"Like Moths To The Flame": ISIS Fighters Cut Down While Approaching Stranded Convoy

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A convoy of buses containing hundreds of lightly armed ISIS terrorists and their family members remains stuck in the Syrian desert and pinned down as US and coalition planes continue to pick off militants who stray too far from the group. External ISIS vehicles have also tried to access and aid the group, but as US coalition spokesman Army Col. Ryan S. Dillon statedcoalition aircraft are picking them off as they come close "like moths to the flame."

Dillon estimated that over 40 ISIS vehicles were destroyed, including nearly 100 terrorists killed, while heading toward the convoy as the coalition has been "able to continue to just observe and pick them off one at a time.” But on Friday afternoon the US alliance announced the sudden withdrawal of its surveillance aircraft over the site at Russia's request, publishing the following statement:

At approximately 7am GMT Sept. 8, Syrian pro-regime forces advanced past the 11-bus convoy of ISIS terrorists and non-combatants in the eastern Syrian desert. To ensure safe de-confliction of efforts to defeat ISIS, coalition surveillance aircraft departed the adjacent airspace at the request of Russian officials during their assault on Dawyr Az Zawyr.

The Syrian Army and Hezbollah in the Qara area in Syria's Qalamoun mountains when the ISIS bus convoy deal was initiated on August 28, 2017. Photo source: AFP/Louai Beshara

ISIS convoy in Syria. Photo source: Louai Beshara/Agence France-Presse

The convoy has been stranded in no-man's land on the Syrian battlefield since at least last Wednesday (9/30) after its progress was halted by US coalition airstrikes along the evacuation route, including a key bridge. The Lebanese government and Hezbollah arranged a deal with Syria to allow the convoy to pass as ISIS fighters and their families were transferred from northeast Lebanon after loosing a decisive battle there. In exchange, ISIS handed over the bodies of previously kidnapped Lebanese soldiers as well as a the body of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer to Hezbollah.

The deal, which President Assad acknowledged as "an embarrassment" has been mired in controversy as it would result in experienced ISIS fighters being dropped in eastern Syria along the Iraq border. Both Iraq and the US have vociferously protested the arrangement, essentially labeling the deal an intentional terror transfer that will hinder Iraq's ongoing anti-ISIS fight. 

But US officials have failed to acknowledged that the deal was first and foremost brokered by the Lebanese government, specifically Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun. A reluctant Assad agreed to let the convoy pass after the personal intervention of Nasrallah, who argued the deal would result in fewer Lebanese lives lost as the army sought to root out the final few hundred ISIS fighters in the border region of Arsal after their recent overall defeat (in what was set to be a "fight to the death" scenario). The United States has given over $1 billion in military aid to Lebanon over the past years, and itself contributed US special forces support for the successful Arsal anti-ISIS campaign. While the US coalition has highlighted Hezbollah's role in the deal, it has conveniently side-stepped the lead role of its own allies in the Lebanese government.  

For the past week and a half a catch-22 standoff has developed: Syria made a difficult and embarrassing deal - in Hezbollah leader's Hassan Nasrallah's words "for the sake of Lebanon" - yet it's a deal which is going unfulfilled as the US coalition intervened to stop the evacuation. At the same time Hezbollah fighters are escorting the convoy as part of upholding its end of the bargain. Friday's Operation Inherent Resolve statement confirms that though Russia waived off American surveillance in the area, the coalition's stance has not changed, nor does it appear that the remaining ISIS buses have moved:

“From the start of this situation on Aug. 29, we have placed responsibility for the buses and passengers on the Syrian regime, who in conjunction with Lebanese Hezbollah brokered a deal with ISIS to move its terrorists into Iraq,” said Brig. Gen. Jon Braga, director of operations for the Coalition. “The regime’s advance past the convoy underlines continued Syrian responsibility for the buses and terrorists. As always, we will do our utmost to ensure that the ISIS terrorists do not move toward the border of our Iraqi partners,” said Braga.

The ISIS fighters and their families have continued to be provided food and water through Syrian government lines. The group exited Lebanon with 17 chartered buses along with an unknown number of individual vehicles - all attempting to make it to ISIS held Abu Kamal in Deir Ezzor Province close to the Iraq border, but that number was reduced to 11 this week as 6 buses returned to an unknown fate in Syrian government territory. In a speech announcing specifics at the beginning of the evacuation, Nasrallah put the original numbers at 308 ISIS fighters and 331 civilian family members in the convoy.  Wounded ISIS members travelling in ambulances reportedly made it to Islamic State territory ahead of the convoy last week. 

The US coalition has stated its desire to separate the militants from their families in order to destroy the ISIS terrorists. Apparently there are even pregnant women in the group - this according to Hezbollah's Al Manar news network. The US issued a statement Tuesday, saying, “Coalition leaders have communicated a course of action to the Russians, providing the Syrian regime an opportunity to remove the women and children from this situation.”

Though the whole arrangement is one of the more bizarre deals to come out of the Syrian war, it's been widely seen as a blow to ISIS propaganda and recruiting efforts. Last week Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk reported, "some ISIS leaders in Syria did not want members of the group who had surrendered territory to be welcomed back into the so-called caliphate, and the militants should have fought to the death instead." Other observers of Islamic State social media accounts have noted that ISIS members initially reacted in disbelief, claiming the entire brokered deal and ISIS retreat to be a fiction of Hezbollah media.

With the Syrian Army's assault on Deir Ezzor city successfully underway, it is likely that Assad's calculation was to allow the pressure to be let off Lebanon (and perhaps repaying a favor to Hezbollah, which has sacrificed much to defend Syria) with the thinking that the ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor Province would be the next to be pummeled anyway. In meantime, this stranded ISIS convoy episode continues to be among the more bizarre waiting games of the entire war.

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They should send those ISIS fighters a text so they leave just before those buses get blowed up good. Real good.

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I much doubt there are women and children on those buses. Since when have 20yo jihadists had any respect for the lives of others except their own fighters. Why would they put women on the buses when they'd be safer left in place? Something is hinky.

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Theater. The world's a stage.


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Kill the goats!!


Having no sex will make them surrender!!

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Hurricaine IRMA will destroy them all! 

nah's picture

Refuge Crisis->Civil War->No Fly Zone->500lb Bombs



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You have to wonder, what could be so special about these desert dwellers? I mean normally the U.S. is fine bombing weddings or, even more strange, funerals. Can remember one U.S. soldier, with tears in his eyes, recounting the attack on a terrorist camp. Turned out to be a simple farm and the first thing he saw was a 4 year old girl whose nose had been blasted from her face. Apparently these boys and girls are special, or at least more special than a little girl. 

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Fix bayonet and kill them all!

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The new movie: "A Bus Stop Too Far".

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Funny how they are all still inside the air-conditioned tour buses.    Is this a competing beach volleyball team?

Somebody doesn't want them seen.

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If it is ACTUALLY true that the United SNAKES Corp-controlled US military asset is - in fact - "dusting" said " 'AL-CIA-da'-created/funded/supported 'moosies' ", sometimes what "goes around [really does] come[s] around".

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Fuck it, kill 'm all.

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Yemen...out of sight...out of mind...

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Refuge Crisis->Civil War->No Fly Zone->500lb Bombs



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I'll bet those buses contain Syrian kids aged 2-10 awaiting air transport to a certain Caribbean island.

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Tis the kind of war Merican military loves. Women and children pinned down,,, something even Seal Team 6 might be able to handle. Gets great coverage.

shankster's picture

Probably end up in one of the many 3rd world burbs of Miami.

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How is it possible that this bus convoy still has fuel and battery life for such things as lights and AC? They are in the middle of a desert. They are being provided with food and water, but if we are also giving them fuel, why not also give them a concierge service and satellite TV and wifi? They are killers. What's with the delicacy? Tell them to send the women and kids out or they are all going to all be obliterated. If they choose the later, so be it.

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these people urgently need psychological assistance for traumas suffered in europe!

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Where was America for the last 6 years LOL

Talk about horse bolted stable door closed.

Syria is a private party so fuck of youre not invited.

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Nearly 100 terrorists killed! hip hip hooray! Can we offer more bus rides?

If Russia ia asking us to remove our cameras, there could be more good news coming although we might not hear about it. 

According to the article, Syria is embarrassed by these events. Russia is their friend, so who better to take care of the stranded killers? Can we chalk up another 300 ISIS murderers getting their due?


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According to today's Anti War news, the US has backed away from this bus situation at the request of the Russian government.

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Don't kill them - give them unlimited supplies of wonton soup! Bean soup could be good, too. What is the temperature on those buses that are out of fuel? Yeah, beans would be perfect.

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What are the living conditions on those buses?

  • The temps could be 200 degrees during the day inside the buses. 
  • Sleeping sitting up.
  • No showers.
  • Crowded,

Why not keep them there? Maybe they are fighting over shady spots next to the buses? 

sinbad2's picture

The buses were supplied by the Red Cross, it was intended to save the lives of the wives and children of the ISIS fighters.

Now the US could have bombed the buses and killed them all, but that would leave the US open to charges of war crimes.

This way the kids die of thirst and America can pretend it didn't kill them.

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ISIS wouldn't get on a bus with a Red "Cross", don't cha' know.  It is a haji thing.  For some reason, they have had this aversion for centuries.

sinbad2's picture

Have you looked at the pics?

Can you see any red crosses?

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Here is a news flash you sorely need to learn: the US is not responsible for all the bad things that happen in this world. ISIS is responsible for a hell of a lot. This outcome is due to their own behavior. They are lucky they have buses and that someone allowed them to leave, but anything bad that occurs to them is the result of getting themselves into this jam in the frst place.

Kelley's picture

it apprears that there are at least three full blown idiots who want to blame the US for everything. 

Here's another news flash for those dummies: The ISIS passengers aren't on those busses by accident or by chance. It's not like they were waiting for a bus in Chicago and got mysteriously transported to the buses in Syria. No - they were trying to kill people on behalf of their depraved beliefs. 

If you want to avoid a bad situatiion on a bus caravan, maybe you shouldn't be joining ISIS and trying to kill people in cruel ways.

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This ironic situation clarifies for all the nature of Satan (the demi-urge).

Once you pledge yourself to Satan by taking his gifts, you are his to do with as he pleases. The US and coalition have supported and supplied ISIS for years and now, when things have turned against ISIS, they are expendable and is being chopped to bits ... dead men tell no tales. The same thing happened to the Nazis when they started losing. They were abandoned by their financial and industrial backers who supplied them from the shadows.

In this case it there are many who supported ISIS and have turned their back on them. Israel (top of the list) Saudi Arabia and the US government through the CIA, supported ISIS in the name of their pagan gods.

So, this is a warning to everyone in the CIA/security state, the banks, globalist industry, Israel and the other governmental entities. Everyone is expendable in the eyes of Satan. You cannot appease him becauee he owns you as insignificant chattle. The only road to salvation is through the grace of God and Yeshua's holy spirit.

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Like Antifa? How ironic. Again.

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Feed them nothing but pork!

Then let Russia take care of the situation by accidentally dropping a Tsar bomb or too ;-)

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The Russians have proven themselves quite humane, they have let people go who have laid down their arms in Ukraine and Syria.

Mind you they gave that American mercenary dressed in a Ukrainian uniform quite the beating before they let him go.

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I guess they should warn the guy with the lunch wagon not to try to make that particular stop.

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US didn't destroy a convoy of women and children yet?  They must be losing their touch.

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Fuck em. They're all terrorists. Kill them all.

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They want to do them slow, like they did in Iraq.

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Looks like document destruction to me, cleaning up, eliminating witnesses.

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I think what's her face is wearing a palm tree with a cresent moon. Maybe she works for ISIS.

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No, no. The right thing to say is, "Everybody stop killing everybody".

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Yep, they will get to your town in due course.

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Kill you all. And by you I mean people who will knowingly kill civilians to get at military targets. If you all died, I wouldn't have to worry about nuclear war as there would be nobody left to send the bombs. Yes, the world would be a better place without your attitude.