McDonald's Bun-Supplier Loses 35% Of Staff To Immigration Raids

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President Trump has made it widely known that he will not tolerate sanctuary cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Since taking office, he has threatened to slash federal funding to cities who do not comply with federal immigrations laws, along with ICE agents circumnavigating local authorities in a nationwide federal operation to arrest undocumented immigrants.

In the latest immigration raids, ICE agents targeted a Swiss supplier of hamburger buns for McDonald’s Corp., who said it’s Chicago bakery lost 35% or about 800 of its workers at the Cloverhill Plant.

The company is owned by Zurich-based Aryzta AG, who makes baked products for fast-food chains and supermarkets.

ICE agents pinpointed the Chicago bakery after its job placement agency went under federal investigation earlier this year.

Kevin Toland, Chief Executive Officer of Aryzta said on a call with analyst, “it’s proceeding very, very slowly because it’s like having a brand new factory and a brand new workforce. That’s presenting a lot of challenges, as you can imagine.”

According to Bloomberg, President Trump’s immigration raids are a major headache for U.S. companies who employ undocumented works. The challenges that Aryzta faces are likely to cause short term economic pain for the company, but on the longer end could cause its end products to increase prices directly impacting the consumer.

The raid on workers at Cloverhill is one of the biggest U.S. employment headaches reported by a European company so far as President Donald Trump has made curbing undocumented immigration a centerpiece of his presidency. Aryzta said it faces challenges in retaining staff in the U.S. and pressure to raise wages.

For employers, the loss of illegal immigrants can be expensive. Training a new workforce of American hires can increase the cost of labor and certainly cut into margins.

But in Cloverhill’s case, the cost of labor is relatively inexpensive not because of the illegal immigrants, but each of their factories (2) have highly automated production lines that involve minimal human interaction. Future wage pressures are not expected to threaten profitability too much due to automation, but in the intermediate timeframe a severe loss in margins is due to volume loss.


According to RT, the Chicago Immigration Court has never been busier since President Trump entered office. Across the United States, there are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, which signals immigration raids are just getting started.

The Chicago Immigration Court has 24,844 pending cases in its system as of this spring, according to the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. That is up from 13,000 pending cases in 2010. Nationally, the pending caseload has doubled since 2011.


According to EOIR, total orders for removal between Trump’s inauguration and the close of the fiscal year hit 63,634. At the end of fiscal year 2017, some 1,940 people were detained in Chicago, up from 1,669 at the end of the prior year. Most of them are of Mexican descent, statistics show.


The Trump administration set in motion sweeping changes in how the federal government dealt with those living in the US illegally. It is estimated there are 11 million immigrants living the US without legal status.

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This will have little impact until the management at these facilities start serving hard they are supposed to.

TheMayor's picture

I worked for an Irish Company called Glanbia, they were abusing the USA Visa program and US laws all the time.

Investigate Glanbia next.

I saw FDA lock-up cages in the facility unlocked all the time.

It was a joke. 

Nobodys Home's picture

Become a whistleblower. You'll be infamous for a week or two...til your found floating in a vat of Irish Grass fed butter.
You might be able to make enough to set your family up if you do it right.

GlobalMapper's picture

A foreign corporation operating in the US and employing illegal immigrants.  WTF!  The immigrants should be deported and the corp should banned from doing business in the US.

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"For employers, the loss of illegal immigrants can be expensive. Training a new workforce of American hires can increase the cost of labor and certainly cut into margins."

Cry me a fucking river.

BorraChoom's picture

Putin Pun Eh? I have to say the Russia is the last hope of Civilization.

Flame me if you wish, But I am RIGHT.

God Bless Mother Russia and her people. They are what the US patriots were in the early 1960's

WorkingClassMan's picture

They can shove their margins up their silk-suited asses.  Deep.  Crossways.  Electrified.  May they all rot in festering slime.

2muchtax's picture

Bun baking training is pretty intense

BorraChoom's picture

IMHO Latinos are not like MadDog Muslims!  They are decent people not evil like the Demonic Mohammed Cult.

Islam is a cult built upon impulsiveness – they are quick to rape, quick to hatred, quick to unhinged rage. They give in to all instincts, which is why they have to wrap women in burlap sacks, and have en-masse rituals to such as the daily prayers and ramadan to try and control themselves.

The more I learn about these ISLAMIC Psycopaths the more I fear them. They are like rabies the only way to survive is to eliminate the vector.

fishwharf's picture

I'd be willing to bet that hiring illegal aliens would drop way off if a few of the offending business people were sentenced to hard time.

Twee Surgeon's picture

With Illegal aliens, preferably.

newmacroman's picture

That pic of the ICE buns, is that like ice covfefe?

BorraChoom's picture

Covfefe, the pause that refreshes.

LoveTruth's picture

The majority of the Latinos and the blacks are not ready to live among white people. 

Couple of reasons, I am talking averages:

- Lower work ethics:

- Their brains are at least 100,000 years behind in development than the brains of the whites. 

Go to any school in Los Angeles where the Latinos and the blacks are the majority students and you will see whether I speak the truth or not. Everytime I go in a Latino or black neighborhood I have this strange feeling of being among primitive, tribal people, underdeveloped people. That's why white people move out when too many of them (latinos and blacks) settle in their (white) areas. 

All those who support Latino and black african immigration, should just go and live in Tijuana or Zimbabwe, Gana etc. and see first hand what kind of people they want to "import" in US.

Be smart, accept only the smartest in US, the best of the best. 

BorraChoom's picture

I don't know bout Latinos but When I was young Blacks were some kickass workers till LBJ's "Great Society" which killed the Black Family by design.

Many Blacks might not be the brightest bulbs on the tree but a lot of them are damn good people that I am proud to call my friends.

Gods's picture

- Their brains are at least 100,000 years behind in development than the brains of the whites.



You lost me with this haha you dumb whit fuck wad

Drop-Hammer's picture

Gobs, you are lost, because your brain is 100,000 years behind in development from LoveTruth's brain.  Perfect example of why all mud-bloods need be deported back to their homelands and away from whitey.

tnquake's picture

Someone should look at the carpet and flooring industry in Dalton, GA. Also, check out the poultry plants.

Better work on your "Habla" skills first!

BorraChoom's picture

Worry more about Halal first. Nothing more Cruel or Savage.

shankster's picture

Miami it is either Spanish or Haitian Creole.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Trump is a stupid  moron.

To solve immigration all you need to do is raid the businesses but arrest only the owners and the key people who hired the illegals. Make a big deal on each arrest and the indictments and then give everyone arrested 30 days to clean up their mess and fire the illegals and put in procedures to never hire an illegal again.  Run that program for 6 months with immunity for any company that cleans house in advance of any raid and after 6 months it is hard jail time and no deals for any owners who are still hiring illegals.  Then pay bounties to anyone who reports an illegal hiring.

Guaranteed after 50-60 business arrests about 15-20 million illegals will leave the country because they can no longer find work.

The benefits to us deplorables are vastly lower rents just about everywhere, increased wages and 40 hour work weeks with overtime and massively lower crime rates, lower taxes just about everywhere and schools that no longer are overcrowded and bilingual.

There is really no need for a wall.

BorraChoom's picture

Trump is not a Moron, He is politician like Killary. You like me are being played! LOL

Lump's picture

Gee, 800 less illegals to spread TB, Hepatitis, and God know what else all over the

food we eat. Oh well...

BorraChoom's picture

Eat Mo Chobani Somali TB enhanced Yogurt. To be safe cook it yourself at high temp.

wolf pup's picture

This is globalisation.

This is precisely what the fat cats want - to use the entirety of planet Earth, one of only 8 (9, if counting Pluto, which I do) in our solar system, as their personal checkerboard, with every working person from the age of 3 to 93 as their little plastic checkers.

King me, bitchez.

This is why they’re so pissed that it’s going sideways since Trump arrived. It’s not slammed to a stop, but for this country it’s a damn sight better than a Hillary as POTUS waking nightmare.

“He’s ruining eeeeverything!!” stomp pout murder stomp pout maim.... stomp rape pillage rape stomp steal whine ..

I’d love to straddle Bill Gates and while scissoring what little life resides inside of him right good and gone, shove one of his H1Bs up his nose, myself.
Sideways. With some crushed walnut shells involved.

Oh my. A bit graphic.
A girl can dream, though. Right?

hoist the bs flag's picture

no. this is capitalism . a race to the bottom in costs and production vs profits for the share holders and a black ledger sheet by 4th quarter results with an increase in stocks and  liquidity. econ 101.

don't call it oligarchy, plutocracy, kleptocracy or socialism for the rich, it's  pure capitalism . and it rises all boats with the tide as well as it sinks them.

capitalism is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do. profit and increase production exponentially on a finite planet. enjoy the ride

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Without Globalism "Cheap Immigrant Labor" could not flow so freely.  Remember the many  Globalist's NWO meetings at Bilderburg?

hoist the bs flag's picture


 illegal immigration is the back bone of "America" ,like it or not. & you can thank subsidized Big AG, republican and democrat "American" born and breed lobbyist fucks for most of it.  but how else are you going to run food production? tell me. welfare recipients? vets? the homeless?

pull the other one

2muchtax's picture

We were pretty good at food production before illegal immigration and wellfare

Xena fobe's picture

In this case, 2\3 of the workforce is legal.  So finding legal workers was no problem for them.  If there are truly jobs Americans won't do, issue work permits.  Permits that exclude welfare and family.

Fourth Horseman's picture


Kprime's picture

I was with you till right there at the end.  Don't you know all socialist and communistic countries live on an INFINITE planet?

shankster's picture

Now go to Miami and Houston please and start raiding some of the places in those two 3rd world cities.

shankster's picture

While in Texas I learned of illegals that got US benefits and then went back to Mexico and are still receiving benefits.

shankster's picture

Texas is the easiest place for illegals besides CA to enter and do as they please after that.

Fourth Horseman's picture


VW Nerd's picture

Bimbo bakeries hire almost ALL Mexicans.  A raid there would likely net a few fish.

RumpleShitzkin's picture

We are still a ways off from nabbing the fry cooks and checkout person.

Chop chop, INS!

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Tell the bosses back in Zurich to re-open their factory in Davos where all the experts go to figure out how to fix the global economy.

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Big fine and point out that the black people have a very high unemployment rate. Connect the dots or get out.

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800 illegal beaners!?!?!? HTF did that happen?  It is Chicago, so someone was paid off, and it is a sancjewary city (compliments of that kike midget Rahm Emmanuel).  The Swiss company is probably a (((Swiss))) company owned by jews.  This probably explains why my bun was stale the last time I visited McNiggers.

squid's picture


In Singapore if you employ workers that are in the country illegally, KNOWN or not (its responsibility to know be YOU will pay the fine), the fine is ENORMOUS  and for repeat offenders there is Fine + Jail time for for company directors.


The USA could easily do this by just enforcing current laws on the books.


Hire America for fuck sakes.





Xena fobe's picture

In the 1980's, profit margins were apparently too low.  Corporations downsized, deregulated, outsourced, got rid of unions and defined benefit pension plans.  They hired illegals.  They quit paying taxes.  They went to a perma-temp work force. They bought up competitors.  They pried into employees business with drug screens and credit checks.  They needed taxpayer bail outs.  They demanded incentives from cities (taxpayers) before locating facilities.  They spied on our communications.  They slammed us with fees and let hackers steal our identities. They reduced package size and product quality.

Now it is 2017 and after all those proactive cost saving measures, margins are still unacceptibly low.   Waaa waaa, little babies can't afford labor costs.

 It's long past time to deny corporate charters to these traitors. This is not creative destruction.  It's pure destruction. They contribute nothing.  If we keep allowing them to bully us, their next step is complete control and enslavement. 

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

The laws and regulations have huge loopholes designed to protect management who knowingly hire illegals. It was clearly designed this way.

EVerify is supposed to tell the employer whether the SSN is valid and matched to that person. If an employer uses EVerify they are safe from prosecution as they made an honest effort to determine legal status. If the employer tries to demand other proof of legal status the EEOC will sue them to jail for illegal discrimination.

It takes months to get an answer from EVerify. In the meantime the illegal works feloniously, damaging the credit of the person whose SSN they stole. When EVerify comes back and says the SSN is bogus, the employer fires the employee, then rehires them under yet another SSN.

Publicus's picture

Fine them 1 billion dollars and jail the board and all the executives.