Which Days Offer The Biggest Discounts This Holiday Week

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Earlier today we discussed that as part of Black Friday's gradual decline into irrelevance (it is now the 3rd busiest day behind Christmas and Cyber Monday), brick and mortar retailers - seemingly reserved to losing to online vendors - have decided to reduce shopping discounts substantially; according to WSJ calculations, 2016 discounts were no less than 6% deeper than this year across 17 categories in Black Friday circulars, while only three of 10 major retailers the firm measured had better prices this year. Almost as if retailers no longer care about capturing market share.

However, that is not to say that there are no discounts or deals completely. 

As Bloomberg notes, research from Adobe Digital Insights finds that the best prices of the season for online shoppers across a variety of categories are likely to be found this weekend. (And because retailers tend to offer the same deals in stores that they do online, it's fair to assume this pattern at least roughly holds true in brick-and-mortar stores.)

So when should you go shopping for any given product category? The table below shows which days offer the best discounts, and while some have already passed, Adobe projects average prices still will be lowest in many key categories over this long weekend.

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Dragon HAwk's picture

Only reason i clicked on this was to see when the best time to Buy Gold & Silver, what a let down


ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

I didn't buy even one item this BF. BF is the new NFL. #BoycottBF

38BWD22's picture



Dragon HAwk has the right idea.  Even if you don't get a "bargain" (X% off), gold is still a genuine bargain at $1295.

Dogman57's picture

I was looking for the best day to buy hookers and blow...


playnstocks's picture

That would be Sunday to Saturday..............

Squid Viscous's picture

just dont buy!


FreeShitter's picture

Shit in made in china.....yay!


ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

Yep, not a damn thing made in the US. And the stores pretend they're "sold out" of things like iPads which can produce more than demand at any price. Everything's fake, and everyone's a liar. The Fourth Turning indeed!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Those of us in the underclass do our seasonal shopping the week after Christmas. That's when we find last year's top rated electronics for literally pennies on the dollar.

Hot shopping scenes to hit: 1. Craigslist 2. Any college dorm 3. Garage sales

Arnold's picture

A dollar for a decent pair of work pants at Goodwill, every day of the year, is tough to beat.

Lost in translation's picture

Everything’s so blurry
Everyone's so fake
And everybody's empty
And everything is so messed up


38BWD22's picture



Bitcoin made in China is OK with me...

Rainman's picture

" I have enough clothes and shoes ; I dont need to go shopping ."   < said no woman ever >

StreetObserver's picture

Your local thrift store is the best place to buy any non food items, all year long.

Haven't bought a new shirt, pants or jacket in 15 years. Spend that money saved on high quality food and liquor.

Lost in translation's picture

I’m old but when I was in the service we wore OD green and later, woodland camo-pattern uniforms.

An online retailer friend recently gave me a worn/used/faded USGI boonie hat for free. Buyers didn’t want it. So I washed and air-dried it, looks great now. I’m thrilled!

Simple mind that I am, doesn’t take much to make me happy anymore, I guess...

Lost in translation's picture

Not much in the way of sales out thisa’way. 30% off is the “big sale” out here.

Most people aren’t biting.

Lots of walking around/looking, but very little buying.

koaj's picture

Went to local outlets this morning with the kids. Stores are giving stuff away. I go tmaybe 60% off a lot of stuff in the Reebok store. Parking spots everywhere. Not crowded

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Rural area here. Most places only about double normal parking for a Friday, i.e. still less that a normal Saturday.

People are getting the big bargains in quality kitchen appliances, plus big 4k TVs (all qualities).

Tools and clothing discounts are not much better than 'normal' discounts, and there's not much quality being heavily discounted. I think those retailers are making only a token effort.

Electronics discounts are nothing special - guys in the tech shops/sections were chatting about sports and looking bored.

Almost nobody is picking up the bargains on the cheaper makes if the quality stuff has gone.


If I was a retailer, I'd be very worried.