Zimbabwe Military Commander Denies Coup: Only "Targeting Criminals That Cause Economic Suffering In The Country"

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Update: News24 reports that Zimbabwe military commander Chiwenga says on state television that this is not a military coup.

Chiwenga goes to say that the military will bring to justice those who are responsible for "social and economic suffering in the country," that Mugabe and his family are safe, and they are targeting "criminals" around the Mugabe family.. promising the situation will return to normal soon.

The commander adds that "this is an attempt to stop a degenerating system, asks veterans to play a responsible role ," and concludes by asking several sectors in society... "churches, traditional leaders.. to play their role during this period and "to the media please report responsibly."

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Update: AFP reports that gunfire was heard close to Mugabe's private residence.

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As we detailed earlier, following at least three explosions across Zimbabwe's capital city tonight - following what appears to be the start of a military coup as tanks rolled in - the US embassy in Harare has been closed. Additionally, reports state that troops have deployed on the streets and have seized the state broadcaster.

As we detailed earlier, The Associated Press said it saw three tanks with several soldiers in a convoy on a road heading toward an army barracks just outside the capital, Harare, while Reuters reported that four tanks were seen heading toward the capital.

And here is Al Jazeera with a brief explainer of the political crisis in Zimbabwe that threatens to sweep Robert Mugabe from his post:

Zimbabwe is facing a political crisis with the ruling Zanu-PF party, as a very public showdown over who is likely to succeed President Robert Mugabe plays out.


The current standoff is between the Youth faction, loyal to his wife, Grace Mugabe, and the former liberation fighters, loyal to Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice president who was fired last week. Al Jazeera's Hannah Hoexter explains.

But the situation appears to have escalated notably in the last few hours as The Telegraph reports, several loud explosions echoed across central Harare in the early hours of Wednesday after troops deployed on the streets of the capital and seized the state-owened Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corp.

“I was woken up at about 1.10 a.m. by a distant explosion that shook the bed -- two others since then,” Roger Stringer, who lives in Harare’s Mount Pleasant suburb, said by phone.

AP notes that Zimbabwe's ruling party is accusing the country's army commander of "treasonable conduct" for his threat to have the military step in and calm political turmoil.

The statement issued Tuesday night says the unprecedented comments made a day earlier by army commander Constantino Chiwenga were "clearly calculated to disturb national peace and stability" and were "meant to incite insurrection."

Additionally, the U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe says it will be closed to the public on Wednesday because of "ongoing uncertainty" in the capital. The embassy announced the closure on Twitter early Wednesday. The embassy says it will remain "minimally staffed."

Additionally The US State Department has issued a warning urging all US citizens currently within #Zimbabwe to shelter in place until the current diplomatic crisis is over.

As a result of the ongoing political uncertainty through the night, the Ambassador has instructed all employees to remain home tomorrow.


U.S. government personnel have been instructed to shelter in their residences tonight and work remotely from home on November 15. The embassy will be minimally staffed and closed to the public.


U.S. citizens in Zimbabwe are encouraged to shelter in place until further notice. Please monitor news and embassy notifications.


In case of emergency involving U.S. citizens, U.S. citizens should call Consul Amy Diaz at +263 772 102 179.


Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place and exercise caution when in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.

Given the relatively closed nature of markets in Zimbabwe there is little evidence in markets to reflect the potential chaos, however we do note that Bitcoin has suddenly surged as the situation has escalated and we have noted previously, cryptocurrencies have become a more ubiquitous solution for money transfer in Zimbabwe in recent weeks...


This is the first time since his rule began that Zimbabwe is seeing an open rift between the military and 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

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Don't take any cookies from Nuland!

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"U.S. government personnel have been instructed to shelter in their residences tonight and work remotely from home on November 15."

They further added "This will be all over in a few days.  The CIA promised the operation would be concluded by then."


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Oh ok. So its another cia coup.

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CIA coup my ass.

The CIA would never stop a dictator who was in the middle of decades-long white genocide.

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This is hardcore communists versus corrupt dictator's wife.

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How could anyone tell if they had a coup or not ? It'll just be the same old shit, different day.

That being said, their roads look to be better maintained than the ones in Roswell, GA.

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I think I saw Christopher Walkin in one of those pics.


"You're gonna hafta buy it all over again!"

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"Targeting Criminals That Cause Economic Suffering In The Country"


....and you guys thought black people were dumb. lol lol lol

Hillary Clinton is sooo proud of these heroes.


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Also, you could use a little bit more of that cowbell. It really ties everything together 

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"How many times does pouring champagne over a $60K watch start a coup?"

Not often enough.  Just nigs with bling.  Same shit, different continent.

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Notice that they even laid down a layer of dirt on the nice roads.  So the tanks don't chew them up?  A little planning beforehand?

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Don't stop your enemy from... umm..When your enemy is my enemies friend...ummm..HEY! WTF does directive #3 say?

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Directive #3 Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again.

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This started earlier today. ZH took most of the day off, heck all of the media took the day off on this, it is Africa. Just full of resources and animals that dance on a string. Mugaby won't be hard to replace.

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I agree. I saw that animated Disney movie of those dancing, talking African animals. I forget the name. But I heard the producer grabbed a pussy.

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ZH covered this. Early reports were not conclusive. We still don't know what's going on.

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I'm quite surprised that they are able to keep those APCs in working order.

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They have their priorities straight.

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Meh. Just repurpose parts from the combines provided by Bill Gates Greening of Africa.

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Those are tanks.  The journalists said so.

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Sounds great! When can we expect to see one in DC?

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Africa was better off as colonies

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Tell that to the descendants of the native population of Congo. What the Belgians did to them is as despicable as what Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Ataturk, the Crusaders, and the Inquisition priests did to their own and others. Forced labor, murder, cutting off hands, yeah they were so much better off with Euro-Plunders running the show. 

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Truer in some ways. Rhodesia used to be the breadbasket of Africa. Now it's a nation that has to import food. It's a sad state of affairs as these neo-Marxist states lost the support of the USSR which was the only think keeping them afloat for many years.

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Next to starve just one pulled plug away.

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it's not really Marxist, more cronyism and corruption, e.g. farms seized and handed out to those in the same political party regardless of what they knew about farming.

Mugabe's first wife was a calming influence but the curernt one is just as bad as Mandela's, a power hungry witch.

There's huge potential in Zimbabwe it jsut needs a moderately competent government with less corruption (maybe that's a big ask though).

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Africa was better off...and so was Europe and the US...before we even knew what the fuck was there.

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Africa was better off before colonization.
Ever since then... ugh.

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More of a lateral move.  Read 'Negroes in Negroland' free online, which is a compendium of first person accounts from the first White explorers into the Dark Continent, which reveals an eye-opening non-pc description of the natives in their pristine state.

There were no noble savages.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

I shared a house with a black dude for a few years, and yeah, having skimmed though that, some of the things he did that made no sense now do.

This ought to be compulsory reading, so as we all (B&W) know where we are coming from..

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"Africa was better off as colonies"

Those who've been lucky enough to actually live into their 70's and 80's tend to agree.  Keep in mind that most countries in sub-Saharan Africa have life expectancies in the mid-40's, with a couple as low as about 36.  We're talking literal stone age life expectancies here.

They might not miss Belgium or Portugal too much (even though infrastructure was well maintained), but the French, Germans and Britts seemed to know how to keep things running and not be too too oppressive.

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Q: Can Soros people now buy the country for pennies? 

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This is costing quadrillions per round.
Go easy, Bumantu!!!

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Still haven't seen vid or photos of "tanks" rolling into Harare yet - all I can see are a few APCs.

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Its Africa bicycles are mechanised infantry so an apc would be a tank

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You can see them right next to the "fully automatic assault rifles" you can buy in any gun shop in the US.


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Glad I saved all those trillion Zimbabwe bucks. They said the South will rise again.

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You can buy full auto AK's for 50 to 100 bucks in Africa.

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If you were buying a few more than 1, Egyptian AKMs used to be available for about $18.00 a copy (in the mid to late 80s).  PG 7Vs cost about 20.00.  Shipping was the buyers problem.