Apple's Year End Cash Equivalent Of $97.6 Billion Makes It The 58th Largest Economy In The World

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After generating $37.9 billion in cash, short and long-term equivalents in 2011, and a record $16 billion in Q4 alone (of which $11.8 billion in Long-Term Marketable Securities: Treasurys? Pretty soon Apple will be a bigger monetization force than the Fed), the company's total cash and equivalents horde is now just shy of $100 billion, or $97.6 billion. And with cash growing at 20% in the quarter, extrapolating into the future, means that the company will hit $1 trillion in cash by Q1 2015. Looked at otherwise, if Apple were a country, and its cash was equivalent to GDP, it would rank as the world's 58th largest economy, above such countries as Slovakia, Iraq, Luxembourg, and Syria. At least now we know where all that money that is not going to pay mortgages, is going. Next question: how long until uncle Sam demands windfall tax, or until the FoxConn workers learn to read press releases and politely request a pay raise or they all jump?

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So as the Chinese slave laborers jump from the roof tops to avoid having to work for Apple, dumb ass Americans not paying their mortgages blow cash on devices that are ALL largely criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers sell the news in size from the first minute the shares were unhalted. 

Here come the dumb asses on the BlowHorn [CNBC] to tell any fool who will watch how this indicates upside for the stock market.  It all makes perfect sense...when you are living up the Banana Republic Tree.


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We live in a Banana Republic... & YES... we have no bananas...

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"largely redundant" is how I describe the Apple product line. Except I would insert "overpriced" in front of that...

Apple is a train-wreck waiting to happen. It is the next RIMM, just wait and see.

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Too... many... ellipsis.... cannot... concentrate... on... message... being... conveyed... I... have... a... headache... now...



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I always read comments like that in Shatner's voice.

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You really need to get out more.

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I am shocked that it is only up 36 dollars.....crazy

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Well, it was 14 weeks, back out 2 weeks and I think that is your answer why it is not up more. But you cannot take anything away from this company. Imagine a country running this well. lol



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But AAPL should pay its fair share!!



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Yuppies buy Apple because it is so hip

Yuppies are so hip

Chinese workers jump for joy!

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I didn't realize people still used the word "yuppie". That's way groovy daddy-o.

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Do you even know what a Yuppie is?  If you did, you would know that they are a dying breed...population in decline.  

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Funny how debt service costs work.

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I heard Apple will impose Oil & Trade sanctions on everyone if they continue developing primary wealth and don't buy iPads...

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Are those raindrops i just felt on my parade?

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Wow that's a lot of future landfill!

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Too bad a billion dollars sure aint what it used to basically Apple has a few FED POMO operations, or about a weeks worth of new US debt created...big deal.

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Hey, somebody has to back up Brian Sack every once in a while.

I just wonder what sort of political ROI they are getting for helping Benron do the laundry?

My prediction? Ipads for all gov weenies, mid-level on up.

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all is good now, lets see what they have in the pipe line.... Ipad 3 may give a boost, next iphone in october, holiday season is over... it may not be that bright from now on.

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With 100 Billion you can pay off half the legislature...

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When they have a workforce of 8,000 slaves they can wakeup at midnight to produce I-Phones, I-Pads

 and Mac how can you beat that? 

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This is their zenith.

From here on in it's sequels.

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In terms of behavioural economics it makes perfect sense. The people are scared and lacking in confidence and individualism, as a result they huddle and seek external guidance.  Darwin would say that this behaviour conditioned the tribe so that it could be efficiently delivered from harrowing times by the rise of a great leader. In the modern day we go to the mall and buy brands so we feel like we have a common purpose. Meet your great saviour, it comes in a neat white box.

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"Don't worry, it's for your own good."

This is going to get really interesting as government bodies outsource their IT operations to Google.

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unibody capitalsim bchz - the iWay

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iWay or the Hiway.


Fixed it for ya. ;>

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your money or your wife becomes : your iphone or your ipad!

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In a free market this would not happen. The CNY should rise and hit profit margins of AAPL. And labor should stop accept being treated as slaves and demand pay raises.

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Might be interesting to see the same done here first. Its time for the merikans to put their $ where their advise is.      Milestones

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While there may not be a "windfall" tax, there actually is an existing tax that supposedly prevents companies like Apple from accumulating that much cash.  Not suprisingly, this tax is called the "accumulated earnings tax".  It only applies to C-Corporations.  The IRS can accuse corps of "hoarding" cash and if the IRS is successful (meaning the respondent corp can't prove that it isn't hoarding), a tax of 15% is applied to all assets determined to be in excess of what the business needs for working capital, business expansion, etc.  As with all tax-related litigation, the burden of proof is on the respondent to prove that the assets are necessary, again, for working capital, expansion, stock buy backs, dividends etc.

If there's a way to fleece successful businesses, you can assume Congress and the IRS have already thought of it.

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AAPL is a scam. No dividend and Steve Jobs then and the others now are hoping to lure everybody to bid the price up to gain...............nothing for the investors but a lot of insiders. A big company without divident is simply and purely a scam that relies on suckers.

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what does it mean "if cash were equivalent to gdp?"     do you understand that this statement is nonsense? 

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 Just think what would happen if they opened up a Men's Department at all the Apple stores ...

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Damnit!! I just spit my beer and farted at the same time!

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Coach beat too - seeing strong demand in products for men....   ?

That's A LOT of toiletry bags.

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Pretty sure Reggie has a negative thesis on this stock since 2Q11...

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I would feel really good about Apple's success.....


If it wasn't for the recent reports about working conditions at the Chinese factories where the products are made.... suicide nets around buildings. Workers spending days on rooftops, threatening to jump unless conditions improve. Workers living in 6 person dorm rooms and not knowing each others name. Will we buyers of Apple products take to the streets (or lock down our wallets) in protest? If not, why not?

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Dude, come on! Check your morals at the door :-)  

The anti-globalization crowd and the hipster douchebags already did so. Bunch of hypocrites "Oh dear beloved leader Steve Jobs has passed away".

Let's cut the hypocritical crap - AAPL is a business. People keep AAPL in business by buying their products. AAPL keeps their costs down by outsourcing their manufacturing to FoxConn. AAPL doesn't own the factory, FoxConn does.  

That's all and that's it. 

And here's another thing to consider - let's say AAPL dropped FoxConn and went somewhere else. What happens to the FoxConn workers then? Go back to the countryside to starve?


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let's say AAPL dropped FoxConn and went somewhere else.  What happens to FoxConn workers then?

Let them eat cake!

What happens to the workers is not the concern of the "anti-Capitalist" moral superior chest thumpers. They want to man their barricades and wave the red banner.

BTW "if" and I say "IF!" conditions are so horrific at this FoxConn, why don't the persons who CHOSE to work there QUIT! HELLO!!! Are they imprisoned there? Is Steve Jobs alive and kidnapping Chinese people himself?

Quit if it sux so bad/ I didn't think so.

I've had jobs that sucked but I quit I didn't kill myself (Yet, I'm not better than anyone else) and not one single global news organ gave a flying fvck if my job sucked. Where were they when my job sucked?

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Who the hell needs to keep that much cash?  Flush it to the shareholders already. 

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You can buy up startups, IP portfolios etc without having to go into debt. Helps you ride out the bad times as well.

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You just know Obama is salivating over that cash and thinking nationalization and redistribution to the have-nots...Apple and others.

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Also extrapolating into the future in 2026 Apple's revenue at 66% growth will be bigger than the world's GDP at 4% growth! It means Earth would not even exist then without Apple.