Israeli Jets Rattle Lebanon And Raise Tensions With Syria

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In what Lebanese media reported as a deeply provocative act, an Israeli jet did a high speed and low altitude flyover of the city of Saida in the country's South on Sunday. Lebanese citizens and security sources also reported sonic booms which broke windows and shook buildings. Lebanese social media mentioned possible injuries due to falling glass and regional outlets showed images of damaged buildings and momentary panic in the area under the fly-by. The region has been the site of major military incursions by Israel over the past years, especially during the last major Israeli bombing of the country in 2006.

An Associated Press reporter witnessed multiple Israeli jets while locals captured photographs of planes at higher altitudes just prior to the low fly-by. The AP's account is as follows:

An Associated Press reporter in Sidon heard two sonic booms and saw four jets flying overhead at various altitudes on Sunday. Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported one sonic boom caused by a low-flying Israeli jet. 


...Lebanon's Foreign Ministry said Saturday it was filing a complaint against Israel at the U.N. Security Council for violating its national airspace to strike targets inside Syria. 

Video footage purporting to show the flyover circulated widely, and was even picked up by some international media outlets, but was later proven to be fake

Social media image purporting to show Israeli jets not long before the low flyby occurs. Image source: Wael Al Hussaini/Twitter

Last week Israel attacked a Syrian military base just across Lebanon's border, which was carried out by jets flying over Lebanese airspace. As we previously reported the flagrant act of aggression was likely designed to provoke a response as Israeli leadership is concerned that Assad has not only survived but appears to be winning the war in Syria. Lebanon barely has an air force and further lacks adequate or high tech missile defense systems. 

According to regional media, "Lebanese security officials told a Hezbollah-affiliated radio station the Israeli sorties were part of a large-scale training exercise the IDF is currently holding in northern Israel meant to prepare for a future war with the Shiite terror organization." Middle East historian As'ad AbuKhalil noted after the incident that the Lebanese government recorded over 7000 Israeli violations of Lebanese Airspace in the first decade of the 2000's alone.

It is likely that Sunday's stunt was also meant to send a direct message to Syria: Israel has this summer consistently declared a "red line" warning of repercussions should Iranian and Hezbollah troops not leave Syria.

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Sweet dreams are made of this.    Some of them want to use you.  Some of them want to be used by you.   There is no lack of maso "jews", particularly in MY.  

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some day the arabs will.....

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No nukes required.  A conventional explosive bunker buster on Dimona is all that is needed, and everyone in the region has known this for decades.  If the IDF aggression continues, sooner or later, someone will do it.

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Can somebody please shoot those fuckers down

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No need for this. Just let it loose,detach the parasite from US tit.get rid of all dual-passport "citizens" and make it illegal ,take away the power they have over us through their money magic ,the Federal Reserve,and the MSM ,Hollywood ,aka the false prophet spewing ,casting their spell on the population and then watch how the Zionist Entity collapses.

It is surviving because it is supported by the US(and other western countries,but mainly US)

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Hezbollah has 8000 combat veterans from Syria I doubt Israel will do anything other than beg America to do their dirty work.

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The heebs will bomb a bunch of apartment buildings, kill a few thousand civilians and declare it a "Victory"

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Seems defenseless women, children and old folks are Israel's preferred targets - they can't shoot back, the best they can manage are a few stones.  Against a real enemy such as Hezbollah, they hesitate in fear.  And when Assad is done with Israel's buddies ISIS/AlQaeda, he will take his battle-hardened military to take back his land in the Golan Heights.

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Read Torah (Old testament) anout their psychopathic god. Their history is only about killing of women and children.

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funny because its all right there in the literature.  yhvh requires blood sacrifice for anything important.  prayers are low level but still feed for the beast.

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     Russian Specialists give Hez top rating

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Last time they had a brawl the joos were running with the tails up their ass to tel aviv. Now the hezz are better and stronger.

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there will be no better time than now to face off Hezbollah

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Too many American servicemen have already died fighting Israel's wars. The Israeli's say:

"The idea is not for us to die fighting Israel's wars; the idea is to get American kids to die fighting Israel's wars."

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dude this is not my opinion or view, its a fact.

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Shalom, shalom, my dear joo kike friend.

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there will be no better time than now to face off Hezbollah


Hezbollah protects Christians whom you apparently hate.


'They Accept Us as We Are;' Christians Join Forces With Muslim Group Hezbollah to Fight ISIS in Lebanon



Isarel supposts ISIS whom you apparently love.


Israel's Former Ambassador: Militant Shias Are More Dangerous Than Sunnis

Michael Oren made the provocative claim that "the lesser evil is the Sunnis over the Shias," while insisting that the U.S. should never ally with Iran, even against Sunni terrorists.

DEMIZEN's picture

I don't matter whom I support Israel is seeking conflict because there will be no better time in the future.

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Fuckin' Kikes.

"Any people that has been presecuted for 2000 years must be doing somthing wrong."

                                                                                      - Henry Kissenger

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"I wish they could both lose".   -about the Iran Iraq war

TBT or not TBT's picture

"I wish they could both lose".   -about the Iran Iraq war

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The khazars only became Talmudic around 800 AD.

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The Palestinians are the descendants of the Biblical Jews. They are descendants of Abraham while Netanyahu is not.


The lost Palestinian Jews ByDAVID SHAMAH August 20, 2009 12:37

After years of research, Misinai says that he can declare with certainty that nearly 90 percent of all Palestinians are descended from the Jews. "And what's more, about half of them know it," he says. Not only that, many Palestinians retain Jewish customs, including mourning rituals, lighting Shabbat or memorial candles and even wearing tefillin. While the common wisdom among many Israelis is that the group that calls itself "Palestinian" is a motley collection of Arabs from various parts of the Middle East who immigrated to the Land of Israel following the employment opportunities provided by Jews, Misinai says that the vast majority of today's Palestinians are descended from the remnants of Jewish families who managed to avoid being deported over the past 2,000 years, or returned to their lands after they were exiled, as the Jews in the Holy Land suffered blow after blow - from the Roman destruction of the Temple to the Crusades to famine, poverty and war throughout the Middle Ages.

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 I've read many a post from you, and up voted some. But, really, you are "buying" (((their))) version of heresy, err, history? Wow, my bad. I understand that Jpost is not bashful in the least, or simply cares not what the world thinks, divulging far more truth than prudent.

 DISCLAIMER: I do not hate any religion! Though I do not personally care for any "organized" religion. I see islam as a political system, bent upon world conquest... not a religion. Likewise with zionism. Jewz, not so much, but userous assholes in the main. Just mho.

fukemall, the world IS an ugly place, and I would never like to visit!

Peace, L.

Billy the Poet's picture

Please cite any factual errors and we can discuss them. Palestinians are Semites while the Khazarians are a Turkic people.

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Evidently you don't know the meaning or correct usage of the term "Kike".

"Zios" would be accurate. 

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It's good news as far as I'm concerned.  They need to reveal themselves or the world will never see what they are.  ISIS, the US and other proxies have been their battering ram long enough.

veritas semper vinces's picture

They  revealed themselves multiple times:remember all the wars of aggression ,invading Lebanon,Egypt,Syria,etc.,all the false flags(like USS Liberty,911=well that was a "joint venture" with US),there are even at UN(an organization controlled by Zion US) numerous resolutions against them.

BUT,the Zion US always,always covers for them,protects them ,even to the US detriment.Zion  US never sees anything wrong when they"mow the lawn" (as they say)in Gaza,killing women,children ,elderly ,because "Israel has the right to protect itself"(from some people throwing stones ,with no army,airforce or navy,or nuclear weapons ,like the Zionist Entity).But Gaza has no such right to protect itself from an invasion killing its people. How about the Gaza blockade and the fact Gaza is the biggest concentration camp? US  does not see when they steal Palestinian lands for "settlements",killing their children(like recently,a settler run over a 8 year old child,and another one run over a 4 year old one,and other "settlers" tried to prevent the ambulance to reach that poor  4year old girl.Have you heard anything in our zionist news or a condemnation from the bimbos at the State department? Are they not "beautiful children "too,Donald?)

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Until someone starts shooting down Israeli jets, they just won't stop.

What's the difference between Israel and North Korea?

The winter weather. 

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2002 Israel says Iran will have the bomb by 2005 their world run media show just repeats the same  bullshit decade after decade.

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That's because it works.

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It may be a good thing that the trapped cat shows his claws as the Chinese would say on the other hand, only Russia can put a brake to this although it may be as hard as for China to restrain North Korea. Who said international relations were simple?

veritas semper vinces's picture

When Satanyahoo went to Moscow,recently,he had the audacity to ask Mr. Putin to stop the Iranian presence in Syria,otherway,he ,Satanyahoo will bomb Mr. Assad's presidential palace.He was  twitching while saying this.Very funny.The Russians listened ,looking at him like I look at a cockroach,and then,Mr. Putin said he could not do this"because Iran is Russia's strategic partner in the ME". And then,he threw a bone to Satanyahoo :"but Israel is an important partner ,too"


beijing expat's picture

Actually, the red line is the presence of Iranian troops on Israels border. Since most Iranians are engaged in protecting Shiite villagers from ISIS this is unlikely.

Still, the Syrian gambit is lost. It's unlikely Israel will attack anyone after the last Lebanon fiasco. I think they are just reminding people not to fuck around.

It's also a good distraction from Bibi's legal woes.

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Like, as in the case of Songbird McStain? BFF w/ISISCIA??? Long poppies!

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Time for the anglos to seriously whack the khasarian ziomafia enclave before it sucks USSA down the drainhoile with it in the impending backlash.


Jew is a religion not a race. How can one return to some where one has never been?  No "right of return" for thieving squatting khasarian mutts and their neocon servants.


 Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People"


Arthur Koestler on these plundering, marauding Khasars.


One day the Semites of occupied, apartheid Palestine will be free of the zionnazi leeches.


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Yes, for sure it is. But you know where they really make their home and the power base don't you? England. They have been infiltrating Engish society since the Normans took power, and, at least since 1683, the head 'snake' has enjoyed a heriditary Barony in England.

The relationship between the British Crown and the Khazarians Jews is tight. It was Rothschild's that saved their bacon in the continental war between England and France (Napleoinc war period) by using the Khazarian Mafia to deliver payment to the British troops on the continent, and, after his installation in the House of Lords, of course he and his henchmen continued on pilaging the planet (see South Africa, Lord Thompson of Fleet and the zionists of the late 19'th and early 20'th centuries). On top of that, the Rothschild's always provided the 'gold' when the British Crown needed some (i.e bond issues).

The Jews and the English are pretty much cut from the same cloth: liars, thieves, brutes, vicious, arrogant to a fault, with no remorse and few morals, completely and utterly careless about the welfare of their own people, always dependant on American (and Canadian) support and American lives to continue their demonic hedgemony, while raping the US since the power grab by the Federalists in America led by Adams, and supported by a non-sensical text written by Adam Smith, to which everyone paid 'hommage' and then promptly ignored. You have been fucking screwed, America, ever since the early 1800's. Who was it that dropped off 3 million black slaves into North American territory? Well, the British of course. And who has been left to try to deal with the blowback from that? Well, the Americans of course.

They are excellent at concealment, and top dogs at getting other people to hold the empty robbery bag, while they vanish.

I had 15 years to study one of the 'species' up close and personal, and I can guarantee you this. Never, ever trust them - they are skilled at wearing many masks, and never give them quarter, because they would never give any to you.

But, we have an opportunity coming up soon. Queen Elizabeth isn't going to last much longer, and when Charles tries to assume the throne, all hell will break loose. Nobody in England likes him - he is an inbred twit. I imagine he will insist on becoming King (because his whore feels the need and right to be queen - this is a typical attitude in the English 'horsey set'). When that happens, the Republican elements in England will be out in force. If they can use his ascension to the throne, whore in tow, to garner a little more public support, then they can demolish the House of Lords and send the Khazarians packing.

You know, to understand where you are now, you need to understand some history. England, as it is governed now, is not governed by the original British, they are governed by the decendants of the Germans - the original ones who came from Saxony and Holstein, followed by the 'French' Germans, the Normans who kicked out the Danes and finally after a couple hundred years, the Norweigans who owned Scotland. The real, true, original British were the Celts, about which not much is know, except they appear to have been a choesive society, with strong cultural traditions, good warriors and their own system of appointing leaders. The Celts, as far as I know were defeated by the Romans, and some of them went to Wales, while others jointed the biggest, and largest Celtic community, in what we know today as France.

So, the next time some Brit wants you to bow down to him/her, always remember, you are not dealing with a Brit, you are dealing with a German, and we all pretty much know what the Germans are like, don't we? The funny thing is, they have already 'achieved' their thousand year Reich, but in England, not in Germany.



flapdoodle's picture

"The Jews and the English are pretty much cut from the same cloth: liars, thieves, brutes, vicious, arrogant to a fault, with no remorse and few morals, completely and utterly careless about the welfare of their own people"

Aren't you being a little harsh on the Jews? They aren't *quite* as bad as the inhabitants of Perfidious Albion, land of the true pyschopath...

veritas semper vinces's picture

Well said ,sir! But you forgot the Dutch,especially the dutch jews. England was conquered in 1694 with the creation of the Bank of England.

The British are a nation of buccaneers,pirates(see 1688 and William Dampier) ,controlling the seas,and stealing from all the world ,allied with the biggest land thieves,the Khazarian Mafia,controlling the money magic supply. This was passed on to the  US,which is now ,with its huge army and 900+ military bases,the "muscles" of this AAZ Empire.

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OMG!!! The zionist terrorists are terrorizing their neighbors! No shit. And I'm supposed to care because why???

 Go squeeze your filthy goiters and NON guilt on someone else, and quit MOOCHING military hardware from Merica, we're broke!

 Userous assclownz! Only works if you are stupid enough to fall for (((their))) BS! Maggots    .

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Lebanon should call up Putin for some S300.

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The real bitch is finally getting limelight...

what happened to remain in shadows?