Or do they have black privilege like Reverund Al Sharpton??

FoggyWorld's picture

Not Mueller's job.  It's up to Sessions who sleeps most of the time and occasionally wakes up to rail about the earth shattering dangerous of pot.

veritas semper vinces's picture

OT,but in context. If you want to have a good laughter ,read this :


InnVestuhrr's picture

If I were Trump, then Mueller would announce he found nothing incriminating, would resign, and disappear. Oh, and his family would be safe but wondering where he went and when he is coming back.

Rebelrebel7's picture

If Mueller wanted to interview me, I would turn the tables and demand to know why he wasn't focussing on Hillary, DWS,  the DNC, Comey, Lynch, Obama, and the CIA! 

Herdee's picture

Must have been the secret sex tapes of Hillary Clinton in bed with her various lesbian lovers?

Promethus's picture

 Huma could you be referring to?

Fake Trump's picture

Declassified the tapes and put them on U Tube. 

lester1's picture

The reason why no one on the Clinton side has been investigated or went to jail is because it blow the pedogate scandal wide open and would crash the government. Sessions isn't strong enough to take all that on.

johnwburns's picture

In 18 months he'll be trying to interview pets. 

Deep Snorkeler's picture


represents obscene materialism.

The selfish greed of this one man

demeans our entire nation.

America's Hermann Goring, sucking

the art, wealth and intellectual life

out of our society.



navy62802's picture

The fact that Mueller's transparently partisan fishing expedition is permitted to continue absolutely astounds me. This is fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds. No telling what kind of bill he is racking up trying to find a way to get the elected president removed from office.

peippe's picture

yeah he's gonna interview reince & spicey & whoever else within the tri-state area & then 

serve up a great big nothing burger with no cheese.

QIG's picture

Mueller is a criminal.