Madrid Gives Catalonia 5 Day Ultimatum To Clarify If It Declared Independence

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With Spain’s prime minister having opened earlier in the day the path for Madrid to use a constitutional “nuclear option” to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy, demanding that the regional government makes clear whether it considers itself independent, moments ago Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave Catalan President Carles Puigdemont a five day ultimatum to clarify whether he actually declared the region's independence in his speech devoted to the highly controversial referendum, and another 3 to "rectify it."

Spain’s leader said that it’s important for Catalonia’s leader to get his answer right on whether he declared independence or not. Rajoy, addressing Spain’s parliament, says that that Catalan president Carles Puigdemont “just needs to say he didn’t declare independence.”

The latest development comes after Rajoy said earlier on Wednesday that the cabinet of ministers asked for clarification on the issue of autonomous region's independence.  As reported earlier, Rajoy decided to take the first step towards triggering Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which would give Madrid previously unused powers to take control of Catalonia’s regional government, after an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Rajoy said his formal request for clarity was “necessary when activating Article 155” and would dictate the next steps in the crisis to “offer certainty to the citizens”.

Using Article 155 to suspend Catalan autonomy would deepen the constitutional crisis in Spain since Catalonia held a contested referendum on independence on October 1. Spain’s government says Catalonia’s independence drive is unconstitutional.

The prime minister also said that the "illegal referendum"  has failed, adding that Catalan authorities lack the legitimacy to propose a unilateral declaration of independence. He underlined that the vote undermines our democracy, Spanish unity and the Statute of Catalonia.

Meanwhile, as AP reports, there were signs that the government was trying to take some steps to de-escalate the situation. Pedro Sanchez, the head of the opposition socialists, said on Wednesday that his party and the ruling centre-right PP party had agreed to talks to renegotiate laws governing regional autonomy.

He said there would be six months of talks on reforming the constitution, followed by a debate in parliament, adding that his party wanted a constitutional reform to “allow for Catalonia to remain a part of Spain”.

Also on Wednesday, Puidgemont told CNN his regional government is prepared to have talks on independence without preconditions with Spain. To date, Carles Puigdemont has repeatedly said that the right to self-determination must be on the table in any talks. Spain, in turn, says it can’t discuss an independence referendum as it goes against the constitution.

Puigdemont said Wednesday that Spain and Catalonia should “have no prior conditions to sit down and talk.”

Separately, European Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis said that Catalonia’s separatist authorities have appealed to Brussels to help mediate with Madrid but Mr Rajoy has not sought EU help.

“The commission is following closely the situation in Spain, and reiterates its earlier call for full respect of the Spanish constitutional order,” he said. “We are supporting the efforts to overcome division and fragmentation, to ensure unity and respect of the Spanish constitution.”

Late on Tuesday, Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont asked for the mandate to declare independence from Spain, saying millions of voters supported the idea. However, he said that the effect of the independence declaration was suspended to continue talks with Madrid.  Alfonso Dastis, Spain’s foreign minister, said Puigdemont’s speech amounted to a “trick to say one thing and do the opposite”, without giving further details of the government’s plans.

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< - FOAD


What will the Catalonian response be?

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It feels like the 1930s all over again.  Will men of every political stripe rush to Spain to re-fight the Spanish Civil War?  Might inspire some great art.

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""Gives 5 Day Ultimatum To Clarify If It Declared Independence""

AND Another 100 Dayz Plus while the Can is rolling down the road . . .

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Catalonia is going to get Tsipras'd

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Don't be fooled into violence and war.

This article outlines roughly how people were fooled into the second world war:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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Spain should give their blessing for independence contingent on Catalonia taking all the nations liabilities with them.

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Expect some summons delivered and a SJW twitter apocalypse.   That's all the war you'll enjoy, sorry.



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Don't the Catalans have any inappropriate pictures of Rajoy lying around?  If so, now might be a good time to threaten to use them.  If they went into this without the appropriate blackmail arsenal, they're idiots.

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All politicians are puppets and most of them have child abuse video tapes against them. But those videos will be only released if a politician is not acting according the NWO. In all other cases a politician can be as criminal as he can be and order Pizza and Hot dogs all day long.

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You'd be correct refering to beltway rules of politik. Same may be true in Europe.
Rajoy and Co. are fully signed up serfs to Opus Dei / Papists for example. 

What's likely to happen in next days?

Thursday is el dia de la Hispanidad - A day of the armed forces....

My take: Puigdemont will hold his ground, Rajoy will go to brink, may or may not trigger 155.
If he does take over Catalan Government the response will be continious 5 day strikes, possibly rolling strikes.
IBEX will hit the floor. Euro not far behind. Soros will be rubbing hands in glee, and agitate next wound to send his Hyeenas to.
EU will blow a fuse and send "dialogue posse " with haste.
Zh'ers will BTFD.

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strikes like last one? with the undergound railway working and just the civil service workers striking because they were promised a day off with pay? LOL, eventually Spain, who controls the Catalan bank accounts, has substracted the day off from the pay. Next strike will be a bigger flop than the last one. At most the Catalibans will manage to close by force some shops of downtown Barcelona.

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Perhaps you could hold that confirmation bias, ad hominim attack, straw man arguing mouth of yours for a while and wait and see what does actually happen, or are you alaways in such an egomanical rush to be wrong again?

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let's just say that my predictions here have been more accurate than the average here by far. My only big fail so far is that I predicted the Catalibans would cheat on the referendum results to that the percentage of YES would go down to a less ridiculous 65-80% instead of the Soviet-like 90% announced.

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I enjoy your comments, they're funny, like watching a defacating headless chicken trying to find salvation.

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don't be mad at me if you believed their lies LOLZ. Hey, what about your 800 martyrs? has any of them been released from hospital? feel free to post youtubes of the hospital yards full of Martyrs. Also do not forget the youtubes with those 17 km of bumper to bumper buses need to transport that  Pro-Spain crowd.

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"Catalan authorities lack the legitimacy to propose a unilateral declaration of independence"

good point. 

only persons outside of Catalan have the legitimate authority to declare Catalan independent.

the UN 

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it's the same in your country, sure. Check your constitution, probably first chapter.


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They want the Catalans to 'believe' they have no control. This is a pivotal point.

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General Dynamics and Raytheon can  have weapons there in 4 days.

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No one is fronting the $.

And those libturd snowflakes won't even know which end is which.

You've never seen a more useless bunch than those cacalan Gen X still living with their folks at 40+.



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Spain's debt to gdp jumps from 104% to 135% without catalonia, making it the 5th highest in the world:

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Which is why Madrid gives Catalonia 5 days to clarify something that takes 5 minutes...Madrid doesn't want the figures you quote, nor a low-level civil war.


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Madrid has just given time to more companies to abandon the sinking ship. Also, if this goes South, nobody will accuse Spain of acting too fast.

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No war of any kind. Catalan has no militia. That is why they had no hope of succeeding and can be bullied so easily.

Lesson on what happens when you give up your guns.

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when you have a one trillion euros you don't care about paying the debt, the one worried is your creditor!

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It takes 5 days to recruit Greece's Tsipras? 

Watch them go "Full Tsipras" in 5 days.

That's the thing about all these wars that Europe has had for the last 100 years:

   Most of the genes of Physical Bravery have been eradicated by the (((war financiers))). 

   Now, mostly the Cowardice genes tend to propagate. 

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Is that five actual days or five business days?

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Are they going to attack if they don't get a response? 

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lol .. kill the goose.

I guess the govt will have to hide house to house until the people beat the police with fruit and hospitality?

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Until MONDAY 16.

Cacalans will have a new theme for Halloween this year.

Mostly people dressed as security forces giving out hard "candy"

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Five SPANISH business days.

Meaning, a couple of lunar phases.

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You might be right, Jim, but ya gotta admit it's a thoroughly modern question.

Also, have you considered that that Spanish attitude - Siesta - might actually be a good thing?

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I love Spain.  Did my master's thesis there.  Wine at work and siestas. both good.  I mean, no one even goes dancing before midnight.

By the way, God is also pissed at Spain: here come Hurrican Ophelia


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Good to hear that somebody's been livin' the life.  Sounds great.

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Yes they close from 1 - 4 every they have some time

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the midday pause is normally just two hours, from two to four. However, the shops stay open till later, normally 7 pm to 8pm. At the end it is the same working hours, but with a midday pause to avoid the worst heat of the day. It is great if you work close to home as you can eat at home and have a nap (that provides a lot of health benefits). However, with the increased urbanisation, people are working far from home and those two hours for lunch is a waste of time, therefore many companies have adopted a 9 to 5,30 pm shift with just half an hour to eat.

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I wanted to go to a bank in the afternoon in Italy many years ago.  Closed 1-4.  It was the time when vendors were giving out candy as change because they didn't have enough coins.  I got some bogus bills from American Express.  They were high denomination.   I told my cute girlfriend to go to a different bank and get smaller bills.  It worked.  Italy was fun back then.

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5 days? It take 5 days for Merkel's SS troops to get to Spain?

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Gotta seize more luxury liners.  Thugz got style!

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5 days?  Plenty of time to come up with more vacillating bullshit

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Independent nations are not obligated to submit to "requests" and definitely not demands. 

Tell them to go fuck themselves. 

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Oh Look

the "Can" is now 5 days down the road

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Catalan:  I fart in your general direction!

King: Is there someone else up there we could talk to?

Catalan: No. Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time-a!

King: Now, this is your last chance. I've been more than reasonable.

Catalan: Fetchez la vache

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Five days until...


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when it should be

ROIGHT! Does anyone else have something bett-uh to do, than marching up an down the square?

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You should be ashamed of yourself (

If this has anything to do with Crimea we collectively KNOW THAT IT DOESN'T. Just like it didn't for Yugoslavia - Serbia and Croatia, North and South - Vietnam or North and South Korea. The Anglo-Zionists ARE IN THE WRONG and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT INCLUDING "THEM"!

I'm beginning to suspect that Syria is also a pawn on your chess board that (undeniably) is being given your assistance but all the while taking incremental tactical steps while making deals with your enemies to enrich yourself and at a terrible cost like pulling your air support early in the fight for Aleppo now Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor which saw and still sees the suffering of so many innocent lives.

And just like 9/11 and it's subsequent "official investigation" where you could have seized the day raising question(s) that no one else would touch like China and India (who were in on it) you stayed silent and even opened routes through your borders to allow "Amerikansky" to rape Afghanistan for money based on that lie!

I realize that you're faced with many dilemmas and circumstances with an enemy like ours here in the U.S. that is absolutely beyond insane -but when is enough "enough"?!!!

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Your starting to understand realpolitik. It's called diplomacy.

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Catalonia responded, "Were you beating our people with sticks as they voted almost unanimously 'yes?' Then you have your answer, why wait five days? To assemble the troops?" 

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Summons and bank account control  is more than enough.