North Korean "Ghost Ship" Arrivals In Japan Surge

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Large numbers of North Korean fishing boats are washing up along the Japanese coast, some of which have contained decaying corpses.

Winds and water currents push dozens of boats onto Japan's northern coasts annually. Rickety North Korean fishing boats are particularly vulnerable because they lack the sturdiness and equipment to return home.



But the alarming pace over the past few weeks has prompted Japanese authorities to step up patrols.

In November of this year alone, 28 of the so-called "ghost ships" were discovered by Japanese authorities with 42 people who claim to be fishermen found alive.

18 bodies have also been recovered so far.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the grim discoveries suggest that the situation in North Korea is becoming desperate with sanctions and food shortages likely driving fishermen further out to sea to secure bigger catches.

Infographic: North Korean

You will find more statistics at Statista

So far this year, 64 "ghost ships" have washed up along the Japanese coast and last year, the number was 66. 2013 was a particularly bad year with 80 vessels discovered by Japanese authorities.

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Looks like it's an average year


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Yeah, but OMG OMG OMG

This is subtle war porn. This is the "humanitarian" angle pushing for war in NK to "liberate" all those poor souls (from their bodies)

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Ya, 64 ships when last year was 66. Isn't it December? I suppose its certainly possible they hit 70, but this looks like a more or less average year. Im sure they'd have already been liberated if it wasn't for the whole 'nuclear weapons' thing. But, his ability to flatten SK'd capital, one of the highest population cities in the world, has existed for decades, which is another deterrent other regime changed despots of recent history haven't had.


One thing that proves how captured and dishonest our media has become is the fact that no one ever mentions that his ability to launch a nuke is the ONLY thing that keeps him safe. Or that the reason he won't give up his nuclear program is that when others gave in to US demands to dismantle theirs, they were getting ousted and executed in short order. Even with a liberal media that hates trump, not even they will mention the futility of it all.

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The year may be average, but the month of November represents the "surge" referenced in the headline.  While 64 have arrived this year, 28 of those have been in November.  Last year averaged a little more than one a week. This year averaged a little less than 1 a week.  November averaged 7 a week.  I would certainly call that a surge.

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What makes you think the numbers are ever distributed evenly across the year?

FullHedge1's picture

Duh. There's no such thing as seasonality in fishing. /sarc

CNONC's picture

That is the point I was making.  The discussion refers to AVERAGES.  I know, maff is hard.  Leave it to the pros, and don't worry yourself with things that are too complicated for you.


The graph could be better. Break it down by months instead of years.

OutaTime43's picture

Wait, you mean a Zerohege ghost writer is taking arerage data and mis-representing what it really says? Sounds like typical ZH hyperbole to me. 

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(thanks blues image)

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If they were Muslims and their boats had washed up on the shores of Southern Europe they would be taken in, provided with all the wonderful socialist benefits that Europe can provide and asked (politely, of course) not to rape any white women.

- Gatestone Institute


Cant rape the willing-

Some smart guy institute

Pernicious Gold Phallusy's picture

Eventually one of these ships will be a decoy with a nuclear weapon hiding on board, waiting to be towed to port.

RayKu's picture

One of the more obvious click bait stories I've seen here.

FullHedge1's picture

Yes but Tyler is hoping we're not smart enough to figure this shit out.

atomp's picture

Chart looks pretty flat to me.

MusicIsYou's picture

Haha just wait until a ghost ship arrives with a hydrogen bomb on it. Haha "Oh look they love and want to come to Japan" Kaboom! There's only one way to fix the arrogant, blow them off the map. - Sun Tzu.

MusicIsYou's picture

Haha keep welcoming those defectors you arrogant fckers. North Korea is gonna blow your asses off the map.

Schmuck Raker's picture

So call Soros, already. Me, I don't really care.

Though I'm pleasantly surprised none of them rammed a US destroyer.

mr bear's picture

US destroyers too busy ramming each other.

dirty fingernails's picture

This article is merely a subtle way of pushing for regime change. Doesn't it have a similar feeling to "babies thrown out of incubators"?

MusicIsYou's picture

If I was a dictator I'd engineer manufactured defectors and send them to your shores loaded with bioweapons. And I'd send defectors with a hydrogen bomb in the ships hull.

historian40's picture

The caricature of NK's leader as a maniacal Dr. Evil type sending out Typhoid Mary?

any_mouse's picture

Peter Thiel is involved in bioweapons.

MusicIsYou's picture

North korea doesn't need missiles to deliver a nuclear warhead because the west is dumber than a box of rocks.

historian40's picture

I haven't seen NK produce a nuclear explosion yet.  Just some seismic readings and assumptions.

toocrazy2yoo's picture

He stuffed a few tons of TNT (not even KT) inside some fairly shallow mountains and set it off with a fire cracker fuse. Make boom, scare world.

MusicIsYou's picture

NATO is way out of their league. North Korea isn't some pissant mideastern country, they're the country that smoked your asses 60 years ago.

just the tip's picture

no, that would be china and russia.  the human waves and the migs.

RedBaron616's picture

China didn't have nukes then. We could have threatened to nuke Peking (was called by us then) if they didn't back off. But Truman had to snatch defeat from victory.

undertow1141's picture

You're obviously too stupid to even bother with.

any_mouse's picture

That was Chinese hordes on the ground and Russian pilots in Russian planes in the air.

USA wasn't there to win. Truman made sure of that. He had his orders.

Ms No's picture

Living in countries that wont kneel to globalism is a tough life full of various punishments and things being withheld.  One side gets to live a higher standard of living and the other gets a chance to keep their honor.  It appears no nation gets both.  Look how much Russia has suffered and still do.


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That graph doesn't show a surge it shows a pretty average reading for 2017. More bullshit fake news!

undertow1141's picture

This is the surge "In November of this year alone, 28".

Not the whole year, this last month. Maybe if you pull your head outta your ass and clean the shit outta your ears/eyes. You might learn how to fucking read.

MusicIsYou's picture

Hopefully Kim doesn't even think a little bit like me or you're fcked. I'd have those ghost ships deploying nukes off Japan's coast just waiting detonation commands.

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Well... We round eyes did educate him as it turns out this guy was hanging out it Neutral land (Switzerland) getting education. So don't be surprised if we got funny ideas in his head. It explains one and the other about the dear chubby one and his western fetish. And this guy will easily find proper tools to do so. 

But sometimes I wonder if Kimmy boy is just a sockpuppet. He doesn't say much. Most bullshit is some article in their stagepropaganda. You know, not even the supreme chubby one says.. No the DPRK says... Don't see this guy much on TeeVee either making statements. Just some pictures of him smiling, smoking, hugging his generals. Oh, and the occasional picture of the dear chubby one being adored by the Nork peasants. What's up with that? Who runs that show down there? 

MusicIsYou's picture

NATO shouldn't screw with  societies that have larger brains.

homiegot's picture

It's the penises that count.

Vageling's picture

At least somebody is interested in some fukashima two headed fish with 6 eyes. But hey, let's not talk about that. Crappy ships that drift. Yeah, what a fucking invasion! 64 of them? "Ohw muh gawd!" Seen what washes up on European shores? (Hint: you better have a Nork than a sand flea) And it's not the fish they're interested in. You [Japan] need to hunt some more people to get a new record it seems. That's still 16 short to even maintain the old one. And these guys [Japanese Coast Guard] now actively look for these guys. 

I'm sure North Korea would trade, but... Yeah, kinda hard when you're being isolated, no? And these guys are not really friendly with each other. 

The humanitarian angle... Yeah, I heard that lately alot. Da Chilrun! What happend to that food the South would send? Don't tell me that supreme chubby leader gobbled it all up himself. He's not fat enough for that. 

Life's a bitch. Some hungry guys got lost due to poor gear. Invasion my ass. But did they ask asylum? Or is that the scoop that's missing?

MusicIsYou's picture

I really don't like having to be the harbinger of reality but the fact is most NATO generals don't actually know how to think in the way of strategizing to obliterate an enemy because for decades NATO has only fought wars of financial gain. Their minds revolve around corporate profit and pleasing investors. You could never win against a nation fighting for their survival you paper tigers you. It's a bunch of Bill Gates with stars on their shoulders.

any_mouse's picture

No comparison to Black on Black murder rates in black communities across the USA.

Interesting. The Japanese think they are trying catch fish and take them back to DPRK.

These are the DPRK version of Cubanos on makeshift rafts drifting towards Miami.

Maybe a Soros funded NGO can get interested in picking them up closer to DPRK waters.

lakecity55's picture

Getting desperate for food.

The latest Nork Soldier to defect had worms and hepatitis.

The Plan is working to effect. Soon, Kim will have to launch, then it's off to the races.

"Ha! Amelicans want to stav Kim, Kim no need False Fag. US had Bath House, I have No Dong! Launch, lowly locket men! We see how Dotard can feed Amelicans with no Rectricity!"

"Your mission, CAPT Trump, is to proceed up the Nung River and terminate COL Kim's command."
"...with extreme juche."

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Let them eat smoked oysters ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

Korea Norte, Venezuela, Zimbabwe .... should form an economic trading organization .... they could call it STUPIDCON ?

RedBaron616's picture

I read another story somewhere that North Korea sold the fishing rights on the western coast, which is where the fishermen used to fish. Since they can't fish there now, they are on the eastern coast and, as this story states, the currents and winds are too much for these boats.

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Soylent green.  Everyone raves about it!