Professor Offers Extra Credit To Students Who "Rally Against The GOP Tax Bill"

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Authored by Anthony Gockowski via Campus Reform blog,

At least one Kutztown University professor offered students extra credit Tuesday to participate in a rally against the GOP tax plan.

“Please join your faculty as we rally against the GOP Tax Bill that has serious implications to you and on Higher Education. This is an opportunity to gain additional extra credit,” the email states, with a bolded subject line of “Additional Extra Credit Opportunity!”

While the email was initially drafted by Dr. Mauricia John, a professor in the publicly funded school’s Anthropology and Sociology Department, it is unclear whether other professors are offering their students the same opportunity, as the email indicates that the rally is a collaborative effort by the faculty.

An advertisement for the rally, sponsored by the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, was attached to the email, with a banner declaring “rally with us against the tax bill!”

“This bill threatens tax increases on our students. Tell congress to make education affordable to all. Defend not defund higher education. Tuition waivers should not be taxed,” the flyer goes on to state.

Faculty spokesperson Daniel Spiegel insisted that the event is "not in any way political or partisan," but is simply an effort to "stand up for higher education by alerting our campus community about the harm that the tax bill currently being considered in Congress could cause to the goals and accessibility of higher education." 

"The speakers will be speaking on the effect of this bill," he added. "We will be encouraging people to fulfill their obligation as a citizen  to contact their representatives to express their opinion."

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The death rattle of Antifa ;-)

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Dr. John doesn't teach anything that can be used in life or business so you might as well join the party students.  You've wasted tens if not hundreds of thousands of your parents money on your useless education already so go have a little fun at your parents expense.

macholatte's picture


Is that the sound of deadbeat professors as they attempt to sucker their little lemming students into helping them hold onto their bloated salaries?


techpriest's picture

If you are in a position to hire people, read John Taylor Gatto's "A Different Kind of Teacher," and start hiring bright kids out of high school who want to learn.

Yes, it'll take some time for them to learn (I've done this once myself - took the guy about 150 paid hours to learn the ropes, plus ~500 hours private practice, so ~4 months at full time), but it doesn't take long, they are eager to prove their value, and you can deny these lunatic professors a solid $100k (or more!) in student loan money.

translator zero's picture

Additional extra credit.

That's redundant, pencil neck.

PT's picture

That man has a job but I do not.
That man works at a University but I do not.
And there is the problem.  Right there.


Okay, I can't help but get pedantic sometimes:
That man has a job but I do not (at the moment).
That man works at a University but I do not.  (I'd rather be in the Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Maths Departments anyway.)
Now you know why so many awesome things never happen.

Navymugsy's picture

Somebody call Harvard and see what they're up to cause if Kutztown U. is doing this, there must be a huge groundswell coming.

junction's picture

Harvard has nothing to do with this, it is a hedge fund posing as a university.

techpriest's picture

I was listening to a Harvard student on a podcast recently, with the host being a Harvard alum. As they put it, Harvard is the mainstream of the mainstream.

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The world's most perfect university will have a similar rally, behind the walls to protect the snowflakes from contact with the hoi polloi.

Elizabeth Warren couldn't be reached for comment--she barely came out against Stuart Smalley today.

Me thinkum squaw heap-big pissed at yellow-hair.  Screwum up gig.  No likum ridicule.

nmewn's picture

"If this tax bill passes I may have to downgrade from a shiny black Benz to one your yucky silver Prius'!"

I just gotta say, thats one helluva an argument to make to a kid who's gonna be riding his bicycle to work at Applebees for ten years to pay off the debt owed on the black Mercedes.

But I guess I look at things a little differn't ;-) 

Chippewa Partners's picture

Tax $$$  at work.   


I want to get in this guys class.............


wisehiney's picture

Just wait til they take the little babe's beemer back

Clueless mindbogglers

The Wizard's picture

Where do they get off calling it "higher" education. "Lower" education is most applicable.

PT's picture

Yeah, I think you got it right.  The "Education" bit is the problem.  The "Higher" is probably accurate.

The Wizard's picture

It is possible to "educate" from common sense to being stupid. People create savings account funds to send their kids off to indoctrination camps to get stupid.

Swampthedrain's picture

Every claim the US government makes about their schemes has the opposite effect.  "Trump tax cuts", "affordable care act", "war on drugs", "We're spreading democracy", "Operation Desert Freedom" etc., etc.  Each one is a ruse to further enslave through overrreaching government.

American Snipper's picture

What, that they won't bail your punk ass out?

Harry Lightning's picture

The school should change its name from Kutztown University to PUTZ-town University,

ebworthen's picture


Prime example of why all Federal funding of Colleges and Universities should be pulled.

Hotbeds of delusional socialist thinking.  If we want to be Venezuela, keep the spigot open.

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Actually, anybody with even a cursory education in Tax knows this RINOTAX is a crony package of borrowing 1.5 Trillion and sending the bill to future generations. Yes, young people, for the most part, are bloody stupid but that doesn't make destroying their economic futures a moral act. This RINOTAX is nothing more than Obamacare revenge in which the Taxpayer gets taken to the cleaners for a second time by the NEW SINGLE PARTY SYSTEM, The INCUMBENT PARTY that takes care of themselves first and foremost. 

New_Meat's picture


"... the NEW SINGLE PARTY SYSTEM, The INCUMBENT PARTY that takes care of themselves first and foremost. "

This is new?  I think that some group of wastrel minstrels sang about "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."  Then again, Orwell did warn about this as well.  That was different, though, since the pigs came out on top of the wallow.

- Ned

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If the younger generations were smart, they would join together politically and send their own congress critters to DC, thus vote out the current collection of fossils with a single mission - to shift the pain onto those that caused it.

Step one - get rid of congressional pensions, including health care.

Step two - investigate former congressmen and senators for ill gotten gains and claw back anything gained through means that are illegal for general public.

Flounder's picture

Anthropology and Sociology Department!?  How about something more useful like plumbing, electrician, HVAC tech, Paramedic, Machinist, or other trades in demand.  The acceptance rate at KU is 80%.  Sheesh.

undertow1141's picture

Can't turn away the morons who took out those Federal Loans now can they?

PT's picture

But you can make moar munny by lending to idiots who can't do math.  The last thing you want to do is try to lend to those who can calculate ROI.  They might give you a damn good reason why you should lower your prices.

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

You can't fix stupid in general and certainly not at Kutztown U.

silverer's picture

I keep note of these universities pulling this kind of horseshit and they go right on my "no hire" list.

pparalegal's picture

Translation: PANIC our student loan and subsidized pay checks are at risk.

Funny they had no care when Obama raised the national debt a trillion dollars in his first 3 years. Crickets.

PT's picture

Becoz "maff is hard and makes my hed hurt".

Bryan's picture

Opportunties always arise.  I like a good Opportunty.  Tunty Tunty Tunty.  Oppor.   Tunty.  Opportunty. 


Obviously not an English teacher.

silverserfer's picture

lets be real heree any new tax bill with our peice of shit government puts out will always be worse than the last. Protesting doesnt fuckign matter. Finding real ways to work outside the tax debit/slave system does.   

RaoulDuke66's picture

Shit. For extra credit I'll do anything. Oppose tax cuts, burn books, beat up a few policitcal opponents. It's the school of life.

Yars Revenge's picture

Can they double the extra credit if they simultaneously come out as gay?

MasterPo's picture

In other news, professor fired for being a complete A-hole.

But you already knew that...


[Kutztown University??? Holy crap, they left out the "L"!] 

IridiumRebel's picture

It’s the “n” that’s missing.
Kuntztown U

Drop-Hammer's picture

A nnegress professor.

SRV's picture

If my kid was in that class I'd be having a little sit down with the good professor...

PT's picture

Would he still be able to stand up after you finished with him?

Throat-warbler Mangrove's picture

"Additional extra credit" hmmm.

shimmy's picture

And look at that, another moronic woman. Stunned! Seriously, it's getting to the point where women should be banned from all jobs save for porn, hooking, cleaning and hair cutting. 

TooJuiced's picture

Just standard liberal vote-buying. "Do my political bidding and I'll corruptly reward you with resources I have control of".

silverer's picture

Higher education, huh? Really? Sounds to me like a banking scam calling themselves a university.

Rex Andrus's picture

Who pays and how much to these crazy adults to molest children like this? Why are they allowed near children at all?

ds's picture

Cut the funding

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One more liberal douche that needs a few caps in his ass.

GoldHermit's picture

Remember articles like this when China kicks our ass