The Last Time Gold Coin Sales Were This Low...

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The first nine months of 2017 have seen demand for gold coins slump. As stocks soar unendingly (and vol drops unerringly) the US Mint notes that sales of coins is at its weakest in a decade as complacency in the face of ever-increasing potential-crisis-events nears record highs.

The question is - what happened the last time the public gave up on buying "protection against the idiocy of the political cycle"?

The answer is awkwardly simple... everything collapsed.


And as a reminder, China's Golden Week Holiday ends this weekend and that has traditionally meant only one thing for gold...


So what happens next?

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the satanic ruling banksters have fulfilled their mission..Do not let the sheep have any precious metals...All they had to do was rig the stock market...until they dont...they did not need to confiscate, not make any laws, just zero interest rates and high stock market...And now, when the satanic banksters reset to crypto NWO currency, which the NSA started working on in 1996, they will own everything..while Russia and China and India are buying it al up

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Quietly in the background the big banks prepare already for what's coming, JP Morgan changes their By-laws, IMF is talking about crypto currencies in the future, Russia and China as well, gold and silver prices are manipulated to its max.

It's just the Black Swan event which is missing....

But I bet it won't take long. There is something in the wind.

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we seem to have somewhat similar thoughts

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"But I bet it won't take long. There is something in the wind."

....sorry, must be me.   bean burrito for lunch.   <urp>

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so, i found a 1960 quarter in some of my storage stuff...I know, I should have held on to it, but instead I took it to a coin shop and it gave me enough to buy a gallon of gas..I just did it to say I did it.  :-)    If I would have known when young, I would have saved the 50 cents my dad gave me for lunch at school everyday :-)   Grab some food out of the fridge every morning and eat it for lunch without telling my dad  lol...My mom might have known but she was cool and would not have told my dad....darn if we only knew then what we know now...:-)

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The time to sell was in early 1980, when the Hunt brothers temporarily cornered the silver market, silver was selling at $40 an ounce and gold was at $640 an ounce (the 16:1 ratio William Jennings Bryant's Free Silver movement wanted in 1896).  You could sell a silver quarter for almost $8 each at the Manfra Tordella Brookes coin store in the World Trade Center concourse back then, where there were lines of people selling off their silver and gold valuables.  What a deal!  I am still trying to figure out why I did not sell my silver coins back then at MTF, I only collected them years earlier for their potential bullion value and I worked in 2 World Trade Center.  Estupido! 

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This time it's different, great post someone beat me to the punch!

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One day it will be it. As in oh shit, this is it. Just wondering if they will somehow reveal a cryptic warning like Trump saying storm.

Was that an off script leak by Trump?

Tillerson getting the heave-ho is pretty big too, how long do they have to serve to get the tax free benefit on stock sales? Bout a year maybe.  Oh shit this is it

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Silver is down too. I've been looking for a reason. If Golden Week is not answer, we could be seeing new trend of global demand for dollars not being recorded by media. Fed actions of increasing rates and sell off of bond assets could be causing underlying trend of demand for dollars. Rate increase makes dollar more valuable and taking dollars out of circulation increases demand for less dollars. It could be Golden Week, Fed action, and new US economic boom causing strong dollar and weaker gold and silver. Don't know but silver could move lower.

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Haha, keep believing that ... Putin has some tricks he wants to show you.

Sheeple are frickin dum.

Ass raping around the corner -


the Grifters

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It's shiny.  What else do it do?

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It holds its value for millennia.

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Ask yourself that question when the lights go out, and your ATM card turns into just another piece of scrap plastic.