"It Can Reach Washington, DC": Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

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There was something different about today's ballistic missile test: according to a preliminary analysis from the Pentagon, the rocket was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which was reported to have flown for 50 minutes, on a very high trajectory reaching 4,500 km above the earth (more than ten times higher than the orbit of Nasa’s International Space Station) before coming down nearly 1,000 km from the launch site off the west coast of Japan.

This would make it the most powerful of the three ICBM’s North Korea has tested so far. Furthermore, the mobile night launch appeared aimed at testing new capabilities and demonstrating that Pyongyang would be able to strike back to any attempt at a preventative strike against the regime.

“The missile was launched from Sain Ni, North Korea, and traveled about 1,000 km before splashing down in the Sea of Japan, within Japan’s economic exclusion zone. We are working with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment of the launch,” Pentagon spokesman, Col Robert Manning said.

This is concerning for one big reason: according to General Mattis, the North Korean ICBM "went higher, frankly, than any previous" and "North Korea can basically threaten everywhere in the world." This was confirmed by North Korea missile analyst, Shea Cotton, who cited Allthingsnuclear author David Wright, and who told the BBC that the initial estimates of the ICBM test mean that North Korea can now reach New York and Washington DC.

How did North Korea develop such an advanced ICBM? Here, as Michael Duitsman, research associate at the center for nonproliferation studies recalls "the DPRK reportedly tested a new engine a few weeks ago, so #2 makes sense. The second stage burn time on the first two HS-14 tests was crazy long, so it could benefit from a different engine."

Other experts had similar ominous conclusions: here is Vipin Narang, polisci professor at MIT, who noted the following quick implications from the DPRK ICBM night launch: 

1. They want us to know they can hit eastern seaboard
2. Which means they probably got a higher thrust 2nd stage working


1. Night launch helps with readiness, survivability, penetration.

His conclusion: "It's real folks."

A good visual summary of the new ICBM range is showin below: as noted, its estimated range covers all of US. 10,000km (yellow) 13,000km.

Finally, here is opinion of David Wright, physicist and co-director of the UCS Global Security Program, whose insight on North Korean launches has emerged as one of the most informative over the past year.

North Korea’s Longest Missile Test Yet


After more than two months without a missile launch, North Korea did a middle-of-the-night test (3:17 am local time) today that appears to be its longest yet.


Reports are saying that the missile test was highly lofted and landed in the Sea of Japan some 960 km (600 miles) from the launch site. They are also saying the missile reached a maximum altitude of 4,500 km. This would mean that it flew for about 54 minutes, which is consistent with reports from Japan.


If these numbers are correct, then if flown on a standard trajectory rather than this lofted trajectory, this missile would have a range of more than 13,000 km (8,100 miles). This is significantly longer than North Korea’s previous long range tests, which flew on lofted trajectories for 37 minutes (July 4) and 47 minutes (July 28). Such a missile would have more than enough range to reach Washington, DC, and in fact any part of the continental United States.


We do not know how heavy a payload this missile carried, but given the increase in range it seems likely that it carried a very light mock warhead. If true, that means it would not be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to this long distance, since such a warhead would be much heavier. 

The question now is what Trump meant when late on Tuesday, in response to a question how the US would respond to the latest ICBM launch, he said "we will handle it."

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Txpl9421's picture

I would threaten to attack them a couple of weeks after they nuke D.C.

You know, it would make us very angry if the nuked DC.

Please, please, do not target D.C.

(Go ahead...target D.C.)

VZ58's picture

Or Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, LA...

privateparts501's picture

If it went above the orbit of the space station, How did it survive re-entry into the atmosphere?

shankster's picture

Missiles be so wacist!

Pendolino's picture

How far would it have travelled if it actually had more than a bag of peanuts as a payload?

RayKu's picture

"How far would it have travelled if it actually had more than a bag of peanuts as a payload?"

4,500 kilometers effectively straight up. Call it ~2800 miles.

Average apogee of an ICBM ~750 miles up. Let's assume your bag of peanuts for shits and giggles. The answer is the launch wasn't planned to be an efficient flight path. From all appearances I can gather, it was a re-entry test combined with an engine test. It did in fact splash down rather than burn up on re-entry. The fuel necessary for it to get ~2,800 miles up could be reduced enough to give the payload more room. Enough for a warhead instead of a bag of peanuts and still make the 750 mile mark apogee required for an ICBM strike on the east coast.

The sources I have are independent of the US MIC. It is in fact real enough as are the H-bombs he now has.

How it got to this point is another matter. It took either gross incompetence of four consecutive administrations, or a deliberate conspiracy to allow them to get this far along. I won't get into supposition as to which it is.

It is what it is now, time doesn't flow backwards.

10mm's picture

Alrighty now,just turn Carriers around,head home. Get troops home on boarder. Situation resolved itself. Kim has security net,let him be. Naa,sickos are in it to win it.


VZ58's picture

Washington. Uh huh. Right. Tuesday's dose of Globalist doom porn. Yup. What's on the other channels... 

Extra Oink's picture

All this "acting out"... just because he's rownry.

silverserfer's picture

I will be concerned only once Kim's generals are wearing bigger hats. the bigger the hat the bigger the threat. 

shankster's picture

Once they put on the hard hat and safety goggles it's on!

shankster's picture

Who knows..maybe one will get caught up in Earths orbit and just go around for a few weeks..where it will land nobody knows..stocks would boom and popcorn and prepping sells through the roof. Bullish!

FredGSanford.'s picture

It’s time to deal with this once and for all.

Pendolino's picture

No, that was about 20 years ago.

FredGSanford.'s picture

If Trump handles this now, the rest of the world can’t say he wasn’t patient

teslacoil's picture

Ok, 1st DC, Hollywood, Times Square and then we retaliate.

shankster's picture

Not until Miami, Houston and San Fran.

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0's picture

Great minds think alike. I would party like its 1999 if that happened! Bring out the good stuff!

Brazen Heist's picture
"It Can Reach Washington DC" Its good to know the assholes in DC have competition. They can't be the only ones threatening everybody else. Now they're getting a taste of their own medicine.
ZeroLounger's picture

Best To Fap Now Heavy Doom?

Metalredneck's picture

Those Ukrainian missile engines work well.

Fireman's picture

China's Porky Poroshenko in Pyongyang is dicking the exceptionals more than neocohen Nudelaman's NAZIS in Kiev ever dreamed of dicking Mr Putin.

Payback bitchez.

Perhaps USSA will have to blow up Korea to save it. Afterall it worked a fucking treat in Vietnam.

Latest from London Paul and the ongoing collap$€


VladLenin's picture
"It Can Reach Washington, DC" - Is that a bad thing?


Brazen Heist's picture

Not at all. Kim Jong Un could do the world a big favour. Just sayin.

Not if_ But When's picture

The US has clearly shown its preparedness in the Asian theater near Japan by getting in all kinds of ship accidents and firing generals/admirals and stuff like that.     CPL593H

Buzz Hacksaw's picture

What a load of shit.

Must be good news though. Stawks er up ovr 1 pc an gold is down. I guess the threat getting nuked from half a planet away has its upside.

Curious. How's that missel defence thang comin? Get er workin yet?

east of eden's picture

Now that we are in a position to identify many of the psychopaths, who have stupidly 'outed' themselves, the next task at hand is delivering justice to them. It will be swift. It will be severe. And it will change the world, forever.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Just because I can run to the refrigerator taking the least direct and longest way around the stairway doesn't mean I can run a marathon.

shankster's picture

All according to how many times you do it.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

My advice to the DPRK...

Take D.C. out with EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!

east of eden's picture

I think the Americans themselves will take out DC. The world has bigger fish to fry.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"I think the Americans themselves will take out DC. The world has bigger fish to fry."

Respectfully disagree e o e

If we had a pair something would have happened to that "Beacon on the Hill" long before now!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Oh... And God Bless the Ukrainians for double dealing the U.S. by selling the DPRK those rocket engines!... Justice for fucking their Country to Hell with that coup 3 years ago!

buzzsaw99's picture

by god that's enough!  somebody get pocahontas on the phone.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Let us look seriously at the Korean situation, taking into account history and the interests of the various regional and international powers.  China and Russia both have an interest in maintaining the status quo on the Korean peninsula, but their interests are not monolithic.  The differences in the Chinese and Russian national interests can be exploited to resolve the situation on the Korean peninsula.  Neither China nor Russia want North Korea to unify the Korean peninsula, because a Korea unified by the north would be a military threat to both China and Russia.

However, the interests of China and Russia can be shown to differ if Korea is unified by the South.  A Korea unififed by the south would be an economic threat to China, and therefore China would oppose any attempts to unify the peninsula.  However, the unification of Korea by the south would not necessarily be an economic threat to Russia.  Indeed, a strong South Korea would be another export market for Russian energy and potentially for Russian arms and other goods.  it would also provide a counter-balance to Chinese power in Asia.

The vilification of Russia by the U.S. governing class is hindering the resolution of the Korean problem (among many other global problems).  Given the proper incentives, Russia could be convinced to withdraw all support for the North Korean regime and active seek to support South Korean attempts to change the regime in North Korea.  These incentives would include improved relations with South Korea, increased economic ties between Russia and South Korea, a bi-lateral non-aggression pact between Russia and South Korea, and promises by the U.S. not to interfere in South Korean-Russian bi-lateral relations to the disadvantage of Russia.  U.S. promises are not worth anything, since the U.S. has violated so many of its pacts and promises in the past, especially to Russia.  Therefore, the U.S would have to demonstrate "good faith" over a period of time in order to earn Russian confidence.

The added advantage to a South-Korean, Russian bi-lateral partnership to unify the Korean peninsula under South Korean leadership would be to create a block capable of competing with China for economic and military power in Asia.  This would also drive a wedge between Russia and China as China would feel very threatened by a Ruso-Korean pact.  China would be put on the defensive for the first time.

The U.S. need do nothing to solve many of its problems in Asia, save to foster South Korean-Russian relations.  Unfortunately, such reasonable and long-term thinking is beyond the limtied mental capacity of the "deep-state" Clintonistas or the Trump junta, both of whom only understand the world in terms of how they can "apply" U.S. power and how they can "project" U.S. force.  

HominyTwin's picture

Deep State doesn't solve problems. It creates them. War + Chaos = Profits$$$$

Laughing.Man's picture

You left out Japan.  A unified Korea under Seoul would also be an economic threat to Japan.

AurorusBorealus's picture

Would it?  To some extent... yes, it would be, because they would compete in similar markets, such as technology, automobiles, and so forth.  However, the greater, much greater threat to Japan is China.  The growth of China and its imperialist mercantile policies should alarm the whole world, especially the Asian rim nations.

Japan would be best advised to establish its own bi-lateral trade and military agreements with a unified Korea.  South Korea is a far more reliable ally for Japan than China and the animosity between South Korea and Japan is nothing compared to the Chinese hatred for all things Japanese.  By helping to form an economic league, essentially opposed to Chinese expansion, the U.S. will have created an economic buffer zone along the Asian rim to contain Chinese expansion.  And should the U.S. and Russia act together to do so, Japan would have little choice but to align itself with a unified Korea.  Such is the nature of realipolitik.

bullybear's picture

This was a solid post. But... you conveniently left out the interests of... North Korea! If China is no longer supportive of the regime (which appears milquetoast at the moment), NK will be forced into the warming clutches of Russia. Who by the way, according to your own analysis has the most economically to gain (North/South reunification notwithstanding) and who also face virtually zero military threat from NK.

The danger here is for Russia to step into China's void or even worse, for no one to step in which puts Little Kim into a fight or flight (which he won't do culturally) response. Either way, the US will be left weaker in South Asia and our leaders willingness to live with that outcome will likely dictate our response. Like in so many things: if you're not willing to do the harder things early, you'll be cleaning up the mess later.

AurorusBorealus's picture

The interests of everyone in North Korea, except "rocket man" are to join South Korea.  The poverty and misery in North Korea is extreme.  Moreover, rockets or no, North Korea's security is completely dependent upon the goodwill of Russia and China.  A unified Korea, however, would be a formidable adversary that would give both Russia and China pause before taking aggressive action.

east of eden's picture

Pray for peace.

Pray for understanding.

Pray for compassion.

Pray for tolerance.

Pray for insight.

Pray for vision, spirit and knowledge.

And if you don't like any of those ideas, then just pray. It doesn't take much effort, really.

CRM114's picture

I'm more one for action myself.

VWAndy's picture

 A level field dont bother me.

Zorba's idea's picture

A date with destiny...Kim Ding Dong meets "Major King Kong". Not good