Fu@K THe EU...

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williambanzai is deeply wrong in his interpretation of this Catalonia farce.  First of all, EU Comission has just declared, AGAIN,  it's an internal Spanish  issue and they will always defend COnstitutional order. 


In case someone here distrusts msm and wants a ZH view fom Spain, this is what the spanish seedy deep state did yesterday:

They blocked retreat to secessionist leaders by feeding the secessionist sheep with anger. Now the zombies will force their leaders to follow their bluff and declare unilateral independence. In other words, force them to rebellion.  Then, game is over.

Force them to commit rebellion, opening the door for Madrid to intervene Catalonia Automomy and start a much needed dis-infection. Then, catalan elections asap.


Madrid has declared Pigdemont is no longer a valid interlocutor. The only office in State willing to talk with him are the Courts.


And today we have confirmed Pigdemont and other secessionist leaders are much more scared of the Courts than of their rabid zombies:

Yesterday they said the'd declare independence in 48h.

Today they are claiming for EU mediation.  

Tomorrow they'll simply ask "we are ready to negotiate with Madrid a peaceful solution"


I wonder what the answer will be. And what will their angry and excited sheep do wher threre's no independence of Wonderland...


This is like those mob movies, when one of them, at the very last  desperate moment, takes a hostage or something supposedly valuable for his opponnent and claims " Let me go or I'll destroy this".  Then the other badass destroys it first, with impassible poker face,  and answers: "Sorry, what were you saying?"


The secessionists extortioned Madrid. -  "If you don't let me go ahead I'll ruin Spain's international public image for decades". Then Spain kills it in a fast move. - Now what?  Come on, I'm waiting the showdown.


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PS  ,  the  euro  boys  do  not  want  to  see  the  return  of  a  sort  of  Merrie  medievalism.

No  sir

They  seek  the  chaos  of  the  early  capitalist  period  with  all  its  strife  &  religious  conflict.

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Mostly dumb people I see on this thread.

And who the f@ck let you push your hippie propaganda on ZH?

"Muh Barcelona friends"...some whine down below. Your BCN friends are pot smoking fags, like most of cacalan youth. No politician in his right mind would let a bunch of lefturds like the CUP (who calls the shots in .CAT gov) or Podemos = BCN mayor (chavistas) put a border around and mooch on one of the richest region in Spain.

Even though the ones mentioned above are controlled by (((them))) through NGOs and are dying to fill Cacalonia with more rapefugees, shitskins and other trash while complaining that tourists and expats are rowdy and drive up the rent prices.

Fucking pot smoking hippies...they got away too easy. By the way.. in Spain is legal to own a few grams of pot/hash and pot clubs/associations are also legit.

Maybe that's the problem.

I really hope they declare independence... just too see more hippies take a beating. In a week or so their gov will be suspended anyway (Art. 155 of Spanish Constitution)... and maybe even their faggy police force Mossos d'Esquadra=literary Squad Lads (not gay at all /s) will be dismantled.

That nest of (((leftists))) deserves whatever is coming at them.

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oi! watch your language!

nothing wrong with pot smoking fags

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The  euro  boys  prime  directive  is  the  destruction  of  the  treaty  of  Westphalia/Pyrenees  Europe

Why  don't  you  ask  them,  they  are  quite  open  about  it.

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This  is  a  gross  misdirection.

The  Catalan  movement  is  not  a  form  of  honest  nationalism  but  a  utterly  pathetic  attempt  at  Euro  regionalism.

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Agreed -a gross misdirection.

As with most of these things, one man's simple 'bid for freedom', is another man's opportunistic grab for grab for power and wealth.

If Catalan wants independence of course they can vote for it, but they should not pretend this is all about Franco and history. *

If the Basque country voted for independence, that would be for more primal reasons; but Catalunya less so.

How would people think if they saw NYC seceding from the USA because they don't want to support the poorer regions, or London decided to build a wall around the M25 and form their own rich nation.

* and I'm all for small countries.

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(I'm not excusing the State Police or Madrid; they are all traitors to Spain. I'm not excusing the hypocrits in Brussels either; they should be thrown out onto the streets. I'm only adressing the abstract concept of independence)

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Please explain.

I'd guess the Independence of Catalan is not well defined, but rather an emotion much like the Latinos in the USA that want to direct the USA in Progressive Socialism.

What do the Catalans want. I have to look to myself, trends and tea leaves.

Likely they would remain in Western Central Bank, WRC, or new Global Currency, remain in EU, and be Globalist with high level of police powers, militarism, security state.

hm... do they really claim to have a plan and want to leave the EU?

I don't fault WB7 for his parody. Rajoy probably loves the EU and like them and the English don't really care much about people.

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You missed the point Will, even if separate both will remain in EU! Catalonia is not going to be out and independent like Britain, that why this time your pic. dont reflect reality, sorry. Its not the "Fuck the EU" story. You may as well paint Catalonia leaders same way as you did Rajoy because they are buch of corrupted criminals of even worse caliber.

And btw no, they did not had rights for ballot, you need to reach certain number and follow certain rules for such thing, or we dont have a law. Which thier leaders illegally ignored before and now. I know you are an Artist and art is a expression of emotions and feelings from what you see, but here is more to it than mere shots of police action. 

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The voters had a right to vote under Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Spanish government had no right to assault them for exercising that right, regardless of what they were voting for.

Voting in even an invalid ballot is not a crime in the EU.

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When the law becomes a tool of oppression, it ceases being law, and become fascism. Sending cops to attack people in the streets just to stop them from voicing their "illegal" opinion is something we usually see in Iran, China, Burma, Venezuela, etc. Governments of free countries simply don't do this.

They don't get a pass for that just because a law says they can get away with it. If that were the case, how come we don't see China as a free country? Their speech policies are laid out in law. When they send in the cops or the troops to attack people, or put political prisons, or execute them, it's all lawful and legal.

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That is some crazy art in the background.

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I'm only sorry he wasn't celebrating his thuggery "on his own last night" at the Mandalay Bay Route 91 concert in Vegas!

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Now that is what I call brilliant WB, just brilliant and so timely. :-)

I've said for quite some time that Rajoy is never a "conservative", at least not in the sense that folks on ZH believe one to be. His actions this past week or two confirm that he found it so easy and natural to emulate Franco when the going got tough.

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"I've said for quite some time that Rajoy is never a "conservative"..."

define "conservative". just once

or give me even one name of a foreigner which you would consider a conservative

and tell me even one conservative that would look kindly on separatists/independentists

would your Jacob Rees-Mogg look kindly on a Welsh independence? on a separation between Northern England, Southern England and London?

conservatives tend to be Unionists, don't they? like the "Conservative and Unionist Party" of the UK

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"define "conservative". just once"

How about this: On the scale of 100%.gov -down-to- 0%.gov that I mentioned last week, a ((conservative)) would be way down on that scale, and leaning towards freedom of the individual, small.gov, anti-collectivism (thereby instinctively disliking such groupings as the EU) and most certainly would support self-determination.

Rajoy doesn't fit there I'm afraid.

I cannot say much about Jacob Rees-Mogg aka "The Honourable Member for The 19th Century" but your other comments confirm what I discovered a long time ago: that "conservatism" has moved over to the Left and while it still remains to the Right of the growing armies of progressives and assorted socialists, it has abandoned its traditional space closer to traditional Liberal.

That may be to reflect what it believes is the trend in society.

Hope that helps.

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Rajoy is run by the appointed technocrats who hide in the shadows.

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EU and its Spain are "Scourges of the People"   An EU Republic = ReBanker autocracy.

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This is pretty simple, State police beating peaceful granny’s is a fucking outrage.

And the Euro canards who say this is just an internal affair are fucking hypocrites. But we all know that.

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yes, it is a fucking outrage

but you are not making the case/picture of a policeman spraying pepper on peaceful demonstrators or beating a peaceful granny, with your picture

you directly imply that what that policeman did... makes Rajoy a Nazi. directly, through the whole chain of command

did you call/paint the governor of any US State or the police chief of anywhere a Nazi when that policeman was spraying pepper? nope, you focused on someone that did the deed, in the context of something else. Rajoy... well, he seems to be something else, for you


"this is just an internal affair". ok, let's go back in history. what happened last time? it was not taken as a "internal affair"

both fascists and socialists from the whole globe took part to that war. including Guernica

was that better? how so?

things are "hot" enough, in Catalonia. outsiders like you starting to depict a government head a Nazi because of one or several policemen's deeds... meh

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You sir are one big predictable weekday bullshit wind up toy.

To my friends in Barcelona, be strong.

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William, the regular posters here know GhordEUs very well. He is a Brussels EuroPrat and constantly shills for the EU, this disgraceful dialogue being just the latest example. As you know, democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU.

Fuck the EU and Viva Barcelona. I also have many friends in Barcelona and it is one of my favourite European cities. Such a shame that the people of Barcelona have to go through all this BS and violence.

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"He is a Brussels EuroPrat..." and you are a liar, constantly inventing fabricated stories about me

meanwhile, yes: ""The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU"

that's 100% correct. it's an org that has "written orders". "not written" = "does not exist", for it

you are just describing the specific design of the thing, with that

"I also have many friends in Barcelona" fine. possibly another lie from you, or not. and? what do your friends in Barcelona say about the EU?

as a reminder, the Independentists there are clear on Catalonia... becoming sovereign and joining the EU

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The right of self-determination is covered by the UN Charter to which Spain is subservient.

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I wonder if it is like legalizing Mary Jane...

You have to decriminalize it first, then Catalonia can decide to consider Independence from EU, what kind of Central Bank, What kind of Constitution or Govt.

BTW I am an idiot about EU, Catalan, and Legalized Pot.

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Ghordius, however, knows his stuff well. And he argues well. I don't always agree with him but he does it more eloquently than others here.

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I would have to disagree with that statement. He seldom sticks to the point and tries to steer discussion off into tangents to avoid the main issue. In this case, the outrage of the Spanish State Police beating up unarmed and peaceful Old people and children. Not once has GhordEUs actually condemned such brutality and he resorts to technicalities to avoid holding Madrid accountable under Article 7.

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He sometimes digresses, I would not say that he seldom sticks to the point. Many actually do that here. But he knows stuff about the EU well. Sometimes so well that I wonder if he works for the EU. In think in general he supports an EU that is "managed" by the EU council of ministers, not by the EC.

Regarding beating up old people and children. Yes, that is a disgrace. Also milked by the seperatists. This is what you can expect by a regime not realizing that it is no longer 1936 anymore. Cameras and internet everywhere. It clearly shows that the government institutions are clueless on how to deal with this. They lost the PR battle.

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He DOES work for the EU in Brussels which explains why he shills for the EU, possibly even semi-officially.

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you are a liar forever repeating that lie. come on, give evidence, give proof, you troll

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The best kind ... he does not realise his sound arguments actualy expose the true nature of the EU.

It is appointed at the highest level and not democratic hence democracy when times get tough will be dropped ... like now and the face of tyranny and police states start to appear.

The EU should be slating Spain because their acceptance of this act by one of their own members is telling ... it could be you next.

Catalonia is not going to be the only region feeling this way.


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Officially, EU policy is mostly determined by the EU council of ministers and at the EU summits. The EC is the executive part of the EU but also has it its own agenda. And then there is the EP. Power is never monolithic.

And then, of course, there is Germany and Germany (= Merkel) does things unilaterally without consulting her European colleagues.

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"democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU."

This is so true it bears repeating:

"democracy is not something which the EU respects and the universal principle of "The right of self-determination" by the people is foreign to the EU."

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Spanish fascism is alive and well inside the evil EUSSR. Meanwhile lame duck STASI "Erika" Merkill trying to cobble a rag tag government of globalists together has nothing to say about the resurgence of Franco style fascism. It is obvious that democracy is dead in Urupp and that EuroPeons are going to be feeling the stomping of jackboots more and more as the collapse aprroaches.


God bless Catalonia and her people.

The Franco fascist sewer that is modern Spain.


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It's not that simple. Franco was the antithesis of everything the EUSSR stands for whereas Catalonia is globalist, EU-loving, socialist 'liberal' and immigrant-welcoming.

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let's recap:

Rajoy is the leader of the majority in the elected parliament of Spain, a sovereign nation (state) with a constitution

Rajoy is executing on his political views: that Catalonia is not independent, and cannot have a referendum on independence

Rajoy is executing on those views... with quite a lot of support among Spaniards. oh, and there is also a verdict on the whole by the Spanish Constitutional Court

Rajoy, btw, is a conservative. his party is on the Right of the Spanish political spectrum. the "Nationalists", in this case the Spanish Nationalists (while in conflict - with no dead, so far, thankfully - with the Catalan Nationalists)

this picture puts Rajoy on a Nazi cross, with "EU" bands on it

no. I don't see Rajoy "deserving" that Nazi symbol

no. I don't see what that "EU" thing has to do with all this. it's completely irrelevant in this story

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you're correct G.  relax a bit

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But, But... maybe the USA would like to have Referendums on

- Foreign Policy
- Military Actions further than missile range from USA
- Foreign Wars
- Presidential War Powers Act
- Spending $1 Trillion Annually on MIC, VA, State, DHS, Foreign Assistance
- Central Bank Policies, Economic Constructs like GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Money Velocity, Trade Policy, Balance of Trade, and continuation of Federal Reserve

Not having Referendums is pretty heavy handed. Perhaps the USA learned this trick from Spain or Fascist Italy.

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1 rajoy is the leader of a minority govt. It survives day to day with coalitions and compromises.

2 Not engaging in dialogue and compromises with Catalonia is a long tradion with the central Spanish govt, which this meathead that is rajoy continues. Probably not of his own volition, because...

3 Anyone who doesnt think this has to do with the EU and global corporate financial capitalism is an idiot.

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Comes soon to Germany.

A lot of small states, like 500 years ago.

Half of them califate.

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Rajoy fucked up politically. He could have dealt with this entirely differently, not only in recent days but also in the runup to it during the last years. As PM he is responsible for his government's actions, including the police forces under his ministries.

Constitutions? YU had a constitution. In the end it meant little. The ICJ Kosovo ambigious ruling let the genie out of the bottle because it meant that anybody can test the constitution and proclaim independence.

As for William. Well, that is political satire. You can agree with it or not but that is what people like him do.

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Rajoy is clearly an idiot but he does not appear to have the grace to step down. Ergo he is aggravating the situation. Ergo he desrves the symbol,

In consideration of the European citizenship conferred upon the Catalan by the Lisbon treaty, the EU has everything to do with this.

Currently the silence from EU is as deafening as it has been for the gullible Scots - thus begging the qui bono question of the pretendy constitution. 

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

The silent objectors may be pleased to learn that ad hominem karma has intervened (by way of a chain block tightened exploding rope to the left hand) to remind that one is every bit as fuckwitted - if not nearly as well rewarded - as the unrepentant Senior Raj.

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Let's recap:

The world watched innocent voters and bystanders be repeatedly assaulted and detained by black clad storm troopers who attacked even small children and old ladies alike. This was accompanies by wilful destruction and theft of property: all these crimes are what we the taxpayer pays our forces to protect us from.

ANY possible support for Spain has now disapeared and most now view it as a fascist state oppressing the Catalans.  Rajoy has earned his Nazi credentials by his fascist attack on innocents due to their differing political views: he is the textbook definition of a brutal fascist.

The EU 'thing' is that the EU Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty guarantees that the EU citizens are protected from exactly this hostile state terrorism.

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Alot of the ECHR rights were broken with what Spain carried out also.

Reckon most of the Catalonian anger is really against the collapse of the Spanish economy in 2015 that I did not realise.

EU is working for some, just not for Catalonians.

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"Alot of the ECHR rights..." name one that applies in this case

"EU is working for some, just not for Catalonians"

this is neither what the Catalonian government is saying nor what Catalonian independentists are saying