Crew Of Missing Argentine Submarine Makes Contact Attempt

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Argentinians breathed a collective sigh of relief Saturday night after authorities revealed that the crew of a missing submarine had attempted to make contact for the first time since communication with the sub suddenly ceased on Wednesday. Defense Minister Oscar Aguad said over Twitter on Saturday night that the submarine, which was carrying a crew of 44 sailors, had sent seven “communication attempts” earlier in the day. He did not provide further details.

“We received seven signals from satellite calls that would come from the submarine San Juan. We are working hard to locate him and we convey hope to the families of the 44 crew members: that they may soon have them in their homes.”

The vessel disappeared from radar last week, forcing the Argentine navy to hastily organize a search and recovery effort. The last registered position of the vessel was on November 15 at 07:30 in latitude 46 ° 44 ‘south and longitude 59 ° 54 West, at the height of Puerto Madryn and off the coast of Patagonia. Since then, the vessel has not reappeared on radar, or been spotted by the search party, according to the Associated Press.

The whereabouts of the vessel, the subject of an intensive search involving eight nations including the US, remains a mystery. Officials don’t even know whether it’s at the surface or underwater.

The submarine ARA San Juan left Argentina Monday to participate in naval exercises off southern Argentina before departing Monday from the city of Ushuaia for a naval base in Mar de Plata. The last contact was made after the northbound vessel passed the Valdes Peninsula about 270 miles off Argentina’s coast.

NASA joined the search effort on Saturday with a P-3 Orion propeller-driven patrol airplane, equipped with magnetometers, infrared cameras and other sensors that can detect a submerged submarine. The aircraft, which can also measure ice thickness, is temporarily based in Ushuaia to take part in a NASA survey of Antarctica.

Argentine naval officials said they received no distress signals from the vessel, a German-built TR-1700 model, before losing contact. Vessels from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, South Africa and the United Kingdom are also assisting in the search.

Pope Francis, a native of Argentina, said in a statement issued by the Vatican earlier Saturday that he was praying for the safe return of the submarine and its crew, and for “spiritual serenity and Christian hope” for Argentina. He said he felt especially close to family members “in these difficult moments."

Anguished family members of the crew have gathered at the Mar de Plata base awaiting news.

“It’s agonizing the passing of the hours, a mixture of horrible feelings and silence,” said Marcela Moyano, wife of submarine machinist Hernan Rodriguez, in an interview at the base with TodoNoticias TV channel before Aguad’s announcement. “It’s a situation of desperation and fear. But we’re still hopeful they are returning,” according to the Associated Press.

Of the missing sub’s 44 crew members, one is a woman: Lt. Eliana Maria Krawczyk, 34, the sub’s operations chief. Her father, Eduardo, said in a TV interview Thursday that he last talked to his daughter two weeks ago.

“She told me that after arriving at Tierra del Fuego, that the (female) governor of the state came aboard the submarine and congratulated her because a woman was on the crew,” Eduardo Krawczyk said. He added that he is praying for his daughter’s safe return and that seeing her again will be like “being born again."

Psychologists and a Roman Catholic bishop have arrived at the naval base to counsel family members. Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the fleet was “not discarding any hypothesis” on what might have happened to the sub.  “We are going to suppose the submarine had problems of communications, that there might have been a blackout, or power failure, and that it is now adrift,” Balbi said. “From (projected) movement after going adrift, we can estimate the search area."

The diesel-powered sub is one of three submarines in Argentina’s fleet. Measuring 220 feet long, the sub has a range of 13,000 miles. It underwent a major overhaul and reconditioning in 2008 that officials here say qualified it for 30 years more of use.

But weather in the search area has turned rough, with strong winds and waves as high as 20 feet, complicating the rescue operation, Balbi said.

“Remember that the part of the submarine that is above surface is very small, just a third of its length. The color of the vessel doesn’t help either because it mimics that of the ocean,” Balbi told reporters.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri tweeted Friday that the government is doing everything it can to find the sub: “We are in contact with the families of the crew of the submarine ARA San Juan who is missing to inform and support them. We share your concern and that of all Argentines."

Four Argentine ships, various helicopters and 500 marines are participating in the search.

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hidflect's picture

If it was on the surface I'm pretty sure they'd have a satellite phone that could phone home. Failed calls sounds like they tried to contact via a towed array.

buzzsaw99's picture

yeah, assuming it's adrift is wishful thinking imo.

ne-tiger's picture

What you do now BritBob?

NoDebt's picture

"I would like to have seen Montana."


gmrpeabody's picture

Hope it wasn't one of our navy ships that ran into it...

IH8OBAMA's picture

Man, they have got to get ALL assets out there to locate and try and save those sailors if they are alive.


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The Argentina Navy reports its received five messages from the submariners and two from Elvis.

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The US vessel hit the submarine whie being distracted by a giant penis in the sky.

therealestg9's picture

BritBob is somewhere laughing hysterically after reading this news.

OverTheHedge's picture

Allegedly a British submarine is helping in the search: I hope they don't get too close to the wreck of the belgrano.

I was wondering if this was just an excuse to do some serious prospecting for oil in areas they are not supposed to be looking in, but that is just my natural paranoia kicking in.

Yog Soggoth's picture

No, he's being cool (SARC). Not saying this is the likely scenario, but a mid-size Kraken could have done serious damage to this toy. It looks like a teen whale. I send my best wishes to those brave submariners, and their families. 

El Oregonian's picture

Interesting that one of the search ships just happened to be in port working on the Antartica Project. At least so it seems...

BandGap's picture

So I guess diesel subs are hard to find?  How difficult would this be if they didn't want to be found? All the blustering about finding NK diesel subs very easily is true then?


Winston Churchill's picture

Very hard when running on battery.They were only really beaten in WWII by deploying hunter

killer surface squadrons in offence,trying to defend convoys even with mini carriers really

didn't do as much as advertised.Even with helicopter dipping sonar its not easy at all.The oceans are

huge places to hide in.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Winnie, don't forget Enigma. The Germans lost the war before it started. Adolph threw the match and retired to  ... Argentina.

Stan522's picture

Argentina has a fucking sub...? For what? How about spending money on a program that successfully feeds your citizens?

BritBob's picture

The sub obviously hasn't been maintained properly. 

LightBeamCowboy's picture

Was proper maintenance the problem with the subs the USN has lost? The fact is, submarines are ships designed to sink themselves -- that's what they do every time they dive. Neutral buoyancy is a perilous condition by definition: it means you've given up all margin of safety in your ability to float, and the smallest error or mechanical failure can throw the sub into negative buoyancy, to crush depth, to the bottom. Only the bravest of men can live under that condition, and they tend to be fanatical about proper maintenance.

Justin Case's picture

sub obviously hasn't been maintained properly

That can only be concluded by determining the root cause of failure first and then a review of the maintenance records to see if the failure mode is in fact part of the preventitive maintenance steps. Anything else is pure speculation.

cheech_wizard's picture

Yes, very fanatical about proper maintenance. (i.e. been there, done that...)

Standard Disclaimer: Is it really bravery, or just fear of dying? (I leaned heavily towards the latter while in the sub service.)


Justin Case's picture

I was the maintenance and reliabilty manager for one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world. I wrote maintenace task lists, scheduled maintenance, root cause failure analysis, remedial actions, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Factory acceptance testing (FAT) for new equipment, equipment reliability studies, equipment modifications to enhance efficiency, reliability.

I loved the job. Had 7 mechnaics and 3 electricians.

HRClinton's picture

They should have given the sub more grass-fed bovine grease, free of Monsanto corn.


Dugald's picture


They are Argies for christs sake.......

b-sugar's picture

Argentinians are hungry now? Jesus ZH puts everybody (stupid people) on the edge. 
Argentina is doing alright, thank you very much. opiod nation

intotheblack's picture

Please acknowledge that Argentina is a third-world shit-hole (mis)governed by angry kleptocrats and that no one in Argentina has the technical competence to put a submarine to sea for any purpose. Apparently arms vendors and highly paid European consultants duped the dim-witted Argentines into an antique submarine with a failing engine and dimply skin. A crew of brave Argentinians now pays the price for the corruption and incompetence of a criminal regime.

Of course this makes Argentina no different than the U.S. and at least Argentina has the saving grace of its grinding poverty. When the U.S. shits the bed because of its corrupt military procurement and neocon insanity it costs thousands upon thousands of lives and no one cares because Netflix.

b-sugar's picture

Are you insane or just dumb? Are you thinking of venezuela or colombia perhaps? 


Do some research before opening your mouth, as for the brave crew, don't worry, afterall they have zero change of being dead because of a tug boat in the middle of an exercise, right opiod nation? 

MEFOBILLS's picture

Argentina from wikipedia, it only took a few ergs of my finger energy to click on wikipedia:

Thus, most Argentines are descendants of these 19th and 20th century immigrants, with about 97% of the population being of European or partial European descent.[3][4] Arab descent is also significant (mostly of Syrianand Lebanese origin), and the Jewish population is the biggest in all Latin America (7th in the world). Mestizo population in Argentina, unlike in other Latin American countries, is very low, as is the Black population

I will add here that Syians and Lebanese are not fully arab, they are levantines, a meditteranean peoples, somewhat similar to todays' greeks.  Today's greeks in turn are not as  white as they once where, in the same way that Egyptians changed through the centuries.

Arabs, the Semite speaking Arabs - have a lot of Neanderthal Admixture due to two different immigration waves from the former black sea region. Some neanderthal admixture = good.  Too much = bad.

So, Argentines DO have genetic ability to operate submarines, or even build them if they wanted to.  The Brazilians who build aircraft are white people and some asians (Japanese decendents) who have congregated together away from the indios and blacks.  

If a person doesn't think in terms of race, then they become a walking doofus, and cannot understand the world.  Don't be the walking doofus.

With regards to JEWISH component, that came later.  Zion has targeted Argentina as the "practical country."  This is very important.  The patagonia region is the fall back position if they lose ISRAEL.  Zion banksters have jacked with every election in Argentina, placing their bribed and threatened shabbos goy minions.  So, Argentina, like most white populations is carrying the parasite disease.

b-sugar's picture

Your copy paste skills are on point, son

Pandelis's picture


greeks are not as white ... really? have you meet any greeks? ... that is kabalist propaganda as clear as it can be.  you just copy it from wikipedia and take it as a reliable source of information (not always especially when it comes to politics) better try to read a few books to learn for yourself instead of quoting wikipedia.

i am not going into other quotes, but this was very obvious.


btw, if you want to know more on the subject, the claim made by wikipedia has its roots in mid 1800s (same time same place the theories of communism etc. were being developed): Jakob Fallmerayer was the first about this in 1800s, he started this theory that today greeks (came from Mars) are not the descendants of hellenes. 

Constantine Paparrigopoulos  wrote the history of hellenes (greeks) and documented that Mr. Jakob was a deceiver.

MEFOBILLS's picture

greeks are not as white ... really? have you meet any greeks? 


OK. Let me clarify, they are less NORTHERN white than they used to be.  Levantines are white people, of mediteranean extraction.  Any anthropologist looking at a skeleton would be hard pressed to differentiate.

Of course, some of the ancient Hellenes are around today, but to ignore outside immigration that has been on-going for centuries is to ignore reality.  People always do this, they  extrapolate what they know from today to the past, or the future.  That is bad logic.

For example, today's Mestizos in U.S. southwest, assume they have always been there.  But, the reality is the vast majority are recent immigrants.


Pandelis's picture

This is not about white is is about "used to be" and it is not about the whiteness it is about christianity... read Jakob Fallmeyer and Constandinos Paparigoupoulos.


one more thing, Greece before joining the Euro had $2.5 billion in debt, 16 years later the debt is over 1 trillion.  This was done through the Goldman dea l


You know when the Goldman deal was signed? guess ...

2 months before September 11, 2001.  Thats how big it was for the deceivers.  Needless to say, I learned about this only a couple of months ago, thats how much these things are covered.

i am sure you are familiar with all that propoganda of lazy greeks etc. it is all very well orchestrated and planned well in advance.


Ethelred the Unready's picture

In another 2000 years, folks will claim that the then current population of New York City is descended from its Dutch founders. Van will be a popular baby boy's name, behind only a few others like Mohammed, Abdul, Leroy...

blentus's picture

Wikipedia generation.

If I have no idea about something, I will just copy/paste from the Internet.

Always works wonders.

AurorusBorealus's picture

The vast majority of people here are of European decent: from all over Europe.  There are of course, those of Spanish decent, but there is a very large Italian population here, and Argentine Spanish is heavily inflected by Italian in pronunciation and, in some cases, vocabulary.  There is also a large eastern European population, as well as a German population.  The mestizo population is growing as immigrants from Peru and Bolivia are coming to Argentina in increasing numbers seeking better economic opportunities.  Argentina appears to the eye and ear to be very much a European nation, with European architectural styles, European customs, and European dress styles. 

As to the Jewish population, they are not heavily involved in banking, the universities, or the media here, unlike in the U.S. .   Some Jews remain in the jewelry trade, as they had been in Europe in centuries past, but the Syrian and Saudi Arabs are slowly taking control of this industry.  The Saudi Arabs seem especially interested in looting Argentine gold and used the recent financial crisis to establish gold-buying stores on every street-corner in every major city.  The majority of the Jews are orthodox and involved in trades: the manufacture of high-end tailored clothing, shoes, and so forth.

swmnguy's picture

So as usual, the racist bullshit concocted in one culture is shown to be the bullshit it is by transferring it to another culture, in which it makes no sense?  So there really isn't anything the least bit inherent attaching to race?

Huh. Go figure.

Here in the US from about 1820 to about 1920 our culture was gravely threatened by a sub-human race that wasn't "white," had the wrong religion and was congenitally violent and stupid.  There was no way they could be integrated into American society and should never have been permitted to immigrate.  They congregated amongst themselves in true hellholes of depravity, poverty, vice, addiction, and hopelessness.  It was no use trying to educate them, and even donating food to them so their children could survive was cruel, as the lives such children could hope to have weren't worth living.

I'm speaking of course about the Irish.  Read Herbert Asbury's "The Gangs of New York" from 1929 for the real sordid details about the Irish.  And, on reflection, the validity of "race" as a concept, how it's applied, how it changes, and how it's always bullshit.

Ethelred the Unready's picture

Hmmm, thinking "The Kennedys".

Ethelred the Unready's picture

Argentina used to have slavery and lots of Africans.  It is unclear where they went after emancipation.  Brazil?  Six-feet under?  One story is that they used them up as shock troops (cannon fodder) in some of their  border wars.  That would still leave the females - and a bunch of horny whites - able to produce a legion of Obamas.  

No mention is made of any indigenous population.  There should have been a lot given the salubrious climate.  Chile still has a bunch.  Argentina's motto should be "Ethnic cleansing R us".  

Both nations make great red wines.  Malbec is a favorite in this household.  Needs to breathe though.

intotheblack's picture

I hear you, and I admire your patriotic zeal for your third-world shithole where patient doctors and forensic specialists trained in Europe or North America even now excavate the mass graves where the only Argentines worth saving were murdered by the military junta kleptocratic classes of the 70s and 80s, an atrocity so massive it had the dysgenic effect of producing an entire country of special needs children. 

You keep doing whatever it is you do.

b-sugar's picture



Can't you learn a thing a day without being a buffon about it? Now it looks like you'v done some research and all you can talk about is the 80'... Do you talk about 80' china when asked about actual China? Moron!


Btw, US boy want to talk about murdering in the 70'... Funny one, O.J 

A. Boaty's picture

The economy of Argentina is an upper middle-income economy for ficscal year 2018 according to World Bank, Latin America's third largest, and the second largest in South America behind Brazil.

The country benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Argentina's economic performance has historically been very uneven, in which high economic growth alternated with severe recessions, particularly during the late twentieth century, and income maldistribution and poverty increased. Early in the twentieth century Argentina had one of the highest per capita GDP levels in the world and the third largest economy in the developing world. Today a high-income economy, Argentina maintains a relatively high quality of life and GDP per capita.

Argentina is considered an emerging market by the FTSE Global Equity Index, and is one of the G-20 major economies.

b-sugar's picture

If he talks shit about a country without even knowing where it is and what the economy is about, he won't be reading usefull material anytime soon, nice effort. 

OCnStiggs's picture

(Typical ignorant Soros Blogger attempt at America and Argentina bashing. In their view we'd all be better in a crushing Socialist or Communist society where the really smart people, like this poster, could tell us how to live our lives.)

AurorusBorealus's picture

The U.S. has far more poverty than Argentina.  The average Argentine adolescent male can fix a motor, any motor, as well as wire batteries, houses, lights, etc.  The "techncal" expertise of the average Argentine is far, far higher than that of the suburban Murican educated on a steady diet of video games and hate whiter educational doctrines.

Justin Case's picture

Argentina is a third-world shit-hole

Not quite, but one thing for sure is that merikan CIA have been meddling in Latin America for many decades. Elections and economy for US corporate interests.

Twee Surgeon's picture

CIA ? What about the bloody Popes meddling in all of Latin America for 500+ years ? They make the CIA look like a knitting club.

And not just in Latin America do the Jesuits play. Point the finger at the obvious problem in those rich lands of institutionalized skimming and corruption and understand what has befallen the once great west was instigated by the usual suspects. And the Falklands were British before Argentina existed as a nation.

CNONC's picture

The crew of the HMS Sheffield might have a different assessment of Argentine technical competence.

AurorusBorealus's picture

The election of Trump was the worst thing that ever happened to Zerohedge.  This site has gone from the only place on the web where intelligent conversation could be find to an endless stream of Jewish conspiracy theories and ignorant American barbarians proclaiming how the whole rest of the world is a "shit hole" as their own country decends into chaos.

swmnguy's picture

ZH has always been a fascinating thought experiment.  The turn in favor of one particular faction of the Oligarchy has its unpleasant side consequences, I'll grant.  But it truly does show that there is indeed a gaping divide in American society today.  Not the divide people think of, but the divide between people who see the complexity of the world as a personal deadly threat and those who see it as a wonderful opportunity, to paint with broad brush.

When a culture's mythologies no longer match up to observable reality, it's interesting what happens.  Some try to come up with new approaches that work.  Others become adamant and obstinate about the pressing need to return to a past which never happened, relying on principles that never really applied and when tried have always failed.

It's interesting to watch.  Less interesting to join in on, when one isn't fearful and already understands what's going on.  Compelling for those whose fear needs confirmation and affirmation, and seeks the company of the like-minded, repellent for those who don't need that.

OverTheHedge's picture

That is one hell of a comment. I really want to bask in the radiance of your superior knowledge.

I was going to write more, but I felt intimidated by your all-encompassing outstandingness.

You,Sir, are awesome.