Eurofighter Jet Crashes In Southern Spain; Pilot Confirmed Dead

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A military plane has crashed Thursday near the Llanos Air Base in Albacete south of Madrid and the pilot has died, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

The First Minister of Castilla La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, confirmed on Twitter that the pilot had died "in Albacete, serving Spain".

Before the crash, the jet was reportedly on its way back from participating in a military parade in Madrid to mark Hispanic Day, according to the Spain Report and Russia Today.

Footage shared on Twitter shows black clouds of smoke emanating from the apparent crash site near a public park called La Pulgosa, Express reported.



The plane was participating in the military parade of ‘12th of October’ – Spain’s national day –  in Madrid, reports Telecinco.

Local police in Albacete said they were working to secure the crash site and help other first responders. The MoD has opened an investigation.

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DeadFred's picture

Shot down by Catalan insurgents. So it starts

shadow_index's picture

multi-role/fighter jet developed in a collaboration between UK, germany, france, spain and italy.

Rubicon's picture

Not even a jet fighter crash gets the Spanish to break into a trot.

The Alarmist's picture

"WTF is a "Eurofighter?""

It's a fighter that is worth a Euro but costs about as much as an equally unimpressive F-35.

peddling-fiction's picture

The second fatal Eurofighter crash in a short time.

Do they have ejection seats?

researchfix's picture

"WTF is a "Eurofighter?""

It came a long way, like every MIC project. Yes, we in Europe have MIC too, but they are far from pulling us by a nose ring. But with warplanes it is not easy to stop the money flood.

First name was Jäger 90 (fighter 90), but then 1990 came and ... guess what.

Name change to Jäger 2000, except that it was not ready at that time.

New name is Eurofighter, and it seems to fly most of the time, not always.

Jim in MN's picture

Fucking Kobe steel.  One tap from a drone and it disintegrates.

Catalonia's picture

We would never shoot down a plane that we paid for. We are too cheap for that.

Don Diego's picture

LOLZ, the Eurofighters will never be completly paid, we will default before or Draghi will pick up the tab. It is too expensive for what is worth anyway. One less plane in Baltic aerospace provoking the Russians but of course RIP for the pilot.

holgerdanske's picture

Should have bought Sukhois!


greenspanator's picture

The pilot stayed in the cockpit to try not to crash in a populated area. The pilot is a hero and everybody here who is not a leftard should acknowledge this. RIP.

Lex_Luthor's picture

No, it was the Russians... somehow...

Lex_Luthor's picture

No, it was the Russians... somehow...

Bill of Rights's picture

Quick lock down Mandalay Bay!

boattrash's picture

Not far from Alicante, one of my favorite places on earth...

BritBob's picture

RIP pilot



Pliskin's picture

See that Bob? 

A  post where you don't bring up the Falklands or Gibraltar and you get plenty of upvotes, maybe this could be the new you, a sensible, benevolent poster, then more people might care for your plight!

Jus' sayin'


blueRidgeBoy's picture

Why hold Bob to a higher standard?  No one else here is sensible and benevolent.  If they were, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun...

css1971's picture

Shot down by Catalan seperatists.

Pliskin's picture

With BUK missiles, brought in from Russia!

Bellingcat said so!

css1971's picture

by "Catalan Seperatists" what I meant was the C.I.A.

Don Diego's picture

now ZH reports on the military crashes that caused only one victim? Is it a new trend? every week a few military planes crash all over the world.


boattrash's picture

Read what you want to...skip what you want to...

Next problem?

toknormal's picture

Maybe ZH regarded it as being of symbolic significance given that it had just returned from flag painting duty over Madrid as part of a wider display of military prowess and ended up as smoking heap in a field.

earleflorida's picture

you do realize that the spanish civil-war was the catalyst for wwii...---whereas we have the same scenarios playing out via socialism(communism) v. fascism ~ four-scores ago?!?

Don Diego's picture

The catalyst for WWII was British aggression getting involved in a contained conflict between Germany and Poland, they were the first to declare the war. Or rather the established imperial powers that did not want to share the spoils with the latecomers in the imperial game.

earleflorida's picture

you don't read much, do ya!

Don Diego's picture

yes, please remind me was the UK the first that declared war on Germany or viceversa?

Twee Surgeon's picture

The Germans declared the war when they invaded Poland (6000,000 dead Polacks before the war was over.) It was not Germay's first little outing either, or last.

Don Diego's picture

Germany had of course a large part of the responsability on the German-Poland war. Poland as well by  massacring Polish citizens of German extraction before the war. However, Germany was attacked by the West, therefore they did not start WWII. Instead of a localized conflict, we got a world war.

wisehiney's picture

"europilot" was polishing his nails.

Distracted flying accident.

directaction's picture

THAT is funny. Five Stars. 

land_of_the_few's picture

Well, he knew the risks he was taking, so rather than face nihilistic violence ordered by faceless people he didn't even know,

he decided it was better to take his chances crashing his plane, instead of landing in Catalonia and walking down the street....

east of eden's picture

Second Eurofighter to go down in 2 days. Russians? Lol. Maybe it's the canards.

land_of_the_few's picture

That's just a canard. They should not duck the issues - perhaps someone is trying to goose up a conflict.

Don Diego's picture

120 million euros less collateral for Draghi.

sheikurbootie's picture

85% of aviation accidents/incidents are due to pilot error. 

I've performed in several airshows while in the military.  The temptation to do "pilot shit" is strong.  After years of doing fly-bys doing aggressive maneuvers, I finally had a more senior pilot explain to me "the crowd is more awed by a slow steady boring fly-by, they're better able to see the aircraft."  It made sense and I stopped the cowboy shit.  The temptation to show off was always there though. 

Funn3r's picture

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots

sheikurbootie's picture

Very true.  The cowboy phase is awesome, but reality/maturity eventually sets in.

DisorderlyConduct's picture

I was at the El Toro airshow in El Toro Ca a number of years back. I just happened to be on the I-5 freeway at the right time to have a jet buzz me. He was no more than 20 feet over the treetops, and was in a hard left turn that had the aircraft at 90 degrees. He literally came around an apartment building. It was both terrifying and awesome at the same time. Wish I had a pic from the balcony of one of those apartments!

I used to rock climb in the high desert. Been buzzed many times by pilots just having fun. It has to be a huge rush. Sure looks fun from the viewers angle...

researchfix's picture

Just that you mention it. Most jets came down because of airshows in the last years.

Daddio7's picture

I was working on an isolated farm driving a small tractor pulling a potato planter. All of the sudden there was a roaring boom like the world was ending. Two A-10s had flown at tree top level over me from behind. I slammed on brakes so hard I stalled the tractor. I caught my breath and started back to planting. I then saw them flying low over another field half a mile away back the other way. I figured they would want to frighten me again so I was ready. Sure enough on the next round they did the same thing. I just gave them the finger as they went over. They didn't bother to come back.

Déjà view's picture

Much feared Serbian Chetniks did it...