Blast From The Past: SNL Explains Wall Street

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Just because few have captured the essence of Wall Street quite like the following "Straight talk with Global Century" SNL skit from the recent past, which reminds us that the more things change, the more they stay the same: a timely reminder in the aftermath of the FB bloodbath.

Thanks to Mike Krieger for the reminder

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"We're not going to give you 20 million nickels.  Unless that is the change solution that suits your needs.  Like Mr. Bass."

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What's sad is that most of the 'Hindu cows' that live in America simply enjoy laughing at themselves as this comedy skit mocks them...

What's even sadder is that the banksters & politicians KNOW THEY WILL...

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I'm partial to the much earlier Python iteration...

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Speaking of the past:

Welcome to the Wonderland

Warren Buffett has enjoyed tons of publicity recently as a fantasy tax advocate (as if either Warren’s company, or his daddy, Sen. Buffett, ever attempted paying their share of taxes? ? ).

Strange for a guy whose company has been in tax court forever, battling to avoid paying back taxes?

Strange for a guy who heavily and successfully lobbied against any oversight on credit derivatives when Dodd-Frank legislation was being formulated; credit derivatives are not only involved with ultra-leveraging (shadow banking) and ultra-leveraged speculation, but also tax evasion and tax avoidance, off-balance-sheet equals untaxed as does offshore translate to untaxed; and swaps are routinely used to avoid the paying of capital gains tax.

Just doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

Whatever in creation Warren Buffett is, he ain’t no tax advocate!

Nick Hanauer has recently made some noise about inequality, writing about it along with a friend, Eric Liu (Skull & Bones, Yale).  Now Hanauer is the founder of the League of Education Voters, yet another Gates Foundation-funded privatization of education ploy for the upper 1%.

Just doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

Sorry, but Hanauer’s concern sounds far more like the typical re-posturing for economic warfare reasons.

Paul Krugman’s appearance at Seattle’s Town Hall was immediately sold out --- but why?

Oh lordy, the fools and witless ones believe Krugman to be a liberal, because he writes a column with a title claiming to be one?

Sorry, Charlie, but Krugman has long been in that group promoting the offshoring of America:  offshoring jobs, offshoring technology, offshoring R&D work, offshoring investment --- that is, the dismantling of the American economy.

Now Krugman repositions himself as a “liberal” – sure he’s against austerity; anyone who isn’t has self-identified as the enemy of the people, either a member of lackey of the banksters!

Except, what good does more stimulus do without addressing the structural problems which resulted from the offshoring of everything --- the disinvestment and defunding and privatizing of America?

Just doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

Actually, it really primarily aids the banksters.

The last federal stimulus, a goodly portion going overseas thanks to waivers signed by then-Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, now Ambassador to China, went to keeping public service employees employed (police, firefighters, teachers, etc.), and those people who earned over $50,000 per year tended to vote Tea Party goons, who then stopped the revenue sharing, causing those public service union people to become unemployed!  (Just examine the exit polling data from the Wisconsin voters who elected Gov. Walker --- sure hope they finally learned their lesson, but I seriously doubt it!)

We definitely do require a massive federal stimulus --- along with a massive restructuring of the US economy --- it was dismantled and restructured away from a consumer-based society to a fantasy finance structure, benefitting the banksters --- high time people realized this!

Finally, a few years back, there was publicity around President Kennedy’s assassination for some reason, and NPR ran one of those purely propaganda snarky stories of theirs.

A columnist from South Carolina was retiring from writing his “The Rambler” column and related a supposedly “chilling” anecdotal vignette about how, one time among his ramblings, he met a woman who said she had been stationed in Japan with Lee Harvey Oswald and she stated that Oswald spent all his spare time practicing at the Marine Corps rifle range.

Besides being at complete variance with statements of those who really were stationed with Oswald in Japan, there is simply no way in Hell that females were allowed at USMC firing ranges in the 1950s --- NO WAY, NO HOW, NO EVER!

Just never happened --- yet NPR was pushing that fictional piece as fact!

Just doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

It's called co-opting, whereby the bad guys, the fraudsters, take over and frame the discussions, which inevitably leads to their framing of the "solutions."

Sadly, it works when everyone remains ignorant!

Welcome to the Wonderland!


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Great material.

The rich and powerful control global governance,

they have done nothing but grow them geometrically the last however many centuries,

but there are still people out there who believe big governance is somehow for the people.

Just mind numbing.

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 +1  (every three weeks he sez something cogent...)

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"You knew in advance about 9/11?"........Basically.  Classic

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So, what is the deal with precious metals today?  

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They weigh precisely the same.

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Perfect. Gonna buy som' more.

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Complimentary to this is the Whitest Kids You Know skit for a political ad by fictitious Clint Webb... absolutely dead on:

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Pretty funny. I'd vote for an honest asshole over a dishonest prick.

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And I raise your stakes.

Especially check last 5 seconds, which bank is named? :)

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Yea, these are all the dumb ones.  the smart ones have their life's savings in banks paying 0.001% APR indirectly holding completely worthless sovereign securities.

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[G]lobal [S]entury.

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I was disappointed she did not kill the prick.

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They should have had for the CEO advisor part Mini Me (Blankfein)... perfect fit.

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Now can we cross the 200 day moving average to the downside. There ain't no more retail money to steal.

But the FED might go back into the business of transferring money to the banksters through stocks so who knows.

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Very funny, in a crude kinda way...

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A very funny skit.  Never seen it before.  Hope they do one on FB.

BlackholeDivestment's picture, they almost got it. To make it real they should have the guys last lines be, ''now if you will pardon me, I am late for the child sacrifice with Rosemary's Baby and the Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China''.

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The FB debacle is a kick in the balls of the fucking con-artist at MS and the other banks.  After the dot com crash and all the 'fuck-thy-neighbor' moves over the past 20 years it seems the public finally either got wise to the act or just ran out of cash.  Someone at MS is in the middle of packing his/her desk because of the FB IPO and the scammers are scrambling to figure out how to screw people in this new environment. 

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That skit is funny because it's rooted in truth...which is always the best comedy

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I love a company that has integrity. LOLOL

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SNL does it again. Their political satire is the only thing on there worth watching any more.

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lol coincidentally BI posted a piece about Citi bullish on JPM: