An Outraged George W. Bush Lashes Out At Trump: "Bigotry Seems Emboldened"

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Former President George W. Bush came out swinging against the current administration on Thursday, and while he did not name President Castro, Dubya blasted that "bigotry seems emboldened" in the U.S., while urging the country to accept "globalization" - the same globalization which both the IMF, the BIS and even the Federal Reserve now agree and warn has led to record wealth inequality in the US - while rejecting "white supremacy."

"Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed," Bush said.

Without explicitly naming Trump or any other politicians, Bush criticized the “governing class”, although it was not immediately clear if the president who invaded Iraq included himself in that grouping. 

"Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts in recent years", Bush said during a speech for the George W. Bush Institute, in which he also slammed conspiracy theories and Trump's favorite topic, fake news: "Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication."

It is unclear if that statement was serious or sarcastic considering, well... it's self-explanatory.

The former president was right in stating that public confidence in the country's institutions has declined in recent decades, which of course would imply that other presidents, Trump's predecessors are at fault.  "Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs. The American dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy," he said.

Making it obvious that he had Trump in mind during his speech, Bush warned against Russia’s attempts to meddle in the United States election, calling on the nation to confront “a new era of cyber threats.”

"The Russian government has made a project of turning Americans against each other" he said allegedly referring to the $100,000 reportedly spent by Russian "actors" both before and after the US election - something which Clinton's own campaign chair mocked - and added that “America must harden its own defenses. Our country must show resolve and resilience in the face of external attacks on our democracy and that begins with confronting a new era of cyber threats,” Bush said during a forum for the George W. Bush Institute in New York City.

Bush extended his critique to the ideological level, saying that there are signs that the intensity of support for democracy itself has waned and warned that support for socialism appears to be rising "especially among the young, who never experienced the galvanizing moral clarity of the Cold War or never focused on the ruin of entire nations by socialist central planning."

"Some have called this Democratic de-consolidation. Merely, it seems to be a combination of weariness, frayed tempers and forgetfulness," he said. “Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs. The American dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy."

During his speech, Bush also warned that democracies face "new and serious threats" today. Economic, political and national security challenges proliferate "and they're made worse by the tendency to turn inward. The health of the Democratic spirit itself is at issue and the renewal of that spirit is the urgent task at hand."

“We cannot wish globalization away,” he continued later, urging society to "adapt" to economic and social and change. Bush, who advocates free trade, promoted multilateral and bilateral
trade deals during his presidency. Trump is now demanding that the North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico be
renegotiated, under the threat of a U.S. withdrawal.

Speaking to The Hill, a spokesman for Bush denied that the former president was criticizing Trump in Thursday's speech.

"This was a long-planned speech on liberty and democracy as a part of the Bush Institute’s Human Freedom Initiative," Freddy Ford told The Hill. "The themes President Bush spoke about today are really the same themes he has spoken about for the last two decades."

Surprisingly, W. had no introspective insight to explain how the collapse of democracy may have started with Trump's predecessors, including both president Obama and, of course, Dubya himself, or what specific aspects of the US political process may have led to the general popular revulsion with "establishment" system , which - as much as Putin would love to take credit - started long before any alleged Russian inolvement.

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GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Memo to George: given your track record, nobody cares what you think.

jcaz's picture

Someone is getting nervous.....

Shitonya Serfs's picture

Maybe Trump will open an investigation on W next. Fingers really crossed for this to happen.

tmosley's picture

Black and Mexican supremecy are fine though.

skbull44's picture

Hypocrisy knows no bounds in the ‘fabrication of truth is us’ political class…

Shitonya Serfs's picture

The only ones not allowed to be proud of their race and heritage = White Americans



BennyBoy's picture


Fuck your lying ass Bush.

kliguy38's picture

AMEN ..........whatta fucking moron that POS know they're desperate when they trot that dumbfuck out

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Bush extended his critique to the ideological level, saying that there are signs that the intensity of support for democracy itself has waned...


He keeps using that word, but I don't think it means what he thinks it does.


Our commitment to democracy is also tested in the Middle East, which is my focus today, and must be a focus of American policy for decades to come. In many nations of the Middle East -- countries of great strategic importance -- democracy has not yet taken root. And the questions arise: Are the peoples of the Middle East somehow beyond the reach of liberty? Are millions of men and women and children condemned by history or culture to live in despotism? Are they alone never to know freedom, and never even to have a choice in the matter? I, for one, do not believe it. I believe every person has the ability and the right to be free.

EmmittFitzhume's picture

Wow they are bringing all the globalists out of the swamp to take him down.  Sad what our country has become

ThaBigPerm's picture

Hey guys!  Pipe down and listen - the last guy who was "literally Hitler" is speaking!

fleur de lis's picture

Bush should be more outraged that he allowed himself to be drawn into the 911 murder spree.

And why doesn't he express some outrage about the weird death of his brother Marvin's baby sitter --

markovchainey's picture

Bush should be strung up by his neck for his war crimes along with MANY other people.

fleur de lis's picture

Yep, he got away with ithe mass murders thanks to all his MSM concubines, and he's still laughing about getting away with the treason.

Who knows how many people he sent to early and violent deaths.

Most normal criminals who get away with high crimes tend to avoid the spotlight, but he is attracted to it like a moth to light.

Maybe enough time has passed and he thinks it's safe to run his mouth off again.

Or maybe at some level he wants to get caught.

Either way his Swampish manners are inappropriate considering we will be cleaning up the filthy Bush legacy for ever. 




Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

On the day of Spencer's speech they trot Bush out with this one.

What a coincidence.

It's almost like they're afraid an era is coming to an end...

JSBach1's picture

In any just society this war criminal along with his henchmen would be ushered to the gallows at once...[hanging room only]

mtl4's picture

Bush couldn't run a one hole outhouse by himself, guy did a great job as Dick Cheney's sock puppet though.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

George W, the original President Chimpy.

Creative_Destruct's picture

BUSH: You snot-nosed rich boy neo-con war-criminal asshole. Get down out of your protected elitist tower along with the rest of your cronies and put some skin in the game...THEN you can open your idiot pie-hole. 

Another despicable talking to the (supposed) "reprehensibles."

Manthong's picture


If I had my druthers what do you think I might want to do with that filthy deceitful  bastard’s skull and bones.

Giant Meteor's picture

"That was some weird shit man."

Cheka_Mate's picture

George HW Bush :

"If the people knew what we had done they would be chasing us down the street with pitchforks."

HINT: Franklin Cover Up 

beemasters's picture

I fail to see how anyone could call Trump a bigot. He is BFF with Israel...and ... well, I guess only Israel.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Bush also has this history wrong:

"Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed," Bush said.

Bull Shit


America is NOT A PROPOSITION NATION.  This notion of proposition nation began with the Statue of Liberty scheme with Jewess Poet Emma Lazarus "Give me your huddled masses."  This was a perversion of both the nation's founding documents and the intent of the French.   (The French gave the statue in solidarity with the American revolution - nothing at all about huddled masses.)  Jews are anti-logos, and hence pretty much everything they do is  anti natural law.


It is also well known that the United States Naturalization Law of 1790 passed by the very first Congress was explicit in its inegalitarian conception of American citizenship, which it limited to “free white persons of good character.” Indians, white indentured servants, slaves, free blacks, and later Asians were all excluded.

BUSH IS AN ILLUMINIST MORON WHO IS REWRITING HISTORY.  SAYING THINGS DOES NOT MAKE IT SO.  His intent is to force, to overlay their made up reality onto the natural world.  Multiculturalism creates high friction societies, which in turn destroys voluntary association.  

This is a twofer for Talmudic/Illuminist Oligarchy.  It provides cheap labor, and it keeps a population fighting with each other, rather than looking directly at their illuminist overlords.


Multiculti fails.  See Putnams Bowling Alone.  This is not an opinion, but settled social science.  Anybody that says otherwise is a liar, ignorant, or has an agenda.

jaxville's picture

  Amazing how the pendulum is swinging.....Alt Right, Daily Stormer, Weinstein, NFL, etc etc pills all around.  So many I talk to just are not buying the cultural Marxist/politically correct dogma anymore.

  I see it here in comments and upvotes.  Lurked for awhile before joining the club about five years ago.  Things are changing and people are becoming aware.

  Watch out for the great big hammer. 

Creative_Destruct's picture

Murderous shitheads like this incompetent walking pile of neocon fertilizer advocating against Trump is like a massive RED PILL free handout.


Uncle_Cuddles's picture

This guy sat in silence during the magic negro's 8 years of atrocitities, but now all of a sudden reappears to tell us Trump sucks. EFF U Dubya!

two hoots's picture

What a conundrum of thougts from George W?  How can ideals be protected or regained when we have an infux of foreigners that expect us to adjust to their ideals thus sacrificing our own?   This world is not ready for legislated heterogenity.  

I also suspect George to be supporting some agenda that will benefit or protect the family.  Keep in mind these people do not live or function in the same America as you and I.    What we suffer or are asked to do does not apply or have meaning to that class.

Kafir Goyim's picture

Fucking GW was as silent as a tomb for 8 years, and now he deciides to crawl out of Crawford and stink up the joint.  Where were you for 8 years of Obama, asshole?  Oh yeah, Michael and Barry are your best fucking friends you RINO bastard.

mkkby's picture

Brother JEB is married to a mexican, so what do you expect.

BTW, she's even uglier than the cankles cunt.

two hoots's picture

Is this George W's globalization final product:   

Euro zone must seek convergence of living standards: Commission


Now that is what most fear..

Creative_Destruct's picture

The elitist globalist agenda of his and his cronies is now threatened and he perceives a potential personal threat to his agenda. Thus the jaw boning now after he stayed silent during the Obama years during which the gloabalist agenda was unquestionably pursued by Barry and Hitlery.

This is a hypocrital cowardly elitist with ZERO skin in the game who's agenda and protected status is threatened.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Was it W or HW who made the comment about 'We'd be strung up from lamp posts if they knew what we'd done' ?



mtl4's picture

Oh the outrage, we should listen to his advice more often!


“There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”

Deathrips's picture

FUck ZIONIST CIA forming Bushes.



OT Tylers get on this.

Dickenson texas wont pay flood insurance unless you agree to support and not boycott ISRAEL!!!!

Page 2 number 11. Link to official website of dickinson TX.





Chief Wonder Bread's picture

But you can still Divest & Sanction Israel. What are you complaining about goy?

Oh yeah, and fuck that POS Bush. He has no right to ever show his face in public again

Giant Meteor's picture

Never gets old. Pure poetry.

Perhaps he is concerned by the possibility of 3,000 JFK murder documents being released.

Legacy is a  bitch ..

jaxville's picture

  His attempt to utter that common sense saying proved he had no common sense.

   I never saw him as anything more than a moron after that.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

please allow me to present this in support. this tard is real and professional.


Giant Meteor's picture

Dude, the addition of a l;augh track.

Stil belly laughing .. tears in my eyes ..


Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Yale's best supplier of cocaine, Im told, during W's excursion into higher ed. 

The man's been compromised essentially since birth.  Sucks to be him. 

cynicalskeptic's picture

Really?    Look at what he has and what he's gotten away with.     Even if he and his family sold their souls to the devil they got a far better return than most.  How many music stars settled for a few million and a decade of fame?

vulcanraven's picture

I don't have Facebook but I guarantee every idiot liberal is posting about this today, you know, the ones who despised everything about Bush in the past but are now sucking his cock for making an anti-Trump comment.

Mercury's picture

Don't you dare pull the plug on any of my endless, pointless wars! That's my gift to 'Merica!

Foreign election influencing should be the sole purview of people like George Soros!

How are we ever going to have a 100 million strong, permanent underclass in this country without unimpeded third-world immigration!


Jesus H. Christ stop trying to scare us with vague threats (cyber-meddling) to vague entities like "our democracy" (which BTW, populism is a subset of). We care much more about our explicitly delineated rights and liberties. 

cynicalskeptic's picture

Only a hundred millioon underclass?   You jest.  The goal is 300 million serfs (declining to under a hundred million afrer accelerated 'attrition')

Stuck on Zero's picture

George: The public is tired of you and your elite asswipes.