Running "The Program"

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Authored Sven Henrich via,

As the dips keep getting shallower and shallower and market projections get more bullish by the day (see Goldman’s capitulation today) the running volatility compression program continues to be the cornerstone of market gains.

Just last week we got another taste of the precision with which the program is run:

The result: As so many times before, nothing but gains since the trend line tag. Indeed the lower trend line now appears to be the must hold for what bears remain in markets:

Why is all this relevant? For one it helps identify risk/reward at any given time. But more importantly the trend lines keep narrowing. At one point the program ends.

Global markets have ended all forms of 2 way price discovery as volatility compression has continued unabated:

Note how historically unprecedented the complete elimination of 2 way price discovery has become and also note the structure in context of the volatility compression. It is dependent on it.

What is Wall Street telling eager ETF buyers right here and now? Nothing but upside:

Markets no longer correct and no longer bear (pun intended) any risk. Goldman calls it “rational exuberance’.

I call it what it is: A bubble blown to extremes by trillions of ongoing central bank intervention and record ETF inflows to the tune of $400B this year, a QE program on its own if you will.

Hardly noted: Corporations have reduced the amount of money allocated to buybacks, just as retail is drinking the Wall Street cool aid of nothing but milk and honey coming.

Bubble away. Until the program changes.

I’m watching closely for signs of a coming change in the program. I suggest you do too. Or you can listen to Goldman. Up to you...


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do you really think calling my congresspuke or senator or the zionhouse will help?...they're all full fledged tribe members or owned by them

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Settle down.
It is still high in the contributors section queue.
Found it again in less than ten seconds.

Although incendiary, you let your self loathing over come your common sense for a while.

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By the way, I agree that you should be twisting your local Critter's nuts every day to get them off their self entitled asses.

Just to remind them they work for us.

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Or just to hear the mighty guffaw in your face.

They work for whoever fills the campaign chest and that ain't you.

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That's a fact, Jack!
Full faith and trust.

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the subversion skill of the j00 is incredible. i guess a thousand plus years of practice would get you there.

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"This pattern will eventually break higher."

Unless it doesn't.

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How low does it have to go to delist?

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OK, it's settled. DOW 50,000 here we come based upon nothing more than rigging, bullshit and black magic.