The European Countries With The Most Psychiatrists

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If Europe is driving you nuts, we have some simple advice... head to Finland!

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, according to new Eurostat data released to mark World Mental Health Day, the European Union has about 90,000 psychiatrists in total and Finland has the most per 100,000 inhabitants (23.60) followed by Sweden (23.19) and the Netherlands (22.95).

Infographic: The European Countries With The Most Psychiatrists  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The fewest per 100,000 people can be found in Malta (9.49), Poland (9.01) and Bulgaria (7.59).

In 2014, 183,500 people across the EU died due to mental and behavioural disorders with women accounting for around two-thirds of all deaths.

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Life is good in Scandinavia - apparently.

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Unsurprisingly, the country with Europe's highest rate of mental illness is the Ukraine.

Byte Me's picture

Not enough voddy being drunk there then..

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Scandanavian vaginocracies have loads of psychiatrists, not a surprise. 

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Having black dicks jammed in behind without consent is not good for psyche

land_of_the_few's picture

And the highest rate of suicide in Europe is their BFF Lithuania.

SK isn't looking too good either, or Iceland. Spain and Greece look pretty good, oddly enough.

This might be of interest too as a general development indicator:

Clearly much of it is to do with poverty, but some countries are definitely doing something wrong with their education system

Try flipping betwen science- math -reading

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Clearly Northern europeans are not getting enough pussy, contrary to their mediterranean cohorts.

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Life is hard in the zone if you're a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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But why on earth we have the most demented government then! Our PM even invited all the refugees in the world to live in his apartment. This doesn't make sense.

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Diversity causes misery. Low social trust societies are miserable places for humans that IQ>90 to live.

I wonder what percentage of those countrys' populations are on psych drugs?

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Europe suits me just fine here in the Land of Beer.

The problem with Europe is the unelected, self-appointed band of fucktards taking it down the Swannee with the Hidden Agenda, (which isn't really 'hidden')

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Me thinks the biggest problem with Europe is that, since Mr Global engineered the EU, Europe no longer exists... kinda the point of the EU

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Govt paid/ taxes paid/ public 'servants'/ prevalent where socialistic tax & spend policies are pursued


life is different under the hill

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going to the psychiatrist is like going to church in the France. 

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The study of those that do not need to be studied by those that do...

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

My psychiatrist is cleverly disguised as a bartender.

R.W.D.S.'s picture


(((Psychiatrists))) you mean the tribe 
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Hungary has been dropped since they refused to accept any refugees.  It is taken as a given that they are crazy.  It is not necessary to collect data in Hungary to prove this.

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Now that is a clear example of political psychiatry.

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"A high suicide rate among psychiatrists (58 to 65/100,000 compared with that of the general population, 11/100,000) has been reported by the following: Freeman, Blachly et al, DeSole et al, and Pond.1-5 No specialty trends were noted by Craig and Pitts and Simon and Lumry.6,7 Blachly et al, De Sole et al, Freeman, and Craig and Pitts all utilized The Journal's obituaries for their samples, but each found a slightly different suicide rate and each had a different explanation for their findings. From published obituaries, these investigators have drawn conclusions about psychiatrists in general. Goppelt's8 criticism of Freeman's study is also applicable to those of Blachly et al, De Sole et al, and Craig and Pitts, "such conclusions cannot be more reliable than the data on which they are based. Because of the well-known under-reporting of suicide, the reliability of such data is low."

Yeah, I know, it's from 1973.  Ever since then, the psych profession has been downplaying its own susceptibility, and vigorously tries to defeat any statistical analysis - after all, who would go to a shrink who is more likely to top themselves than you are?

brushhog's picture

They always say people get into that profession because, on some level, they are searching for a cure for themselves.

smacker's picture

Difficult to see how a mere 17.12 per 100,000 in Belgium can cope with all those psychopathic socialist control freaks hanging out in Brussels. Junket would need a whole team to sort his head out.

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In some countries people rely on their friends and family for emotional support.

Joe A's picture

Why stop at Europe? Here is a WHO interactive graph of number of psychiatrists and nurses per 100k people around the world. 2014 data. Shows a discrepancy with the data in this article. Of some countries there is no data


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Hardly surprising with all them blue eyed blondes driving folks crazy

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Psychiatry is a cargo cult. Like the natives in New Guinea who would construct grass airfields, towers out of logs, and wear pilot hats made of animal furs, hoping thereby to attract the big silver birds with all the food and goodies, psychiatrists wear white coats and give prescriptions just like real doctors. They also have clinics and hospitals with nursing staff and they even have a big book that lists all of the diseases (these tend to change from year to year depending on the political climate). The first order of business is to convince their 'patients' that they have actual 'diseases' and that they are 'mentally ill'.  Then they prescribe chemicals with debilitating side effects. But that is ok because the relatives of their victims patients are told that being contorted like a pretzel is due to the 'disease'.

Hopefully, this scam will be seen through by the majority of the populations, but since so many benefit from being able to hospitalize their inconvenient family members, this will take time. A favorite tactic in France, for example, is for parents to turn the whole parenting thing over to the state. The trick is to starve the kid to the point where his behavior becomes aberrant and then pour psychiatric chemicals (the kids are given seven or eight drugs at a time) down his throat until he becomes a zombie. Then everyone will assume that the kid is 'mentally ill' just from his bizarre walk ('démarche hospitalier') and his blank face.

Psychiatry is both a religion and a multi-billion dollar business.

surf2liv's picture

I read an article in France..your car insurance is dependent on your astrological sign..  Capricorn has lowest rate..Gemini the highest..this was 92 when i was there..still valid?

Someone said it here psychiatrist  is a lazy astrologer

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Haven't seen the astological connection to car insurace. Someome also characterized psychiatry in terms of religion as "confession without absolution."

css1971's picture

More evidence that leftism is essentially little more than a form of mental illness.

Juliette's picture

Psychiatry is a scam and a racket for people who want to drug and torture others, aka psychiatrists, nurses etc. It should be outlawed and banned forever. If sb. is batshit crazy, let him or her be as crazy as they want. If they are crazy and commit a crime, then fine, punish and jail them for the crime they committed, not for their "mental illness"!


Koba the Dread's picture

Had a bad psychiatric experience, did you?

kidbroge's picture

The Manufacture Of Madness, by Thomas Szaz. After I read that book I never saw psychiatry the same way again.  

PiratePiggy's picture

> "Psychiatry is a scam and a racket"

Best TV show ever was the eposode where the character Dr Bob Hartley of the Bob Newhart show reached the same conclusion about his profession. If you haven't seen it, seek and and enjoy.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Welcome to the all new Tabloid Hedge!

brushhog's picture

I thought people in those nordic countries were all happy because of socialism and free health-care?

Eurotrash Sorehead's picture

The closed ward is for free and it make us happy

SRV's picture

Oooorrrr... maybe their expenditures in non-chemical mental health treatment is paying off and is the reason for those high satisfaction numbers? 

But how did they slip that by Big Pharma?

Do they have honest lawmakers or something? 

Prolly a commie plot, lead by that monster Putin of course...

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They are except when buried under 30 feet of snow 13 months of the year.

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Yet another article here at ZH that is an absolute waste of my time.   ZH is in a death spiral caused by the click addiction.

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Psychiatrists?  Must be a lot of jews in Finland.

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Slovakia is missing and a search says there is "no data" on "slovakia psychiatrists per 100,000".

Pass me another Zlaty Bazant to go with my goose !