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I just got the joke.

I thoght the picture said "->OLLYWOOD".  Who's OLLY?

I thought Banzai had lost his mind.

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I was waiting to see a Beatles, Sgt Peppers lonly hearts album cover next but with so many you might need a double album.



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Victims of pedophilia have wounded souls forever.

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You have up the bar again. 

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Change channels if you don't like it.

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A lot of people talk a lot of shit.  I have not seen anyone step up so far with their bitcoin millions.  I will find out the truth because I have to,  We will sort things out.

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Change channels if you don't like it.


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I was thinkin, "Like, Subscribe, or Don't"

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I think their is really better content . what's goin' on in europe?

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Great visual eye-candy and a fitting take-down of the scumbags running Hollyweird,  WB!

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the really big scandal just starting to break,

that being the horrible casting couch abuse of male child actors, which is maybe the biggest


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Right.    So ya - I remember Sunset Blvd back in the days when the sun came up at ten AM.   Cute little gay hooker boys already out and about in their green brocade hot pants gliding on roller skates.   Riiiiiight.      This isn't really news - other than why is it news Right Now?

Perhaps the silver lining is that it gives the world some of the best Bonzais ever....!!!  Statue of Hypocracy or Plunder Woman?   Tough call...   thanks again Sir Bonzai.

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Bitcoin.  Right.  I liked the idea some years ago but it is so compromised now that it is stupid.  EVERYONE knows who you are and what you doing.

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"Men use their power to get pussy .... Women use their pussy to get power ?" Ying Yang

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More like Sheenywood!

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Beautiful!  Let hollywood burn.  I love the smell of napalm in the morning....

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Deluxe whores, false idols and money changers at the Holly Temple play act the myths of American Exceptionalism.

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How you threw that line together I don't know, but it's a keeper ---

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Hollywood Swangun, now there's one I ain't heard in a while, thanks for implanting that in my brain for the rest of the day...lol.

“Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein,” - Seth MacFarlane joked at the 2013 Oscars toward the group of supporting actress contenders.

(It was well known what Harvey was doing.)

"I was shocked and appalled of the revelations about Harvey Weinstein." - The Wood Sprite of Chappaqua

(Apparently so "shocked & appalled" it took her five restless days & sleepless nights to locate that dog eared Bimbo Eruption Manual she used for Bill and belch out that tired robotic response. It would have been much better if she had opted for the James Carville response on page 492..."When Harvey Weinstein drags a dollar bill through his mansion at a dimicrat fundraiser you just never know who will show up."...I think is the way it goes...lol.)

"The $250,000 from Weinstein to the Clinton Foundation has already been spent." - Craig Minassian, the overpaid Chief of Communications & Marketing at the Clinton Foundation ;-)

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The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service 



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Craig, the word for today is "fungible."

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You don't expect Craig "I'm Doin Dis For Starving Haitian Orphans" Misappropriation to make it right by coming out of his pocket do you?!  ;-)

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This story could reach critical levels of goyim knowing.

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I can't come up with a great 70's three piece suit.  It is like none of them exist anymore.  I am talking about really tall collars and polyester with a wide tie.  Everyone threw it away I guess.  You can't always win.

But hey, riding the Harley Davidson in a three piece suit is something I want to do.  You have to.  Come on.  That is real.

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Most ladies who are now confessing about Weinstein had at least one physical job to do before they even came close to him. Its the currency always working. They all played along to get or keep their jobs. And they didn´t say a word.
But I have heard from insiders in the financial "industry, actually from women in position, that it is in their world exactly the same story.

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Let me think, which particular minority white supremacist group controls both finance and hollywood?

Part of the same parasitical infection of the world.

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   “ The Incredible Two-headed Ass-plant!!

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I am glad that some other folks appreciate some of the 70's funk music.  I am still learning but it worth listening to.  It is amazing how many tunes have been removed or banned by YouTube.  Why?  I don't want to listen to what is being passed off as current teenage angst.  You can really chill out to the more complex melodies.  

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Womanitis thinks she make me watch this crap called "50 Shades Of Grey".  That will NEVER happen.  She went to the movie.  What a tampon fest that must have been.

Honest Trailer 0.50% APR Shades.

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I'm the king of the....Roland Space Echo players?

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Swinging  I expected Nooses.

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Banzai is leading the charge again.

How do we get THEIR eyes on these gems? How much does a digital billboard in Hollyweird go for?

Just put about a hundred of these on permanent rotation!

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on a roll WB7!

as always, LOL

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'Statue of Hypocrisy'

LOL, brilliant!

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Plunder Woman made me LOL.

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This space for rent !!!

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Someone needs to run a marathon of Faust based movies.

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Like that shadowy shackle-device you've got behind the two in the Harvey-Hillary picture.

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fuck wb, the surrealism competes with the humor so strongly that the effect is like surrealism squared, the surrealism is surreal, and i am not sure if that is because of your artistic treatment, or because of the subject matter and the real world implications.

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The reality of it is that the truth is sad as fuck. I get overloaded with the illness. I try to focus on the humor, but there is too much truth. Thus the slide into surreal.

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LOL !!! IMHO, your best work is often your secondary work !!!