US Consumer Comfort Plunges Most In 13 Months As 'Personal Finance' Fears Mount

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Americans' confidence suffered its biggest weekly setback in more than a year as optimism about personal finances slumped according to Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort Index figures.

Highlights include:

  • Consumer comfort measure dropped to 49.9 from 51.6, the sharpest decline since September 2016
  • Index of personal finances fell to 57.1 from 60.1, the biggest decrease since August 2016
  • Gauge of current views on the economy slipped to 50.9 from 51.8
  • Index of buying climate deteriorated to 41.5 from 42.8

The headline index is down 4 of the last 5 weeks... the biggest drop since Sept 2016.

As 'Personal Finances' plunge (despite soaring record highs in stocks...


However, one interesting data point is that sentiment among black respondents rose to its highest level since November and fell among whites to the lowest since mid-July...


Bloomberg highlights the key takeaways as:

The data marked the fourth decline in the last five weeks following a 16-year high at the end of August. The index, now the lowest since July, is down 3.4 points from that peak.

The weakness was driven by a sudden drop in optimism about personal finances, which had reached a three-month high a week earlier. The result may partly reflect what Americans are paying at the gas pump, as prices remain elevated after climbing sharply in response to Hurricane Harvey.

Sentiment was particularly weak among women, with the gauge falling to the lowest level since January on more concern about personal finances and the economy. In contrast, male respondents were more upbeat, leading to the widest gender gap since December 2006.

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I'm not an expert, but this has gotta be bullish also, right?

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CNN Risk & Greed index: extreme greed 93%

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Have some perspective. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die every day of starvation. That is 8 million a year.... but only 0.11% of the total population of this world. The evil elitists who want to cut the population to 500 million will have to work harder.

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Comfort and fear data...useless as tits on a bull.

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My consumer comfort has never been lower. I have the funds but at work I bring a home made burrito and two bottles of water for lunch. My car is 20 years old and partially wrecked but I don't want a new one. I try to get away with paying out as little as possible. Pay in only cash. Buy gold and silver when possible.

The elite have made it clear they do not like me so they can not gain from putting me in a situation of ever rising expenses and no job growth. A big fuck you from down below! 

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Blacks are comfortable because of President Trump.

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Yeah, with all the recent loud complaining, I don't get this.

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I talk to a fair number of people because I'm in finance.  This is not a news item to many of you, as ZHers seem to be very savvy.  But, the financial situation of most people is not good.  I truly believe this is one of the main reasons for all the tension in the country.  It's getting to be desperation time and many are fighting for their piece of the pie.  Politicians have run things VERY poorly for decades and we are seeing the culmination.

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Unnecessary expenses:

cell phone, car payment, student loan, credit card, eating out, cappuchino, prepared foods, 3,000 square feet, cable TV, snack foods, vacation travel, music, concerts, movies, air conditioning, beer, new clothes, house keeper, lawn service....

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"... Bringing all this forward to the present day, we can see that the current push to
sell anti-depressants via confusion and chaos isn't new. The governors have been purposely
miseducating us all, male and female, since the beginning—in order to control us and profit from our


In short, not as much has changed in the past 400 years as you think. The Shakespeare writing
committee was doing pretty much the same thing the Hollywood and TV writing committees are doing now: turning your little mind into mush. These plays aren't boldly irrational by accident, any more than new scripts are boldly irrational by accident. They can't have you expecting plots or character actions to make sense, because if they did, you might expect life to make sense. If life made any sense, you might figure out how to take part in it in a sensible way, and they can't have that. They want you so confused you cannot possibly respond to any of their projects, other than go along with them. For the most part, they want you non-functioning as an active member of the world. They prefer that you are just conscious enough to get up in the morning and go to work, but not conscious enough to question anything you are told during your day. To achieve that, all your entertainment is purposely confusing, chaotic, and illogical. Likewise, all your education — whether it is provided by teachers or by media — is also utterly uncentering and confounding. The history you are taught is false and senseless, and current events are manufactured to produce fear and imbalance. It is a miracle any of us can function at all.

And why is this done? Profit. You are more profitable to the masters as a confused beast of burden
than as a intelligent being. If you weren't hoaxed and drugged into a permanent stupor, you might
demand a real life and a fair share of the fruits of existence. And if you did that, the billionaires would be forced to drain their offshore accounts and gilded bunkers and airplane hangers and marble swimming palaces and so on. They need those things, you know, because without them they are nothing. They define themselves by gigantic useless objects, and by their ability to lie without consequence, and by their knack for squashing their fellow creatures.

But the funny part is, you didn't have to fall for it. Most of us have been complicit in our own destruction, and many of us to a large degree. But the truth was always there, ready to be found. The good deed was always available, ready to be done."

Hot off the press:

Shakespeare: Intel Project

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I have become comfortably numb

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Dow up 1000 points.

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Seems the "promise" of Trump is wearing off as people realize that his promises aren't coming true.  Congress and the swamp don't want any change in the big government status quo. 

Trump's rhetoric was playing both sides of the fence.  Was it to get out of the wars, or to destroy ISIS?  Was it to reduce the deficit and debt, or continue on the same path?  Etc.    And there's little Trump can do via executive order.   And the way I see it, Trump is winging it because he doesn't have a good principled understanding of the purpose of goverment (he does understand the pay to play game) and the swamp is making inroads in swaying him to their point of view that more government is better, rather than more freedom is better. 

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Dont overthink all of this, trump is doing what every president has done since JFK, and that is to "ensure" full faith and credit of the FRN.

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I knew Trump lied the same time he said it.

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