It's 930amET, Do You Know Where Your Gold Slammer Is?

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Right on time, a heavy volume seller struck the precious metals complex right as the US equity market opened...



Of course the real driver of this is the JPY-pair that is pumped higher to juice the equity open...


And Silver was slammed back below $17.00...

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“Thank you sir! May I have another!”

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It's OK.  We're all used to it by now.


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I don't mind at all.  Hold that price down please while I am building my collection.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU TYLER For Reporting Said Manipulation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Meanwhile . . .

US is Dumping paper GOLD, Putin Etc Are buying up all the Loose Physical ? ? ?

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It's happening more frequent but with much less effect as it seems to recover pretty fast now. Endgame is near.

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Between the 25th- 30th of every month like clockwork.

The silver slam was much deeper (2%) and is holding most of the loss.  Maybe silver was the real target.

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Yeah, it's end of the month options expiry time. What do you expect. Same old same old manipulation suppression slapdown.

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less and less effective. as of 10:53 back in positive territory, up $1.64.

They can manage the price short term but they can't keep it down. The market is bigger than they are. Gold was $32.00 at one time. In 1984 it was $285.00 and today it's almost $1,300.00 So they can play with it only short term. It's time tested asset that will never go to zero. I don't sweat the daily moves. I got in at $284.00/oz. Up down $20, meh.

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Why don't gold companies just refuse to sell at such a rate? Sure, they wouldn't get any sales during that period, but if enough dealers started to follow suit it would be the death of paper.

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Because the big banks (with massive short positions) keep hammering down the price and therefore convincing the masses that gold and silver will not rise and are therefore not a good investment, so therefore people believe this is the market price. If the big banks did not keep hammering, gold and silver would continually increase much the same as Bitcoin has been doing and that would signal the end to their fiat dollars.

These videos are the best thing you can watch to see how the manipulation takes place. Rob Kirby explains this very clearly. It is very enlightening:

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There are also a lot of speculators following the corrupt bank money giving the slams more power.

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Well the price in the UK (as of this moment) is up 1.01% on the day, go figure,


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If you hold gold in the UK you have done well over the last year.

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Wrong. The answer is the CIA & other Deep State actors prevent it, through force if necessary. No army, no market.

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Wrong. The banks own the federal government through the 20 trillion dollar debt. The deep state is a part of that government though which trillions of black budget fiat is funneled. The banks have always owned the CIA and the deep state. Always!

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Its is the ending now, they lost, they smashed it and bounces back now, alot of people want out of Fiats, thus bit coin, but the average person dons t understand or trust it, and it appears very bubbly so they think they missed it. Seeing that gold barely moves on the dumps, and is still at a low price from eight years ago this may signal a surge of people back in, one world event, bank collapse etc and the dam burst.

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If you look at a long term silver chart you will see that we are exactly where we were in 2008, where almost ten years now silver has been held in a tight trading range of right around 17 dollars. It started the 50 dollar spike around June 30, 2010 and by Sept of 2014 they had it right back into the 17 dollar area and it has been held there ever since.

Until we break of of this long term channel ranging from 15 to 20 dollars, absolutely nothing will change. It's anyone's guess when that will happen. I suspect that it may start to break out after the FED raises rates around the middle of next month, or at the latest around the first of January.

What kind of spike we get and how powerful determines if we can break out above that channel and stay there into the summer and fall of next year. Unless this winter/spring break out is extremely powerful, we will be pushed right back into the long term channel once again by June of next year.

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The miners have bills to pay and need cash flow for operations. I only know one miner that is in good enough financial shape that withholds it's sales as much as possible at times when the price is low. When the price drops the miners process the higher grade ore and when the price is high they process the low grade ore. When metal prices skyrocket, there is no moar metal coming to market then when prices are low.

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Meanswhile... gold EXPLODES higher in Turkish lira... up 1.57 % ///on the Day.

Cue my new stalker to come in an ream me out for bein up...
wait, lemme recalc since last weeks figure is now outta date...

149% since buy in ... 7 years back.

Down with your panties Yoga Boy... u is gonna be soooo
sore y u messed with the wrong guy you piece of shit.

Paging Downwithyogapants. Drop em/

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There's no carry trade, because the TSA will steal it. No carry trade allowed, it's not a real market.

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Carry trade huh?

Yu exceptionaist merikans are a piece o work.

The only 'carry trade' I'm interested in or involved with in the carrying the real metal to a real gold dealer if'n and when'n I need some fake paper to exchange with fools who don't know what gold is worth.

It's impossible for you to understand this - I realize - but for the general record...

this is NOT america. This is not even the western hemisphere. Not a real market ...

I was gonna hire "pants" for a stage dummy assistant... but you are even more fun. Run it by me again my good man...

"not a real market." No clue. None.

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Indeed. Trading up and down the golden pole has never been easier when they signal it like this. We didn't get Friday's slam, either so one was overdue

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Use to it and sick of it.  Maybe they will do this to BTC but up 500%, and expect more at least something is working!  With the 150 B market cap and 16 M coins it has a lot of room 10X to run.  I doudt we ever get near 21 mil coins as millions were lost.  

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May I have another?? MAY WE HAVE ANOTHER??? When are you going to fucking wake up. This is your destiny...a government gold boot stomping your fucking head forever. They will never let you win, and if you do win? Welcome to the windfall profits tax.

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This is getting ridiculous, but, it may signify that central banks are crumbling worthless pieces of shit.

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What will signal the beginning of the end of this bullshit is how fast it recovers.

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Perpetuation of the status quo signifies nothing. Change is what has significance.

Maybe things will eventually change in the gold and silver markets, but I doubt it. CBs will sit on it until crypto breaks them (the banks).

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For a crypto gazillionaire, your sure do spend lots of time loitering and lurking around gold-related topics like a park-pervert Mozo. 


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What else is going to break the bankers total grip on the PM markets? I don't see any other factor which can take the power from them, unless Trump abolishes the FED and that could be deadly.

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Crypto doesn't break banks.

Trust (more specifically, the lack of it) breaks banks. We had a nice trial run 9 years ago. When the banks don't trust each other suddenly gold does great, since it's the cornerstone asset. What'll be interesting is how cryptos react when the next event happens, since the blockchain makes auditing -- and therefore trust -- trivial.

My gut feeling is if the banks ever do adopt crypto under such circumstances, it's their own (e.g. a CB coin) that will support features like inflation and the ability to kill specific coins (homogenity be damned, they want to be able to enforce sanctions.) Much as it would be lovely for Ethereum or BTC to be the beneficiary, the bankers have an established record of thousands of years of using any crisis to increase their power, not diminish it.

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Crypto is all about a lack of trust.

When trust is gone, are you going to magically find some again and trust that the gold or silver coins you get in the course of your daily life are real, rather than high quality Chinese fakes? Are you going to train a workforce how to do the appropriate tests? Are you going to trust them not to steal from you?

I don't think so. Crypto presents a POS system that WORKS. No trust required.

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They don't seem to counterfeit rounds, at least yet.

seek's picture

They do, but they're trivial to detect. Some even pass the Fisch tests, but just tapping one to make it ring smokes them right out.

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To me the crypto's are doing that right now. They are showing me that people do not trust the banks nor their fiat. They are doing exactly what PM's would be doing if it were not for the massive fake paper PM/computer algorithm suppression.

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oh shit....i called ZH out on the one minute charts and they bumped it up to the two minute charts......fuck you ZH....look at the daily aint fucking moved.....its a fucking doji

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3:45 pm this afternoon.....

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Ditch Gold. Get BTC. 

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Then use some of the profits to load up on more Phyzz...


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Join the flock you mean ?

It sure looks like BTC holders are being sheparded into slaughter pens.

It will be the perfect excuse to make FedCoin the only one when its released.

Problem reaction solution.Its what they do.

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I love it when I go to Kitco and it has a data screen saying the MARKET IS OPEN,,,,HAHAHAH You are wrong my little fellows at Kitco it's the racket is open.

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Bah... Who cares. I got cryptos now. Bitchezzzzz. 

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Thanks for the bargains, suckers. This time, the minority of smart folks that know what real money is will front run the banks for a change.

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Holy shiiiit! Imma gon hafta sell mah gold and buy them big coins!

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Nice stop run in the ES just above the Globex high just now. The machines can do that when there is NO FUCKING VOLUME about the place. A difficult market to trade these days.

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Down $.48 since open, that's a "slam"?  CHOKE YOURSELF

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Use percent to gauge movements. Dollars movement is useless.