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Well the power has been out for hours here.  Now I have use this fucking phone.  Someone was trapped in the elevator but they are out now..  I grew up out in the country but had an old generator.  I have battery jump pack i can use to charge phones etc.  This reminds me of how I grew up out in the sticks.  It doesn't bother me.  I actually like it in a way and my guns and batteries still work just fine.  I hope the freezers don't thaw though.

I'll be fine but i do feel bad for all of hit by the hurricanes.  This nothing compared to what they have suffered.

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Hmm...  still far more legit than what the federal reserve does.

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Nigeria Scammer looks like Obumfuck ?

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If you had a 1,000 btc .... you wouldn't talk like a nigger .... you'd talk like a Republican ?

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it was 1.0 not 1,000 bc and it is both of you talking like ghetto trash.

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Republicans can't even arrest Killary... so!

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I think they choose not to as so many in the GOP have ties to the Clintons.

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SIr Willy- you must have been laughing the entire time during this creative session! Well done!

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Barack was born and instructed in Nigeria.

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"Good morning SIr, I am a Nigerian prince trapped in an African shithole, and need help moving my vast financial resources to a safe haven..."

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I am with the gubermint and I'm here to help (myself).


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Lame stream media reporting nuke test in NORK. The quake was 5 km deep. Not a nuke test.

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Absolutely right sir as nuclear weapons are just a NASA/Hollywood production.

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Earthquakes start slow and go on for dozens of seconds and up to a minute. Nukes are a big initial bang and then they stops. The seismic profiles are completely different.

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The losers have Californians waiting for the imminent "Big One" to hit every month for 50 years...and don;t forget..Yellowstone will go off at any moment! I think I saw a few buffalo walking down the road! This is it this time!!!

Buy see in the dark goggles! They're coming to get you!!

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Looking at the location of the quake, it appears the be in an area where major oil/gas deposits are located. A 5 km depth can also be attributed to fracking activity. See map of oil/gas prospects in article below.

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and Cut. Cut! Cut! CUT! What part of Fuck You do you not understand, Jamie? Senators? ZH Village is called The Confederate Articles of the united States. For a reason, punks. One, and only one.

We are coming for You.

My President, girls. Motherfuckers. Homies and Homes. LA Ratsos. Don't knows. Can't tells. Don't wannabes. Fucking kill you now.

Its my turn.

TRUMP 2020

Suck. It. Up. Feebs.

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What the fuck are you smokin bro ????  .......give me sum !

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What in the fuckstar are you talking about?

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Kinda looks like Obama with a Mustache.....   Hmmmmmm

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The Sky Ghost Army NEVER sleeps. It's a good thing I had to wake up and go piss or I may have missed this important instructive moment in my life. Tell me, neilhorn, do you still go to communion and eat Christ's body wafer and drink the rotgut Mogen David blood? Sounds a little about Spirit Cooking to me. Vlad the Impaler, aka the blood sucking Dracula, is a cousin of the Queen, the child trafficking head honcho. They have fried blood on London restaurant menus. Holy batshit, Robin, I'm just figuring this sick crap out, thanks partly to neilhorn.

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Do all those Nigerian 419 scammers have cold staring eyes?


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Yes, and they want to eat your children.

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No, the child-eaters are the gypsy/Jews.  They don't eat your children these days until after they have bled them for taxes and goyim flesh to feed the permawar machine of The FED for 20 years or more.  That gives the goyim time to spawn more flesh for the consumption of the perpetual Permawar machine of The FED and their fellow-travelers in the coven of international banksters.

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Yes, and they want to eat your children.

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Great satire, Bonzai

I have been told to send you this message, therefore I will be spamming quite a few articles here. I apologize in advance to those who are offended.

Here is how we humans are supposed to act:

- There is only on God who created the universe, including you and me. Love God with all your life. Do not give your life to any other god.

- Love one another. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

- Take care of the widows and orphans. Give your heart to helping others.

If you would do all of the above you will be a good person, but there is another commandment given to us by God. In this age of human existence God sent his only son to us in order that we could see how man should live. We are blessed by God's law in this age to have a saviour who shed his blood for the sins of all mankind. The only requirement of us, in order to receive His forgiveness, is that each of us should believe that Jesus of Nazereth is His son.

John 3:16 (NIV) "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."


You can find out more at the following link: The Bible

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Oh for the love of goddamned, godawful darkness and mythmaking.  The Flavians created Jesus to provide troublesome messianic jews their Christ. Read creating Christ by James Valiant.  The first Popes, et al were Flavians long before Constantine made everything official.

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WB7, keep posting your wondrous photo of Hong Kong (Singapore??) -- wherever you captured an impressionist's rainbow SO WONDERFULLY -- earth holding water, moved by air, lit by Light -- and continue your campaign for funds to support your endeavor.  For the all the capitalists and rich investors on ZH, I would like to see a greater outpouring of contributions back to you -- freely giving as you do!

Until you say ENOUGH! then IT'S NOT ENOUGH, it's just not enough!  not enough! (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour).

I shall place another order soon -- my ship's come in!!!


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When bill gets it right he gets it right. ones and zeros are safe. for now.

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Hey williambanzai7!  How about a piece dedicated to spirit cooking Podesta and Co?


PizzaGate Infographic: DC PizzaGate: A Primer Updated 7/7/17 Archived reddit thread to fellow journalists which led to the banning of r/pizzagate: Andrew Breitbart tweets before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring: The Pedophocracy by David McGowan – Bibliography included: FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson outlines satanic pedophile elements in the United States: Evidence regarding international pedophile rings being protected by police and intelligence agencies:

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You know, there be topics of graphic art that would render at risk our most precious assets -- I speak for my Self and for a great many others -- William Banzai 7 and David Dees the two I know best and treasure most.

If you would like to try your hand at graphic representations like "Podesta & Co.", go for it. Surely what passes as "Tylers" nowadays would publish your pictures in a nanosecond!


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Jamie Dimon.  That is great. 

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Flat out fucking hilarious. I'm sending this to all my Libtard (ex) friends. Fuck 'em.

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Who is the tan guy with the 1970's porn mustache ?

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Sheeit bitch, that's motherfuckerjones!

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Why that's Jamie Dimon, off atoning for something or other about now I reckon, don't you recognize him with a tan?
For what might he have to atone, don't you wonder?

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My understanding is that in his formative early career he use to "clean" all male bath house(s) when he wasn't travelling abroad to the Far East to subvert government(s) that were non-compliant to his "pimp(s)"

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To show truth is stranger than fiction, Chelsea Clinton is married to Marc Mezvinsky, a goldman banker guy. His father Edward, who was once a congressman, plead guilty to ~ 30 felony fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud.

This guy Edward Mezvinsky was truly involved in these Nigerian schemes, and tried to blame it on being bipolar. He spent 5 years in prison.

Hut, Hut, Hike!

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That is why we have Manipuflationette.  She isn't dumb.  Whe have weapons Chunga.  A young teenage girl is one of them.  She reads ZH and books like 1984.  The irony.  Sending a young female who knows who Goerge Orwell is.  The assholes have to pay the price. 

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LoL! Just to be fair and open-minded, the maverick outsider's son in law's father, Charles Kushner (another solid Irishman) also spent time in prison, but not for Nigerian email scams.

His time in the slammer stemmed from his pleading guilty to 18 counts...illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering...which involved him hiring and recording a prostitute and sending the tape to another family member.

The truth about these politician people is stranger than any damn thing and utterly indecent.

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I still like the original Facebook version better. But, this one is fucking hilarious too.


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Once these memes get incorporated into my repertoire, it becomes a game to find new situations to use them LOL.

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As a stone, street-learned opportunist, I have to step in here - pardon me.  Mr 7; how 'bout PAX EURO? I, for one, am staying tuned in ... and continue my bookmarking habits.

Mr. M; your details of your heir intrigue me. My No. 1 grand daughter has that look of the Warrior - and my crazy blue-berzerker eyes. Once, in a trance-like state induced by viewing too many family photos, I saw her future in a candid photo taken at 2 yo; I swear she was grown up, surveying the grounds around her with such fortitude it took my breath away. Were you ever similarly forewarned of this Voracious Power?

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The daughter is the meme queen.  She is a very good artist and she want's to meet you.  I said I would ask.  She is a young ZHer and it is hard for her not to notice the Banzai7 influence on the walls here.  She is doing some photoshop type stuff of her own.  In due time.   

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WB, you copuld have a field day with the #hillaryherpes meme taking off haha.  Can't wait if you do some of those.  Keep up the great work, always good for a laugh!