EPA Just Approved The Release Of 'Weaponized' Mosquitoes In 20 US States

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just cleared MosquitoMate, Inc., a Lexington, KY based biotechnology company, focused on mosquito control deficiencies, invasive mosquito species, and important vectors of human diseases, to release it’s bacteria-infected mosquitoes in 20 US states and Washington DC.

First released on Nature.com,

On 3 November, the agency told biotechnology start-up MosquitoMate that it could release the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis into the environment as a tool against the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). Lab-reared mosquitoes will deliver the bacterium to wild mosquito populations.

The decision - which the EPA has not formally announced - allows the company, which is based in Lexington, Kentucky, to release the bacteria-infected mosquitoes in 20 US states and Washington DC.  

The University of Kentucky explains their roll in fostering the science behind MosquitoMate, along with the understanding of how this technology works.

According to David O’Brochta, an entomologist at the University of Maryland in Rockville, “It’s a non-chemical way of dealing with mosquitoes, so from that perspective, you’d think it would have a lot of appeal. I’m glad to see it pushed forward, as I think it could be potentially really important.”

The company’s lab-grown mosquitoes, which it calls ZAP males, are a non-biting, male Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger mosquito) that carries a bacterium called Wolbachia. As explained on the company’s website, Wolbachia “is common throughout insects worldwide, with scientists estimating that over half of all insects naturally carry the infection”. When bacteria-infected males mate with unaffected females, it causes the females to become sterile.

The 20 approved states are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia, as well as Washington, DC.

The push for MosquitoMate has been in response to mosquitoes carrying Zika and other deadly diseases. The ‘War on Zika’ began earlier this year with 20,000 MosquitoMate mosquitoes released in the Florida Keys targeting wild females that carried Zika. In July, Fresno, California stepped it up a notch and released 20 million MosquitoMate mosquitoes in the name of ‘combating Zika’.

In the video below, Fresno, California officials admit mosquitoes in the area are not actively carrying dangerous diseases such as Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya, but for all intensive purposes they want to “stay ahead” of the curve...

However, few have focused on the Risks of Wolbachia mosquito control and in one shocking development this is uncharted territory. Sciencemag.org makes a very good point “few have focused on the probability of Wolbachia strains being transferred to other insects and the potential environmental and economic impacts .” The article goes on to say Wolbachia strains are capable of being transferred across horizontally among distant related arthropods. In addition, some parasites are able to carry Wolbachia strain to other species. The article makes another great point, of the actual shift of a Wolbachia host to native species is complex and poorly understood.

Since Wolbachia strain is found in nature and not genetically modified. MosquitoMate is not applicable to The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety- a United Nations safety regulation for transfer, handling, and use of genetically modified organisms signed by 170 countries. As far as we are aware, there are no countries that have regulation on Wolbachia infected organisms, so this is a first, hence uncharted territories.

The Event Chronicle asksWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • What if the mosquitos are sorted incorrectly? Do you really think that out of 20 million mosquitos, nary a biting female will get through the sorting process?
  • What if the Wolbachia mutates? Something that is not harmful now could morph into something far worse than Zika.
  • What if scientists believe that this gives them innate permission to conduct “field studies” of other things? Oh…wait. Apparently, they already feel they don’t require our permission to turn our neighborhoods into test facilities.

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Nobodys Home's picture

Shut up and eat your aluminum!

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Environmental Protection Agency.... yep it's right there in their name.. "Protection"


It's not Environmental God Agency... I'm suing on behalf of free mosquitoes everywhere for the murder of the unborn free mosquitoes everywhere.  

Nobodys Home's picture

I'm from the...ummm...I forget. But I'm here to help!

AlbertthePudding's picture

Yes this is Version 155!

Walt's picture


Have these fucktards never heard of the law of unintended consequences? Still, if their pet frankenmozzies get out of hand, they could import some cane toads from Oz. Heaven knows we could spare a few, and they work like a charm..

Nobodys Home's picture

I Fvcking KNEW these scientific assHoles would screw me one of these days!
I live in NH. WTF! Never heard of one case of Zika in NH.
Is this part of The Bill and Melinda Gates initiative?

Nobodys Home's picture

Oh I know! This will rid us of Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus too! Thanks all you Mosquito DNA guys!
WUT? It doesn't?
Then wut are these mosquito proboscis injecting into me?

Well Fuck Me upside down and backwards and call me a presidential model!

edit: Long Deep Woods Off!....or Avon skin so soft...Or Ben's....or....who makes deet? Probably Monsanto...the pricks!

Mr Hankey's picture

"Probably Monsanto"-lol. ..from the folks that brought you the Acme Anvil,we introduce the Acme Anti -Anvil Umbrella!!!.

Hillarys Server's picture

Should be fine.

Monsanto's never had any problems with their stuff.

Nobodys Home's picture

No problems with agent orange?...or roundup?...or GMOs?

haruspicio's picture

A disaster waining to happen.

Nobodys Home's picture

I doan teenk so!

Waining: To lose energy To become tired.

Youri Carma's picture

Oops! We just couldn't foresee that it also sterilizes humans. Sorry.

WillyGroper's picture

so can one assume any critter that eats this engineered monstrosity will also become sterile?


peddling-fiction's picture

The "light worker" in chief is certifiably insane.

Gohigher's picture

Cui Bono ?

Anyone know the money trail ??

Why not just let DC be the test bed ??

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Hugh Mann's picture

I believe they already using weaponized mosquitoes. What's the source of all these new strains of mosquito-borne viruses? Example: I'm in my 50s and the h1n1 virus didn't exist 30 years ago.

Nobodys Home's picture

It killed millions after WW1. It's been around a while.

QEsucks's picture

bullshit. Try 1918 retard.

Nobodys Home's picture

Don't down vote the guy for lack of knowledge. His point is still valid.
So I know H1N1 killed during the biggest flu epidemic ever.
I'm an RN. He isn't. I also think they're manipulating things they shouldn't.

edit: Human brain tissue has been implanted into a rat's brain. They say that gave the rat a conscience.
Didn't the rat have a conscience as a rat? Who the fvck do we think we are?

effendi's picture

Some years ago I read about another scientific breakthrough. They had come up with a bacteria to break down waste biomass (corn stalk etc) to produce ethanol think of the profits from a cheap green recycled product). Just before it was field tested one of the scientists did some further testing. Found out that the bacteria would turn biomass into alcohol all right but that would include any biomass out in the field and the wild (dead grass, dead tree roots etc) and produce enough alcohol to raise the concentration of alcohol in the soil to 40 parts per million. Above 1 PPM the alcohol would harm living plant roots and had the bacteria been field tested it would have killed any plant (except seaweed and aquatic plants?) We (and every critter that walks or flies) would soon die of starvation.

Someday another group of scientists (including nutters who want to end everything or bring on Judgement Day) will recreate that bacteria (or something worse).

Nobodys Home's picture

So I could filter the soil and get drunk? WahOoo!
Glad I quit smoking. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!

Anteater's picture

Naw, those Desceptables, they'd be out sopping it up to make Red

Lightning. It's so powerful a distillate, the last thing you'll remember

is you was tawkin' with yor 13-year old cousin Jill, ...and now they's

even rugrats in the hen house! How could this be happening to me?

Forget about all that Donny Dimdumb, let's hunt pickled earthworms!!

Yor mama tol' me thet she shore nuf luvs all them picklin' an' ticklin'!!

Nobodys Home's picture

I'm so tired of paying attention to all this shit!
Why don't they just kill me now?
Fvck these arseholes! Slow deaths for everyone?
Just come on out and try and kill me why don't you?
You chicken shit bastards!

Ms No's picture

We are really at a very uncomfortable and bizarre time in history, trying to stop a slow motion clowncar accident.  You just have to laugh at some point and drink more often. 


Laughing.Man's picture

FFS!  Just start a nuclear war instead.  Fucking retarded people.

Nobodys Home's picture

Nah. Mano a Mano....NuKULAR is the pussy way out.
Pikes and swords! Hammers and shields! No guns.
May the best man win.
This is fvcking Fight Club!

blargg's picture

release it’s bacteria-infected mosquitoes

The University of Kentucky explains their roll in fostering the science

but for all intensive purposes

Proofreading, please!

Newspeaktogo's picture

If they can make those things work against certain politicians, He’ll ya! Cut em loose!

DarthVaderMentor's picture

This reminds me of the EPA outstanding field research work done at the mine off the river Animas in Colorado. Please tell me we have the same bureaucracy running this nightmare..........

Ms No's picture

I guess we will see if there are any bees left this spring.  You might as well just get used to dark humor now because we will be experimented on until globalism is gone.  I will laugh at people who are surprised when people start bleeding out of their eyes and assholes, or that frozen Inuit that they dug up that died from the plague produces some fruitful "bio-defense" after some tinkering.  How many people gave a shit while this government experimented with this for the better part of a century?  Hardly any.  They figured they would just use it by mass murdering other people and that is generally okay with most people.  Good luck with that shit and yes I will laugh.

Mr Hankey's picture

And itz not like it is all tinfoil -hat conspiracy theory. A lot of this shit has been admitted by the gubbermint.Talk about a willingly zombiefied population. 

'Murica!!!!FUCK YEAH!!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!$$$$$$USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$!!!!$$$!!!!NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$EAGLES!!!!!!!!$$$$FLAGWANKING!!!!!!!BACON!!!!!!&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$DIABETES!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$FIGHTERJET FLYOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$

Ms No's picture

Here is a random thought.  If the US is collecting Russian RNA to make virus' that are specifically harmful to Russian types of DNA (excluding their own of course), and if the oligarchs are primarily Ashkenazi mixed 50% with other races (don't ever seem to go much below that or they wouldn't all have the nose, jowls, etc), aren't they starting a damn stupid arms race there?  China could throw out a Jew killer virus in retaliation.  They would be more at risk then just about anybody for those games one would think, except Asians, which they already hit repeatedly with swine flu and bird flu.  Just a thought.




RussianSniper's picture

Those permanent ruling elite are determined to kill as many as possible, however they may achieve their goals.

zimboe's picture

If they're as big as the one in the picture I'm running, screaming, over the horizon.

ItsAllBollocks's picture

Name me just one thing scientists have released into the environment that has done what it's suppose to without any negative side issues and I'll call you a liar.

Ms No's picture

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if in the future, assuming we survive our calamity of a global culture right now, if psychopaths and their ilk are systematically wiped out and every infant even tested for it.  If humanity didn't have those around literally almost none of these problems would exist.  As long as they are around they will be running things and with our level of tech they will destroy everything.  No other end is possible with them in control and especially of science.  Whether its designer engineered viruses, nuclear, insect die offs, nano-something or other, or systematic murder through chemical agents, they will push full retard ahead until something implodes.  They have no breaks.  Psychopaths always go down in a huge blaze of lunacy and as they have nearly always run our societies that's how empires and societies always go down.  Without them there may not even have been empires.  If humanity doesn't take care of the dark triad types our future is pretty easy to predict.  As it is now we are just waiting to see what insane shit they will do next.  The fact that they are even releasing this information is weird.  They release nothing until decades later.  Stealth bombers were early 70s tech and that was just brought fully into the open.  Whatever you read about concerning science, especially if it has any weaponry use, is at least 30 years old. 

Joe A's picture

What could possibly go wrong?

A recent study out of Germany and the Netherlands shows that in Europe the total number of insects has decreased by 70% over the last decades. Among them are many pollinators. I am sure that in America you would find the same number. The decrease is caused by a number of reasons, including the disappearance of habitat, but really took off when the neonicotinenoids pesticides were introduced in the 90s. Birds feed their young exclusively with insects so they will have a harder time surviving. Rodents also live of insects. These birds and mammals are food for animals higher up the food chain.

So, now they want to introduce a GM species of mosquito without testing for "unintended consequences"? Great. The bacteria could mutate, jump species and wipe out the little that is left of insects anyway.

pynky01's picture

...what could go wrong... the Rockefeller Foundation holds the patent on the Zika mosquito ... 

ThinkAgain's picture

The patent model as financial driver of this madness should be removed out of the DNA realm.

See http://www.planck.org/publications/Global-Seed-Cartels-Are-Wrong

What has delivered us the green revolution? Pesticides? No. Machines? No.

It was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_breeders%27_rights

Contrary to the patent model, the breeding model makes it possible to build innovation on innovation.

That was the totally unknown and now repressed driver behind the green revolution.

Ms No's picture

Stalin killed somewhere between 22-60 million.  Imagine what he would have done with today's tech.  There is your problem.  We are just lucky right now that they're not focusing on us because they are busy with the ME, Russia and China.

Edit: Also if everybody did what they should and just flat refused to pay to have them develop new ways to kill us and others and had a tax revolt or something, how long do you think it would be before they started kicking in doors and seizing everything everybody had?  One week, one month, days?  Do you really think they wouldn't?

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Explain again how you'll refuse to pay tax. I must have missed that part.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

In my case, (becuase I am a jerk, admittedly) I found myself on a poverty level income most of the time.

I got my outgoings DOWN to the point where outgoings match income and (VOILA!) no income tax, and because I buy very little, I pay very little other taxes. It's not hard. It was hard, (due to a lifetime of conditioning as to what constitutes "proper" behaviour) but it isn't now.

Sure I go without a lot, (and I really miss having access to cosmetic dentistry), but I work when I want, doing what I want, for who I want.

I get to use or misuse my time, as I choose. 

Do you?

Or do you expend most of your time and attention on (((their))) games, in exchange for a blingy leash, and 100 inch TV set?

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Now I see why they were taking Russian tissue samples. The neocons are into biotech.

Lost in translation's picture

Scientists playing God, yet again.

There are only horrific outcomes when Man, in his hubris, decides to take on the role of the Divine.

ThinkAgain's picture





Have faith in self restainment of scientists !

(you better don't have)

(and the gov is too under educated and too will to eat suger coating to understand such stuff)

beartoe's picture

What about the possibility of sterilizing humans or other mosquito targets? Where are those trial results? Opps....

Mission Accomplished! They are taking the bait! We got AI/Robots, who needs humans

...oh wait, who is going to buy our products and services....

Oh, didn't think that far ahead.