North Korean Defector Claims Kim Jong-Un's Days Are Numbered

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

CNN allegedly found a North Korean defector through University researchers working in conjunction with the South Korean government.

The news outlet interviewed the alleged defector, who claims Kim Jong-Un’s days as “supreme leader” are numbered.

CNN says that the defector had worked among the elites in Pyongyang. In order to protect the man’s anonymity, the descriptions and his name were omitted from the interview.

He is said to fear being hunted down by North Korea and his family harmed should his identity be known. He is by far, however, the most recent defector CNN has ever interviewed; he’s only been free from North Korea for one year. But, he had a few predictions about the North’s borderline psychopathic dictator…

In 2011, Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, died. Kim Jong Un took over and “tried his best,” says the defector. He gave gifts, and in a public appearance, allowed his voice to be broadcast on North Korean state run television. The perception among the people was that life was about to improve inside North Korea. “It was a false image,” he says.


In December 2013, the regime announced the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song Thaek, was being expelled from the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea. Jang was accused of a litany of crimes, from obstructing the nation’s economic affairs to anti-party acts. The allegations stunned for several reasons, primarily for who the regime fingered — Jang is Kim’s uncle.


“Kim Jong Un revealed his true side,” says the defector. Jang’s arrest was broadcast on state television, followed by a statement calling him “despicable human scum, worse than a dog.” State media then announced he was executed.

The defector that CNN interviewed expressed confidence in his opinion that the elites’ loyalty to Kim Jong-Un has deteriorated and will continue to do so. He says that conviction is how he was able to leave his family behind because he believes he will reunite with them one day.

I can tell you for sure, the North Korean regime will collapse within 10 years,” he says without hesitation.


“Kim Jong Un is mistaken that he can control his people and maintain his regime by executing his enemies. There’s fear among high officials that at any time, they can be targets. The general public will continue to lose their trust in him as a leader by witnessing him being willing to kill his own uncle.”

Yet Kim Jong-Un has all the power in North Korea.  

Meaning those who lose trust in the “supreme leader” may face their ultimate and untimely demise. It’s no secret why this defector is keeping his identity well hidden.

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ET's picture

How much was this man paid for this juicy gossip?

Tales abound of assassination attempts and mysterious deaths.


NK defectors need money when they are living in freedom. What better way to make money than to tell tall tales and sell them to the naive.

sickavme's picture



I can slip a south korean a $100 bill and get him to talk about north korea all day too...



stinkypinky's picture

Or you could give a North Korean 1/5th that and he'll also tell you whatever you want to hear. And "his days are numbered" ... "he won't last another decade". Wow. Shockingly brazen prediction there - lol. It's also a meaningless prediction: a lot of nukes can be launched in a decade. Unlikely the US is going to sit around for 10 years to allow the supposed transfer of power to happen on its own.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

This guy will get the Oscar given to the White Helmets last year. 

Bunch of $5 truck-stop whores, the lot of them.


fx's picture

10 years? Really, by that time probably two presidents of the US will have had their "days numbered".

Apart from that, it is all assumption and vague talking.

How about that: Isn't it odd to bash NK for being ruled by the Kim clan, and at the same time accuse the fatty little dictator of mudering a high ranking member of said clan? You can't have it both ways, no?

People in NK may actually regard the execution of the uncle as a sign that the law (even if just the law of brute, random force) applies to all, even to the inner circle and the Kim clan itself.

Escrava Isaura's picture

This whole idiotic thing just highlights how the elite massmedia sees the general population: That, the general population as stupid as one can be.

And, sorry that I have to report this back to you, from my experience, the massmedia is absolutely, and unequivocally correct.   


wildbad's picture

...wait a sec...the source was CNN?

gladih8r's picture

That's the most hillarious thing isn't it?  CNN a source of anything except 100% fresh creamy BS....... right.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Next they'll be crying about babies and incubators. 



fx's picture

If at least it were fresh ...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

"In fear for his family" anonymity.

Shit, why hadn't CNN thought of that ruse before? It the perfect cover when inventing "eyewitnesses"...

Ajax-1's picture

Sort of like offering a juicy research grants to study the climate. As long as the money is right, they will tell you whatever you want to hear.

hibou-Owl's picture

Need to hide his identity = trumped up load of shit from CNN

charlewar's picture

CNN would be just the financial source for you expect less from CNN ....and get it.

HRClinton's picture

10 years?  Well, what comes to mind is...

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero." (I read that somewhere)

Hedge accordingly. 

holgerdanske's picture

Nothing lasts forver. Not even the US. Come to think of it, Kim might actually outlast Trump!

HardAssets's picture

Given the Kim family dictatorship history, that's quite likely.

roddy6667's picture

Defectors are. first 0f all, illegal immigrants. They must paint a scene of horror to avoid being sent back. Of couirse Americans who believe all the propagnda their government and media throw at them, suck up all these tales of woe.You don't find these stories in the media of any other country, even South Korea. 

Americans are reading stories about "Kim the madman" and "my sister married an alien", believing both.

Ghost who Walks's picture

Roddy I have a different take on this after having done a bit of research on NK after almost pulling a job there.

The stories from the defectors are checked very carefully in SK to make sure they gain intelligence and the SK's are aware that there might be double agents within the group that are carefully coached.

There has been independent confirmation from at least one Japanese person who was abducted by NK to teach the elite Japanese. The HUMINT will be compare to technical intelligence looking for points of reference.

But if you rely on the words of the regime alone, it still doesn't contradict the defectors' opinion. His view is that eventually fear will prove to be corrosive of the security of the elite. Lavrentiy Beria learnt this lesson the hard way in the Soviet Union. When you go around having purges and shooting key people, you lose the trust of the people who protect you.

Special forces and mercs have a term called "YOYO" which means "You're on your own!" Basically the situation has escalated so much that you'll need to defend yourself as they cannot prevent a breach of your security. A couple more bad decisions and Kim will be Yoyo.

roddy6667's picture

So you are taking the word of South Korean intelligence agencies, which are puppets to American intelligence agencies. I depend on my Chinese relatives here in China who go into NK on business. China has a lot of factories in NK. They see the every day North Korea. It's like China was 30 years ago, not a diabolical hell hole like you believe. Just a lot of poor people trying to get by and improve their lives without being invaded by America.

Here's an article from SCMP, a HK newspaper that is blocked in mainland China.


Offthebeach's picture

So, trust you cause family has money "invested" in the regime, and your family is really trying to help the working stiffs.....goodness of your heart.....

See, how this goes?

( I can't imagine what North Korea could manufacture that isn't made in China.  So the only comparative advantage would be starving labor rates because so many South Koreans flee across tha American minefields and south facing machine gun towers,  and depress labor rates. )


roddy6667's picture

Chinese companies have switched the manufacture of basic products like shoes and garments to cheaper countries. These factories are in Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and North korea. It is their first step in the industrialization process. It makes their lives better than before. You can compare it to white suburban America and use terms like "slave labor", but it is a vast improvement in their lives. They would not the factories to leave.  

any_mouse's picture

That was my first thought. Buy a man a drink and he will tell you a story that you'll want to hear. That story will be long enough to require more drinks.

Same as the six Iraqi expats in UK that were the Opposition to Saddam. They had a nice thing going until the US was actually going to put SpecOps boots on the ground in August 2002 to put them in power. Then they faded fast.

The six idiots made a announcement of an upcoming important press release on a specific date in early August. I figured it out. I am sure Saddam did as well.

Eyes Opened's picture

"How much was this man paid for this juicy gossip?"


What man ?

There WAS no man...

It's CNN ffs....

runnymede's picture

And Guccifer hacked the DNC emails. Iraqis were stabbing Kuwaiti babies in incubators. Those moon rocks at Houston space ctr museum really are, and not from Moab ,Ut. Bill is Chelsea's father.  Glenn Beck is emotionally healthy. Chuck Schumer cares about immigrants.

When attempting Jedi mind tricks, don't forget to waive the hand, otherwise it doesn't work. 


Koba the Dread's picture

Who believes anything CNN says?

Son of Loki's picture

Fake News from Communist News netword from a Communist 'alleged defector'....

'nuff said.

My guess is there's 98% chance he's telling the truth.



svayambhu108's picture

I like your sarcasm and I like you didn't use /sarc

Tonkin _Gulf_Yacht_Club's picture

I used to promote sarcasm in my community until I discovered I was the sole practitioner.

NemesisteM's picture

The same type of people who will agree with anything Fox says.  Controlled opposition.   Joo tactic.  Both sides of the coin from the same owner.  Divide and conquer 

JuliaS's picture

Soros does. He writes the script.

Quantify's picture

LOL, yes it will collapse. But likely from the radiation fallout.


khnum's picture

Sinpo class north korean sub built 2014 67m loa 1000 tonnes replete with roof mounted SLBM tubes Oh dear Dorothy has a boomer,that might cut two ways.

NemesisteM's picture

There will be no coup.  When his father died, if the people didn't openly weep and throw themselves to the ground in feigned agony, they were taken away to be executed.   Nobody in that country has balls.  Getting that way in the US also.  Bunch of keyboard warriors.  Many on ZH.  I welcome all thumbs down but you know it's true.

runnymede's picture

You paint with a wide moral brush. The wide brush to consider is history's testimony up to and including the present is that most of our species is still of anthropoid intelligence and highly gullible to the group dynamic of mutual ignorance renforcement. There are exceptions of course, and always have been, but they are still indeed rare. The cleverest (I intentionally do not call them intelligent) of our species have easy pickings with the masses. 

An excellent short read: "Why We Do Not Behave Like Human Beings" by Ralph Adams Cram

There is fresher air---feel free to partake. The rabbit hole is for reference, not for a dwelling. Hope you take this in the spirit it is given. 

tmosley's picture

>There will be no coup

There can never be a coup against a brutal dictator, until there is. Eventually, his guards will have had enough, and stab him to death in his sleep. Or the generals will kill. All it takes is one knife in one pocket. There is only so much people can take. If they were all well fed, things might be different.

Offthebeach's picture

Overthrows require participants to risk life and family for the benefits of millions of passive sheep.( Fill in Germans, Soviets, ....)

Fat Kimmy isn't offing Uncles, brother like Henry VIII on meth cause he feels safe.  Killing is their electiins)

Dr. Engali's picture

Anonymous sources. We all know how legitimate they are.

HowdyDoody's picture

I bet he knows where Saddam's nukes are too (Answer - North Korea!) /sarc

auricle's picture

Bullshit! As the leader of the DPRK he detonated an actual nuclear bomb. This is the single most significant achievement of the DPRK in its entire existence. The result of this achievement will lead to their inclusion in the world order. 

auricle's picture

The propaganda that Kim is a little boy and can't lead a country and is a playboy is just that, propaganda. This nuclear detonation is the clearest indicator that Kim is very supportive of the DPRK deep state MIC. A playboy would not have pursued this path which likely would have lead to his overthrow, not by the people but by the DPRK MIC deep state. The DPRK MIC is something that the wests common man is completely ignorant of due to the wests government and media PSYOP. The US has NEVER been the agressor against a nuclear country. Give it a couple of years and the US will leave NK and the trillions of rare earths and other commodities will remain the vestige of China.

bogbeagle's picture



Turns out that the Norks have balls of steel... to successfully (thus far) defy the US war machine. 

In fact, more balls than all the so-called Patriots put together.  Between them, they have mustered precisely Zero resistance to their own fascist State ... and this despite all the bollocks about, "But, we've got guns."

Trisy's picture

We do not have 10 years!

subversion's picture

So many NK here today on ZH....or fans who should move there.

07564111's picture

not from the DPRK ;) but you can still blow me. It must be tough having the world laughing at the no longer exceptional pindostan.

subversion's picture

so is it true Rodman travels to NK to visit the children that great leader keeps locked up?

dogismycopilot's picture

I hate NK more than the next guy, but the truth hurts me: Trump has lost the Korean War


1. NK has nuclear weapons and is untouchable.

2. Trump destroyed US/Russian relations and there will be no 'solution' to NK without Russia.

3. Trump humiliated Xi when he attacked Russia/Syria with Tomahawks and there will be no 'solution' to NK without Xi.

4. South Koreans don't want US 'help' in dealing with NK


Fucking NK is part of the nuclear club. They didn't pay the dues or initiation fees - they just beat the shit out of the bouncer (Uncle Sam) and barged their way in. 

It pisses me off to think of all of those Americans who died in the Korean War, but Trump can't handle Hillary in a pant suit - so how the fuck did anyone think he was going to handle Fat Boy in a pant suit?

ET's picture

Military victory? Maybe. I am taking the opposite view.

The Korean War was a victory for freedom and capitalism.

The stark contrast in living standards between the North and South despite an identical culture and genetic background clearly proves the superiority of free markets, free speech, democracy, and property rights. The divided country is a grand social experiment that should be studied by all collectivists who believe that they can improve upon the South's remarkable ascent.

Possession of nuclear weapons also does not automatically lead to victory as in the case of the Soviet Union. It collapsed despite having the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

dogismycopilot's picture

A real victory would have been freeing the WHOLE of the Korean penninsula and not just the geographically blessed ones. Don't forget many families were divided permanently.

The Soviet Union was always going to collapse because Communism fucking sucks.

NK will go down eventually - who ends up with the nukes will be another question - but at this point, the US would be better served bombing the Norks with DVD players, DVDs, porn, sitcoms, movies, music, National Enquirers, viagra, Xanax, GMO chickens and any other amount of useless/toxic shit from the west.

This public service message was brought to you by a former Trump supporter who was fucked over by the President on immigration, Russian relations, US Middle East foreign policy and the rise of Javanka.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

NK will go down eventually...

NK was on the verge of collapse in 1994 and the entire world bent over backwards to make sure the regime survived. Have no one but ourselves to blame. The South Koreans more than anyone. Their "Sunshine Policy" has been an abject failire for over 20-years. They've given and given and given to the Norks without ever having demanded anything in return. No disarmement, no expanding of the DMZ, no standing down of any artillery units along the DMZ, no unconditional family reunions, no nothing. Sunshine policy has been an ABJECT failure.The rest, Chinese support, American nuke aid and food aid for over 10 years, even the Japanese who allowed remittances to the Norks for the last 40-years....

If you read South Korean political analysis of the North, they'e known about the weakened dictatorship, the fact it's been on its hind legs for over 30 years and could collapse at any second; they probably know of every coup attempt made and they might even know the opposition to the regime.... yet the South stands by and does nothing because they actually fear a collapse could "endanger" the southern economy. They base this on their so-called analysis of German reunification, which they used as a model for hypothetical Korean reunion. It's pathetic when you read it, because the preconditions are different, their assumptions are wrong, and 20-years after reunification Germany created one of the largest economies in the world. The Korean analysis seems to only cover Germany from 1989 to 1991..... smfh.....A unified Korea could easily become the 4rd-5th largest economy in the world, some Koreans even seem aware of this.... *GASP*...... some even argue its why the Japanese have tacitly supported the Nork regime. The Chinese for sure of course, as long as the US has troops in Korea.... why the Koreans have played the fucking morons for the last 30 years.

Long story short... the plight of the North Korean people has been known in the West and South Korea for over 40 years, and the Free World stood by and did nothing. The Nork regime could have been blown over by a moderate breeze in '94... but instead they continued to prop it up.

Fuck all of em.