Publicly Examine Trump's Intelligence To Inform Our Nation

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Hey, sign my PETITION!

Der Trumpenfuhrer likes to make a big deal about being the superlativest at everything, including his intelligence.  He claims it's very high and even challenges people to compare IQ tests.  I think it's time the American people found how, just how intelligent is the Cheeto Messiah, really?  To that end, I present this PETITION:

Publicly Examine Trump's Intelligence To Inform Our Nation

I am Chumbawamba.

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This piece is in the paid advertising section of Zero Hedge.....

Guess that 18 Trillion of Soro`s money, is starting to be spent......

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A dichotomy in politics is intelligent vs emotional behavior.   This petition is presented with an emotional argument.

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With his drivel, why is he accorded a headline?


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Is intelligence the thing we want measured? Couldn't everything be settled by a show of hands?

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Success is the best indicator of intelligence and intelligence the best predictor of success.  I'll stick with the observable facts:

  • Restored oil and gas drilling on federal land overturning Obama's 5 year ban.
  • More than 500 VA employees fired since Trump took office 1/20/17
  • Saved American people $1 trillion compared to Obama during same period.
  • Campaign pledge: Law cutting grants to cities ignoring American immigration laws pass in House
  • Campaign pledge: Kate's law passed in House
  • Formulated policy to export energy production for economic growth turning around decades of dependence on OPEC cartel
  • SCOTUS reinstates executive order banning immigrants from 6 Obama-declared terrorist countries
  • VA accountability allowing non-performing bureaucrats to be fired & whistle blowers protected.
  • Canceled Obama's Cuba deal that propped up Castro's military and government
  • Won 4 out of 4 special elections
  • Got Comey to admit Trump was NEVER under investigation and Comey outed himself as leaker.
  • Rescinds DAPA -Obama's program to give amnesty to 5 million illegals with anchor babies
  • Out of Paris accord.
  • Out of TPP
  • Conservative put on Supreme Court
  • Illegal immigration down more than 70%
  • Wall prototypes solicited, bid and being evaluated
  • Increased funding for military and border security
  • Keystone and Dakota pipelines approved and carrying oil
  • Obamacare mandate removed, IRS told not to require answer on tax forms.
  • EPA regulations removed/weakened.
  • Two old federal regs must be removed for each new one
  • Obama grab of state land undone
  • NATO countries agreed to pay fair share, negotiation to pay past due amounts
  • Instrumental in organizing Arab states to police their terrorists and pay for safe zones for muslim refugees
  • By Trump's efforts Arab states ordered Qatar to kick out Muslim Brotherhood and stop funding terrorists.
  • Establishing framework for true peace in middle east
  • Took over negotiations from uniparty Ryan to pass repeal/replace Obamacare through House
  • Stock market value up $4+ trillion and businesses reporting record profits based on Trump easing regulations and plan to lower taxes
  • More than 1 million jobs added/millions more pledged with billions of $ of investment
  • Renegotiating NAFTA
  • Negotiated trade deal with China favorable to US
  • Kim Jun-Un blinked. Guam still there
  • Cut more debt for longer period than any president in history.
  • Allowed for lowered health insurance premiums for individuals allowing sale across state lines.
  • Decertified lousy Iran deal
  • Stopped Obama's illegal bribes to insurance companies
  • Lowest unemployment in 43 years
  • Highest consumer confidence in 16 years
  • Stopped US taxpayer's wasted funding of UNESCO
  • Eased Obama punitive regulations on coal power plants which punitively increased electricity prices on poor and middle class.
  • DOJ gave "last chance" to sanctuary cities that protect criminal illegal foreigners preying on American citizens.
  • Trump approval rating higher than NFL
  • 25% increase in stock market since his election (which was supposed to crater, remember?)
  • Ordered release of JFK assassination files.
  • 10/21/17 - After only 9 months in office Trump announces defeat of ISIS in self proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria.  Amazing how quickly it happened once terrorist sympathizer left the White House.
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thankew for this, is this list webbed somewhere?


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All this in nine months DESPITE MASSIVE OBSTRUCTIONIST BEHAVIOR by the Democraps.

And with 24/7 negative fake news drivel from the Liberal media, his approval rating is still 50%. Imagine if they simply did their jobs?

Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are the true mental defectives. The fact that you don't ask for their replacement shreds your integrity as anothe Soros shilbot.

Just sayin'

And if intelligence is the issue, watching the bogus Russian investigation now turn on the very Democrap folks that created it is absolute joy. They knew they were up to their eyeballs in corruption with the Russians. To then blame Trump for their criminal activity is the height of stupidity.

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That list is wonderful.

True that the globalist diseases left behind by BushObama that were to destroy the country to make way for global control have and will take their toll. But, the lust will get even longer now that the Obama/Clinton criminality is seeing light of day and the Sally Yates sorts are being rooted out. I have hope for America, and have since 4 Nov 16.


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don't let facts get in the way of the chumba's mental was the russian's after

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The domestic propaganda units have been working overtime for 2 years. More American job as as promised, for hypocrits too.

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Der Trumpenfuhrer likes to make a big deal... 

Nothing speaks louder to the intelligence of the unknown author.

If you want to have your atricle read, just promote that facts, not your personal bias, we can read that from the MSM.


Didnt read anymore of your enlightened rant.

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Good point.  I'd like to see a petition to restore the house of representatives to 1 per 30,000 citizens.  More expensive to buy the house and acts of congress could once again be constitutionally legitimate.  

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there should not be an elected position in the US that is allowed to serve more than 2 concurrent terms

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Dude, I just clicked on that. Fuck you. 

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Might as well provide some content, only some of the posts are worth reading.

“War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.”
Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015?

In 1999..By chance I met a young Russian man at an esoteric wood supply warehouse . We got to talking. He had escaped the old USSR to come to the USA! He had been here several years.

I asked him: “After all you have been through, to leave your country, and come here in search of the “dream” (The American Dream), tell me, now, how what you see here, compares to what you escaped from???

His answer was stunning:

“Same sheeet, deeefer rent flies”

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Unfortunately, this gem of wisdom will go over the head of most of the marauding Trumptards that have descended upon my little posting like angry shit locusts.


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I'm drinking a quart of carrot juice every day so I can be a cheetoh for Halloween. I'll be invisible under black light. o.O

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THE lamest article ever on ZH.

Congrats Chumba, you beat Trump in the superlative department.

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Nice to see you back Chumba, not many of us OG Zero Hedgers around.

chumbawamba's picture

The trap is sprung.

More to come ;)


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I'd rather examine Melania's ass(ets).

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Hey Tylers: keep publishing asinine stupidity like this and Chindit and I'll just go find another blog to read.

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Breitbart has all of the AIPAC-screened news that is fit to print.

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Anybody who is involved in this left-right, dem-GOP, red-blue squalor is a retard. It is no better than the fans at a "professional wrestling" event who believe the thing is real. 

Bread And Circuses, folks. Bread And Circuses. 

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yea ,but the wwe fans dont try to steal my wallet

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Dear Chumbawamba,

Please take your fucking Cheerios and stick them up your fucking orange asshole.

And then fuck off snowflake turd loser.

Oh, and fuck you!

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Don't need to have IQ test to observe Trumps intelligent actions:

1)Destroy the credibility of the MSM and make Fake News synonymous with CNN, the NY times, and the Washington Post.

2)Identify the most important issue of our day: the preservation of White Western Culture against the untermenchen invaders and their (((advocates))). And cut off funds to sanctuary cities while deporting record numbers of criminal invaders. Not to mention all the self-deportation to both Canada and Mexico and eliminating Obama's illegal DACA executive order!

3)Identify the Marxist religion of man-made global warming as truly faith based and thus unscientific and cut off all their US support by withdrawing from the Paris "climate accord".

4)Sign a treaty with Russia allowing Syria with its allies Iran and Russia to completely defeat the "moderate rebels" and reestablish Syria's borders.

5)Accelerate the destruction of Obamacare despite our do-nothing congress by eliminating illegal insurance subsidies.

He's a mighty intelligent individual I'd say as the howls of protest from the aformentioned fake MSM to each action verify. If the MSM hates it, its good for America! If they ever start agreeing with Trump then we'll know we have a problem.

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Welcome to the Drumpftard Dreamworld.

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how much time was wasted developing that .......term?

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Trump Tweets are like Viagra to Trumptards but by the time they chase the old lady down the thrill is gone

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Happy to see you writing again, Chumba.

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Just one of those low-IQ billionaires, huh?

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 Perfect bait for the most feral SJWs. They would bite on FB bigtime. Then we get Maxine the twink Waters tested! lol

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For Zero Hedge, the lack of appreciation for the troll factor in this exercise is disappointing.

If anything it proves that Trump Derangement Syndrome works both ways.


cheech_wizard's picture

No, you basically just suck at trolling.

I suggest reading up on the exploits of Roger David Carasso...

chumbawamba's picture

No thanks. I prefer to act rather than live vicariously through the exploits of others.

Here's another opportunity for you to do so: sign the petition!

I am Chumbawamba

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It's on the list. Right after the car wash and reading the latest issue of Guns & Ammo.

cheech_wizard's picture

To be honest, I think I'd rather take a healthy shit.

Why not petition Trump to release Obama's college transcripts?


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Just one question.

Who in the bowels of the swamp yields the most power?

Con-gress does. By design of the founders. Pray tell, what is their approval rating? I thought so.

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and yet the masses bash potus.............mindless lemmings. CONGRESS has executed a shotless coup d etat , since 2009 , CONGRESS has determined the countries direction minus potus input.

chumbawamba's picture

You see, the trick behind the shell game is there is no pea.

I am Chumbawamba.

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 I was laughing my ass off at the thought of testing anyone in government an IQ test. Put the results on their name tags and badges. At least then we might have some clue as just what kinda idiots were dealing with.

 Come on you know ya always wondered just how fn dumb they must be. Been to the DMV lately?

libertyanyday's picture

further inspection reveals an electorate who put them there,,,,,,,,,,the pols arent the problem.

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aren't you the same chummydumpyistan drone who was shittting his fucking pants when fucking BITCOIN or some other fucking useless imaginary fucking "valuable currency" to a dive down the shithole   yet kept trying to push it here......have all your fucking fake facebook "friends" sign it ........oh you have ........both of 'em i see ......fuk off