Martin Armstrong Warns "Spain Is The Blueprint For How All Governments Will Act"

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Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

What is going on in Spain is the blueprint what what other governments will do.

The Spanish people themselves outside of Catalonia are deeply divided.

Many see the Catalan vote as offensive and yet others see the government as offensive.

The real issue is that people band together, creating society and civilization, and then government abuses its power and the process of decline begins. This is throughout history and it really does not matter what culture or country. It is all the same.

Spain’s Constitutional Court, the puppet of Rajoy, on Thursday ordered the suspension of Monday’s session of the regional Catalan parliament. Rajoy is demonstrating that government will not tolerate losing power.

You can always write a law and claim it is unconstitutional to separate. That does not make it legal, moral, or ethical.

Reuters reported:

“The suspension order further aggravated one of the biggest crises to hit Spain since the establishment of democracy on the 1975 death of General Francisco Franco.


But Spanish markets rose on perceptions the order might ward off, at least for now, an outright independence declaration.”

The structure of the EU in attempting to federalize Europe required a single federal debt. That is what they failed to do so you ended up with a half-baked cake.

This is why we have the problems in Europe as we do. But make no mistake about it, this is a political problem and what happens in Europe will be a contagion as it was in 1931.

This will eventually cause major problems politically in the States as well.

Justice Scalia I greatly admired.


However, his letter on the separatist movement in the USA said that the civil war decided there was no right to separate.



I disagree with that opinion, but that is my opinion.

There are those who object to my writing about Catalonia from the Madrid side. They create a list of hateful names directed at me personally and then say I know nothing of Spain.

They are making the same mistake as government. They assume that government and Rajoy is Spain. The people are the sovereign of Spain – not Rajoy nor his Constitutional Court.

If you cannot see that government is supposed to be “elected” by the people, they are not to be the ruler of the people as some monarch, then you have missed the entire point of history. You can hate me all you want, but it is your life you are surrendering to government and that of your posterity.

We have a choice. We either understand that government when unchecked will go too far and surrender as sheep, or we stand up and try to make the future better for our posterity.

I strongly urge that you read just  Common Sense written by Thomas Paine.

Spain is merely the blueprint. Watch carefully, for all governments will act the same.

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Five Star's picture

Spain's debt jumps from 104 to 135% of GDP without Catalonia.

ThirdWorldNut's picture

Wrong, Spain is not the blueprint - Spain is blueprint v3.0 (after blueprints v1.0 and v2.0 failed in Brexit and Trump ). Globalists wont make the same mistakes again, will change the gear, smooth the rough edges, be less complacent and inject a heavier dose of fear because the patient is developing immunity fast - the disease is getting out of hand.

Stand gaurd my friends, stand guard.
Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Politicians drunk on their power and prestige never see clearly.  Kinda like the 2:00 am beer goggles, everything is beautiful until sober reality sets in the next morning.  I think Murica is slowly starting to sober up, at least those willing to sober up, The alcoholics not so much as they are totally dependent.

AGuy's picture

"Wrong, Spain is not the blueprint - Spain is blueprint v3.0 (after blueprints v1.0 and v2.0 failed in Brexit and Trump ). Globalists wont make the same mistakes again, will change the gear, smooth the rough edges,"

Nope, you mis-understood. This is the begining of totaliarianism/fascism in Europe all over again. The Middle Class is getting p*ssed off that their gov'ts take the fruits of their labor and provide them nothing in return. The difference is that Brexit was a nation trying to seperate itself from the EU. Catalonia is a providence of Spain that wants independence. This will lead to internal/civil war, fraught with violence, political imprisonment, etc.

" Globalists wont make the same mistakes again,"

The are already making the same mistakes as in the 1920s. They continue to rob the working class to buy support from the growing socialist movements. We'll more mass strikes that cripple the economy (ie bare supermarket shelves). When the store shelves go bare, that when the charismatic leaders take to the soap box and tell them if they are made dictator, they'll fix everything. Then comes war and you know the rest of the story.

BennyBoy's picture


Gee Marty, you dumfuk, no country like to loose free revenue, taxes, from its enslaved masses. Read more history.

Except when Norway split from Sweden around 1911.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Ah Oppression is what you mean.

Mulder1's picture

Most spanish debt comes from Catalonian regional government, is the region with highest debt of all Spain.

You don't understand that Catalonia's independence is not a matter of justice, is a matter of regional and central state corruption.

ScratInTheHat's picture

Great Spain will be better off without them! Problem solved!

Mulder1's picture

With secession this problem will be higher, will not be solved anymore, citizens will be who suffer this higher corruption.

max2205's picture

Throw those 'rules' out the window when there is war.....

BritBob's picture

In 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and in 2010 the ICJ gave an Advisory Opinion stating that Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia 'was not'contrary to international law.

Spain uses the same flawed territorial integrity doctrine on Catalonia that she uses to deny that the people of Gibraltar have the right to self-determination. To take a look at this legal doctrine:

Gibraltar – Territorial Integrity (1 page)

Lore's picture

They trotted out that same annoying "territorial integrity" sound bite when Donbass elected to separate from the Nazi psychopaths in Kiev.  Notice the disgusting lack of western coverage of the continuing atrocities over there. 

"TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY" BE DAMNED.  People choose the government they want.  END OF STORY.

Armstrong nails a key point: power is never given up willingly.  You don't reason with psychopaths.  They're the lords of lies.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Jefferson

Pendolino's picture

Turn the fucking record over son.

Joe A's picture

The ICJ ruling was ambiguous and opened Pandora's box. It did not say anything about the actual independence, it merely said that the declaration of independence was not illegal. That means that anybody can declare independence because doing that is not against international law. That does not mean that the independence (if there is any) is legal. Catalunya uses the ICJ ruling as a base for their own pursuit of independence.

The so-called independence of Kosovo as well as the whole breakup of Yugoslavia, violated laws on sovereignty and territorial integrity and also violates the Helsinki agreement that most European countries signed. The breakup of Yugoslavia was also against laws on federations. These countries then had no problems breaking these laws and with interfering in Yugoslavia and tearing that country apart, including helping Kosovo to separate.  Yet, when Serbs wanted to do the same in Bosnia and Croatia, then they were not granted that right. International law gets applied the way it suits power brokers. So, it all doesn't mean anything in the end what is written on paper. Because the argument of "humanitary intervention" which is not laid down in law is used to put constitutions, laws and the international order aside.

Yugoslavia was of course an artificial construct that 'united' for the most part genetically identical people under an questionable ideology and faulty economic system. Its members might have had good reasons to leave but international law was violated.

Funny to see that countries that couldn't wait to get out of a Yugoslav union then couldn't wait to hand over their newly won sovereignty to another union with an questionable ideology and questionable economic system.

The Kosovo ruling put the whole legal framework around integrity and sovereignty, etc. in doubt and that is what CAT uses. As well as Donbass in the case of Eastern Ukraine and Russia in the case of Crimea but not recognzing Kosovo. So they opened up a can of worms with that ruling.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Secession worked out rather well for the former Soviet Union states after the Berlin Wall fell, although that was the exception to the rule.

Most secessionist movements result in Civil War.

Mulder1's picture

Catalonians don't have any gun, regional police (the only armed body in catalonia) will not fight against spanish army.

Don Diego's picture

because they do not like weapons, you have your choice in this Barcelona gunshop:

or in any Gypsy camp if you prefer off the books ( I would not advise if you are not local).

Mulder1's picture

To get a gun in Spain you have to pass some checks and controls from the government, the average time to pass all this checks and controls is around 1 year.

Then you can buy the gun but then you have to pass more checks every 3 months.

The best way to have a gun in Spain inmediately is to buy a kitchen knife :D

Don Diego's picture

nope, an easy theoretical and practical test:

Mulder1's picture

You must belong to a hunting club and there are others checks. I don't have guns, but I have friends that have guns.

I am pro-guns too.

ebear's picture

Yeah, things worked out just fine in Ukraine.  No civil war there.  Civil war in Georgia?  Azerbaijan vs Armenia?  Only a few shots fired there.  Dynastic govt. with no press freedom - American satrap?  Yeah, Azerbaijan's just fine.  Tajikistan?  Over 1 million moved to Russia to find work.  I guess some found jobs at the US military base.

The Baltic states are probably OK being absorbed into the EU and NATO and all.  Not bad if you don't mind giving up your sovereignty.  Belarus?  Again, not bad if you're one of President for Life Lukashenko pals.  Not so much if you aren't.  Nice mustache though.  Kazakhstan?   Keep your head down and opinions to yourself there.  Human Rights Watch is all over their shit.

Yeah, that's some pretty exceptional success stories right there.

Maybe you should take Mark Twain's advice and write about what you know?

pine_marten's picture

Truer words......

Catahoula's picture

Do the Catalonians have guns? Wishes and referendums won't gain the independence they seek

Don Diego's picture

Catalonians have little interest in guns. You can get AR-15s and Glocks in this Barcelona gunshop:

However, firearms without "cojones" are useless as the Zbrainers demonstrate everyday.

successful revolution in Albania, cojones and stones suffice:

besnook's picture

the lesson of the usa constitution is despite the best intentions and prevention of .gov abuse, you are never free in the eyes of .gov.

Yen Cross's picture

 Mariano Rajoy kind of reminds me off that asshole communist dictator Erdogan.  They both have those batshit crazy grins, and think their shit doesn't stink.

Mulder1's picture

Catalonian regional government is more likely Erdogan.

Dilluminati's picture

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

GoldHermit's picture

This is how armed conflicts begin. The rule of law - hah, that goes right out the window.

Sphira's picture

Justice Scalia I greatly admired.


However, his letter on the separatist movement in the USA said that the civil war decided there was no right to separate.

 Because you are owned...

They will attack your job your family your life and liberty..

That simple

Blue Steel 309's picture

As a matter of legality, the civil war has been decided.

So the question is not so much was it legal, but was it right?

Professional law devolves to so much sophistry by its nature. Precedent, case law, the results of the war... that's what I assume Scalia was was arguing from, even those the basis for the precedent, case law, and war were lies of commission and omission. Every issue can be viewed with the right kind of prism to get the desired result.

The purpose of wisdom is to avoid that trap.

Find the important contradictions and you will expose the lies.

Malleus Maleficarum's picture

As much as I rag on the government for its bloat, inefficency, and sometimes outright evil acts, I wouldn't go so far as to lay 100% of the blame at government's feet. There is the problem that we are greedy and generally take the path of least resistance, and we also fail to absorb lessons the prior generation learned the hard way. There is also the problem of our politicians being bought by corporations and foreign governments (e.g., Israel and Saudi Arabia.)

We all share some responsibility when it comes to the former, because what human isn't greedy and doesn't like creature comforts and shiny new toys. Better to be out on the boat, half-drunk, totally tuned out, than it is to remain vigilant, as our Founding Fathers forewarned.

As for the latter, we were warned about foreign entanglements, but like every successive generation, we fail to learn about 99% of the difficult lessons learned by our predecessors, and so we're doomed to repeat them. I wish I could offer a solution, but I have none, other than to unite  and try peaceful resistance and civil disobedience (a la MLK) for as long as possible, because no sane person wants the alternative. 

That said, of course, when any kind of movement of import forms here in the US, I have no doubt the government will go completely insane and spy on, beat, disappear, and kill any person or group they even suspect of posing a real threat. We are divided on many issues, and the rage boils beneath the surface. We may never unite enough to threaten  TPTB before resistance becomes nearly impossible due to the gargantuan surveillance infrastructure, like Senator Church warned us of.

Blue Steel 309's picture

It is a system. So, of course there is not one point of single point of blame. Not even an abstract one.

The rot works in multiple directions. The Church failed, because it provided no defense against being exploited by the non-believers.

The bulwark of faith against corruption, both personal and societal, is useless without a sword with witch to fight back.

redmudhooch's picture

Who makes/enforces the laws, who controls the money?

NuYawkFrankie's picture

re Spain the Blueprint

No sh!t Senor Sherlock

TeethVillage88s's picture

Leverage power, status, control,

- Change History
- Control History
- Replace Historical Laws
- Make people forget History
- Ruin Education Systems
- Keep the Minorities Down
- One Track to Govt Success is through specific programs, foundations, universities, associations
- Use Advertising Techniques, Mind Tricks, Fake Surveys, Fake News, Fake Enemies, Fake Friends, Fake Disputes
- Use Propaganda in Totality
- Put people in Debt if they are willing, hold materialism & consumerism as the marks of success, make royalty and the trappings of court the standard for women for success
- Hook your underlings by small indiscretions, small favors to break the rules, threaten blackballing from careers & industry, threaten to deny all kinds of access in order to control people
- Use Technology & Police State measures for Greater, and Greater Control
- Make sure people know who the Benedict Arnond's are, expose the whistleblowers & make an example of them

Sphira's picture

History was one of the most important keys. They even said so.


Blue Steel 309's picture

Isn't all that in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? You know, the hoax that appears to have been followed to a T over the last 100 years?

Don Diego's picture

Zbrainers are in the denial phase now that the Catalan color revolution has been aborted by the Catalonian citizens and businesses. Next phase will be the denial phase, expect crying about the lack of guts of the Catalonians.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Is the Anarchist Cookbook from the CIA to draw out stupid criminals who heard about Spanish Anarchy?

Did you never hear about Spanish Anarchy?

Is Spanish Anarchy a backlash against Franco years of Fascism... I mean I see links, I see some history, but how to put militarism in context, police state in context?

Overflow's picture

militarism? Police state? In Spain?  Come on, this is a paradise of liberal overtolerance. Ever been here?


We had a few dozen bumps in activists heads. Any bigger has been debunked.


What would have happend in you country in a equivalent situation? Constitutional Court against protesters sent by a rebel local gov.  You might remember Missisippi 62 if you are american.

What would have happened in your country if a hundred of radical SJW's stormed a Police Station?  No action in Spain, last thursday.

but this happens all around the world evey G20 meeting


PS:  Let me introduce you the board of the catalan anarchist anticapitalist party






TeethVillage88s's picture

I just listen to Army or Air Force Vets that stood back as automatic weapons were kept on them at all times.

- History has a timeline, so think dynamic
- What was Franco Regime?
- What was the Monarchy under Franco?
- Why should people be allowed Investments & Technology under the Monarchy?
- Are Business Power and Technological power a threat to Monarchy?
- Why did zero European Nations support Franco after WW II... except the USA did, the USA sought-out Nazis and Fascists for a Stay-behind force/army... in case of Communist Invasion from Russia... NATO was part of this plan, but the covert plan was to put weapons, personnel, training, ammo, munitions on the ground in secret locations... Spain would have been just a part of the Operation... in Fact in Operation Gladio Terror Attacks in Italy, the Perps ran to Spain for hiding and escape... See BBC Film Documentary, Time Travels, Operation Gladio, with translations it is very long like 3 hours I think

Overflow's picture



A few dozen activists with bumps in their heads is the outcome of  >1000 different actuations is a very very self contained police action.

Specially if those people is trying a secession coup and the COnstotutional Court sends the police, not the gov.


That number of 800 victims is absolutely ridiculous.

They counted as "victims" the phone calls of people suferring anxiety while waching the imges on TV.   LOLOLOLOL


And the most famous victims have been all debunked or identified as activists with long record of provocations.


Anyway...  this is how Police already treats people over there

same in USA, UK or whrever.  Beating pacific G20 snowflakes.


You are way ahead of us in gov. brutality.   Way ahead.     


To read this shit I prefer The Young Turks.  Why a copy if I have the original?



Ghordius's picture

"Spain’s Constitutional Court, the puppet of Rajoy"

difficult to take the article's author seriously after reading something like this

fail, big, huge, tremendous fail

Don Diego's picture

Ghordius, you are at ZH, what do you expect? fact-checking? information? LMAO.

When you come here, switch off the brain and have fun bru. Where else would you find so many morons pontificating about things they know shit about? reelax duude.

Don Diego's picture

This Catalonia BS is great for Spain, all the country united for the first time in centuries, progressives, conservatives, fascists, all regions together except a few losers, even the Gypsies backing up the Guardia Civil. Never seen so many Spanish flags ever, the Chinese are making a killing. Even better, the Left will be crushed in the next elections as their leaders (but not the rank and file!) are openly sympathizing with the putchists. Some foreign tourists will hopefully boycot Spain and take the dowzne euros they spend here elsewhere. What is not to like? Yes, MSM is talking shit about us, but hey, that is actually good, means we are the good guys.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Then how would you characterize the many peoples of Spain? I don't live there, but there are many minorities, maybe 15 natural peoples?

Are they very conservative Papists?
Are they middle of the road Progressives with LGBT Tourists that they love as brothers?
Are they only less than a percent Anarchists, Independents, or Anti EU, Anti-Madrid, Anti-Royalty?

Andalusian people
Aragonese people
Asturian people
Balearic people
Basque people
Canarian people
Cantabrian people
Castilian people
Catalan people
Extremaduran people
Galician people
Leonese people
Valencian people
Vaqueiros de alzada

Overflow's picture

Kennedy explained it prety clear when the Mississippi 1962 crisis



But now ZHer's are the new YoungTurks


LOL The "insane number of people injured" 

Winter is coming... snowflakes in ZH

Ghordius's picture

"You can always write a law and claim it is unconstitutional to separate. That does not make it legal, moral, or ethical."

correct. that's why the US Prohibition was constitutional, and later abrogated with another constitutional amendment

which just leads to the issue that for some changes, you can make a simple law, and for others you need a higher-level compromise/understanding/agreement, usually an article of a... drum rollls... Constitution


that simple: Prohibition, Borders -> Constitutional Affairs