Are The Rich Panicking?

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European elites are hoarding cash, the Japanese are stuffing safes full of high-denomination bills, the saudis are scrambling, and judging from the following chart, the richest Americans are getting increasingly concerned about the safety of their wealth...

For a decade, Security & Armored Car Services workers in the US have earned around $14 to $15 per hour.

But all that changed as President Trump was elected...

Demand for security services has soared driving wages up a stunning 24% YoY!

What are America's 1%-ers worried about? (the answer is simple... the rest of us)

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CA$H, Bitcoin and gold are all good.


EDIT: Add guns & ammo...

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"Luke, may the dip be with you.... always"

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The average time from the peak in employment to the next formal recesion is less than 4 months

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All the cash in the dispensaries.  Er wait ....  What?

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The demand for security services is easily explained. They need to protect all the opioid storage and transport sites.

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Fucking A skippy, I'm hoarding my cash.  In fact, I'm selling my house to get more cash and then I'm going to live in my RV full time and roam the Americas.  Never paying taxes again!  It's the oppressive taxes that drove me to this decision.     

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The 1% still has the best weapons...

and millions of you sell-outs to wield 'em against the 99%...

They know they got it covered...

Are you willing to finally say "no" to them?

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"The 1% still has the best weapons"

Most of the 1% couldn't use a caulking gun, let alone load AND fire a semi-auto. And do you think a newly minted $18/hr Security guard is going to take a bullet for some 70 yr old banker in the back of a limo?

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Until Smokey busts an asset forfeiture move on you...

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"Until Smokey busts an asset forfeiture move on you..."


Thats when they find out his nickname "Mad Jack" was given to him for a reason..

The gun turrets on the RV shoulda been a clue...

GO JACK !!! 

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No fiat represents real "safety".   bit fiat, $ fiat, stock fiat, 401 fiat, even gold fiat. (i know you're going to say gold isn't a fiat, okay okay.)

all these things are only valuable when they get exchanged for something...well, "of value".

traditionally that was property.  land, house, transportation, food. land, house, transportation...create a taxation trap where the wealth confiscators scalp you every quarter/year etc.

there is no safe place left for wealth to hide...sure, the local zimbabaweans should have put their money in Rand, or aluminum or bits or anything.

no place left to hide.


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Crypto coins.  Only the best investment in the last decade.  Moenro stays hidden and untraceable. Convert and cash when you need. Enjoy the appreciation. People increasingly accepting it direct as cash. It's young but already 10x value appreciation in the last year.

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Crypto coins.  Only the best investment in the last decade.  Moenro stays hidden and untraceable. Convert and cash when you need. Enjoy the appreciation. People increasingly accepting it direct as cash. It's young but already 10x value appreciation in the last year.

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The rich never "panic"... they simply get concerned... 

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Luke don't use the targeting computer, it was made by Google.  It will take you to the wrong exhaust port.

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His Name was Once Rich

YUNOSELL's picture

His Name was Once Rich

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Beans, bullion, bullets and bitcoin.

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I thought it was the three G’s, God, guns and gold

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Hoarding all the silver for yourself?

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causation your correlation will equal not.

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They're panicking so much gold can't hang on to 1300.

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LOL! Dang, you owe me a keyboard!


Of course you are referring to the paper/digital price.

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yeah cause physical gold buying drives up the price.. right. Have you just awoke from a 20 year slumber?

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Here's a little insight for those who have not yet made so many trips around the Sun as me. )))They((( will arrainge things so that it will appear as though only the dumbest of the dumb are holding PMs before PMs jump again. Ideally from )))their((( standpoint PMs will be forgotten by most of the rent slaves. Then one day, everyone will say 'Wow! Look at that!' Is that day ever going to come? Xi and V. V. P. seem to think so.

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I ain't "Wealthy"...Yet

BTW...Keep Stacking 

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My daddy always said "yer health is yer wealth" 

After the reading of his will... I understood....grrrrr....

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The bond market is getting yippy as well...hmmmm

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LOL!!!  Please, the truly wealthy do not "panic".

"Full Faith and Credit"

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Tylers. The bundled ads here are getting really annoying. Walmart and Amazon spam card popups are getting a bit unrealistic. No virus issues with smart phones but this crap is embedded (bundled) in ads being run here. There is no way it appears to avoid them outside of cache clearing but please for christs sakes look into it. Then again It’s fight club...

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a fellow ZHer refered me to Ublock. Run it. works really well.

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Adblock Plus. Icon on my browser reports it is blocking about 1 add per second. Ads seen: Zero.

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I can't even look at this site without Adblock on. It freezes up due to all the ads!

Falconsixone's picture Dont ever see a one.

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AdBlock works great.  Don't tell anyone though, secret.


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Galaxy S5 & Opera Mini set to hi data savings & I see NO ads....  :-)

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They are panicking because their pedophilia is being exposed daily.

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Well cash is insured at that point and flies out of jew farts.

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"flies out of jew farts"

I thought that was "Gold"-stein and "Silver"-stein...

Is there a "Coinstein"?

I'm sure there will be.

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The problem is England. When Henry VIII died with no male heir, the crown was in turmoil, and even though Elizabeth managed to gain and hold it, she had little money. Enter the Jew, in the form of old man Rothschild, who taught the English (Germans), that you can float paper a lot easier than you can mine gold or silver. And so the 400 year reign of fiat debt money was begun.

Unless the British Monarchy is willing to hand over the head snake, they will not survive. 

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People who are nervous and stacking paper are going to be in for a real surprise when that paper ain't worth the paper its printed on.

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It looks like Janet Yellen or Ben Berspankme must have down voted you dude . . . I guess they don't want to hear what they had a hand in.  What good is a $10,000 stack of $100 FRNs when you won't be able to buy a cup of coffee with them?  That's from McDonald's . . . not Starbucks BTW.

All fiat currencies revert to their true value over time . . . . ZERO.  What are we at now in the US with FRN's value as compared to when it was first issued 100 years ago, 1.5%???

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You can frame it, using archival materials, like collectors of confederate money sometimes do. It would make an interesting decor accent in a Wall Street office, assuming Wall Street will still be Wall Street in the Era of Automation and the Equity Bot. Actually, the frame can hang in Equity Bot’s office.

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But all those who stocked up on Bitcoins will be sittin pretty with their Russian electron currency when the power goes out and Verizon says there's an outage in your hemisphere!

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Since there is absolutely no guaranteed way to preserve wealth in a crisis (i.e. silver is too heavy, gold is to dear, paper is, well, just paper and bitcoin or other coins depend on electricity), then you pay your money and take your chances.


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Diversify is probably a wise move.