'Decoders' Offer Dire Warnings About North Korea's Nuclear Program

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Experts outside the United States government are using North Korea’s propaganda videos to dissect and decode the rogue regime’s nuclear program.

Decoders say that there are clues about the weapons advancement program hidden in their propaganda, and they are sounding the alarm.

A group of analysts at the Middlebury Institute’s Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California are closely studying the propaganda photos and videos put out by the North Korean regime. They then apply new tools such as satellite imagery and 3-D mapping to the videos and photos so they can learn more about how the North continues to advance their weapons in the face of sanctions and growing opposition.

The analysts are finding amazingly : information about North Korea’s military capabilities and in this , they walk us through the clues that reveal the capabilities of a North Korean missile. They will also show instances where they’ve found the North Koreans to be faking their weapons success.

The intense voices in North Korea’s videos make them seem legitimate, but the decoders have looked into what they can actually accomplish and what they cannot by simple decoding images used by the regime themselves.

Perhaps the most alarming revelation is that the decoders suggest that it’s likely that North Korea is using highly advanced machines to construct their missile components. This could make getting a powerful nuke more likely than originally thought. They also say that North Korea has a missile that can carry a warhead capable of hitting the mainland United States, “New York, LA.”

But they also point out the failures in the North Korean weapons advancement program and can identify where Kim Jong-Un is in several photos.

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LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

I, honestly-to-God, believe that President Trump is about to end The Iran Nuclear Deal, and is about to attack Iran's nuclear-program, physically.  IF/WHEN that happens, then North Korea's nuclear-program will probably be next, which means that we are about to have REAL war, very, very soon, Ladies and Gentlemen.



Sanity Bear's picture

Did you miss the clear indication at the top that the article was going to be a total piece of garbage?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Making the world a more dangerous place.

quadraspleen's picture

Anyone who has actually watched one of DPRK's high-school graduation videos will know what a steaming pile of horseshit this article actually is. 

lost username's picture



You have it reversed. You always take out the greater threat first. Iran has many allies who will protect it - to keep the oil flowing. NK has nothing anyone worlwide really cares about. They are really only China's guard dog. There is also a 50% chance China will destroy NK since the dog is getting a little out of control and might bite it's owner and they don't want the US more involved.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

Mr. Username, I will absolutely concede that my postulation could be wrong on which nation will be FIRST to be dealt-with, but my over-all conclusion is VERY FIRM, and I stand-by everything else that I wrote, and still believe that it will be Iran that will be dealt-with, firstly.


I think that this is a VERY sobering, and very troubling, time for us, All, and that this is NOT the man we supported, and for whom we voted--NOT AT ALL.



lost username's picture

Agreed on the sobering and troubling part. Unfortunately the world has been in almost continuous war since WWI. When you have massive military build ups worldwide no matter who gets in office war on some level will continue. The nuclear proliferation problem has been dodged for way too long -- if you let it continue unabated then nuclear conflict actually becomes more probable. If you watch Trump's 10 year or so old interview on the Korean situation then you would see that he is doing exactly as he said. The Korean conflict needed to be initiated under Clinton -- before they got nukes. World peace would be a truly wonderful thing - but unfortunately human history doesn't bode well for us.

aurum4040's picture

Exactly. Many here are too simple to realize the reality that Trump faces at literally every turn. Whether its war or implementing campaign promises or opposition, he is having the most difficult and complicated 9 months of any President since the Civil War. But its all Trumps fault right? No, its not that easy, nowhere near that easy. Think people, objectively think and put yourself in his shoes. 99% would have quit before becoming President. Trump is one tough resilient mother fucker who happens to be damn smart too. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


The Korean conflict needed to be initiated under Clinton -- before they got nukes. World peace would be a truly wonderful thing - but unfortunately human history doesn't bode well for us.

US history doesn't bode well for us as the traditional US solution to complex problems is primitive violence. Not difficult to see when a guy tells that world peace would be wonderful just after he states that his perceived solution is initating a resumption of the Korean War.

All the history of the US summed up in a few words.

07564111's picture

I can tell you the name of the second nation who will be 'dealt with' if the lunatics leave the asylum ;)

Harry Lightning's picture

Iran is a far less troubling situation for a number of reasons. 

Persians, even their theocrats, are not nearly as stupid as the clown in Korea. Stuoid clowns cannot be entrusted with nukes.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Somehow I don't believe he meant Iran.

WTFUD's picture

Iran will only be 'dealt with' in the hubristic minds of Satanic Vichy DC/Israel. An attack on Iran is an attack on Russia & China - WON'T HAPPEN. If by some megalomaniacal chance it does then tiny Israel and key areas of Saudi will be toast.

07564111's picture

This Russian State company http://www.rosatom.ru/en/about-us/ has currently 100+ civilian Scientific and Engineering employees working on project in Iran. Things will not go well for the country that would bomb and kill these people. It will not matter who that country might be.

webmatex's picture

It would be SS300 + $200 oil too Lindsey.

But agree not going to happen.

onewayticket2's picture

Trump's not going to blow up the Iran deal (china/russia problems).  but he's creating the threat that he will.  in essence, he's creating currency to use in a negotiation. 


trump's horsetrading.  "hey china....take care of NK and I'll forget about Iran"

HopefulCynic's picture

Well that IS because you are very Ignorant on the subject. 

You want to know WashIngton's plan to justIfy war wIth Iran?


Read "WhIch Path To PersIa" by BrookIngs? Iran has to be the one to brake the deal.

If the US attacks Iran It wIll be at war wIth more than Iran, and wIll shItloads of polItIcal and dIplomatIc power, It wIll be alone and It wIll be the end of the US In months not years, If they dId not do It In the ClInton and Bush era, It IS more dIffIcult for the US to do It now. 

Harry Lightning's picture

Finally someone who understands the situation. Thank goodness, are you former intel ?

Eyes Opened's picture

Fucking "Decoders".... who do they think they are ?? .. 4chan ??...  lol

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

That decision, for-the-record, was THE impetus for his ominous, and very psychologically-disturbing statement, from yesterday, which means that he, and our (((over-lords))), have decided to end-peace with Iran, and to move-forward with war, by citing some yet-to-be-determined "infraction", which would be a cassus-belli against Iran's nuclear-program, and, IN-TURN, will target North Korea's nuclear-program, VERY, VERY soon, after Iran's is destroyed, WHICH WILL, INEVITABLY, PLUNGE US, ALL, INTO A FULL-SCALE WAR, WITHIN ONE YEAR, OR SO:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-05/president-trump-warns-ominously...


Ladies and Gentlemen, we must, NOW, face-the-reality that this man IS NOT "on-our-side", the PEOPLE'S SIDE, now, IF HE EVER, TRULY, WAS, and this realization is making me physically nauseous, as it should EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OTHER PEOPLE READING THIS.


Everything is, now, starting to become clear, especially why he has refused to acknowledge what Rep. Rohrabacher has DESPERATELY tried to relay to him--Genius Assange has prima-facie evidence that (((muh...Russia))) has ALWAYS been a bald-faced-LIE/HOAX/FRAUD, and that Leaker Seth Rich was THE LEAKER...Jesus Christ, People...think about what this means...


We were, ALL, played-for-fools...




Sanity Bear's picture

He's not "falling" for anything. He's just bad at his job so it isn't very convincing.

LindseyNarratesWordress's picture

I do not care what you people think, or what you people say--I stand-by EVERYTHING that I said, based, SOLELY, upon the evidence, and information, that is very easily-available, and common-sense--President Trump is telling us, All, what he, and our (((over-lords))), HIS BOSSES, are forcing to happen.


I do NOT!!! like this, but this is the reality forced upon us, and it is time for you people to acknowledge that we are in serious-fucking-trouble, AND HAVE BEEN FOOLED.



Sanity Bear's picture

Don't bogart the... oops too late.

wcole225's picture

have decided to end-peace with Iran??? That statement alone disqualifies you as a snowflake idealist.

HopefulCynic's picture

There Is no JustIfIcatIon for war In thIs case unless Iran blatantly breaches the deal, there was no justIfIcatIon for war before the deal, the deal was not to stop a war, Iran got a lot of benefIts, It IS the only reason they sIgned It sInce they were already part of the NPT, and were not lookIng to get out of It lIke N. korea dId. If Iran gets out of the deal wIthout breachIng It lIke say Trump wants to, then Iran Is free to wIOthdraw from the NPT and buIld the ost massIve nuke and stIll the US would not have a justIfIcatIon for war under InternatIonal law, every country In the world has the rIght to pursue a nuke unless htye are part of a treaty lIke the NPT but they can get out of It. 

DId you really thInk Iran sIgned the deal to stop an InvasIon on Iran? lol that IS just IdIotIc, lIke most of your ramblIngs. 



lakecity55's picture

It makes no sense to go to war with NK. Therefore, I believe that is exactly what we will do.


Fiscal Smegma's picture

GOOD! this arimistace stuff has gotten realling boring over the last 60 years

Cash Is King's picture

How many loyalist sleeper cells do Iran, NK or any major enemy of ours have lying in waiting to spring and ignite the fire from within. I get an ominous feeling we’re about to witness another Hindenburg moment. Oh the humanity as we discover there actually is very little in the world outside conversation!

Harry Lightning's picture

You have been reading too many Tom Clancy books. Or perhaps taking the same drugs as him.

BigJim's picture

You remember all those Libyan, Iraqi, Vietnamese, Afghan sleeper cells that brought the US to its knees when their countries were invaded?

Me neither.

researchfix's picture

"...is about to end The Iran Nuclear Deal, and is about to attack Iran's nuclear-program, physically."

Russia and China won´t stand by. And maybe Kim will throw in some effort.

HRClinton's picture

Relax, Hal Lindsey, "the End is not near".

I decoded the decoders:

The decoders are Israeli art students, not Mossad agents, so all will end well.

Harry Lightning's picture

You have the scenario backwards. In reality the regime in Tehran is actually easier to deal with than in Korea, and the Iranains will have outside support unlike the North Koreans.

HopefulCynic's picture

Ignorant, Immature and foolIsh.  Not you Harry

HopefulCynic's picture

What nuclear program? Iran has no nuclear weapons program unlIke North korea, It does not want one, they oppose all WMD's. 

Golden Showers's picture

Yeah well I wish you "Decoder" people were as smart as to figure out Las Vegas from four days ago in your own country than tell us the skinny with North Korea.

You assholes always think you are so fucking smart and you are full of shit.

Isn't that obvious?

Fuck you. Get a job.

Golden Showers's picture

Is your pussy still sore from last night?

I get a real Pepe Le Pew scent from you. And I think you're the skunk and I'm the cat.

Fuck off Frog. I don't want you that way you sick Warhol wannabe.

desertboy's picture

"Experts outside the United States government are using North Korea’s propaganda videos to dissect and decode the rogue regime’s nuclear program" 

...and make propaganda of their own.

fixed it for you.

Golden Showers's picture

Decode that you fucking twats.

Or do you need some help?

I'm shoving my limp wrist into my chest and drooling on myself. Becasue I'm a fucking wheelchair bound cerebral palsy fucking laughing at you healthy man. This is how fucking stupid you are. I'm making fun of you.

You want to quit bullshitting us? For once? But you're the total assholes who have forensics and know shit and you're telling me you can't figure out shit but want to tell us everything?

Where did you go to college? Stanford?

Fucking cock suckers. You're missing out on life pretending you know shit and all you do is insult cerebral palsy people you fucking hacks.

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Go fuck yourselves. You compilcite assholes are holding out. Enjoy your fucking lifestyle while you got it. Because you are smart enough but just stupid enough to do what you do.

Way to go. Thanks a million you fucking pricks. Go to Hell.

Kone Wone's picture

Come on, tell us what you really think; don't be coy.

Eyes Opened's picture

He's been at the "apple juice" again....  lol

Golden Phoenix's picture

That's exactly what the Vegas shooter's note said.

Harry Lightning's picture

"Shove it up your ass. You know who you are and you are. Every one of you is an asshole. Fuck you. Fuck your entire family because that's what you do."

If you could be taught to fire an assault rifle, you would make a good soldier fella. You have the right attitude for combat. 

The food sucks though. 

Eyes Opened's picture

Or Kims replacement ?? That job might be coming up shortly... git yer haircut...

I hear also that Duterte is lookin for help... he'd love you dude...