BLaCK FRiDaY 2017...

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Where is Dick Grasso?..he looted that place for near $200 million.

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Check out this Russian woman pool player.


I would throw $20 on the rail just to watch her shoot. 

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One of the Minnesota boys wanted to play me pool last night.  He even brought his own stick.  So did I.  I grew up in Wisconsin bars shooting stick.  I made cash running the tables back in college.  I threw money down on the table.  No takers on that.  Guess who won?

I never really lost until I went to Russia.  A pool hall in North St. Petersburg.  I lost there on the 12 foot tables.  I beat the guy at nine ball.  He was one of those guys who would not let you even get a shot.  That dude was good.  They play a different game there in shooting in sequence.  

It was all in fun.  Buy a few drinks and call it good. 


Here it is called Russain Pyramid.

Never saw that coming.

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Flab Lives Matter.

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Hillary be stealin' the hot sauce

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Almost that time of year when humanity loses their brain. That is if they had one to lose. For me it's the same as every year. Wait until a day before Christmas and/or make an excuse to wait the day after. 

I am still being thoughtful and I will have money left to pay the family bills without going into debt. (And sneeking in a few Scottsdale Stacker silver bars for me which in the end is for family too.) Everyone wins.

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They're fighting over a 40"???? 


That's all that's left. The 55" 4K UHD units were snatched within seconds.

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Why is 2morrow black friday? It is Oct. 20th 2017


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Yo WB7 - Hillary looks just like a typical skeezer from Frankford in NE Philly - BRAVO!

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I'm surprised it wasn't the seasonal rush for Hrots epic tell all.."What the hell Happened"...especially with such a literary club banging the doors down. hope the parchment isn't recycled 

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This must be a fake Wb7 piece. No fly on Hillary.

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Love Hillary's hairdo.

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Good grief! I'd have never guessed that was Hillary. She won't look like that any moar. Now she looks like George Soros. 

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Must be a hurricane, I see niggers stealing TV's.

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If they made it to the TV's the shoes must be all gone.

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Awesome as usual Wb7.



The next iteration should have UPS/FEDEX/DHL/ trucks all clamoring to deliver tiny little packages while swatting at delivery drones.

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Litteraly, just minutes ago, I caught a young Somali male looking at our security protection electronic panel.  I gave him the evil eye and then he bolted.  He was not with a company doing any maintenence.  He was scoping.  They want to steal shit.  I see things.  You see, that is what guns are for.  You are coming in here?  It won't end well.  I didn't go looking for you. 

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Just fuck that Manip.

Keep us posted bro.

I wish I could tell you to chill and forget those punkass punks.

But no, so fuck it.

 Scrub their sorry asses out for us, if you can get away with it.

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It's all good.  I don't go unhinged when it comes to guns.  I could but that does not mean I should.  Maybe that another explanation.  Never go full retard.  You can with words but not assault rifles.

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Shoot to thrill, play to kill.

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Maybe he wants your juicy bum.

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i worry they will simply become ISIS bait. 


Hoping not to hear this noise again.

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My next Cellfone Ringtone / Thanks

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Free Shit Matters

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Shit matters, splatter.

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Santanic minds think alike - keep up the good work Billy.

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Skip to the 3:00 mark if you want to get to the meat of it.

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Kind of reminds me of a "Where's Waldo" picture page.

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WB, this is probably one of my favorites (maybe tied with the Clinton email dump featuring Putin's head in the background).  Bravo my friend, bravo!

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He is one lost soul swimmin' in a fish bowl year after year running over the same old ground.


Wish You Were Here (Satanic music)

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At least Satan has some taste.

I'd figure he'd go for Miley Cyrus or something like that.

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Go long on Air Jordan sneakers.

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Circling the drain together.

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I want you to go to the mall and shop. Don't let the jealousies of the Terrorist who struck the financial center change the way we live.

I found a link for people that like to rant. WB7 post seems appropriate. Was on the Frontrunning link. (Government creates Value of Statistical Life, but it is clearly a big bank thing, European Banking)

- EPA says your VSL is $10 Million USD

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Shop til ya drop, buy stox and stuff.

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Is that Heather Heyer, the whale of Charlottesville, who expired before she was supposed to jump on the challenger hood?  

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She's dead? Damn, had my harpoon and whaling skiff at the ready!

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Hilltard, @3:00. Commence with the harpooning. Or at least lampooning. 

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When Black Friday comes 

I'll stand down by the door

And catch the Grey men when they

Dive from the 14th floor

        -"Black Friday" Steely Dan

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Can someone explain this one to me?  I must be slow.  I don't get it other than the inevitable materialist greed of the fat wogs.