Greetings FRoM WaSHiNGToN DC

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At the base of the statute, you need a bunch of naked little boys and girls climbing on top of each other trying to climb to the top of the giant monument trying to escape a bunch of adult pizza partiers trying to pull them away. Now that would be a sculptured artwork worthy of Johh Podesta's private gallery in his home.  

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A monument to the satanic pedophiles who rule us.

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How apt. Lady Liberty, please, take a seat...

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They replaced the Washington monument with the obama monument?

Betcha that pleased all the sexual predators in the senate and house.

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All 666 Feet of it...


Great job WB.

The old Washington phallic symbol morphing

into one that truly represents  today's

D.C. swamp.

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I didn't know that there was a giant buried under Washington DC?

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It is not going to Blow --it will become Limp when the Viagra wears off and become a National Embarrassment, just like Trump and Hillary

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Phalic Chemtrails!

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Ok ok I know it's going to blow. When?

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When (((they))) come for the guns. All hail ZOG. OBEY!

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The hits just keep on coming in more ways than one.The guy in charge of the North American power grid security has resigned after being arrested for beating his wife:

"Gerry Cauley stepped down Monday as CEO of the North American Electric Reliability Corp., an international regulatory authority that seeks to assure reliability and security of the electric grid in the United States, Canada and northern Mexico.


Jail records show the 64-year-old was arrested Nov. 10 at his home outside Atlanta. He was charged with battery-family violence and released on bond.


A message was left Tuesday with Cauley's divorce lawyer."

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According to the wife, she's glad that justice has been done, and she'll no longer have to face any abuse.

On a side note, now that he has no job, She's on that sugar daddy website turning tricks for mortgage payments.

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The point is there is seemingly no end to the mountain of trash that is currently running (ruining) this country.  A wife beater (and possibly child beater, since he was arrrested for Family violence) was in charge of the entire North American power grid's security. This guy could not control his own self, but is supposed to control something that affects hundreds of millions of peoples lives. 

And the only thing you got out of the article was an opportunity to make a snark about his wife. Sad.

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Is that the new Clinton monument my family has been talking about?

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That base looks to be an almost perfect fit to cover the Jefferson Memorial, just sayin'.  However, I love your placement; towering over the National Mall, where we lay awaiting our next buggering as the Predator drone "keeps us safe."  Bravo!

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Americans talk a good game but we're not capable of serious revenge.

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Well, the Russian Mrs. M decided that she wanted to become Merican.  This operation is not go so well.  I have not been involved because, well, do you need to tell you?  She has been here 14 years but there is a backlog for another year.

Anywho, now she'll have to go to Seatle to re-up her Russian passport and with the kids so they can be on her passport.  Mrs.M was aasking if the the Cvevy Venture would make it that far.  Yes it will.  I built it to go to British Columbia for gold mining but that didn't happen.  New tires, brakes and all fluid changes.  We already did the massive charge out to Idaho in the gas guzzling Sonata.  She's knows the drive.  Montana alone will kill you as a driver.  North Dakota is no fun either.  It is just vast country.  Phones don't work out there.  You are on your own.

Translated, she wants me to come with her because she is afraid.  OK.  Then she mentioned wanting to go to Portland.  I had to ask if we could go to the "Feminist Bookstore".

OK.  If she needs me. 

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Be sure to visit the Antifa Deli and order a Nothing Burger.

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Banzai! After consideration and much drink - not that I'm in any way artistically inclined - but I got a further visual of the Hillary biatch with a spread eagle hug at the base guzzling the drippings, with a fly sitting on the scrotum awaiting the leftovers, and Comey with McCain doing a Dutch treat buddy-jerk in the background for perfection.  That's certainly over the top, but hey - SEE WHERE YOU LEAD ME!? Curses - LULZ. The penultimate would be the addition of Yellen tounging the tip, but perhaps I'm overreaching - as have they.  Anyway, food for (perverted) thought, and, I realize y'all have to keep it under x-rated, but a guy can"dream." .. PEACE & Happy Holy days compadre.

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Yeppers, somebody servin someone.

Gettin the big bazooba alrighty-O.

Heresa a story that flew past fast. Sad part of this is, one trusts the Russian media, moar than the lying, dying, propagandists on fake stream cnn etc media...alrighty-Oy!

Ministry warns Russians about possible terror attacks in US, EU during New Year holidays

More: Ministry warns Russians about possible terror attacks in US, EU during New Year holidays


Long has it been known that the evil ziotrash banksters and assorted pointed headed ilk have saved Holidays for terror and foalse flag attacks. Christmass is the biggie of all and because the cunthag and clan of kriminals are being hounded goodly now, they could pull off something to cause the distraction they desperatly need to take th eheat off the real criminals involved in the myriad of crimes and treasonous corruption many have been involved in. It will come out that many ont he fish stinks council that approvd the U-1 deal all got kick-back payment mde to various kayman accounts in said 9 approvers names. Follow the money trail from the klinton kommie krime fuckemfoundation, to even the soterobama that got millions to approve illegally, the U-1 sale of a US resource to the Russian businessmen. Why he went to the south seas to get his booty and move it further away from detection. Treason against the People of the USA...

ASK...will the kunthaG foundation give back all that millions of dollars they took for selling America's uranium to the Russian businessmen? It is after all, the property of the American People and they should have paid the people.              


Hummmmmm...ponderances of what justice looks like in a time a such grand deceit...


Gratitude is the Attitude...Gratitude Feeds The Wheel of Good Fortune.


Merry Happy Thanksgiving To All Aboard.






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Great job! You really schlonged it this time, Banzai.

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Does it have one of those Willy Wonka elevators?

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Should have put a fly on the nut with Obama trying to lick it with his tongue.

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Did the Navy Penis Pilots do that too?  That's good William.

Even better is that Mrs, M. has a client that is a bankster who owes the IRS $186,000 in back taxes.  Oops.  I told her not to help much.  The free shit army costs a lot of money.  Someone has to pay for this bullshit so why not the banksters?

The IRS has already placed a lien against his properties.  Fucking idiot.  You have to love watching them eat each other.

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That's the 2nd biggest dick I've ever seen!

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Hypocrisy is Legitimacy

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Just the ball-stack and column, the bell-end is all American! lol

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Small Ballz.

(soy like)

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Holy Godzillas ,,, is that a drone cruising a big dick?

Whatever next!

I always thought there was summat a bit odd about them drones.

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Maybe it's just a "pecker-gnat!"  :>D

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the big white hope.

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While we're on the subject of irresponsible abuse of power, here's a couple other pieces of shit...

"Former IRS executive Lois G. Lerner told a federal court last week that members of her family, including "young children," face death threats and a real risk of physical harm if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal becomes public."

Naturally, no proof is required (or apparently asked for) that death threats have ever been made. The country is supposed to believe confirmed liars.

"Ms. Lerner and Holly Paz, her deputy at the IRS, filed documents in court Thursday saying tapes and transcripts of depositions they gave in a court case this year must remain sealed in perpetuity, or else they could spur an enraged public to retaliate...."

I think that can be taken as an admission of guilt.

"Ms. Lerner and Ms. Paz gave taped depositions in a class-action lawsuit brought by tea party groups demanding answers and compensation for having been subjected to illegal targeting >>>for their political beliefs."<<<, you have not been forgotten you fascist bitchez.

You need to keep looking over your shoulders for the rest of your lives lest those boogie men get you.

You just never know ;-)

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Problem is this and nothing personal to the offenders but if the boogie men do not get them then it just happens again.

If the punishment is not applied you actually set a precedent for those committing crime to carry one.

Execute them and it will not happen again and whty the guillotine was so effective ... you were educating anybody who had ideas to do the same.

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Reap what you sew :))

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You mean, because the American public is so hell bent on retribution? Oh right, Only  snowflakes want retribution and they're not after Lerner and Paz.

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And yet another feral uncivil serpent will escape with a nice fat pension and bennies with no accountability whatsoever.

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Interesting.  If anyone follows any of the garbage that spews forth from my mouth you would know that I have a nieghbor kid with not too brilliant parents who is in trouble with the law over pointing a BB gun at some other kid.  I like the kid and he is only a teenager.  I saw him today and they moved his court date up to the 30th because there was a change of judges.  I find that odd.  Where is the right to speedy trial?  

This is so fucking dumb.  I'll hire the kid because I know him and I need backroom help.  I need good employees that can get shit done.  I don't want beta-males.

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The lyin' cunt might be tellin' the truth this time. She could be at risk if she's stupid enough to come to our neck o' the woods in the state of Florida, nmewn.

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Is it not possible that the contents of those depositions might annoy a certain delusional lady, one who is suspected of unleashing Arkancide on those who annoy her? I find Lerner's danger more likely to come from the progressive cadres.

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I would imagine the will stay in their gated comfortable communities with armed guards patrolling the perimeter while ranting & raving about gun control.  

Also they will continue mouthing sweet nothings about "the poor ladies" being abused by "powerful white men" while voting straight line demoncrat ticket even when its demoncrat powerful white men doing the abusing. 

Same as it ever was with these people, its a mental disease ;-)

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Gated communities are probably only safe
So long as the quards family food source is OK.
If the SHTF, anything goes.
One could say the guards are gaurding their future food supply.

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If you hope to survive in a real emergency the first thing the gated residents have to do is shoot the food guards then shoot any compatriots that helped you shoot the food guards,......before they shoot you.


The lucky ones will be the people who die first.

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We'll need to be prepared to catapult some diseased libturd carcasses over the walls.

No shortage of those, but where's the closest catapult dealer?

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Maybe we should check on Hedgeless and make sure he has not been "disappeared".