Former Yahoo CEO Mayer Blames Massive Hacks On - Who Else? - Russia

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Looks like this guy’s been up to no good...

In an apology that’s long overdue, considering Yahoo revealed two months ago that a series of cyberattacks that it had previously reported actually impacted all of its 3 billion user accounts, former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apologized on Wednesday for a pair of massive data breaches at the internet company. But rather than take responsibility for the cybersecurity failures at company - which was absorbed by Verizon earlier this year - Mayer blamed the hacks on the most convenient bugbear available.

That’s right: Mayer - who gave the apology during Congressional testimony - is blaming the intrusions on the Ruskies, a charge that we’re sure will find sympathy among certain Senate Democrats.

But lest anybody get it twisted, Mayer - in a deflection of blame that was nothing short of Clinton-esque - managed to apologize without admitting ultimate personal responsibility, Reuters reported.

”As CEO, these thefts occurred during my tenure, and I want to sincerely apologize to each and every one of our users,” she told the Senate Commerce Committee, testifying alongside the interim and former CEOs of Equifax Inc and a senior Verizon Communications Inc executive.


“Unfortunately, while all our measures helped Yahoo successfully defend against the barrage of attacks by both private and state-sponsored hackers, Russian agents intruded on our systems and stole our users’ data."

Verizon acquired most of Yahoo Inc’s assets in June after Yahoo was forced to accept a lower bid following several unflattering disclosures related to the hacking incidents. Mayer also stepped down in June. Verizon disclosed last month that a 2013 Yahoo data breach affected all 3 billion of its accounts, compared with an estimate of more than 1 billion disclosed in December.

In March, federal prosecutors charged two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers with masterminding the 2014 cybertheft, the first time the US has charged Russia-linked hackers for alleged cybercrimes. Of the accused, one was arrested. Russia has denied the allegations, and there has been some speculation that the attacks were actually planned by the same North Korea-linked group of hackers that perpetrated the 2014 Sony hacks.

According to Reuters, Special Agent Jack Bennett of the FBI’s San Francisco Division said in March the 2013 breach was unrelated to the one Yahoo disclosed in December and that an investigation of the larger incident was continuing.

“We now know that Russian intelligence officers and state-sponsored hackers were responsible for highly complex and sophisticated attacks on Yahoo’s systems,” Mayer said on Wednesday.

The Senate Commerce Committee took the unusual step of subpoenaing Mayer to testify on Oct. 25 after a representative for Mayer declined multiple requests for her voluntarily testimony. A representative for Mayer told Reuters she was appearing voluntarily.

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Russia forced her to be at that climb the corporate ladder bukkake party!

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It must have been one heck of a tall cake to hide her in.

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When a toilet in the Pentagon got clogged last week they blamed Russia!

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This bitch doesn’t even have imagination.

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She is perfect for those that own her.....

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Yeah, blame Putin for your mismangement failure. Yahoo is doomed decades ago, accept that.

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Well, I'm just glad that "our" United Satans Government agencies don't snoop on other country's governments and businesses, and even its own people.  And, neither does that of "our" allies in Israhell, Grayed Britain, etc. 

It's just those damned Ruskies. 

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Son't speak ill of our staunchest ally (cough).

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Your guide dog needs some stronger glasses.

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Gotta take off those beer goggles.

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Was she under-oath for this testimony?

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Bitch needs a good old fashioned Russian Grudge Fucking.

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Najarian still has it as a screaming buy! There's your laugh for the day

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Does the producer of this documentary ( have one similar for "Jews Gone Wild"?!!!

God Damn but the Kike hates his "Old Neighbor"!

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 The bullshavics are back folks.

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Isn't she lovely. Real blonde too no "dye job"!... Well!... Maybe the nose?...

I wonder if she's any relation to "Louis B." (same last name)???...

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

No, I think she's a shiksa. And Louis B's real name was Mayersky or something like that.

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She didn't mention Russia, she said "state sponsored hacking"

Proof? Where we going we don't need proof.

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Because the most important bank that owns U.S. and it's agent that "prints" exclusively on it's behalf for the last 103 years are on their fucking knees "desperate"!...

At this point I just wonder who Janet and the Board of Governor(s) are praying too while they are "down there"?...

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Now, if the Russians did do it, no one would believe it anyway.  Why do they keep on with this line?  It is dead, dead, dead.

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The real story is 60% of the country would believer this useless bitch. How in the hell can a country so fuking stupid to have elected obama twice recover.

Next time please just go to the Humane Shelter and adopt a black dog. 

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"Verizon disclosed last month that a 2013 Yahoo data breach affected all 3 billion of its accounts"

"federal prosecutors charged two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers with masterminding the 2014 cybertheft"


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Geezus. Take your undeserved $$$ and shut your pie hole. Vanish to never return you Douche.

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Mayer is Jew. Jews hate Russia. Little aipac Jew Wolf Blitzer at CNN hates Russia, because Russia is parked on Israel's doorstep, thwarting Israel's plans for expansion. We are directed by our Jewish media to hate whoever Jews hate. Israel is fat beached whale flapping about on the beach, with no where to go, because Russia is protecting Israel's neighbors.

Mena Arkansas's picture

More likely a spoofed false flag hack by the israelis deflecting the blame onto the russians.

Right out of the jew playbook.

King David Hotel bombing

Quivering Lip's picture

Do any people in power ever take responsibility for their fuck ups?Always blaming someone else for their incompetence and short comings. 

From politicians to CEO's its ALWAYS someone else's fault. 

Maybe you just sucked as a CEO and had no clue as to what was going on with Yahoo you detached arrogant clown.

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 They lernt that shit in college.

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No, you mendacious cunt, it was not Da Rooskies.  It was all on you spending more on stock buybacks and executive compensation than on the most basic of internet security.  My ninety-two-year-old great-grandmother could have hacked Yahoo, and she barely knows how to power up a computer.  Yahoo was 1990's technology masquerading as 2010's innovation.  So go fuck yourself, you useless twat.

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You're right. They've been hacked several times before, but now it's better because they found somebody to blame. lol

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Putin should sue her for defamation of national character.

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One has to wonder what Bill ( is thinking of ALL OF THIS?...

I just hope that if Harvey Weinstein's "security team" decides to finally make good on all the threats given what he's done in the professional nobility department for the U.S. Constitution we will see the equivalent of the "Kraken" released from the bowels of Langley and Ft. Mead ready to walk off said reservation(s) to CALL IT A "DAY" with many more "thumb drives" that little Eddie could never have dreamed of!!!

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Great that means it's an act of war/cyberterrorism and business insurance doesn't have to cover it. Thanks Marissa. Destroy some more value

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Another SJW Google trained executive who failed.  The yahoo finance board was used to counter the CNBS bull coming out of the big bank monopolist and anti free traders, IPO thieves and brokerage and swaps protection proletariat. 

Yahoo was miss managed because they did not have the backbone to defend free speech and succumbed to political DNC/RNC  neo-clown power base...   

Marissa like all Rubin Summers Citi  InQtel  financed social monopolies did not create anything just used banks to finance competition out of existence. 

Don't worry   Icrap and FANG gang will be flushed on advertising stop...   When Google adds serves up oil tank leveling systems on a Saudi Arabia story to readers the world realizes how utterly ignorant these AI (real oxymoron)  systems are.   Governor Moon Beam wants AI in Buses and trucks?    Can't even build a world class high speed railroad or re release supersonic commercial airplanes.

Mayer STFU  siding with any politician supporting  is a recipe for disaster..  Your censoring of Yahoo and your MSM reporting and news feed was the first to fail the Oligarchs...

We really don't care if it is the Banksters, MSM, Russians, their eugenic middle men that will fall..      


Kartolas's picture

Proof nowhere to be found.

ClickNLook's picture

Proof?! You can't handle the proof!

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He kids, instead of blaming the dog for eating your homework, blame the Russians as the apparently steal everything and are apparently better thieves than gypses of old.

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This dispicable khunt thinks her shit doesn't stimk. Go back to the couch for another Vanity Fair porn shot and STFU ..

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The hacks happened because her security was fucked, just like every other company that gets hacked. 

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Or she just gave the Federal Government the keys to the kingdom... See my next post.

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With all these stolen identities it is so much easier to rig elections. Like the one yesterday.

Huge unexpected influx of democratic voters?!

GeezerGeek's picture

I haven't seen the vote totals to compare to last November. Did Dems get more voters out this year than last? Did RINOs attract fewer 'deplorables' than last year? Clintoon was an unpopular person with the Bernie crowd and didn't draw them as she had hoped. Gillespie is a RINO in what is now a blue state thanks to the DC suburbs. Who'd be eager to vote for a favorite of the Bushies?

GreatUncle's picture

Yahoo & Mayer failed in their responsibility to provide a secure system for their customers.

Any who found themselves financially out of pocket should be awarded damages.

How manty millions of accounts we talking about?


cheech_wizard's picture

Let's dig into the mind palace for a moment.

>How many millions of accounts we talking about?

All of them actually.

Fewer still remember that Marissa Mayer actually cooperated with the Federal Government.

Feared jail time if she didn't cooperate.

Standard Disclaimer: Thus endeth the lesson.

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Mostly full of spam emails.

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Mayer's picture should be in the Wiki description of "The Peter Principle".  How many useless, overpriced acquisitions did she make in her tenure at Yahoo?  Oh, but she was good looking - kind of.

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That applies to competence and being promoted beyond it. I suspect that getting hired put her a step beyond her competence. Some women get ahead on a smile and a wiggle, and companies are all too happy to show how modern they are by having women - often a non-ugly ones - in prominent positions. Not that all women are dumb or unqualified, as witnessed by the head of AMD during its resurgence. But it does seem all too common in the USSA.