Spanish F-18 Jet Crashes Outside Madrid; Pilot Killed

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Another military jet, this time an F-18 fighter belonging to 12th Wing of the Spanish Air Force, crashed near the Torrejon military base outside Madrid on Tuesday, according to the Spanish Defense Ministry, killing the pilot in the second fatal accident involving a Spanish military jet in the past week. Five days ago, a Eurofighter jet suffered an unknown malfunction on its way back from participating in a military parade in honor of Spain’s Oct. 12 National Day. The jet crashed south of Madrid, killing pilot Borja Aybar, local press reported.

The F-18 on Tuesday suffered a loss of power, but no further information was immediately available, according to the Spain Report.

The incident occurred during take-off maneuvers shortly after 11 am local time Tuesday.

The F-18 was from the 12th wing of the Spanish Air Force, according to Spain's El Mundo. The pilot was unable to eject and was killed on impact.

Local emergency services have been dispatched to Torrejon and are coordinating with firefighters stationed there. An investigation into the cause of the crash is underway, the Ministry of Defense confirmed via Twitter.

An investigation into the cause of the crash is underway, the Ministry of Defense confirmed via Twitter.

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takeaction's picture

Was Jesus in it?? Shot down by multiple shooters?


Seth...we have not forgot you man...

World Cash Day's picture

There are no such things as coincicences.


HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

nice HACK Catalonia...

nice hack.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Alternative headline: "Spanish Airforce lost 35% of all working aircraft in less than a week." 

youngman's picture

2 crashes and both lost the pilots...I dont know if I wold call that working

Lordflin's picture

We ought to sell those things with instruction manuals.

land_of_the_few's picture

It's probably stress from all the craziness of the last few weeks.

bluez's picture

Why are jets so special? Fatal car crashes happen every day, but they only rate a page three paragraph in thr local paper.

Ahmeexnal's picture

that's what happens when a Gilipollas tries to fly a jet.

RafterManFMJ's picture

How is it IMPOSSIBLE to eject? Pretty sure you reach around and yank, or yank between your legs... You can eject from an immobile burning plane on the runway and life ffs!

Naw, this fucker was taken down by something else.

secretargentman's picture

Sometimes you need to go down with the plane to minimize collateral damage. 

RafterManFMJ's picture

How is it IMPOSSIBLE to eject? Pretty sure you reach around and yank, or yank between your legs... You can eject from an immobile burning plane on the runway and life ffs!

Naw, this fucker was taken down by a bomb or something else.

ffed's picture

Explosive NEW front row EYEWITNESS to the Las Vegas Shooting, WATCH BEFORE THIS GETS TAKEN DOWN!! ALERT !!! ALERT!!! TRUTH ALERT!!!!

takeaction's picture

Yep....I started to watch and woooosh....just like that jet that hit the Pentagon.....gone.    FUCKERS


@ffed...tell me you downloaded it please?

Déjà view's picture

Serbian Chetniks downed it...revenge on hypocritical España agreement on 1992 Yugoslavian breakup...

takeaction's picture


.You know you can download these videos before they are taken down...maybe wise....or maybe "They" will notice you collecting this alternative evidence and you end up shooting yourself in the back of the head witha 12 gauge....roll the dice nowadays...this is worse than the wild west.  At least back in the old days you would stand in front of your enemy and shoot it never know how you are going to vanish?  Stay away from the Home Depot Nail gun demo...

msamour's picture

Yes exactly! I am sure the security guard that is missing probably commited suicide by multiple gun shot wounds while his hands were tied behind his back...

shovelhead's picture

Too late.

No videos found. Google is protecting you from dubious content. lol.

A82EBA's picture

how do they take pictures that fast of the fireball

Don Diego's picture

any reason why the accidents of the Spanish Air Force are news now? it is the 10th F-18 lost in 30 years of operations. Sure, if the planes stay at the hangar they will not suffer any accidents.

In other news, 400 losers blocked a street in Barcelona during 10 minutes to protest for the two arrests and went home. Surely, these Catalibans are really really really pissed off. What is going to be their next move? a hunger strike? a naked race? face painting? Rajoy must be shitting on his pants right now.

Soros Productions have prepared, in English, a short video informing the Europeons of the grave Human Rights violations in Qatarlonia. You will find it here, together with a very similar video produced for the Ukranian color revolution:

msamour's picture

I am sure these events will become noticed a lot more once there is a military plane crash once a week. Ghordius and yourself seem to have a lot invested in the status quo in Europe. either you benefit directly from the elite, or you are yourself members of the elite. Now why would you be wasting your time here?

Don Diego's picture

coincidences do happen all the time, the Catalibans will never do this. Nor the terrible forest fires in Galicia that some idiots are blaming on the Catalibans.  I do benefit indirectly from the elite but I also want to see the system crash down (as many on this blog do). I am ready for it. However, this Catalonia issue is not systemic and in one way or the other will not send the system crashing down. It is, so far, a domestic issue. As soon as the foreigners stop looking at our affairs, I will cease my intervention in the foreign medias.

ffed's picture


World Cash Day's picture

Not sure what that was except some weird stoner moron.


David Hicks went and fought with the Taliban.

ffed's picture

Amazingly accurate description.  


A. Boaty's picture

If it happens twice...

1 Alabama's picture

The planes in spains falls planely on the plains.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

spain has airforze....  funny...

Ilmarinen's picture

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.

moorewasthebestbond's picture



Yet another sad, defeated nation wallowing in the shadow of it's former greatness.

css1971's picture

Catalans have shot 2 down now?


Sounds like they're winning!

Don Diego's picture

some of the Catalibans are pretty happy in twitter about the pilot's death. If those fools work for the Catalan administration and they find themselves under new management in the next few weeks, they should not cry.

east of eden's picture

You know what Don? YOU are going to find yourself 'under new management' very shortly too, and you won't like the terms one damn bit.

CRM114's picture

Crashed shortly after takeoff, apparent engine failure.

Translated report from Spain here

Most unusual.

An F-18 can normally climb on one engine, and the runway is one of the longest, 15,000 ft. Report says he took most of it, whereas an F-18 should be off the ground in a sixth of that.

Pilot would normally have ejected.

Military pilots train for engine failures on take-off all the time, and normally don't hesitate to eject if the aircraft isn't flyable.

Only wild-assed guess that immediately occurs to me is that the first engine went during the take-off roll, then the second got taken out shortly after take-off (this can happen through fire spreading; or the first engine disintegrating and throwing bits into the other one next to it, or taking out the fuel system) and the pilot didn't react in time to the further loss of thrust.

Don Diego's picture

maybe the plane was fully loaded (although unlikely, Draghi's credit does not cover for a full load of ordnance), maybe the other engine lost some power too, maybe, maybe...let's wait for the official report.

And no, the Catalibans did not infltrate in two different wings of the Air Force.

CRM114's picture

If the aircraft is carrying stores and won't climb, the pilot can jettison all the stores with a single button press. The system is designed for just this emergency, and it's immediately above the undercarriage lever because it's the next thing you'll need to press. It is routinely practiced in the simulator, and I have not heard of anyone forgetting to do it for real in 30 years. 

east of eden's picture

SO what the fuck happened then, genius. I expect that you can publish your aeronautical engineering qualifications for us all to admire.

CRM114's picture

Won't know until the investigation is over.

Listing my quals is not necessary. You can assess the evidence we know yourself, and my speculation on its own merits.

I would welcome any intelligent, relevant input you have.


Arrest Hillary's picture

Muslim baggage handlers ?

east of eden's picture

AMerican CIA trying to get some money to flee to Russia.

OCnStiggs's picture

Must have reverted to the "Allah will save" mode rather than giving it back to the taxpayers. The eject decision is made well before takeoff.

east of eden's picture

Everybody, who is anybody, knows two things about the F-18. They are overweight pigs, with terrible wing loading specs and one engine does not produce enough thrust on take off to recover a failure of the other engine,unless they are flying a ferry mission, and even then, there is a point on take off at which no recovery is possible.

But nice try trying to convince people that your 50 year old technology actually has 'value'.

Don Diego's picture

ZH: since your readers are so interested about the Spanish Air Force now, why did you not inform them about the charity ball last weekend? and what about the contract to renovate the kitchens of the Albacete Air Base?

Arrest Hillary's picture

"A shot across the poop deck !" Nuestrasdamas