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WilliamB  is a very smart & creative guy and attacks the system in his own inimitable way. 

Politics is totally corrupt we all agree.  

They may start off  with good intentions but get corrupted along the way...Ron Paul an exception. How many others? Name them. A very few..

For the most part they are  irredeemably corrupted as evidenced by the present shenanigans. Most are in it for their own purposes, are untrustworthy and do not deserve our support or respect. Politics has degenerated into a sham, a game, played by those with vested interests.

The system is broke, folks.. can’t be fixed, unless..

In civilised Western cultures (not sure about America) when a person is tried for serious crime, they are judged by a jury of their peers, their fellow citizens. You & me. That jury is chosen randomly from the community.  We trust that jury to deliver a just verdict. That verdict could result in life or death . That’s a measure of trust we have in ordinary folk – ourselves -  to deliver justice.  

Why would it be any different on a larger scale? Let the people truly rule! Let government be formed  the same way as juries – by random selection of those on the electoral role.. or similar.  What could be fairer – a true representation of the people deciding our destiny.

Could it be any worse than the current shit show? 

No more career politics or politicians feathering their nests. They would be selected, do their time and are ejected before they can be compromised or do harm.  

Some rules:

Disbarred From Holding Office:  Past & present politicians; all lawyers; public servants & bank employees earning over $200,000pa; criminals with convictions for theft, fraud, violence, sexual misconduct   (OK,  lot of ZHer’s won’t be getting the nod..sorry guys)

Terms of Service:  three year terms, no extension possible.

Salary: (say)  $1 million per year, plus $250,000pa to cover every expense. NO add-ons..NO lurks, perks, freebies.

Career Continuation: Guarantee of career/job resumption.

Penalties: Min 10 years in the slammer for any office holder doing anything to gain advantage from his/her position, now or anytime in the future, inc family, friends & associates.

Was it Roy Orbison, the great warbler who sang, “dreeeeam, dream, dream, dream, dream…”

It’ll happen but not until after the Fourth Turning, after the blood letting & mayhem. 

You can thank me're welcome.

PS been done before in, I think, Italy in the 30's and ancient Greece.

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Nope. Everley Brothers. Dem were the daze...

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"They walked off and it is quiet now.  "

You're lucky dude.. that they didn't beat the crap out of you, just for larfs. Sober up.

(that's the trouble with old fucks... think we're still invincible. 



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Lucky has nothing to do with it.  Sober up how?  I never got drunk in the first place.  Maybe they did though.  You Millennials are just soft.

I pay for this place so if you fucktard millenials are going to come in here on my table then let's have a go against GenX.  Do do you have sand in your vaginas?  You can't come up with a dollar to play me a game?  Yet you can make a lot of noise.

Pretty weak on your part. 

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Settle down... I PROMISE not to play on your table, OK? Now have a cup of tea and a lie down

PS How did you know about the sand?? That's seriously scary..

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 And I just noticed .. the plural... HOW THE F***  DID YOU KNOW THAT??  My surgeon said he’d never tell anyone.  It was our secret. Me, him and his buddy.

DAM! Can’t trust any one 

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I have to say that I am bar table.(7 ft) and I am not got at 9 ft tables.  That is how I got beat in Russia on those big tables.  It is a different style of game.  I finally won on game the big table but then I won numerous times on the bar table.  The Russian male said, that THAT game was easier because his winning stopped.  Really?  It's just a different game.

There really are some different styles of poking the ball around the table.  Arguments can be made.   

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Those kids are still down there playing my table.  It's 1:20 AM and they are loud.  I am going to go through down on them for a few bucks a game.  There are some males in there. 

I am grabbing my cue and let's go.  What do you want to bet what will happen?



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They got out of there before I got back.  That is what I thought.  I really wanted to rip those boys for a few bucks  Those are Minnesota boys and where I grew up you had to agree in the rules before break because I play Wisconsin pool.  Or play nine ball.  Nine ball is nine ball.  

They walked off and it is quiet now.  

Victory_Garden's picture the Law of Life.

Big thanks to all who serve...

Happy thanksgiving to all ZH Crew.

Make the best safest sanest good memories you can and embrace them with your children....

One Day At A Time.

Ginormous Love.




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I am thankful that Trumptards have come out in support of Pedophile Ray Moore, while at the same time accusing anybody that doesn't support Trump of being a pedophile thus redefining stunning hypocrisy. Now ray denies all of it but Hillary denies her crimes too and that just makes her look even Moore guilty.

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The evidence just isn't there and the hand written "evidence" (wink wink), which would prove or disprove much of the issue will not be turned over for analysis - can't imagine why.  If you were not guilty, but people claimed you were; we all assume you would just take it in the ass like a good Liberal...right!!

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He'd squirm and cry and squeal and scream at anyone whose eyes he met with vehement blame aimed at them. He wouldn't take responsibility for anyone. Not even himself.

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Congratulations Nick, a cogent comment.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I am going to eat some turkey then getting up early for Black Friday retail work. 

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Maybe you'll get to watch people eat each other for some good trinkets...God bless for for working retail!

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just sitting down to turkey in a few minutes. be thankful for everything and everyone you have and the things you don't want to have. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to William and all the ZHers!

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The dead applaud......

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hey... Happy Thanksgiving -  WB... and all the ZH people...

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Thankful that libtards keep on giving us something to laugh at and no matter what day of the year it happens to be....Gobbel, Gobbel y'all!

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FrankenFurter wasn't funny before, he's not at all funny now, and I think it's prudent he resign!

Oh, and while you're at it, Minnesota? Get rid of your fucking "seat belt specialists" whose actions allow greater communism and socialism to flourish in your Twin Cities.


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HA! Puck magazine!

I have a few issues of it and found it to contain rare wit and a slang vocabulary 'in doggiest style.'

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Happy ThursDay Before Black Friday Turkeys!

I'm thankful my gal isn't into shopping in riled up crowds.

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Happy TG to all of ZH!

If there is no whiskey or cigars in your schedule today, FIX THAT SHIT


And Happy Thanksgiving to all ZH-ers


I'm guessing the Conyers turkey is all dark meat.




Happy Thanksgiving WB.

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I am thankful that Minnesota will no longer have a Jewish comedian for Senator soon !

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Are these the same John Conyers and Al Franker that appeared in Pornographic Video Images in US Congress supporting the "Rape" of Libya and Syria and the machinations of warmongers there marked.


Because the US is an Empire in Fact, not even President Donald Trump, the Populist, will speak of the Hypocrisy of the US Congress overtures toward foreign countries.

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If only that lovely young lady with the shotgun could hold up "535" dead ones upside down by their feets!!!...

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She can't do it alone! She needs our help! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Zerohedge.

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I am thankful for My Lord Jesus Christ. Not so much for my family. My brother’s second wife had a Seder Supper at a Catholic Church say about 27 years ago. I didn’t think about it then since I just figured (((the tribe))) was just another group of people. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone. About a years or so ago I commenced to telling them what the Jews were doing, she said that there are Jews in the Catholic Church. My brother angrily chirped in that he was a Jew and accused me of being a self-hating Jew. I didn’t know what to say so I said yes I am. My grandfather on my mother’s side was an Ashkenaz. I have told them since that 90% of the Jews today are not truly Jewish but are from Khazaria. So the other day my niece, my brother’s daughter says, I am Jewish and so are you. I told her I am not Jewish and neither are you. I suspect her husband of being the same.

What is it with these people who because they have a smidgin of Ashkenaz blood in them, want to rub shoulders with the Ashkenaz Talmudists. It’s like they are special or something.

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I thought the Khazaria theory was proven false?

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dogs returning to their vomit and pigs to the mire

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Grandfathers and fathers don't count.  It's the religion of the mothers that determines within Judaism if one is Jewish.  Only other way is to officially convert which isn't made easy or attractive.

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That is what I told them. But they want to increase their army. Besides there is safety in numbers you know.

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Ya gotta admit that foreskin chopping is a real dealbreaker.

"I gotta do WHAT?"

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Nope! I'm saving mine until the day there is nothing left to eat. Then I'll chop off my own and fry it up like a pork rind.

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LaVoy Finicum's daughters sing a song for all you low-brow renegades. Here ya go.

Freedom’s Cry

Happy Thanksgiving from the Eastern Redoubt.

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1 Thess 5:18  God bless you, WB & ZH for taking a stand ;-)

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Those turkeys were carrion before they were shot.

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As you likely found out, that meant the TSA did a "cavity check" before these birds were allowed on the plane. They were no doubt really crowded in the upper luggage racks, but as long as they were tasty out of the oven...

Happy Thanksgiving

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I am thankful that I don't have a taste for sex with minors as I don't live in Alabama and I would end up in jail for that where I live.

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A certain photographer of young females, David Hamilton, was quite popular with Liberals a few decades back. I suppose your DNA is decomposing and that gene is now defunct. My sympathies, not for that particular gene but for your overall DNA in general.

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You should end up in jail no matter where you live...

nmewn's picture

I'm sure the minors in your state are equally relieved however...without the state charging you with a crime there was never the possibility of you going to jail. Or having your day in court to clear your name.

Its a real mind fuck, ain't it? ;-)

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I could say Hillary was innocent until she has a day in court to clear her name but I know you would would just get angry. If Hillary is guilty than so is Moore case fucking closed.

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No day off at Langley for Thanksgiving? I thought government bennies were more generous than that. Oh, and give ronaldwilsonreagan my best!