Outrage Follows "Jaw-Droppingly Shocking" 1986 Prince Charles Letter Blaming Mid-East Problems On "Foreign Jews"

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Prince Charles has sparked media outrage following a report he wrote a letter blaming "the influx of foreign, European Jews" for aggravating the Arab-Israeli conflict and leading to general unrest in the Middle East, while also asking whether an American president would "have the courage" to take on "the Jewish lobby" to put an end to terrorism in the region.

The note, written on November 24, 1986, was found in a public archive and published Saturday by the Daily Mail. The Prince penned the letter after official visits to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar with Princess Diana.

"I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally,” the then 38-year-old Prince of Wales wrote in his letter, adding, that “it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems” in the Middle East. “I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated?” he questioned.

"Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in the US? I must be naive, I suppose!” he concludes.

The Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, described Charles’ comments “both shocking and entirely predictable.”

"To me this is the most astonishing element of the Prince’s letter. The “Jewish lobby” is one of the anti-Semitic themes that have endured for centuries. It is this myth there are these very powerful Jews who control foreign policy or the media or banks or whatever."  Pollard then told the daily mail that the letter was "jaw-droppingly shocking" and added that "[the Prince’s comments] come from the heir to the throne is unsettling, to put it mildly."

While the letter is inflammatory, there is no suggestion Charles holds anti-Semitic views according to The Mail: "He has many prominent Jewish friends and in 2013 became the first Royal to attend a chief rabbi’s inauguration ceremony. In a speech that year, he expressed concern at the apparent rise of anti-Semitism in Britain."

At the same time, he is seen as a defender of Islam, with one historian noting that no other major Western figure has as high a standing in the Muslim world. 


It has also been suggested he has pro-Palestinian leanings, a perception the letter appears to support.

Prince Charles is not the first one to fall in the "lobby" spotlight: among those to come under fire for using the term ‘Jewish lobby’ are General George Brown, the highest-ranking military officer in the US as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was publicly rebuked and disowned by President Gerald Ford in 1974 after claiming that a ‘Jewish lobby’ controlled Congress, according to The Daily Mail. Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage was criticised earlier this month when he referred to ‘a powerful Jewish lobby’ in the US.  In 2006, Chris Davies, former leader of the Lib Dem MEPs, was forced to resign after he used the term. Archbishop Desmond Tutu also came under fire when he used the phrase in a newspaper article in 2002.

The Prince’s reference in the letter to the influx of European Jews also caused dismay.

It is not clear if he is referring to immigration before or after the Second World War, or both. Mr Pollard said: ‘It is the absolute classic Arab explanation of the problems in the Middle East.


'And it is what everyone has always said the British aristocracy actually thinks – the idea that Jews were some kind of foreigners who had no real place in Israel until we decided to make it their homeland. Historically it is nonsense and it’s quite stunning when it comes from the heir to the throne.’


A senior Israeli diplomatic source said last night: ‘He [Charles] was travelling around the Gulf states [just before he wrote the controversial letter], which in those years were very anti-Israel. It seems he was presented with a narrative in a very convincing way.’

Earlier this month, Britain marked the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, the document that paved the way for the state of Israel, with a gala dinner in London attended by Theresa May and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is also not the first time Prince Charles has gotten in hot water for controversial remarks: In 2007, leaked emails between senior Clarence House staff put Charles at the centre of a row about the Royals’ attitude towards the Jewish state.

* * *

Attempting some damage control, a spokesman for Clarence House said the thoughts revealed in the 1986 letter, were actually “not The Prince’s own views.”

“The letter clearly states these were not the Prince’s own thinking on Arab-Israeli affairs, but represented the opinions of some of those he met during his visit which he was keen to interrogate,” the statement said. It added that Prince Charles "was sharing the arguments in private correspondence with a long standing friend in an attempt to improve his understanding of what he has always recognized is a deeply complex issue to which he was coming early on in his own analysis in 1986," the representative said.

"Over the years, the prince has continued his study of the complex and difficult themes he referenced here. He has built a proven track record of support for both Jewish and Arab communities around the world and has a long history of promoting interfaith dialogue and cultural understanding,"
she added.

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Farqued Up's picture

Do you? See how they hide in the shadows?

frontierland's picture

"Guys like you prevent us from having a rational debate on these topics."

No, it's guys like you that run cover for Jews.

I didn't say anything hateful, didn't say anything unreasonable or unfounded.  I made a factual statment about an observable situation and you claim this isn't a rational debate. 

What is a "rational debate" smart man.  Blaming disproportionatle Jewish power on Zionists. 

It's not just the Israel Lobby.  It's hundreds of Jewish Activist and Lobbying groups operating in Europe and America that are the most destructive for the White Race, far more than even Israeli Jews or Zionists.


LetThemEatRand's picture

I personally know some asshole White People, and some asshole Jews.  In terms of percentages, I'd say they are about equal.  If a few hundred Jews can destroy the White Race as you put it, maybe you should look in the mirror about why you are so easily destroyed.  It seems to me that you are looking for an easy bogey man to explain your own shortcomings.  Whatever you do, don't look beyond religion or race, because that may be too complicated for you.

frontierland's picture

Look at you.  Going for the personal attack so soon.  And pathologizing my fact based, well-read postion as a problem with me...  How Jewish can you get!  Yes, even Catholics have been demoralized into submission by Jewery.

This is why folks like you should sit it out and let us do what will be done.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"This is why folks like you should sit it out and let us do what will be done."

Your keyboard is frightening those scary Jews already.

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meh i personally give up on the rand eater

Dindu Nuffins's picture

An individualist can't see that groups always out-compete individuals. Never saw this plot-twist coming!

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In general terms, you are off base in this discussion. But you make a critical, and valid, point about defense against this conspiracy. If it is fact the case that Jewish interests are attempting NWO and submission of non-Jews, then why aren't non-Jews, and Whites in particular, able to outplay them?

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Israeli jews are surrounded by a walled prison, foreign jews are surrounded by Wall St.

Herodotus's picture

Charles seemed to have it pretty well figured out.

frontierland's picture

Not shocking at all if you're a Pro-White or AltRight.


We've exposed the fake "You're Anti-Semitic for Noticing" meme of the (((Rootless Cosmopolitans))) and now the truth will flow like never before...

Hail Victory Fam.

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"I'd love to live in your trousers"

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But, he's one of those foreign Jews -- Cannanite scum to be specific.

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400 comments in 3..2..1..

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Why is the term "Jewish Lobby" so antisemitic? 

It's called the "American (((Israeli))) Political Action Committee" for a reason!

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Nothing shocking.  Charles is just stating well known facts.  The MSM must over react to discourage any honest discussion.

Salzburg1756's picture

Prince Charles in 2020! For whatever!

But he will surely take it all back. Come back tomorrow and you'll be able to read his heart-felt apology here.

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"It is also not the first time Prince Charles has gotten in hot water for controversial remarks:"

I guess as far as the Jewish Controlled press is concerned. Telling this truth is controversial

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Sounds about right.  Although the US is a colony of Israel, rather than Israel being a colony of the US.

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i so thought that when i read the line.  i mean they don't act like we are the home country do they?  

here's something on the israeli lobby:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Israel_Lobby_and_U.S._Foreign_Policy

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Firtstly, if something is entirely predictable, it cannot, by definition, be shocking.

(Exception) Seeing an electric cable plugged in to the wall and then sticking your tongue in the plug.


So, you can get into trouble for using the term "jewish lobby."


And in some countries if you dont believe in the holocaust you're beaking the law.


Is saying this anti semitic?

jeff montanye's picture

at least avoid some relatively accurate criticism and call it the israeli lobby or the zionist lobby.

cheney bush and rumsfeld were jewish tools but not jews themselves.  ditto obama and clinton.

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I saw a photo of Bill Clinton wearing a yarmulke (a jew skull cap).  He knows where his money comes from.

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I wore one at a wedding once. The groom sent me a lot of business.

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So there is NOT a Jewish lobby in the US?

I am confused.

Ms No's picture

Exactly.  There is but you are not allowed to discuss it's existence or activities without being labeled Anti-semitic.  If you are in Europe or Canada they can throw you in prison for such things.  They are trying to do that here too.  Soon boycotting Israel may become illegal and the Zionists will just finish wiping their ass with our first amendment and right to associate with what we want.  Just that circumstance alone should clue in any retards that are left.


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ALL our politicians(paid bad actors) ,Senators and Congressmen/women can not tell a non Kosher approved lie to their constituent Goyim. If you are not approved by AIPAC you have no future. If there is a politician who distance himself from the AIPAC approved line,he/she is given the boot. They have to pledge allegiance to Israhell when they are sworn in. Cynthia McKinney said that they all are required to do this.

There is no US candidate to presidency who is not vetted by AIPAC and doesn't go to their meetings to pledge allegiance.

There is no US president/Congressmen/Senator who does not go to the wailing wall,wearing the yarmulke ,to f*ck that wall( and all of us) ,because that is what it is,have you seen the way they pray to that wall?(including Rand Paul)

All foreign help for Israhell is approved unanimously(billions every year; why do they need it if they are the "only democracy " in the ME?)

Nobody even touches the subject of Dimona ,the 200 nuclear missiles they have,the fact that they don't sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

Nobody  discusses their involvement(overwhelming) in 911,USS Liberty.

No politician is able to see Israhell's  crimes in Gaza/Palestine.

No politician/US president is able to see their disproportionate representation in ALL position of power in the US

They all bend over themselves to applaud ,give standing ovations to their PM, Bibi Mileikowsky ,the Warsaw born Khazarian aka Satanyahoo.

Was this too antisemitic for their delicate chosen sensibilities?

FredFlintstone's picture

The Jeff Epstein thing was an eye opener for me. A guy comes out of nowhere. A person created and set up as a "billionaire" to do some the dirty work.  

when the saxon began's picture

"...Nobody discusses their involvement(overwhelming) in 911,USS Liberty...."  And don't forget JFK.

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The Queen must be about to die and the Tribe are making sure Prince Charles is exiled to Scotland.

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Wow! Maybe those English inbred jeds aren’t as retarded as I thought.

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The Fucking Parasitic, Satanic Zionists are Demonic. Jews, as a collective, come in a close second. However, with that being said, there are some decent Jews out there. But they are few and far between.

They are truly one strange tribe. So few on the planet, yet so powerful. The masses are waking up to the elephant in the room. I wouldn't want to be a jew, their karma doesn't look sustainable.

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A 38-year man signing his name as, "Charlie?" Ouch.

He is correct. The horror of pork is shared by both Jews and Muslims. I think it comes from living in a desert region with limited refrigeration and sanitation. The rules about which hand to eat with, the rules Jews have about what to put where in the fridge. All way over the top for me. As far as seafood, if you didn't catch it or it was not caught by pros that live in a very cold area, it probably isn't a good idea to eat it.

My conclusion is that living in the desert has made people in the Middle East bat shit fucking cray cray.

My two food rules are wash my hands before cooking and get enough fiber.

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I seem to recall Charlie was a cheap perfume in the 60s and 70s.

ebear's picture

"I think it comes from living in a desert region with limited refrigeration and sanitation."

Refrigeration?  In Biblical times? 

According to Marvin Harris (Cultural Materialism) pigs are banned because they need to wallow in mud or water to cool themselves off.  The expression "to sweat like a pig" is a complete misnomer.  Pigs don't sweat.  So, hot climate plus scarce water resources = ban on pigs.

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Pigs eat carrion and shit.

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So do dogs.  You know, like the one sitting on your couch next to you right now.

Muzzies despise dogs.  Full credit for that.

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What's your point?  You sound upset.  Does it bother you that your mom comes over to watch tv at my place?

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If you live in a desert water is scarce based on where you live.

Refrigeration is a modern invention. I guess I should have said the inability to preserve meat . . . although the Italians and Spainsh figured out how to salt, smoke and cure ham to the point where such hams are prized and sell for very high prices.

The lack of water, lack of water for the pigs, lack of water for personal hygiene, lack of . . . okay never mind. Like I said, people that live in the desert on a permanent basis tend to go batshit crazy. I don't mind visiting the desert. Would I live there for my entire life? No. Never. I like trees and I like water.

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The ban on roasting and eating pork is likely due to it smelling exactly like roasting human. In the dark recesses of history where cannibalism was first being outlawed, a ban on pork and human is a great way to stop cold-turkey. This hypothesis was created by Christopher Hitchens and stated in one of his essays.

HRH Feant2's picture

Trichinosis. Worms. Desert. Inbreeding. What is the difference between a Jew and Muslim? Not much. I think both are assholes and have control issues.

I am of Northern European and Scandinavian heritage. Not my problem.

I love fish, seafood, pork, cheese. More cheese. Fuck we had to eat anything and everything or starve and die.

As for eating people? Oh hell no. Plenty of rats and pigeons in every city. Plenty of possum, squirrel, and raccoons in the burbs. No fucking way would I eat a person. The only person that resorts to eating people is someone with no skills.

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The ban on eating pork comes from one of their holy books. At the time the commandment was given there was an abundance of wild hogs in the region who were unclean. Pigs have since been domesticated but that doesen't stop the humans from mindlessly following redundant advice from the higher realms.