The Ghouls Who Consume History

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Content originally published at Dystopia, USA.

Public statues have become society's great sorter of souls.

We can divine our nation's modern character merely by how these testaments to the trials of mankind are commissioned, built, and perceived by each of us.

It is first revelatory of the sculptor's beliefs. Done right, he will have imbued his creation by drawing from only the most important or inspirational images in his mind. This passion for his subject sustains him during the endless hours agonizing over every detail. It is not an intellectual endeavor, but rather one of thymos.

The beholder's reaction to it is likewise both visceral and revealing:

To the admirer, the statue serves as an affirmation of his heritage or the embodiment of the deepest personal virtues that are dearest to his heart.

To the blase masses - those drones and ciphers who will brush past it as if it were no more than an oversized, bronze paperweight - it signifies nothing because they themselves are nothing.

But to a segment of the propagandized haters of history on the left, the rich complexity of our past is an affront; the Church of Modern Leftism has declared the statues dedicated to the heroes of Western Man excommunicate and anathema, almost as if they were wrought by Satan himself.

Here one must give leftists their due for they have the courage of their insane convictions. They seek to destroy whatever undermines their foolish worldview.

I'm not entirely unsympathetic to such fervency.

Say, for instance, a dedicated Christian were come face to face with a public statue of Moloch where once a beautiful manger scene resided. Would he not become so incensed to the point where he might gather some friends and tear it down?

So it is for the radical leftist. But it is the targets of their political rage, not the act of destruction itself, that is the most revealing. For they take umbrage with traditional Western civilization itself.

And so the offending statues must go. Amongst the bronzed quarry in this deranged historical foxhunt:

  • The removal of Christian crosses in public has long been a cause celebre of the hard left because many are revolted by our faith. Public displays of religiosity have become so verboten by the commissars of culture that Christians, in acts of either total cowardice or full-on Stockholm Syndrome, have taken to removing (unbidden, mind you) the most profound of devotional icons.
  • After Charlottesville, President Trump practically double dog dared the radicals to out themselves by asking if Washington and Jefferson would be next on the agenda. The bait was consumed very quickly. The irony that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution which grants them the right to their lunatic dissent is indeed lost on them.

But nowhere is this exemplified better than in the recent battles over Confederate monuments, Robert E. Lee most especially.

Those who want ol' Bobby removed are completely unwilling - or unable - to understand that a man is best judged by the context of time, place, and totality of character.

Just ask a Southerner. Most will tell you the reason they revere General Lee and the Stars and Bars has nothing at all to do with the political issues that caused the Civil War. Pride in ancestry, love for the homeland, and their esteem for a man who led their forefathers in an underdog's war are reasons much closer to the mark.

Lee's nobility in fighting for a lost cause was the more lovely because he thought secession foolish. Yet he wearyingly assumed the yoke of leadership because of his bond to his fellow Virginians, thus becoming the exemplar of the saying, "My country, right or wrong." One can reasonably disagree intellectually with such blind devotion to blood and soil over principle, but anyone unable to admire his self-sacrifice is only half a human being. By ignoring context and retroactively assigning false motives to a man like Lee, his denouncers show an extreme willingness to desecrate truth. They become, in a way, history's graveside ghouls.

[Those in Dixie particularly don't want to hear criticism of such a towering historical figure by the paid, carpetbagging dupes, who, unable to discern their own philosophical ends, unwittingly work towards the enslavement of mankind via the primacy of the state. Whether it is outright slavery or indentured servitude to the corporate cronies in league with government, maltreatment is maltreatment. What does it really matter whether the whip is held by Simon Legree or George Soros? Down south, such delusion gets you called an idjit.]

Unchecked by thinking adults, the left-wing won't stop with monuments. "Offensive" movies and books will be next.

If conscripted soldiers doing their job is the new threshold for historical transgressions against the sensibilities of radical leftists, then how long until every copy of "Das Boot" is destroyed because it dared to dramatize mostly apolitical German men bravely risking a horrifying death for their fellow countrymen?

Since the left cannot reconcile that people are a product of the age in which they live, when will they halt school plays of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice for its less than flattering portrayal of Shylock?

Or if the threshold is not being multicultural enough, how long until they ban the works of the homogeneous peoples of Japan or Israel?

To the heavily-propagandized, personal traits are always subordinate to the cold political viewpoints instilled in them through repetitive lies told by powerful men with self-serving agendas. The riled mob (whether extreme left or right) is most dangerous when the scapegoat du jour gets dehumanized. The masses prefer their villains long dead or constructed of plaster because they can't talk back. One can choose to fill this silent void with inadequacy and simplemindedness. Or one can choose to do so by remembering the artist's subject as once having lived as a three-dimensional person making his way through life the best he could. The same as any of us.

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gilhgvc's picture

The more I interact with leftists and liberals, the more I welcome the final showdown. If you guys are so sure of yourselves, by all means, take up arms and march to my door demanding I kneel to your wisdom......I would advise purchasing body armor first. now have a great day

Consuelo's picture



There was provision in the Declaration of Independence for the citizenry to form new governance if the oppression from the existing form of governance proved to be infringing on the God-given rights of liberty to the citizenry.   Ultimately, this is what the South did.

So curious this aspect of the entire episode is rarely ever referred to in the context of that era and conflict. 

Akzed's picture

Confederate monuments and statues are under attack because what they represent is war against unconstitutional, oppressive govt. There is no worse offense in today's US, not even 19th Century slavery.


chiaroscuro's picture

Art mirrors the soul of the viewer...I love it! Likewise the life of a man as great as Robert E Lee reflects the glory of Christ and Christendom. A Confederate soldier once said of Lee: "The rest of us may have...descended from monkeys, but it took a God to make Marse Robert." Lee was no preacher but the mere sight of him was enough to make someone believe there must be a God. No wonder the same people trying to destroy Christianity and this country want his statues taken down. 



Honest Sam's picture

Confederate statues are so yesterday.  

The left and some on the right have moved on to the NFL, where, apparently 99% of niggathugs, whose total IQ wouldn't reach normal body temperature numbers, have targeted their fans, 90% of whom are non-black, for standing at the national anthem.

That'll show 'em.


Deep Snorkeler's picture

The Old South was a feudal-racist matrix

doomed by the bourgeois industrial revolution.

By 1833, it was a cotton-based remnant of

old Roman self-destruction.  Get over it

and try to make some mental progress

in your lives.

Honest Sam's picture

Who you calling Boo Zhwah???

LawsofPhysics's picture

Correct, of course, now the entire planet is a feudal/fascist/corporatist/racist matrix...


in the meantime...

"Full Faith and Credit"

Peon14's picture

First it was the Confederate Flag. Now it's the US Flag and the Useful Idiots that are taking a knee con't even vocalize why their doing so. It's all part of a plan to divide and conquer.  Just wait until the engineered collapse of the US dollar then you will see blood in the streets.

sister tika's picture

Taking a knee is about opposing "White Supremacy" as the left chooses to call it. Any other explanation or label for this sort of behavior is a ruse.

Most of the NFL owners are Zionists or Zionist proxies. They are part of The Tribe. A few Bantus in the Senate and the House are taking a knee also it appears. I don't need any nappy-haired, ignorant siamang (or any of their white stooges) to tell me what's right or wrong.

It takes a very brave and honorable person to vandalize and deface graves and monuments in the middle of the night doesn't it?

Peon14's picture

Oh it's about White Supremacy, I glad you clear that up for me. So it's not about police being racists or equality or about Kaepernick a person of mixed race honoring his black father who abandon him when he was a baby. Or let's not forget it's not about Trump being president, it's all about "it's whitey's fault". Seems like I read that in Obama's first book too.

east of eden's picture

There is no 'engineered collapse' of the US dollar. YOU did that all on your own, because you are incapable of ever facing reality. It may come as a shock to you, but you do NOT rule the world, and any free state or country has the absolute right to organize their society and their production as they see fit, not just as how YOU see their rights.

A perfectly good example of this is Social Security. Rather than purchasing real assets, you stuffed the plan full of 'treasuries', which now pay nothing. But hey, back then, everything was going to be great. You were always going to be on top and always capable of stripping assets from any of your poodles that you cared to hit on.

That, has always been the case ever since the British set you up as 'exceptional' people. Boy, did you get suckered.


Yea, but, our cuntry wasnt as diverse back then. Just sayin.

Pickleton's picture

"Rather than purchasing real assets, you stuffed the plan full of 'treasuries', "


Apparently the imbecile (That's YOU in case you were wondering) doesn't know WTF it's talking about.  As though SS was some kind of optional thing.  Leftists are UNIVERSALLY stupid people despite the education you dolts believe makes you superior to others.


Honest Sam's picture

It's not reallhy ALL their fault because they were never taught the difference between Propagandic Indoctrination by Pedagogues, and a genuinely liberal arts Education.

Don't let the 10% get away with calling 'Indoctrination', "Education."

Peon14's picture

So now Iám a member of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank and one of Rothschild Banksters. Boy I wished someone would have told me. Did I go to the communist Harvard Law School too?

east of eden's picture

Here's the news that you and your 'people' have chosen to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to for centuries now.

1. You are absolutely responsible for what your government does, in your name. Your responsibility does not end after a 5 minute visit to a ballot box.

2. By extension, you are also repsonsbile for what any government agency does in your name, or what concessions your government grants 'in your name'.

3. The fact that you have never, ever willing paid your debts, marks you. The British Stamp Act was absolutely reasonable. THey may have been arrogant pricks (which they are, and still are to this day), but all they were asking for was 1 penny, to be put towards the costs of fielding forces that defended you, first against the indians, then against the French. 

4. We are still waiting for payment of the lands and property that you stole, but never paid for, which is interesting since you seem to believe that Cuba should pay you. Is that what they call 'hypocrisy'? Best estimates are you owe us 10 Trillion, and we will take it in gold and silver only.

gilhgvc's picture

that diatribe is rich coming from a fucking communist cuba..the asshoie of the western hemisphere. Go to the west side of your craphole island and dive in, see what YOUR govt does to you for trying to escape

Peon14's picture

Gee whiz I have people too?  I'm learning all kind of new things this morning. However I have to disagree with you that Iám responsible for the establishment’s minions whose names appear on the ballots. I also deny that I have any responsibly for what the GUBERMENT does in the name of Big Money and I have just about the same amount of say about what the guberment does as I do how much taxes I pay. Your right however about not wanting to pay the debts that the guberment take out in my name, again in which I have no input. As for repayment of taxes stolen from me by force and the threat of prison I too would like payment in silver and gold and not the Rothschild’s Banksters funny money. I guess I could rebel and go around killing people in suits and professional politicians but that would get me about as far as committing harakiri would.

Moe Howard's picture

Amazingly, I personally had nothing to do with anything you wrote, and I will bet that Peon14 did not either.


Seems you are a profoundly unhappy person that just needs to spew venom.


I don't know what the US government or any Americans did to you, but it must have been painful.

east of eden's picture

Typical 'Merican response, this time from whitey - 'dindu-it', 'not responsible'.

Right. So according to you, you hold NO responsibility for what your government does.

Next. This one is wasting my time.

gilhgvc's picture

but of course YOUR ass didnt have anything to do with whatever oligarchy you feel tied to? people like you make me laugh, so quick to blame and disparage. BUT YOU are smart and worldly right? the rest of use are just poor peasants who know nothing. But, YOU, you are part of the wise elders who know best how people shoiuld live. socialism and communism only failed becuase elites like YOU haven't been in charge. YOU can do it right....what a fucking joke

east of eden's picture

Look, bud. I have always been at odds with the stupid decisions your country has taken, right from the beginning. And yes, what was done to 'my people' was cruel, inhuman and terrible. 'We' have never forgotten it, nor will we ever forget it. And frankly, more than half the world is in the same boat as we are.

Everywhere you have gone you have created nothing but death and destruction, and you are still doing it. Why? Because you are programmed to repsond to Jingoism and have a nasty habit of reaching for a weapon whenever there is any disagreement.

Your diplomatic skills are zero. Your country is bankrupt and a complete fucking mess. So far be it from me to try to get you to see some 'light'. Carry on. You are doing a better job of destroying yourselves, at no cost to us, than we could ever do.


gilhgvc's picture

listen up scooter..the US has it's problems, it sucks alot of times, but if the US did not exist, your ass would be picking asparagus in a field somewhere, under a lash. so STFU and crawl back into your little cubicle and dream of burning under the sun in some communist commune

GunnyG's picture


Honest Sam's picture

As a foreigner in a foreign land, you get your propaganda served early and warm. 

east of eden's picture

I am no more a foreigner in a foreign land than you are. My family first settled the Mohawk Valley, long before any of your clan was even on the continent, so keep you fucking stupid thinking to yourself. Thank you.

gilhgvc's picture

people like you are why people like me hope for civilization to crash.......get my point boy?


My daddy used to get $3 for a injun ear

Honest Sam's picture

"....yada, yada, yadaI have always been at odds with the stupid decisions your country has taken, right from the beginning. And yes, what was done to 'my people' was cruel, inhuman and terrible."


You have exposed yourself as being Not from this country, so you are a liar as well.

If you are an Indian, your cruelty and despicable acts perpetrated on other tribes was at least as bad and far worse than anything a white man did your ancient ancestors.

I am not inclined to pay for the mortal sins committed by either your ancestors or those of mine who lived hundreds of years ago.

I had nothing to do with slavery and neither did any of my ancestors who came ashore in the 1880s.  

So go fuck yourownself, and stop claiming you are an american citizen when by your own statements you deny it.

Or maybe you are in all likelihood a paranoid schizophrenic, hired as click baiter.


slyder wood's picture

Seems Chief Ten Beers is on the warpath. Somebody give him a blanket.....

Demologos's picture

... dosed with tuberculosis.

JoeTurner's picture

Yes, the dindu will need to "take a knee" when the EBT system no longer functions

east of eden's picture


You know who the real ghouls are? The ones that deliberately want to ignore history.

As proof I offer the growing chorus of post-vietnam babies that now, as a group, continue to insist that America 'won in Vietnam'.

This kind of revisionism is not only ugly, but very, very dangerous. It sanitizes lying and deception for the sole purpose of continuing the status quo - which has only ever served the MIC and it's McMasters (not a typo). Look at what is going on in NK. Same god damn illogic and bullshit that got you into Vietnam. But the outcome this time, for you, and sadly for the rest of the world is going to be 1,000 times worse than what happened back then.

As far as the 'statues' go, I don't think it is necessary, or even desireable, to place a bunch of 'in your face' reminders to 100 million of the population, that there were once men (pretending to be honourable) who were so brutal, violent and evil, that they should never have been honoured. 

Personally, looking back, I disagree with what Lincoln did. States joined of their free will and should have been allowed to leave of their free will, BUT, along with that right came the responsibility of allowing anyone who wanted to, to leave. And since you never would have allowed that, then you actually had no moral leg to stand on, did you.

At the onset of the civil war, there was hundreds of millions of acres of land (fully half of the present day US) in the west and south west, some of which could have been given to ex-slaves, and having Washington insist on chopping up your lands was a mistake. On the other hand, you never did accept defeat, never chose to free your former slaves (in reality), educate them, house them, help them create an economy or anything else. The one thing that was done was a deliberate and brutal and ongoing repression of them, which persists to this day. You really are not that smart as a people.

I don't believe there is any ever value in delivering punitive and disabling sanctions on a defeated enemy. Look at what happened after WW 1 when the French insisted on destroying the German economy, as nothing more than retirbution. Didn't work out well for them, or for any us.

Expat's picture

Awesome arguments.  If you love the statues, you are an awesome human being.  If you don't love them, you are scum.  That's it.  That is the entire argument.

What a tool.  Obviously a white racist.  Which means ignorant and uneducated.

Pickleton's picture

"What a tool.  Obviously a white racist.  Which means ignorant and uneducated."


Speaking of the entire argument.  "I disagree with you so you're an ignorant, uneducated, racist,"  The sum total of the imbecle left's argument. 



Honest Sam's picture

You live offshore, what do you care?  Butt you are cute with that one half black and one half white complexion. 


ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Fuck confederate traitors.  I want to start a nationwide movement of burning the confederate flag and pissing on it.  Should make it a 4th of July summer tradition.

Honest Sam's picture

Time for your aftenoon tit-suck.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Thanks Sam, you are right. Thats why I'm so cranky!

gilhgvc's picture

did your EBT card come in with the wrong balance again?

Cloud9.5's picture

It is amazing how the worm turns.  A few years back when Ken Burns produced his Civil War series there was a nostalgic reawakening in the public mind of the struggles realized in that war.  Now the village idiots want to sweep it in the dustbin of history.  One of the primary reasons Confederate generals were elevated in the public mind was that by so doing, the victors made the union victory even that much greater.  By diminishing their foes, they diminish themselves.  

south40_dreams's picture

Useful idiots obey their masters in foreign lands. Therefore, the breaking of America will continue, inch by inch

Memedada's picture

"If we understood our real past we would see as lunacy Donald Trump’s bombastic assertions that the removal of Confederate statues is an attack on “our history.” Whose history is being attacked? And is it history that is being attacked or the myth disguised as history and perpetuated by white supremacy and capitalism? As the historian Eric Foner points out, “Public monuments are built by those with sufficient power to determine which parts of history are worth commemorating and what vision of history ought to be conveyed.”

- Chris Hedges


Honest Sam's picture

Chris is no doubt a brilliant Polemicist and his understanding of history written by victors is right on. However, he goes a bridge too far in equating Trump's attack on the statue removal epidemic with white supremacy.

Capitalism has a great many faults, but none nearly so devastating to the people as socialism, communism, and other systems that seek to crush the individual for the sake of the all-powerful state.  

The Unabomber was at least partly correct in his indictment of Technology, and its ruination of the individual, freedom---real freedom--- not Hedges' and his mentor, Noam Chomsky's cockeyed view of it which elevated Hugo Chavez to hero.  Witness Venezuela, today.

Fuck Hedges, fuck Chavez, and fucck you for swallowing his swill whole.

Memedada's picture

Educate yourself on ideologies. Those you've been exposed too are parodies - created by the owners of the system of propaganda you've been raised in.

Start with real libertarianism (Chomsky would belong here) and market socialism.

gilhgvc's picture

ahhhh another of those "highly educated" elites. Funny, folks like you will be the FIRST in the soup lines, complaining there isn't enough kale available.The only reason socialism and commmunism have failed is becuase folks like YOU haven't been in charge yet. Before I kneel to you or any like you in the name of anything....I will lay in a casket first. see if you can understand THAT

Pickleton's picture

LOL, one of those leftards, high on delusions that socialism and libertarianism are somehow complementary ideologies.  Whether market socialism, democratic socialism, or any other similar rationaliation.

Can you explain how removing historical statues under false pretenses is anything close to libertarianism?


messystateofaffairs's picture

"To the blase masses - those drones and ciphers who will brush past it as if it were no more than an oversized, bronze paperweight - it signifies nothing because they themselves are nothing."

Thats a tad harsh. I'm like that and my mummy still thinks I'm something.