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Dow Hits New All-Time High On Lowest Non-Holiday Volume Day Of The Year

SSDD. Collapsing confidence, check. Housing Recovery meme toast, check. Volume at 2013 lows, check. BTFATH and send Trannies up for 13th of last 15 days (+10.4%), Dow near all-time highs again (thank you IBM buybacks), and S&P to new all-time highs... but don't tell Treasuries (which stand +/-1bps on the week). VIX wasn't drinking the kool-aid but the NASDARK session enabled futures to drag us back to higher before limping lower into the closer. The USD oscilatted around Nowotny comments and POMO ending the day up a rather notable 0.5% from Friday's close and that pressured commodities in general lower (gold hovering at $1345). Credit, Treasuries, VIX, and volume are all diverging from equity exuberance. The last 2 minutes saw stocks scream higher on their own as the world was terrified it would miss out on something (but no other market moved) and all the major indices managed new highs.

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US Responds To France: You Were Spying On Yourself

Following the humiliation of having a US ambassador summoned so he would explain the spying conducted by the US government, in liberated Paris of all places (because while the NSA spying on your own citizens is an absolute travesty and trampling of basic human rights and smacks of Stalingrad circa 1960, spying abroad is permitted, accepted and largely forgiven by all the developed nations - after all everyone does it) the US has struck back in the most poetic way imaginable: it said that whatever phone records the NSA acquired were passed on to it by the local spy agencies of none other than France and Spain. The implication is simple: the local people understandably furious at the US and screaming blood, have just been given a far more convenient target at which to fume: their own governments.

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"Evil, Populist" Nigel Farage Blasts Barroso: "We Don't Want Political Union"

There is a fear stalking the corridors of European politics. It is not the surging unemployment in France, or record delinquencies in Spain, or all-time low credit creation across the region; it is the growing concern that the powers that be have from the rise of Euroskepticism. As UKIP's Nigel Farage exclaims to Barroso and his brood, "years ago, you were less worried... but now we are "evil", "populists", we are "dangerous" and are going to bring down Western Civilization." As the outspoken Brit implores in this brief clip, there is nothing extreme in his views. "The real European debate is about identity," he notes, "what we are saying, large numbers of us from every single EU member state is: we don't want that flag, we don't want the anthem that you all stood so ram-rod straight for yesterday, we don't want EU passports, we don't want political union." As Greece faces down its 3rd bailout and deflationary threats loom across the region, we suspect top-down and bottom-up angst will bubble back to the surface soon enough.

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Congress To Eliminate The Debt By Not Counting It Anymore...

You know the old rule of thumb about laws - the more high-sounding the legislation, the more destructive its consequences. Case in point, HR 3293 - the recently introduced Debt Limit Reform Act. Sounds great, right? After all, reforming the debt seems like a terrific idea. Except that’s not what the bill really does. They’re not reforming anything. HR 3293?s real purpose is to authorize the government to simply stop counting a massive portion of the US national debt.

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The Four Horsemen Of Europe's Deflationary Threat

We recently noted that, despite all the hot money flows and self-congratulatory extrapolation, European macro data is collapsing (as opposed to supporting ideas of recovery). In fact, it is falling at the fastest pace in over a year as the prospect of the euro area falling into deflation may be increasing; as Bloomberg's Niraj Shah notes the single currency rises, growth loses momentum, money-supply expansion slows and bank lending stagnates. As Shah fears, that may push the region into a debt spiral as the real value of debt increases, marking a new phase in the crisis.

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JPMorgan Slides On "Deal" Breakdown Chatter

JPMorgan shares have dropped modestly (though any drop is notable in the new normal) as the WSJ reports that the $13bn deal with the Department of Justuice may be at risk:


It appears the 'breakdown' is over JPMorgan's demands that they offset payments to the DoJ from the FDIC fund (i.e. they wanted to use FDIC to fund this penalty on the basis of som epossible indemnification from the WaMu deal). DoJ lawyers are not amused (for now)...

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Spot The Spanish Reality

Having recently pointed out Draghi's worst nightmare, we thought the anti-thesis of hope over reality that is occurring in European "markets" was worth pointing out. Spanish sovereign bond spreads have collapsed this week to their lowest (least risky) in 30 months at a mere 229bps. The total and utter disconnect of this supposed 'free market' based measure in the face of nothing but terrible Spanish data is entirely without precedent...

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Nasdaq Breaks Again: Data Feed Not Disseminating, Trading Halted In SOX, OSX And HGX Options

Update: The NASDAQ OMX PHLX and NOM will resume trading in NDX, SOX, OSX, and HGX. PHLX will resume trading as of 12:55 PM .  NOM will resume trading as of 1:00 PM . Please contact Market Operations at (215) 496-1571 if you have any further questions.

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Spot The Difference

As the investing public looks around for reasons why US equities are rallying, the harsh reality is highlighted in the following chart... all that matters is what JPY carry is doing. While correlation is not causation, we suspect you'd be hard-pressed to suggest we are not on to something here...

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Head Of World's Largest Asset Manager Says Taper "Imperative" To End "Bubble-Like Markets"

JPMorgan, Pimco, and now BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, all join the bubble warning chorus. From Bloomberg:


So... when the three largest banks/asset managers in the US say that Ben Bernanke has blown the largest asset bubble in history and that the time to taper has come, will Janet Yellen once again turn a blind ear to warnings that come not just from the "tinfoil" blogosphere but the "respected" legacy financial institutions made up of serious people, and after the cataclysm admit that, just like last time, she "never saw it coming?"

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Administration Updates House On Obamacare Enrollment - Live Webcast

The House Ways & Means Committee holds a hearing to receive testimony from Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Grab your popcorn, nom nom nom



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Bill Gross: "All Risk Asset Prices Artificially High"

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Guest Post: System Reset 2014-2015

Resets occur when the price of everything that has been repressed, manipulated or obscured is repriced. The greater the manipulation and financial repression, the more violent the reset. What been manipulated, obscured or repressed? Virtually everything: risk, credit, assets, labor, currency, you name it. Everything that has been manipulated by central banks and central states will be repriced. Trust is difficult to price. Every reset erodes trust in the capacity of the centralized status quo to manipulate/repress price to its liking. Once trust in the system is lost, it cannot be purchased at any cost.

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Obama Knew Most Americans Would Not Be Able To Keep Their Existing Insurance Under Obamacare As Early As 2010

The news keeps going from worse to worse-er for the administration and Obamacare. The latest hit, however, does not revolve around the dysfunctional website, whose hundreds of millions of lines of faulty code will take a very long time to fix, but relates to Obama's promises that individuals would be able to keep their existing healthcare plans following the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. The truth, as NBC reports, is they can't but what's worse is that Obama knew as early as July 2010 that 40 to 67 percent of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And that's not all: since the 14 millions consumers who buy their insurance individually will be forced into comparable plans, they are all set to experience a "sticker shock" when "opting" for the mandatory alternatives.

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NQ Responds To Muddy Waters Fraud Allegations With Paperweighty 97-Page Presentation

If the investing school of "Ackman-Tilson" is correct, in which nobody actually cares about the content, just the number of pages in a given "investing presentation" slideshow, then recently troubled Chinese mobile internet provider NQ just got the upper hand over Muddy Waters. Recall that on Thursday, with a "Strong Sell" report bashing NQ, alleging the company is a fraud, Muddy Waters managed to cut the price of the company in question by over 50%. The size of that presentation: 81 pages. Moments ago NQ came out with its point by point rebuttal to Muddy Waters. The size of NQ's presentation: a whopping 97 pages.  Game, set, match to NQ, duh.

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