The Yield Curve Just Keeps Collapsing...

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"probably nothing..."

The Treasury yield curve continues to plumb new cycle lows with 2s30s now below 94bps and 5s30s testing below 60bps...


If the tax deal is so 'growthy' - why is the yield curve signaling degrowth?

Who's right about growth? Bonds or Stocks?

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"Who's right about growth? Bonds or Stocks?"

"Yes" - said every central banker everywhere.

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This is what you get when the best investment out there looks more and more like a mattress to hide your money in.

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Has anyone seen Bernanke lately? Where are all of these million dollar speeches he should be giving?

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Commerical and industrial lending growth since WWII:

Any time its been this low there's been a recession

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Since 2009 alone the ultra wealthy running America have printed over $551 Trillion dollars, & can loan out 90x that!

Of course they control all markets!

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Whatever the FED does on the 13th (I think that's the date)  will be a mistake.

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How is it fucking legal in this supposedly great country, that so many have paid the full measure of devotion for, for the Federal Reserve to just print money and buy stocks and bonds? They should all be in jail for life. TODAY!

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  • Why buy bonds when you can buy Bitcoin and make a much higher rate of return much quicker??
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Stawks high on hopium, bonds high on nopium !

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Only central banks and complete idiots are buying US Treasuries right now.


Why on Earth would anyone buy 2 yr US Treasuries at 2.17% when you can Bitcoin or stocks and make 2.17% in a day ????

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Bullish of course

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Techncal indicators only matter in an actual market. The Fed did away with all of that when they adopted ZIRP and QE.

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All sarcasm aside, that is correct.  When volume collapses to this point, retail is in passive investments, the algos have a field day and are pre-programmed to make sure there are no trading day losses at any brokerage or CB.  Bonuses are coming out in March and finishing up December strong will happen.  Even the futures are now wrong every morning

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<< Bonds and Stocks are right

<< Bonds and Stocks are wrong

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The US has never been a more qualified borrower!  

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Yields is fer pussies.

EDIT:  Don't worry.  What you lose in yields you can make up for with Capital Gains!

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1yr UST at 1.66% yesterday. Best yield since Mar 2008.  Grand theft of savers has lasted a long time.