Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll With 29% Of Vote, Ron Paul Takes Second With 28%

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The Ames Straw vote results out of Iowa are in, and Michelle Bachmann appears to have won with 29% of the votes, or 4,823 of the 16,892 votes cast. Bernanke nemesis Ron Paul placed second, just 150 votes behind Bachmann, at 4,671, or taking down 28% of the total. For those stupefied by this result, a source on the ground informs us that Bachmann proceeded to hand out 6000 free tickets at $30 each with a mandatory registration at her booth to gain concert entrance. Furthermore, final results were probably tabulated by the BLS. As for other frontrunners, Pawlenty came in a distant third with 14% or 2,293 of the votes. The Hill has more: "A House member has never finished in the top two; extraordinarily, two House lawmakers finished nearly neck-and-neck toward the top. Bachmann is the first woman to ever win the straw poll. "We’re very excited," said Alice Steward, a spokesman for Bachmann. "it’s a very emotional night for her, she’s excited and thankful all the hard work of the supporters and volunteers paid off...Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) won about 10 percent, pizza magnate Herman Cain finished at about nine percent, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) drew just 35 total votes. Murmurs of huge crowds at Waterloo native's splay on the campus of Iowa State University persisted throughout the day, suggesting that momentum was with — and never waned — from Bachmann's campaign." Rounding off the field were Santorum with 10% of the vote, Herman Cain with 9%, write ins Perry and Romney with 4% and 3%, respectively, and Gingrich getting 2%. We are not quite sure if this is the cue to laugh or cry. Our money is on the latter.

More from The Hill:

A rousing late-day speech that stressed social conservative credentials and Bachmann's ties to the Hawkeye State culminated with Bachmann beckoning undecided voters to her tent, which boasted air conditioning, seating, and performances by country star Randy Travis.


"Join me, I'm heading over to the voting booth right now," she said. "Come with me now."


Pawlenty's failure to finish in the top spot raises new questions about the core health of his campaign. The former Minnesota governor has failed to raise his poll numbers outside the single digits, and had poured most of his remaining resources into the straw poll, where he hoped a victory would infuse his campaign with new momentum. 


"We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do," Pawlenty said in a statement. "This is a long process to restore America -- we are just beginning and I'm looking forward to a great campaign."


Pawlenty had set expectations at a finish somewhere in the top-tier; he's said repeatedly that a first-place finish wasn't essential. But even Pawlenty acknowledged Friday that a disappointing finish would force him to "reassess" his campaign, which has set itself up as more of a traditional, nationally-oriented campaign.

As for Paul...

Paul's showing caps off an effort of almost five years, dating back to his first bid for the Republican nomination way back in 2007, when he started to assemble the vast grassroots organization that propelled him to victory in today's straw poll.


He made a midday speech to straw poll participants that was heavy on playing up the Texas congressman's opposition to abortion rights; he also emphasized his opposition to the war in Iraq and criticism of U.S. monetary policy — views that tend to place him outside of the Republican mainstream.


Paul's finish Ames makes Paul's candidacy look less like a longshot, and more like a realistic possibility. The straw poll is a good, if imperfect, indicator of Republicans choice to win next February's caucuses, and Paul's finish on Saturday makes it seem increasingly plausible that he could win those contests.

Of course, if Paul were to eventually become president, we would advise him to not come within 100 miles of any school book depositories. Also to avoid prepared food, theaters, public speeches, pope mobiles (in fact any form of transportation that goes over 15 mph), to run like the wind from any and all hot tubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools, and baths, and in general to conduct his long overdue gold standard policy from a bunker several miles underground if possible.

Alas, this may all be just a tad optimistic.

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CosmicBuddha's picture

So Ben Bernanke is not a Keynesian?

Medea's picture

Why do people like you wish everything to be simple? Is it because you genuinely dislike thinking?

spiral_eyes's picture

Bernanke is a perverted Keynesian, just like George Bush is a perverted conservative. Keynesian stimulus is explicitly about job creation and aggregate demand. QE & Obama's Stimulus are superficially about that, but really they are all about giving your money to rich people, which is why so few jobs have been created, and so little real or useful infrastructure has been created. 

Really, it's all about looting and pillaging, and the hyper-rich will use any and all ideologies in their quest to take your labour, take your money and do whatever the fuck they like. 

CosmicBuddha's picture

So what is your point then? Or is it simply to criticise without offering anything of substance in reply? 


How on earth do you know what I wish? I merely point out that central planning of interest rates and the money supply is doomed to fail. Whether it is called Keynesianism or not is irrelevant. If you disagree with this point then say so, with your reasons, and we can have a debate.


It is you who seems unwilling or unable to think.

Medea's picture

Your thought process and terminology are so damned confused. Try to be coherent when you want to make bold, unsupported statements about "reality."

CosmicBuddha's picture

"Reality", in the sense that I use it here, is the reality of the market place. That is that millions of people interacting within a free market determine a fair price both for goods and services as well as the price of money itself, i.e. the interest rate. Interfering with the money supply and interest rates interferes with the pricing mechanism and the "reality" of a free market. We are told we live in a free market capitalist system, this is therefore the "reality" I refer to. The fact that there is not a free market with respect to money therefore flies in the face of this "reality".


I hope this clarifies what I meant.

navy62802's picture

Correction - A lot of people are having (not going to have) a really bad decade. The future is that their "really bad decade" is only going to get worse if we continue traveling down the road we've been on for the past several decades.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Has it ever occurred to you that voting for the worst candidate may be the best option now?

And Im sure you've followed that thought to its logical conclusion.  That is, by voting for the lesser of two is still voting for (and enabling) evil.   Stop empowering your enslavers.  Stop participating in the fraud that is voting.

Michael's picture

Dr Ron Paul placed second within a cunt hair of Michelle Backmann in todays Aims Iowa straw poll.

Michael's picture

If Ron Paul actually wins the Presidency in 2012, I would strongly recommend he lock himself in Cheyenne Mountain Complex for at least 6 months while implementing cuts and slashing the size of government.

Cheyenne mountain complex - short documentation

snowball777's picture

No need to worry yourself about that.

Miss Expectations's picture

Or, set up operations in the gold vault at the NY Fed... 50 feet below sea level in the bedrock of Manhattan.

caerus's picture

maybe he could borrow steve jobs' moon fortress...

TwelfthVulture's picture

It's probably pretty spacious down there.

blunderdog's picture

If I'm unanimously chosen as Grand High Overlord of the Entire Universe tomorrow, I'll be sure to contact you and ask what my first acts should be.

Thanks in advance.

ISEEIT's picture

I guess the only thing I like about you Michael is that you are consistent.

I dream of RP becoming our next President too. I also understand that it ain't gunna happen unless we are willing to spill blood. Lot's of blood.

And mostly our own.

Imminent Crucible's picture

You need not worry about Ron Paul ever winning a Presidential election.  There's a reason the polling places have been fitted out with Diebold electronic ballot machines. It's not to keep chads off the floor.

Problem Is's picture

Vote flipping Diebold election fraud is exactly how "Spineless" Hairy Reid got re-elected... That and his son was a county commissioner in Clark county... the largest county in Nevada...

Videos Caught Reid in Vote Flipping Election Fraud
Numerous early voting seniors complained that the Diebold screen had Douche-Bag Reid already checked or would flip to Reid when they tried to save and exit the screen... Youtube videos were uploaded to verify the Reid election fraud....

And his Douche bag son paid a record fine of $25k for funneling illegal campaign contributions into his governor bid to circumvent campaign contribution limits... 

The "Spineless" Reid Family
Douche Bags one and all... Flip'em like pancakes you spineless bitch Reid...

Michael's picture

It's not about winning, it's about spreading the message and waking people up.

It's about voting for your own principals as opposed to massaging your ego and voting for whom the MSM tells you who can and can't win.

I don't care who TV personalities say can't win. I can still Vote for Dr Ron Paul and feel good about doing it.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

that's right!  and if he can't with the R nomination, maybe he can take over Peace & Freedom.  oh, wait!  that ralphie nader's ticked, that's where i put the #2 pencil to my ballot, back in '08.

maybe paul would consider the vice-presidency

dwdollar's picture

Personally I don't want Ron Paul to win because it's already to late to save this country and I don't want him to take the blame for what is about to happen.. We are trapped in a Keynesian death spiral and there is no way out. It's an express train to a complete and total collapse.

Let the RINOs and Liberals argue about what to cut (defense or entitlements). It's a waste of time to convince them otherwise because it's already too late! Save yourself and prepare for The Greater Depression.

spiral_eyes's picture

ending all the wars, and stopping all the corporatist/bailout spending, dropping corporation tax for manufacturers to 0, defaulting on a portion of the debt and ending all the wasteful shit like the department of education would be a damn good start at stopping the death spiral. imagine if all that military-industrial complex bomb-building infrastructure was converted to making things people need? massive boost.

dwdollar's picture

How are you going to convince the people to do that?  It's not going to happen.  That's WHY it's too late.  Sure, things could always be undone WITH the consent of the people, but you're never going to get that consent.

The economy has to blow out and people have to live in true poverty (the kind where you are hungry) for at least a generation so their dependence is severed.  Only after their dependence is severed, will people agree that big government is bad.

spiral_eyes's picture

eisenhower warned us of this 50 years ago, and gave us the answer: an awake and informed citizenry. it looked bad in the 80s and 90s when we started accumulating all this debt but you know what? — we now have this incredible tool of information technology to expose the fallacies of the krugmanites, the corruption of murdoch and enron and the largesse of every fucking corporation who sucks from the teat of the taxpayer.

the pre-industrial feudal lords tried to hold back progress for so, so long. but you know what? corruption and loot-and-pillage-economics sucks for everyone, in the long run. cause econ isn't zero sum. so after the industrial revolution finally took place, well today most americans live better (in many, but not all ways) than kings and queens did in the old world. what would henry viii done for net access, a texas steakhouse and youporn?

of course, it's made our minds fat and stupid. the aware and informed may have the tools to wake up the stupefied but it still isn't easy. you may be right everything has to fuck up and we have to have some kind of reconstruction. but let's at least try to help the situation and get the reforms we need to plod through.

what the fuck have we got to lose? our real identities — and the fact we read zero hedge and whatever other insidious anti-establishment propaganda — are all on record in at&t data centres and the pentagon black box rooms. 

so who gives a fuck?

be the change you wish to see. 

dwdollar's picture

Sure, I'll vote for Ron Paul out of principle, but it won't matter.  There's no way Paul can survive without talk radio behind him.  Perry and/or Palin is the likely ticket.

spiral_eyes's picture

there's another scenario that could come out of ron paul finishing a solid second behind perry:

paul/ventura as the anti-war, anti-bailout, pro-liberty independent ticket. paul isn't at home with the republicans. maybe his son is, but ron is better off as an independent.

split the neocon "do whatever the mainstream media says" pro-bailout pro-wall streeter corporatist vote! need ross perot, the koch brothers and god damn anyone else with $$$ who claims to care about liberty to get behind that if it happens.

navy62802's picture

Now there's an interesting thought. Who would Paul actually choose as a running mate? Peter Schiff? Judge Napolitano?

smore's picture

How about Alex Jones?  He seems more suited for the zombie apocalyse just over the horizon.

KowPie's picture

Hell, he should pick Bachmann. With his intellect and her fried dog gobbling ability, they couldn't lose!

Judge Holden's picture

He's spoken highly of Gary Johnson in the past.

John_Coltrane's picture

Yes, that would be a great choice.  Johnson did a great job a NM governor.  Tried to decriminalize pot and lowered tax rates as promished.  A self-made guy and independent thinker.

NoClueSneaker's picture

Hm, RP gave that answer b4. Dennis Kucinich ...

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

There's no way Paul can survive without talk radio behind him

Good point.  I noticed on Friday the Right Wing Radio Ranters became enraged whenever Ron Paul was mentioned.  They were especially outraged about his calls to end the endless trifecta of wars.  The bloodlust of these guys was as palpable as it was unbalanced, and shows them to be conservatives in the truest sense of that word:  i.e., preservers of the status quo.

The Ranters never challenged RP's positions on the issues, they just issued invective and character assasination.  All of which is a very interesting telltale b/c it shows (a) the Neocons have no rational answers to RP's ideas, and (b) they're scared (terrified actually) that he might be right and they might be wrong, and (c) that even the sheeple of Iowa may be waking up to that fact.

Widowmaker's picture

Give me a break. The people in Iowa are drunk and fast asleep at the wheel, just like always. You have not been paying attention for the last 40 years.

Is that shit filled twinkee in her mouth from Exxon or Goldshlepp Sachstein?

Drill, drill, drill or Israel? You know the answer, the people lose, which is the only thing on the ballot.

dwdollar's picture

"They were especially outraged about his calls to end the endless trifecta of wars."

Don't forget their endless squawking about Iran. I suppose they want to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities? What do they plan on using to gain air superiority against an advanced air defense system provided by Russia and China? Maybe they haven't realized but BOTH the F22 and F35 are grounded indefinitely with technical problems. The military is stretched to it's max and new funding is tight. Iran is a perfect setup for an embarrassing bloody nose provided by Russia and China.

Libertarian777's picture

If he wins I think he will surprise everyone at how quickly we can find a bottom and how quickly the free market will restore economic freedom to everyone once competing currencies are legalized.

pesamystik's picture

Romney is a "venture capitalist" ergo he is ok in the neocon playbook. I have noticed a massive media diversion surrounding Paul as well. Every article I read he barely gets a mention, even after he came so close to winning. I have no doubt that if he even had a chance of becoming president, he would be taken out. The Jews of America will not let him win, along with their plutocrat bed buddies.

DeadFred's picture

Last time around the media would report the election results right up to the person who finished just ahead ahead of Ron Paul. The headlines tomorrow will say Bachman wins and talk about the 'favorites' who weren't in the race, but you'll have to dig to find out who else was running and how they fared.

Despite the fact it's too late to turn the ship around, Paul would be the best person in charge when we need to transition between this kleptocracy and whatever comes next. Hope that he wins.

KowPie's picture

Wow. That one could be seriously Photo Shopped into a super viral pic seen round the world. Her handlers must have been selected by her oposition. Crazy as a moonbat.

Heroic Couplet's picture

Heh. I always say Barack Obama has a sense of humor that goes right over the top of most of most people's heads.

Byte Me's picture

What can one say?


What a patsy...

NoClueSneaker's picture

WB7 would need 10 secs ... but methinks s1 else should do the job ....

Kali's picture

I wish Molly Ivins was still around to see Rick Perry and Bachmann.  She must be rollin in her grave.?  She used to knock Bush, Perry too, bet she never dreamed Perry may be Prez too

gmj's picture

Tyler is a naughty boy.  BAD Tyler!