Eric Peters: "One Day Your Investment Style Will Blow Up: Will You Fold Or Double Down?"

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Sunday morning brings us the traditional Weekend Notes from One River CIO, Eric Peters, whose panoply of topics under discussion today include systematic investing, economic forecasts, Fed reaction functions, Twitter algorithms, bond yields for the new abnormal, fear and greed, and of course "Rocket Man."

Below are several excerpts from his latest weekly note:



Whatever investment style you adopt will blow up someday,” said the CIO. “When that day comes, will you fold or double down?” he continued.


We were discussing systematic investing. I see its future dominance and am building my firm accordingly.


“If you’ve surrendered control to a machine, how will you make that decision?” he asked. Before I could answer, he supplied his own. “I’d rather practice making decisions along the way so that I’ll either avoid the blow up or at least understand my strategy in the crisis.”


That’s a credible position to take on the matter; for years I took it myself. But time changes most things, ourselves in particular. Day by day, month by month, we’re different people. Humble, hubristic, stubborn, objective, greedy, fearful, certain, confused, euphoric, depressed, and every imaginable combination thereof.


The two greatest advantages of developing decision-making algorithms are that they allow us to consistently be our finest selves, and they can apply our process across more markets than a single human ever could. But the difficulty of distilling profound complexity into a set of robust rules leads many practitioners to cut corners - which takes the form of choosing rules that worked in the recent past for seemingly arbitrary reasons, and building algorithms without sensible risk-mitigation to avoid its corresponding costs.


Such strategies put their investors at risk of catastrophic loss in exchange for a pile of pennies, and/or tend to make money in every time period except for the future.


But such pitfalls are not machine error, they reflect human weakness, and are thus common to both poorly designed discretionary and systematic strategies.


Because ultimately, every conceivable form of successful money management requires the experience to identify rules that tend to make money over time, and the introspection necessary to come to know our finest selves.

Bonus #1: Peters on bond issuance in the "illiquidstan" market:

Tajikistan issued 10yr bonds this month. Less than 1bp of mankind can locate Tajikistan on a map. Nearly all are Tajiks.


But the bonds paid 7.125% which is roughly what pensions need to prevent insolvency. Bahrain issued $3bln of 12yr paper at 6.75% ($15bln of bids). Iraq issued $1bln at 5yrs at 6.75%. Belarus issued 10yr paper at 7.63%. And Ukraine issued $3bln of 15yrs. $1.6bln rolled existing paper that nearly defaulted 2yrs ago when investors wrote off $3.6bln in debt and delayed payments for 4yrs.


This new issue yielded 7.37%.

Bonus #2: Rocket Man

“Did he really call me Rocket Man?” cried the chubby Korean kid. “Yes he did Rocket Man,” said some nervous sycophant in a cheap suit, saluting his Dear Leader.


“Did he call me a scared, barking dog?” barked earth’s most powerful man, typing a tweet. “Woof!” answered the President’s pack. “He called me a suicidal madman on Twitter!” stammered shorty, combing his black bouffant. “He said he’d tame Trump with fire?” asked The Donald, incredulous, swirling his sweep.


“He tweeted North Korea would be tested like never before!” screeched Kim, pounding the table, knuckles mere dimples, baby fat.


“He said he’ll detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific?” asked our entertainer in chief, excited, knowing a sensational season opener when he sees one.


“Shall I go thermonuclear?” asked the itsy bitsy dictator. And his generals glanced left, right, unsure. “Shall I do it?” he screamed. The garden gnomes stood motionless. “Tell me, shall I mention Trump’s little hands?” asked Kim Jong Un, dead serious. They shook their heads in perfect unison; such a devastating insult would surely end 3.5mm years of human evolution. “Dear Leader, such an insult must be saved, savored,” pleaded his generals. “Very well, I’ll call him a dotard!” cried the child.


“Kim called me a dotard! A dotard! What the hell does that even mean?” whispered the steward of earth’s largest nuclear arsenal. An Ivy League intern explained, “Mr. President, it’s actually pronounced DOE-turd, and it’s a middle English word used by Shakespeare that means an ageing imbecile…” The Donald cut him off, “You’re fired!”


The room fell silent, the enormity of this unexpected crisis sinking in. You see, dotard is the kind of nickname that just might stick.


But at least the risk of nuclear Armageddon had receded. Because of course, it’s simply not possible to end civilization amidst such buffoonery.

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Bonus #2: Rocket Man

It's Time for ZH Trivia Quiz – “Who said that?”

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” (check the appropriate boxes below)

[ ] Donald Trump     [ ] Hillary Clinton     [ ] Barack 0bama     [ ] James Madison

Looney   ;-)

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That’s an easy answer: Double Down.

Wonder why?

Post (2027/2032) societal collapse nothing will matter.


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The central banks are in control of our debt based economy, the debt base system is dying, the markets are 100% manipulated, incl. all statistics to keep a good picture. The day will come they won't hold it up anymore and they will actively pull the plug. In the coming crash they will use some tricks to keep the sheeple calm, maybe helicopter money, finally we the sheeple get money. Or the debt forgiveness, higher tax returns etc. But secondly they will try to sell us that they didn't know the crash was coming and they will intervene with more money injections. Like they did in 1929, when some big banks bought into the falling stock markets. That was just a ruse, so the bankers could show for some losses. They always have to show thrir losses. Otherwise the sheeple might wake up.

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Did you listen to Jim Willie today? Uh oh. Better have some anti-depressants on hand.

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       Today?  Hurricane did not kick him?

       link please...



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You can double down over and over to Martingale the Stock Market just like GS and JPM does.


Say what?

You can not get unlimited Fed money at no interest forever?

Well then, that Martingale play might be a bit iffy for you, but it is a sure thing for GS and JPM.

Max Keiser pointed that out recently.


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Today is GOLD Star Mothers Day.  Overpaid players spitting on the Gold Star Mothers

Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the last Sunday of September each year. It is a day for people to recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces.

This will be epic later today - disrespecting Gold Star Mothers.;_ylt=A0LEV1_vvcdZjsMAg1VXN...

The last Sunday in September is also Parents of Fallen Military Sons and Daughters Day in New Jersey. This day is a tribute to all parents whose children died as a result of their service with the United States Armed Forces. It commemorates the contributions, commitments and sacrifices made by those parents individually and through the American Gold Star Mothers, 

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Gold Star Suckers Day, when vicious power mad psychopaths use every noble impulse people have against their own self-interest.  

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I nominate, and fully endorse Terry McAuliffe as an addition to Looney's check mark boxes.

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Here is a PDF I look at periodically:

Checklist- Avoid 25 Errors of Judgement.

I have read it with Beer and Without Beer.
It makes no difference.
I hate the image it reflects back.

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rocket man should be embraced with kindness and love and appreciated for his diverse opinions and possible actions

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That is the same type of thinking as loving your rapist will solve all problems.

When that mugger attacks you, what are your chances of stopping him by loving him?

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Well I invest in primary gold and silver in physical form so I don't have these kind of worries. My crypto I would just double on because it would be a steal. Fuck everything else.

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Have quite a bit invested in tubular steel and lead; some say I love the stuff.  

Probably true; am eager to distribute the lead to any interested mugger.

Sharing the Wealth in a speedy manner, so to speak.  Bring it.

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The only winning move it not to play... or bury gold and silver for excavation at a later date.

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Its not the only play. Invest in guns and brass and stock food. You will clean up, eventually. And have a big peice of land you can grow on.

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Don't buy the dip until about three months after the civil war starts. That should get you in at the right price.

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I think we just ignore the Rocket man. Let China and Russia deal with him the way they see fit. Afterall he is their neighbor not ours. The last thing we need is another war we cant afford

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Sure, sure...
Let's let the Japanese rearm too.
Good for their economic malaise.

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like how pres trmp calls him rocket man. but kim will be the first to make the insane move.  the analysts from shepwave know something is up for this week in the markets.  i believe that is why they gave the reports for monday. they need to clear on gold like they were in july  i am not sure whether to go long again or what

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.....Will You Fold Or Double Down?"


You got to be kidding. Gotta double down. It always works in the financial markets.