Rex Tillerson: Reports Of My Ouster Are "Laughable"

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Yesterday, the New York Times appeared to confirm what many in Washington had long suspected: The deteriorating relationship between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump had reached the point of no return, and the former ExxonMobil CEO would be leaving the administration "within weeks", to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Rumors that Pompeo was in line to replace Tillerson have been circulating since at least September.  The former Indiana Congressman has become one of Trump's closest foreign policy advisers since taking over the CIA. He's in charge of delivering Trump's daily intelligence briefings.

But while the White House issued a cryptic statement saying only that it wasn't planning any personnel changes "at this time," Tillerson immediately started pushing back against the report.

Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, said he spoke with Tillerson and the secretary "doesn't plan to be ousted."

On Friday, Tillerson doubled down on those denials, telling a group of reporters that the NYT's story was "laughable." He made the comment during a meeting with Libya's prime minister at the State Department, accoding to the Hill.

Tillerson has reportedly disagreed with Trump on several key foreign policy issues, including how to de-escalate the standoff with North Korea and how to determine the future of the Iran deal. Two months ago, the relationship between the two men appeared to be irreparably compromised following reports Tillerson called the president "a f---ing moron" during a security breifing at the Pentagon, where Trump reportedly told the generals that he wanted to greatly expand the size of the US nuclear arsenal.

If Tillerson does leave, he'd be the first high-profile departure from the administration since Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned over his use of chartered jets at taxpayer expense. Tillerson would also be one of the most important players to leave the administration so far.

Of course, Tillerson isn't the only Trump administration official who's rumored to be on his way out: NEC Chairman Gary Cohn is reportedly planning on leaving the administration after the end of the year.

To be sure, the NYT said Trump had yet to finalize plans for Tillerson's departure. Also, one would think the White House might want to keep Tillerson happy considering he could easily spill his guts to the press after leaving the administration.

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Peak Finance's picture

Fuck this guy!

Plese Rex fuck off back to wherever you came from and bring Sessions with you

NEITHER of you has the balls to do what needs to be done

WAAY TOO MUCH same - old - same -old at the State Department, unless this guy was doing shit behind the scenes to end the Syrian war and such, but he seems really swampy so I doubt it.


Joe Davola's picture

Seems lots of people are spilling guts without leaving.

BaBaBouy's picture

"Reports Of My Ouster Are "Laughable""

AND The Next Minute He's GONE ~ ~ ~

CheapBastard's picture

But the Very Fake News CNN said it's true?

And Very Fake Radio NPR also be saying dat.

Woof Shitzer said Tillerson has 98% chance of leaving.

boattrash's picture

Dunno...I think Tillerson is one of the more "real" people up there in that shithole. He seems like he'd be just as comfortable on a drilling rig floor (if not more so) as he is dealing with the "Cocksuckers up in Yankton".

Peak Finance's picture

LOL red arrows from neo-con dick-suckers

or are you saying Rex was a good guy? If so please explain 

Freedom Lover's picture

You're an idiot. Tillerson leaving to be replaced by Neo-con Pompeo and Arch neo-con Cotton at CIA. This is very bad news. Might as well bring back Brennan and Clapper. These two bastards want confrontation with Russia and lots more regime change wars. Not sure how they pulled the wool over Trump but if this comes trye expect Trump to be gone by mid -2018 and make way for a new neo-con Pence administration.

Peak Finance's picture

Thank you

It's clear the red arrows were telling me there is some important information I was missing. 

I would like to hear more. 


litemine's picture

Seems like he controls a large chunk f the swamp....Kind of like the Bankers saying they were too big to fail.

What he controls could be really scary however the longer he stays the worse it gets.

Peak Finance's picture

Another constitutional disaster, one of many, is that the state department has so much fucking power. 

MrBoompi's picture

I don't think Trump has the best people working for him, but the best people were probably ordered not to work for him.  The State Dept, amoung many other departments and agencies, has been controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and/or Trilateralists for decades.  They all hate Trump for some reason.  I guess he was never welcomed into the cabal.  

Sliced into ribbons's picture

Maybe its because hes borderline retarted?

GoingBig's picture

There is no borderline at all. Trump is full on retarded in so many ways.  Tillerson is not part of the swamp. He is an intellectual who rose to the top of Exxon. Sorry, I don't subscribe to the mantra that everyone that rises to the top is part of the problem. But back to Trump

1) He is as impetuous as a child, his tweets are ridiculous. 

2) Has no freaking idea how to manage - bullying and firing people is not managing; he backstabs his own people

3) Has vague ideas with absolutely no plan - look at the tax plan, its a disaster. It doesn't do shit for anyone that needs it. Middle class is f-d again.

4) His narcisism will get the best of him. He never tells the truth.


What do you supporters see in him? And don't come back with some stupid "Hitlery" argument. I was never a supporter of her. Tell me what you see. I don't get it . This guy is an unmitigated disaster.

Got The Wrong No's picture

This message has been brought to ZH by Media Matters. Thank You for letting us Fuck with you. 

Oh, and throwing Hillary under the bus is the new hip Dem thing. See we have changed. We are now for the People. 

wide angle tree's picture

It's not that they hate President Trump. They are afraid of President Trump. They are afraid that their crimes and treason will be exposed.

Joe Davola's picture

I think it's more that he doesn't deny what is plainly visible.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

So, since many CFR people are working for the State Department, and since Rex is downsizing superfluous, globalist staff, why do people critique him? It seems like he is doing this in a professional way, without drama, giving people options to do other types of more ordinary jobs, rather than all of the high-faulting, lucrative-contact-seeking globalism that promotes the status quo.

Freedom Lover's picture

"They all hate Trump for some reason."  Not hard to figure that one out. Trump wants to end regime change wars, Negotiate with Putin on eliminating terrorism, Work with Xi of China to build infrastructure in the United States, Bring manufacturing jobs back to America and cancel job killing free trade deals, and end bailouts for wall street banks.

Shibumi2's picture

Son of the TILLER...where have I heard that before.


Personally, he looks, acts and talks like KING DOUCHE. Trump needs to get this bloated CEO out, and get some NY hustler in to do some dealing

Smerf's picture

All news reports are laughable these days.

enough of this's picture

Who is the bigger joke?
---> Tillerson

---> Sessions

Freedom Lover's picture

I down voted you not for Sessions which I agree with but how can you possibly think Pompeo/Cotton is a good combo for Foreign relations?

Herodotus's picture

"The moron wouldn't dare fire me!"

JibjeResearch's picture

aha ahah ahahah a.... *rolling on the floor ah ahahah ahah ahhahhahaha

wolf pup's picture

The NYTimes is laughable. They rival the Nat’l Enquirer for publishing “juicy” gossip as news.

Gossipy gossip: The NYTimes.
Oh how the mighty have fallen. At their own hands.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Pretty soon, they will be blasting the TV MSM chat shows at shoppers, waiting in grocery stores, trying to rouse them from immersion in smartphones. MSM sex-gossip-as-news can compete with the N. Enquirer, drawing more attention than the lower key, classier tabloid magazines, featuring stories about fully clothed royals getting married or having babies. It will make them a lot of money. When ratings go down, the MSM shopping-line broadcasts will go down one more rung on the “journalism” ladder, casting Swampians not in sex-gossip scandals, but as kidnapped by Martians or giving birth to purple, 4-headed babies, trying to compete with the WW News.

NickPeeMe's picture

And he is gone. Free to call Trump a moron in public. Bring it on.

Duc888's picture



Wrong (again and again)

venturen's picture

MSM want to distract you while they rape the young interns in their office!

Wild E Coyote's picture

CIA only informs. They cannot make decisions. 

Tillerson makes decisions and have been keeping the war mongers down. 

Obviously Pompeo wants to take the reigns and also put a young war mongering dog in his own position.

The conniving war criminal media obliges with pressure tactics. By pushing fake news to push Trump to make it real.


venturen's picture

In other news....Krugman is fired for raping the therapy dog at the NYT

novictim's picture

It was always suspicious to me that Krugman had a button under his desk that caused the doggy-door to lock from the outside. 

JibjeResearch's picture

Tillerson has many powerful people behind him.  Trump is in no position to move Till at will...

sheikurbootie's picture

More powerful than a BILLIONAIRE who happens to be POTUS?  You're insane to think that. 

Trump has said before he has no plans on firing Tillerson.  Stop listening to the fake news.  Never believe any of the MSM.  Even Fox's Shep Smith is full of shit.

JibjeResearch's picture

Somebody has to go, you can't get anything done when left and right hands fighting each other...

novictim's picture

The point of the anti-Trump, NYT lies is not to create the lie, itself, but to create the atmosphere of weakness and instability.  

In this way, it does not matter what the truth ends up being revealed to be.  If the NYT can shift the perception of significant numbers of policy makers and regular folks in the direction of thinking President Trump's administration is unstable then they will have created the perception that the Trump team is chum in the waters, open to attacks from below, weak. 

And, the Editors of the NYTimes tell themselves, if they are successful in destroying the confidence of those who might have chosen to work with this administration in the future then they can also help prevent MAGA.  After all, who wants to be bitten?  Who wants to be associated with a declining and flailing administration?  No one.

MAGA is a threat that impacts people important to the NYTimes folks. They want America on the steady decline.  They want America to be a oligarchy run by their family affiliates. 

If this sounds to you like the NYTimes is no longer functioning as a respectable News Outlet, "the Paper of Record", and more as a propaganda mill, then you are quite correct.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.  The NYTImes has a bad case of it.


autofixer's picture

I reminiscence of the days when there were 10 or 11 qualified candidates (many very, very qualified) on the stage and one immature T.V. Game-Show host who inherited money from his daddy. Now we are reaping the whirlwind for our emotional, childish collective choice. Imagine for a minute if Cruz was President. You are such Dumbasses.

I am Groot's picture

Could ya all see Scarmoochi as Sec of ? That guy was funny as Hell !

cheech_wizard's picture

Meet the new "State Department"... same as the old "State Department".

If Tillerson had any sense, he would fire every employee hired during the Obama administration.

This is not a difficult concept.


King of Ruperts Land's picture

He has been firing, that is why the deep state wants him gone. Pay attention.

JailBanksters's picture

So he is going then ....

King of Ruperts Land's picture

You are either a total "yes man", or occasionally think your boss is "a f---ing moron".

So called "journalist" types obviously would not understand the distinction as they are all total yes men, riding around permanently impaled on the cocks of their Deep State masters.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

James Comey said something similar the day before he was shit canned.

Reynard Fox's picture

CNN is fake news, by the way.