QuaCK, QuaCK, QuaCK...

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If you are going to do it then do it...  Fuck it.  Tell me PBS.  Independent Lens does do some decent work once in a while.  I'll do it.   


I really appreciate the work that everyone does at Independent Lens to bring to light issues that matter.  Obviously a great deal of work goes into making a proper objective investigation.  I have a project idea that I would like for you to consider.  This has to with employment options for legal citizens but not quite how you might think.  I am talking about college graduates versus no diploma vs age vs experience, student loan debt. 

To preface, I am an educated white male or at least I believe I am and have no criminal record or debt.  I can't get a job anymore because I am too old at age 43 it would seem.  I don't do social media.  I am GenX and I am lost in the middle of Boomers and GenX.  I never did anything wrong that I know of.  So what happened?

The question is:  If it is this hard for me to get a job with my education and professional experience then how hard is it for a millennial to get a job?  How hard is it going to be for my whatever generation children to get a job and can I even get them to that point?

What is really going on?  I have some years of experience in investigating and I do see some issues.  Simply stated, I am caught between a generation that can't get over Vietnam and generation that can't get over relying on digital social media.  Some would call that a conundrum.  There is of course much more to consider and I am willing to help. 

One example that I would like to point out is that most of the jobs you see advertised online do not exist and there is a reason why.  It has to do with the fact that job aggregate sites will often post jobs that do not exist in order to collect fees for posting.  Most companies do not notice this and that is why no one receives a response.  At the same time data is being collected.  We have an issue.

I can't be the only person who has noticed this.

I would like to propose that a study forum be created regarding employment be examined by other people who are willing to pose questions or least show matters as they are.  No race, no gender, no politics.       

The main issue should be "Getting a Job in America".  You would be very surprised what you will find and perhaps not always pleasantly so.  I have no political agenda in this matter.

Kind Regards,


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Thank You WB7 for putting the fly back where it belongs, squarely on her nose.

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yes, if donald trump did have finger on the button...there is not good. 

These guys said donald trump would get in , and the defence secrets would skyrocket on teh market. They were spot on. 

SEe here ==> http://www.bit.ly/2w53yFS

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Please, if you are on the fence even a little about this cunt, watch "the Clinton Chronicles" on Youtube.  It's about shit that happened 20 and 30 years ago.  If she was like that back then, can you even try to wrap your head around what a diabolical cunt she is now?


Shouldn't her latest book title had a question mark in it, as in

What Happened(?) Obviously she's still fucking clueless as to why she


Please don't write a sequel, Hitlery. Just go away, please.

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and people wonder why Slick Willie played the field?

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We came.

We saw.

She lied.

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How to save time and avoid an epic war


Burn mosques and everyone in them

Arrest communists


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After a series of attacks by Muslim militants last month, security forces and allied mobs retaliated by burning down thousands of [Muslim] homes.


Sometimes you just have to take out the trash.

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Next up: The Palaces in Saudi Arabia occupied by the "Royal" Family.

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Good one. How people act when they're not pussies. See a clear and present danger? If so, act. Don't pretend you're taking action.

No candlelight vigils for those guys. Bravo.

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I notice in her book and speaking that she STILL doesn't focus on substantive policy positions.  She has no agenda to get behind.  Now, she is more like a political gossip columnist and most of it is about HER.

I read where her new PAC or foundation or whatever it is does not really do anything but ask for money and whisper that they are supporting a bunch of secret. trouble-making resistance shit.  Is THAT her agenda now?  Secretly funding black masks and trouble-making?  Paying off politicians to resist anything of Trump's?

The fact that she hasn't been seriously investigated, while Trump is, just shows how deep the game is.  No one with any power in Washington is focused on any agenda that they are willing to talk about in public, on-the-record.

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Hey what isn't about her or him in AmeriKa?

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She has no agenda to get behind.

She doesn't need one. The Deep State provides the agenda. That's what made Obama's presidency so totally smooth and "successful". All he mostly did was just sign what the Deep State slid in front of him. Then he went golfing. In the meantime, no help to black people that I can remember who were losing their homes due to Obama's eight years of a crappy economy. But Obama remained a mainstream media hero anyway. Now Obama gives $400,000 speeches. But still no help or donations to ordinary black folks in trouble. No addressing of the madness in Chicago.

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In the entire post-WW2 era the economic performance of blacks has never been worse than under Obama. It may not be entirely his fault, since the housing bubble and bust surely played a big role, but still - it went from bad to worse during his reign. 

And you are of course 100% correct about the Deep State. As Styx on youtube correctly remarked, usually they rig the primaries, as a result of which it doesn't matter who wins the election, as it will be a Deep State puppet anyway. But Trump somehow outmaneuvered their usual rigging of the Republican primaries. Thereafter they appear to have relied on the notion that he could not possibly win the election with the entire mainstream press arrayed against him (and them pulling out all stops shortly before the vote - e.g. the "sudden" surfacing of the infamous "pussy grabbing" video days before the second televised debate). And he surprised them again. Now they're vaccilating between trying to shoot him down and co-opting him somehow. 

Superficially, Trump has disappointed many of his fans, but once again, this impression may be wrong... he may well be ducking and weaving tactically in order to get into a position of greater strength. After all, the entire establishment remains arrayed against him - evidently afraid that a number of ruling class privileges may be in danger if he were to get his way (the war racket being an extremely important aspect, as it involves theft on an unprecedented scale that is completely safe from investigation and prosecution). As an aside, no matter how one looks at it, we can all breathe a sight of relief that ke kept the corrupt war harpy at bay. The Clinton witch as POTUS would have been an unmitigated catastrophe. 


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No it wasn't the housing bust, it was a combination of neglectful leadership, the victim syndrome and the putrification of public school education.

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And a near total lack of interest in learning.

Not to mention the majority, apparently, being unable to compete if they wanted to.

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That's more like it. She is definitley pushing an agenda but it's one decided by the NWO globohomos who she sold her soul to.

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Wouldn't surprise me if the DS has been calling the shots and taking care of Clinton "business" since the Arkansas days.  Something about an airport.

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looks like one, talks like one. Is that a donald?

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Alex Jones to confront Hillary at Austin book signing?

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LOL!! I'm close by. I need to witness this!

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Nmewn's Highly Caffeinated Morning Musings

Post Irma - What Happened! - Now 30% Off Edition

The only way to get Hillary's new book to fly off the shelves is for the book store to be hit by a hurricane...lol.


You discover the best and the worst in people during a natural disaster. For instance the good: small towns across north Florida lost power for days, one I frequent the owner came to check on it and people saw his door open and here they came, like moths to a light. It was how we got ice on the second day, he sold us the last of his soda machine ice in the bin, regular price, in a plastic grocery bag...lol. The bad: some people don't seem to realize that when a traffic light is not working, the intersection becomes a four way stop. It is reasonable to expect you can survive a hurricane but never underestimate the stupidity of other people after it passes, be on guard.


And speaking of stupidity: 


Unless you want to be like me scrounging around for ice & water if you have a private well. 


It is one of the cosmic truths of the universe that the largest tree on your property will fall across your driveway. Its just an undeniable fact, don't doubt me, Einstein proved it.


The people of Casa Nmewn survived but its inhabitants are going to be in a foul mood until they get their vacation or we see antifa thugs being chased down & sodomized by crazed gangs of midget KKK members. So, we're going to remain in a foul mood.


Propane grills are the single best invention...evah! Yes, you might be able to boil water for your morning coffee on a hibachi but it will be lunch time before its ready ;-)

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"Propane grills are the single best invention...evah! Yes, you might be able to boil water for your morning coffee on a hibachi but it will be lunch time before its ready ;-)"

However, if you run a ranch and invite your neighbors to help with the branding chores, NEVER use anything propane! Just ask any local in western Fremont County, WY, especially in Dubois or vicinity, about the demise of the Double Diamond.

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Self defense can come in handy.

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Good for you, nmewn - a sense of humor will get you through a LOT of shit with your sanity unscathed. Learned that in the 8th grade when we got 3 1/2 feet of river in our house for 2 days. I lost most of my toys and childhood stuff, and we spent a lot of time dealing with mud and silt, but somewho my parents kept making jokes about it.

all our canned food lost their labels, so we had more than one pot luck dinner for the next three weeks...

And the wood stoves continued to work, thanks to neighbors on higher ground that still had dry wood.

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"[...[ "we spent a lot of time dealing with mud and silt"

The problem of mud, silt and sewage is often overlooked by those of us who've never experienced such a disaster.

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+10 for thatGlad to see Irma didn't affect your amusing writing skills :-)

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Glad to see you and yours in such a good mood this morning Nmewn, even without the appearance of the midget KKK. I'm just glad that your family survived whole. I hope Rand has also, haven't seen any posts from him yet. Current tracks on Maria seem to make it heading east over the Atlantic, so breathe easy.

Might want to look into a rocket stove on ebay. No propane needed, and will heat your water quick with just small cleanup debris. Provided for when your propane runs out.


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My Rocket Stove is horizontal feed and this gravity feed looks better.  For $100 by the time you get it home is okay unless you are a welder.  Thanks for the link.

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Yeah I think I saw LTER post the other night, he & his stayed put so they could take care of a family member. He seemed ok, should have power back by now, I know most of Seminole is back up and he's down there around Clearwater. 

Always open to new things,  I'll check out the rocket stove  ;-)

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Friends and relatives of mine did ok there too and glad to see you back. Some minor damage but nothing that can't be fixed. No looters either. Here on the south shore of ma, we are getting ready for Jose. The biggie here are leaves on the trees and its been awhile. Lot of power outages and tree related damage expected from this. Some beach and waterfront erosion flooding expected, but it will be covfefe shop convo come thursday.

Sorta like a good northeaster in the winter.

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"QuaCK, QuaCK, QuaCK ((What Happened)) QuaCK, QuaCK, QuaCK"

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The Fly is Back!

And Rightfully So.

Thank you WB7!

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The fly just came out of her mouth

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And I thought you couldn't make chiken salad out of chicken shit...ring the dinner bell for tapper, todd, wolf, cooper, stephanaploosis and rachel, there's PLENTY to go around.

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Yummy I don't like food, my problem.

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Howabout riffing on DuckSoup?

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She's Bill's cuck ?

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We may well have dodged an ICBM actually...

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With HRC's behaviour and not kind of going quietly she actually keeps the flames of anger against HRC(minor).

Stupid, caught out, etc. should have gone quietly and would have given her daughter HRC(minor) a better chance.

Tarred by her own hand now .... the saying like mother like duaghter ... killing off her own hegemony.

I wonder if HRC(minor) thinks 50% of the people are deplorable just like her mother?

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She's trying to figure out the exact amount of quacking to keep getting paid, but not killed.

It's a toughie all right.

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Their problem is whatever wealth and lifestyle they achieved was realised by corruption at the public trough. Kind of tough to keep that model spinning when no one in the family is in office.

They could have lived nicely off the global initiative scam, but they hyped it into a pile of bullshit they can't possibly deliver from the outside.

And the longer she festers, the harder the Libtard challenge becomes.

And Benedict Sanders can go shove a hammer and pickle up his scheister behind.

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Unfortunately, the freaks have not yet wrought their terrible revenge.  I live in hope though.

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Fuck bullet; we dodged an NK style anti-aircraft round...

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Enough already!

Been asking for a while now, can someone please just throw a pail of water on her?

And free the fly!

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If it looks like duck,

walks like a duck,

quacks like a duck

its a fucking duck