Abu Dhabi Businessman Pays $2.9 Million For 19-Year-Old Model's Virginity

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Another young millennial has reportedly sold her virginity for millions on the famed site Cinderella Escorts.

Back in April, a Hong Kong businessman paid $2.5 million for an 18-year-old Romanian model’s virginity. Just yesterday, we outlined that millions of millennials in the United States could be trading sex for their next debt servicing payment on a website called SeekingArrangement.com. As what we believe, the trend is clear and millennials are resorting to sex for a real simple get-out-of debt option or the chance for a better life, as their future economic prospects are quite dim.

The latest demand for virgins is coming from a businessman in Abu Dhabi who has agreed to pay $2.9 million (€ 2.5million) for the virginity of a 19-year-old part time student and model living in California. The model named Giselle,19, is astounded by the overall outcome of the auction and says a Hollywood Actor and Russian Politician were also in the running. She says this is “a dream told true” and plans to use the money for — you guessed it— tuition fees and travel. Perhaps, she’ll be one of the few millennials enjoying avocado and toast for breakfast for the rest of her life.

Giselle’s 30 second elevator-pitch of why she wants to sell her virginity...

According to the Daily Mail,

The model said: ‘I am happy to have decided to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts.


‘I would never have dreamt that the bid would rise so high and we would have reached 2.5million Euros. This is a dream come true.’


Giselle said she was ‘shocked’ by the outrage against women selling her virginity, describing it as a ‘form of emancipation.’


‘If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision,’ she said.


‘The fact that women can do what they want with their bodies and have the courage to live their sexuality free against the critics sets a sign for emancipation’.


She added: ‘In retrospect, how many would probably give up their first time if they could have 2.5million Euros instead?’ 

The man behind Cinderella Escorts, Jan Zakobielski, 27, who runs the business from Dortmund, Germany, and as the Daily Mail put it, “likens a woman’s virginity to a very old wine or a luxury car”.

Cinderella Escort’s fees are twenty percent of each transaction, which is a sizable payout for Zakobielski. 

A spokesman for Cinderella Escorts said: ‘On our website you will find a video where girls from all over the world talk about the reasons to sell their virginity.

*  *  *

As the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East spiral out of control and a military conflict looms, it seems as one lucky Abu Dhabi businessman has found a novel way of funneling hot money out of the region before a conflict with Saudi Arabia and Lebanon breaks-out.

For Giselle, if the transaction goes through her avocado and toast days are just ahead while blowing all her money on tuition, but for the greater scope of the millennial generation, it’s a bleak future with many hardships of debt servicing encompassed in a stagnate wage growth environment unless you sell your virginity.

We imagine this trend is only getting started…

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IH8OBAMA's picture

If I could have gotten $10 for my virginity, I would have taken it.


Scornd's picture

its how do they say in Dixie?


RAT005's picture

If Washington can help encourage this with foreign Johns, they can improve the trade imbalance.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

A football player got her throat virginity for free.

bobcatz's picture

Meanwhile in IsraHell, they just kidnap the virgins in Eastern Europe and ship them in Israhelli brothels, while harvesting the organs of young Palestinians killed by IDF snipers.

Manthong's picture


She has probably been  drilled  more times than an American slate formation.in the Permian

jbvtme's picture

twenty five years ago i founded and funded a yoga program for kids in a publc charter school in new york city. during the twelve years i was involved i spent $125K while introducing 600 children this fine art. not bragging. just trying to breath some life into this wretched doom porn website.

Dindu Nuffins's picture

"I spent a lot of time and money teaching useless SWPL nonsense to minorities"

Fascinating. Thank you for your inestimable contribution to the good of all humanity. Speaking on behalf of all Zerohedge Comment Section, everyone is indebted to your moral-masturbation. 

E5's picture


Jealous women everywhere who lost it to a Hippie Hipster at an Antifa meeting.

Took Red Pill's picture

 She says this is “a dream told true” 

shouldn't it be a dream cum true?

RAT005's picture

Young lady, do you know what tax bracket you'll be in? 10% to the online pimp, 7% to the state,  35% to the fsds. I think no FICA for fucka.

mkkby's picture

Pimp gets 20%. You didn't read.

So she'll keep 40% (about 1 mildo) after taxes. Not bad, but a shit head snowflake like this will *blow* it (pun intended) in no time.

Rich guy is a real loser. She's probably sucked/fucked dozens starting at age 13. He should just off himself and get the 72 free virgins.

PirateKing's picture

Unfortunately for her virginity is not a renewable resource

Dindu Nuffins's picture

That is a very problematic attitude. In today's enlightened society, any detail of the human condition is simply a matter of how you feel and choose to identify. Some days, the average Xir may feel like a slutty empowered feminist, and on other days, a delicate virgin trad-maiden, and on still other occasions an asexual giraffekin genderfluid. Anyone can be anything because we are all equal.

Justin Case's picture

Unfortunately for her virginity is not a renewable resource

She can turn around and sell the other hole as a virgin to the Hershey highway lovers. Double her fortune. The firm could also stat filming the couples and sell the movies to those that can only afford to beat the meat. Just have to be moar like an entrepreneur and wring it for every pennie.

valjoux7750's picture

Wonder what my 51 year old virgin bunghole would fetch? 

Justin Case's picture

Not much if it has speed bumps (hemorrhoids)

Mr. Universe's picture

"ribbed" for your pleasure...

Ishiggydiggy's picture

Your name doesn't end with a -stein by any chance?

herbivore's picture

Unfortunately for us, the competition doesn't care.

Ishiggydiggy's picture

In Thailand or Korea a plastic surgeon would be happy to restore the hymen on these roasties' high mileage gashes. Hell, even the roast beef curtains can be sliced, diced, and bleached like new. 

Cynicles II's picture

One and done. 
But she will forever be a whore.

lew1024's picture

This has gone on in every society for as long as anyone has recorded things.

Some societies are relaxed about sex and the cycles of life.

Others had varieties of Puritan thinking. But it happened everywhere, just whether it was out in the open or not.

Marriages were once arranged everywhere. How was that different, except the girl's choice wasn't of much importance and she didn't get the $? Worse, by a lot, I think.

"Oh, but not now in civilized societies!" you will protest. OK, you get your definition of civilized society and I get mine. That is the evolutionary horse race, the question of which version does better? I put my bet on the old ways, updated with Freedom.

Why use loaded words? One could equally describe her as a clear-eyed realist making the very best of the hand that life has dealt her. But we would have to know the girl, her real personality, to know whether she was likely long-term to sell sex, that this was an entry to the profession.

Even then, people end up selling sex for very different reasons. Many aren't the lazy, taking the easy way through life that I would characterize as 'whores'.

unrulian's picture

I've often speculated that the percentage of your body covered in Tattoos is inversly proportional to your IQ.

Ink Pusher's picture

If you want to attempt to insult the tattoed, try picking on me you inkless invertebrate !

MisterMousePotato's picture

Avocados? What is the big fucking deal about avocados?

I mean, sure ... I like avocados.

The day before yesterday, my wife bought a bag of eight(!) of them for like three and a half bucks. Maybe two and a half. I forget.

Like usual. We like avocados. We buy them all the time.What's the big deal?

p.s. For what it's worth, I have concluded that smaller avocados are the better buy usually. They seem to ripen and keep better. Often the pits are very small, and there's just more to them than one might think. I've never opened one and thought, "I wish I had a bigger avocado."

If I want more, I just open another, which I can do because I bought half a dozen 'cause I can afford them.

Lotta words to say "I just don't get this whole avocado thralldom thing." If I wanted to, I (or anyone else, for that matter) could eat an avocado, even on a piece of toast, for about fifty cents a day, and even half that if I ate but a single piece of toast (one small avocado would be good for two days).

And, if I really, really had a thing for this, well, I'd grow an avocado tree or cozy up to someone who had one. My wife had one in her back yard when she was a kid. Their dog gained about a hundred pounds from eating the damn things that fell on the lawn.

But all of a sudden, this is lifestyles of the rich and famous?

Maybe if I lived in Tuktoyaktuk before the highway, I wouldn't take avocados for granted, but I don't, and neither do you or anyone else. (That was the whole point of the article, wasn't it?)

Maybe I shoulda put in a bid on virgin chick offering a couple bags of avocados?

youngman's picture

I have three trees....and what I dont eat..I sell....prices are up quite a bit....they were up a lot last year ...4-5 times as Mexicos crop was small or something....I dont export..just for local consumption....I had one tree..it produced so many that it tipped over....its still growing and the avocados are much easier to pick....the thing about the dogs eating them is true....I find the seeds all over my yard from when my dogs have had one.....lol

divingengineer's picture

So you WOULDN’T suck a dick for money to buy avocados?
The girl is a whore, the guy who runs the website is a pimp, the customer is a John. Let’s not jazz it up any more than it really is. Lazy-ass little cunt wants to get paid for spreading her legs, same as half the chicks out there. Career, school, job, that’s hard and takes years, spreading your gash for money is easy and quick, but you are still a whore, not some enlightened individualist. A filthy cock sucking gutter whore that fucks for money. Getting paid to fuck is her “dream come true”, what a catch!
But hey, not my pussy, not my money.

mkhs's picture

Go to some well known coffee shop and price a latte and toast with avocado.

Manthong's picture


this wretched doom porn website.”

 Aw c’mon…..

Look at the bright side of things…

Like when you are on the Hindenburg and the hydrogen is exploding in a massive fireball….

….and you get a nice warm ride down.


...enjoy the humanity...........


Laowei Gweilo's picture

sold it?!

my entire high school,I couldn't even give mine away for free ~

Itinerant's picture

Why can't men sell their virginity for millions? This seems outright discriminatory and should be illegal.

mkhs's picture

Talk to Kevin Spacey.  He might have a twenty dollar bill for ya.

RafterManFMJ's picture

...so you’re saying OP dindu nuttin’?

WakeUpPeeeeeople's picture

I would suggest that she bring a large quantity of AstroGlide to the party and pray that he has a tiny, limp dick. Just saying.

Bumpo's picture

No. You are bragging. Go Fuck Yourself.

losses mount's picture

Holy busted hymens Batman!

Bam !!  Pow !!!

glenlloyd's picture

Perhaps the football players got her throat virginity and her ass virginity?

AAA's picture

Thats is awesome..keep up the good work

American Psycho's picture

wow, $3MM and what do you get?  Listening to her saying, "owww" and "it hurts" and "can we stop?"

divingengineer's picture

Why not, it’s a tax deduction.

house biscuit's picture

doom porn and hollow bravado website

fixed it

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Wreched doom porn? No pal, we're saving the wretched stuff for the apocalypse. This is the refined and tasteful doom porn.

Ajax-1's picture

Are you looking for a fucking trophy? I once helped a little old lady across the street. The fact that you used the words: yoga and New York City in the same sentence is pretty depressing. Thanks for bringing me down dickwad.

Ben Tornilloed's picture

Shale dude, shale.

But point taken