Switzerland Tops World's Most Competitive Countries Index (Yemen Least)

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Something else 'Murica is no longer #1 in...

A recently released World Economic Forum report has found that the global economy is recovering well nearly a decade on from the start of the global financial crisis with GDP growth hitting 3.5 percent in 2017. The eurozone in particular is regaining traction with 1.9 percent growth expected this year. As Statista's Niall McCarthy points out, the improvement in Europe's economic fortunes can be seen in the report and the following infographic which shows that six European economies are among the world's ten most competitive.

Infographic: The World's Most And Least Competitive Countries  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The World Economic Forum defines national competitiveness as the set of institutions, policies and factors determining productivity levels

Switzerland grabbed top spot in the report with an index score of 5.86 out of 7, recording strong and balanced results across the most important determining factors such as health, primary education and a reliable macroeconomic environment.

The United States comes second for national competitiveness, though the report notes that it needs to improve its macroeconomic environment as well as health and education, both of which scored poorly.

Eight of the world's ten worst countries for national competitiveness were in Africa.

Yemen has been devasted by war in recent years and it comes bottom with a score of 2.87. It was followed by Mozambique and Chad, both of which had a score of less than three. The only other non-African country in the bottom ten was Haiti which scored 3.22.

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"The United States comes second..."


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Just imagine how much higher Haiti would be were it not for the Clintons...

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Imagine how much higher USA would be were it not for Haitians.

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Imagine how much higher USA would be were it not for Clintons.

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That was my second choice.

Thanks Trump!

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 It's Unicorns and Rainbows, until you look at the SNB balance sheet.

 And I thought Japan was fucked up?  [go figure]

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So.... What do I do with this (bogus)  chart? 

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Locate your organ that receives and interprets data, and use it.

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What would the chart look like if we stripped government borrowing out of GDP?  Can the chart be adjusted to reflect national debt?  Personally not convinced there has been a recovery in the UK since 2007.

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So how is it possilbe that supposedly "backward socialist nanny states" like Netherlands, Germany and Sweden are so high up in the competitiveness rankings? Can someone explain that to me?

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This is business competitiveness, not personal situation, so these are not included:

  • income tax level
  • alcohol tax level (Sweden!)
  • property prices 
  • personal and political freedom
  • ...

Basically, the Top 10 is protestant northern Europe and some of Britain's former colonies, plus Japan. All speak one of the Germanic language group (which includes English, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish), except Finland and Japan.

The pattern continues in the next tier of countries:

  • 11 Norway
  • 12 Denmark
  • 13 New Zealand
  • 14 Canada
  • 15 Taiwan
  • 16 Israel
  • 17 UAE
  • 18 Austria
  • 19 Luxembourg
  • 20 Belgium
  • 21 Australia
  • 22 France
  • 23 Malaysia
  • 24 Ireland
  • 25 Qatar

Allowing for minor deviations (Austria is mostly Catholic; Belgian economy is strongest in the Flemish-speaking region; Israel was Britsh for a while and speaks English for business,...), the only significant exceptions are France and Taiwan. So in the Top 25, only 3 countries do not fit the pattern of northern European protestant Germanic-speaking countries plus former British colonies - the main exceptions being Japan, France, Taiwan.

In the bottom 10, we see this pattern of primary colonisation:

  • France (Mauritania, Chad, +Haiti)
  • Germany (Burundi)
  • Britain (Lesotho, Malawi, +Sierra Leone)
  • Portugal (Mozambique)
  • USA (+Liberia)
  • Freed slaves (Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia)

Plus Yemen, which has history of Turkish and British colonisation, civil war and ongoing Saudi/UAE invasion.

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If you're gonna post some deep-dive stuff on ZH, gentlemen, THAT is how you do it.  Rarely do I read a post that long to the end (because they're usually screen-scraped crap) but that was actually a fascinating read.  Green arrow.  Well done.



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It seems the British legacy in Israel includes the basic approach of bottom-up common law (v. top-down Napoleonic codes), and major components of the legal system affecting businesses, including tort and contracts. So it is probably justified to say it matches the pattern.

The situation is interesting in UAE, which was a British colony, but later gained independence under an Islamic legal system. However, business is most competitive in the free zones, like Media City, Internet City, Jebel Ali and the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre), whose courts use the English language and relax local rules in favour of current British commercial law. 

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Worker participation, role of trade unions and less inequality.

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Less inequality is good now? There was zero inequality in the Soviet Union, yet their economic competitiveness was zero.

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Soviet equality was on paper. Pilitbureau and the cronies had everything, peasants didn't have jack shit. Economy was centrally planned with 0 incentive for anyone to do a lick of work.

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Only one thing reduces inequalities: Capitalism.

Wages growth always tops capital income. Bastiat proved it before 1850. You'll come to the same conclusion if you give it some thinking. You'll quickly find that the opposite (the marxist superstition) is absurd. It's pure prejudice.

So the reason inequalities grow is: Government. Creating money to prop up stocks and real estate, minimum wage, taxes on the "rich" and various ways to prevent savings, hence investment, hence productivity.

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Inequality is neither good nor bad, it’s just a fact of life.
It’s not a problem, provided it’s not created by a system that’s supposedly of, by, and for all the people, while in reality siphoning everyone’s wealth into the hands of an elite few (e.g., the FED)

As someone who came from the Soviet Union, I can tell you what you say about zero equality in the Soviet Union, is not even close to accurate.

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It's down to the people. Those of Northern European stock will be productive no matter what system they operate under. The same in reverse for Africans and blacks generally.

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Northern Europeans in their late 30s and older still benefit from a good education and mostly have a reasonable work ethic. When that generation starts retiring and dies off, those marxist nanny states will find out what exponential functions are and fail epically.  Then they can do a 1990s Sweden-style reset or become another hellhole. And thanks to that bolchevik cunt Merkel, they will enjoy their hellholes with a bunch of low IQ savages fucking them in the ass on a regular basis.

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The Netherlands is ranked better than the US for economic freedom by the Heritage foundation (75.8 vs 75.1).

Sweden is right behind with 74.9.

Switzerland has 81.5.

All these countries built their wealth on economic freedom.

Sweden would have ranked 90+ a century ago, then it went socialist in the 60s and collapsed and went bust in the early 90s and now is among the freest in Europe. Same story for the Netherlands. 


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I can explain if you want.


The competitiveness index is bullshit.Theres no such thing as competitiveness in the "science" of economics.What there is thought is the productivity index.Competitiveness basicaly is one of those bogus thinks that youre average joe,politician and journalist is going to use in order to pass his (masters) agenda.Basically competitiveness is a self-suck,it looks like a blowjob,it feels like a blowjob,but in the end is you sucking youre own cock.


The following are the arbitrary ways that neo pieces of shits messure "competitiveness"


  1. institutions  "what?? How do you messure "institutions"??"
  2. appropriate infrastructure "what appropriate means and how do you messure it??"
  3. a stable macroeconomic framework "I assume an indipendend central bank and its commercial minions??"
  4. goodhealthandprimary education "How is that even relevant for competitiveness??
  5. higher educationand training "how?"
  6. efficient goods markets "efficient as,what's difficult to run shops??"
  7. efficientlabor markets   "like no benefits and rights for workers??
  8. developedfinancial markets "Dont have a ever rising stock market??too bad you are not competitive"
  9. the ability to harness the benefits of existing technologies "Again what?"
  10. and its market size, both domestic and international "Well big=good i guess??"
  11. by producing new and different goods using the most sophisticatedproduction processes "Like the 19 century industrial line??"
  12. innovation "innovation like what? facebook??"

So as you see the hall competitiveness index is a pile of arbitrary shit.If you also have time to study each and every one of those "pillars",you will see that this index is pollitically motivated.Fast reading,it doesnt give good grades to socialism,libertarianism,"fasicm",communism,non central bank economies,gold,non speculative financial markets,doesnt take in to account rent seaking activities,workers rights,mercantilism or protection of domestic markets,wealth concentration and of course it doesnt take into account inflation since big is good.Also the innovation part is stupid since facebook(social media) and taxi apps that add NOTHING of value in the economy can be messured in.


If you want to support any of those things metioned above,well too bad these are not competitive.


Since the above pillars are what make something "competitive",no wonder that CHINA is nowhere near at the top.


Now,i mentioned that althought competitiveness is a pile of crap,one of the thinks that can ACTUALLY make economics remotely seem like a science are actual economic indexes.One of those indexes and the most famous one is the productivity index(often confused with competitiveness).This is a real actuall index that can messure something scientifically. 

Commonly an index is as follows a/b=X

So when it comes to productivity you have inflow/outflow=X.The smaller the inflow(costs) and the bigger the outflow(production) the better the result.


THIS is something to look after.




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health insurances skyrocket, people lose their jobs, wages stagnant.

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It can't be right since Switzerland is full of white, Christian people.....and according to BLM and all these libertards, non-white, non-Christian people are the better bunch!!

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I call for a no-niggers-at-the-workplace policy based on these findings. BL do M but not at my office please. 

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Not quite, Switzerland has one of the highest immigration rate in the world plus they take a lot of refugees plus it has bilateral agreements with the EU so the Europeans can freely travel or work in Switzerland.

In Geneva where I live there's officially more foreigners than Swiss citizens and not quite white or Christians and in the company I work there's more than 90% French employees who cross the frontier to work every day.

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This is almost the same top-20 chart as the list of countries by debt... take a look at funny Luxembourg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt

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Ok, LUX's debt is 6000% GDP? How is that even possible....  So much for the Maastricht restrictions.  Check out that place's central bank's website.  http://www.bcl.lu/en/index.html.   Those guys look inbred to a degree that's very scary. Youngest face on that site is like 75. Good luck with your 6000% GDP debt assholes.

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The Maastricht Treaty dealt with GOVERNMENT debt ( max 60% GDP - rerspected by virtually  NO member state, they are all bankrupt ). All other ( corporate, banking, private ) debt is excluded.

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If ZH (Tyler) could make the effort to go beyond the childish love for ranking tables and actually read the World Economic Forum report we would all be able to benefit from the high quality reflections and analysis of the report.

As a test, why not open the link to the report and search the term "inequality"........

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Competitiveness in this report is defined as "the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity". Meaning, the corporations in the US manage to squeeze more blood out of the obese and retarded populace than most other places.  The resulting pain, suffering, fear and anger sure explains the violence over there with the mass shootings and all.  Corporate fascism in the US gets to buttfuck its employees and "customers" aka victims at will.  How is that a good thing?

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USA number 2 ???  We jail more people, invade more people, kill more with pharmaceuticals, and have more mass murderers and obese people.  Should be number one.

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Damn right we should be!  Murica!  #1!

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Bullshit ... unless all they care about is competitive in banking.

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The banking sector is in free fall in Switzerland but it has still the world's biggest industrial production per capita, meaning than Switzerland is the most industrialized country in the world with company's like Nestlé, Rolex, SGS, and UBS for example.

Switzerland also has the best public colleges and universities in the world and the highest savings per capita and lowest crime rate in Europe like 1 homicide for 100000 people.

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I have been to both Yemen and Switzerland.

Switzerland is beautiful, peaceful, business friendly (in the German speaking areas at least), lots of high quality chocolate, and people are beating down the door to live there

Yemen is dirty, tribal, full of muslim terrorists, the people are dog hating-lazy-khat chewers who are fleeing their shithole if possible (sounds like Puerto Rico), but the shawarma is excellent 


The trend for the US: It will asymptotically approach Yemen in the leftist areas while others with enough heavily armed libertrians may become Switzerland


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I would not describe Haiti as a "non-African country".

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Can we get a health and education score for the US that does not included blacks and illegal aliens?