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Fourth Largest Gun Maker In US Is Out Of Guns

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In a somewhat sad and shocking slap of reality to the face of our 'recovery' and 'freedom-based-debt-holdings', today's press-release-of-the-day (since we still haven't heard from BATS) goes to Sturm, Ruger (the 4th largest gun-maker in the US) who after receiving orders for over one million units in Q1 has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.


Forget PCLN, CRM, NFLX, here's where the real action is!

RGR is up a whopping 571% from Nov 07 while the S&P 500 is down 3%...


Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. Reports Strong First Quarter Bookings

March 21, 2012

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), announced today that for the first quarter 2012, the Company has received orders for more than one million units. Therefore, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.


Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Fifer made the following comments:


The Company's Retailer Programs that were offered from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012 were very successful and generated significant orders from retailers to independent wholesale distributors for Ruger firearms.


Year-to-date, the independent wholesale distributors placed orders with the Company for more than one million Ruger firearms.

Despite the Company's continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.

The Company expects to resume the normal acceptance of orders by the end of May 2012.

The Company will announce its results and file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the first quarter of 2012 on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, after the close of the stock market.


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Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:00 | 2285438 GoldRulesPaperDrools
GoldRulesPaperDrools's picture

Actually, Remington is so busy making metallic (pistol and rifle) cartridges that you can't find a lot of small-gauge shotshell ammo for skeet and sporting clays.

But ask for .40s or .223 and those you can have. ;)

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:41 | 2285136 Motley Fool
Motley Fool's picture


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:32 | 2285355 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Excellent point!

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:40 | 2285138 spartan117
spartan117's picture

I'll start to worry when I see "Cash for Guns" stores popping up around town.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:03 | 2285241 Clay Hill
Clay Hill's picture

Happiness is going to a gun buy-back in the hood and outbidding the police.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:34 | 2285359 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

+ 1 I never thought of doing that.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:04 | 2285448 Clay Hill
Clay Hill's picture

Just don't be too conspicuous about it Doc, it is perfectly legal here in Fla., but still kind of frowned upon.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 23:38 | 2285934 Monedas
Monedas's picture

Some of those weapons might have unsavory histories ? 

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 01:16 | 2286050 Tuco Benedicto ...
Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Yes, some may have been owned previously by government employees!

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 06:14 | 2286239 Clay Hill
Clay Hill's picture

First chuckle of the day! Thanks!

To Monedas' point, this is not legal in every State. Lucky for me Fla. has no restriction on unregistered sales between private citizens, but a bit of discretion goes a long way.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:05 | 2285252 Long-John-Silver
Long-John-Silver's picture

All you need do is look in a Pawn Shop window for that sign.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:32 | 2285651 Vlad Tepid
Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:46 | 2285142 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Americans look stupid but they are certainly not. They know what's coming. Only the Obamabots think that everything is fixed and everything will be fine.

Also this is coming this summer : arms trade treaty...

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:47 | 2285173 SWRichmond
SWRichmond's picture

I alternate between a) complete lack of confidence in my fellow Americans and b) hope that there is a growing realization of what's going on here.  I'm happy that people are buying guns, I hope they are also buying (a shitload of) ammo and becoming more than marginally proficient.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:05 | 2286093 BidnessMan
BidnessMan's picture

My supplier of choice is Able Ammo.  "We shoot all we can, and we sell the rest."

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:54 | 2285196 Pseudo Anonym
Pseudo Anonym's picture

i'd still beg to differ with this:

Americans look stupid but they are certainly not.

it appears to be largely the us gubermint placing orders on behalf of their agencies; not ordinary individuals or retail

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:59 | 2285224 LongSoupLine
LongSoupLine's picture



yep, "Americans" are ordering Starbucks and bigger flat screens to watch Dancing with the Stars...

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:08 | 2285268 aerojet
aerojet's picture

I really don't think the .gov is buying a lot of Rugers.  Some prisons used to use the Mini-14 as well as NYPD, but what agencies use Ruger handguns?  The LCP and those little jam-o-matic carry guns are probably selling well...

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:33 | 2285358 xela2200
xela2200's picture

I was looking to get a glock a few months ago, and I could not find one G19 in Miami. All the gun brokers told me the same thing. ALL the guns are going to the police, so yeah many if not most of those guns are going to government entities or maybe across the border which is by now a battle field.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:41 | 2285383 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

That why there was record background checks in 2011... because cops need background checks when buying guns?? I don't think so.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:57 | 2285423 Pseudo Anonym
Pseudo Anonym's picture


That why there was record background checks in 2011...

but that doesnt tell you how many were turned down, rejected; or how many of those that were "approved" bought ruger

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:54 | 2285421 r00t61
r00t61's picture

The difference is that the Glock is one of the most commonly-used duty pistols in the world, supplying thousands of police departments, militaries, and related government agencies.  On the other hand, I can't think of a single agency that contracts with Ruger.

And you really shouldn't be having a problem finding a common weapon like a G19.  I see a bunch of them on gunbroker at the moment.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 22:44 | 2285862 xela2200
xela2200's picture

Good point.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 12:06 | 2286635 DosZap
DosZap's picture

Pseudo Anonym

it appears to be largely the us gubermint placing orders on behalf of their agencies; not ordinary individuals or retail

American Gub doesn't use Ruger products bro.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:15 | 2285297 gwar5
gwar5's picture

Majority of Americans are just intentionally made to look stupid by the neo-slavetracker media propaganda in the "Don't-be-like-them" permanent campaign to keep the slaves on the plantation.

American polls indicate the vast majority support very rational policies and rule of law. 80% polled think that DC is corrupt and on the wrong track, so there is intelligent life out there. 89% think the media is in the tank for Owebama -- we would like to know exactly who the other 11% are.   



Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:37 | 2285364 xela2200
xela2200's picture

Americans are sharp as a tack that is why Ron Paul will be the next president and gold is above $2,000.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 23:45 | 2285942 Monedas
Monedas's picture

Mark Steyn said 80% of Americans want the Keystone pipeline to be built asap ! Putin only got 60% cheating like hell ! I see a little wisdom in the heartland !

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:16 | 2285300 General Decline
General Decline's picture

I hate to whiz in everybody's Cheerios but they have many effective ways of dealing with small arms combat I.e. drones, directed energy weapons etc In Chicago there are police cameras that can detect the direction from which a gun shot comes from. It will then turn and record the area where the shot came from within a fraction of a second and snap a pic. It wouldn't be that hard to adapt a weapon in place or addition to the camera. I'm sure they already have the prototype. If they thought guns were going to be a real threat, they would have outlawed them long ago. Regardless, I think it's about time to drop the 1k on that AR I've been lusting after the last few years.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:00 | 2285436 Hicham
Hicham's picture

Those rather expensive cameras can be dealth with a very cheap mask... :p. Of course, because it's our money that is paying for the governments largesse with respect to security and militarizing the police, and crazy tech like the cameras you mention...we still get fucked. How depressing.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:03 | 2285446 Dread Nought
Dread Nought's picture

Build your own AR spend less, get more and learn how it works it just could be important.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:34 | 2285540 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

ak 47

when you absolutely positively need to kill every motherfucker in the room

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:50 | 2285685 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

Actually, "They" - people with names like Soros, Bloomberg, Metzenbaum, Sugarmann, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer & etc. - have been attempting to outlaw our guns for some time now. They just haven't gotten away with it. They can't do a Ukraine on us  until they disarm us...and They know it. And by all means get that AR if you enjoy spraying bullets around....M1A if you're actually planning on dropping a bad guy.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:01 | 2286088 BidnessMan
BidnessMan's picture

Actually it is called Shot Spotter, and triangulates based upon sound. 

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 03:00 | 2286142 ironsky
ironsky's picture

So the cops are going to be manning directed energy weapons against what massed and static target? Only occutards are that stupid. It would be a free for all with the cops defending their families and maybe their neighborhoods. You're on your own. There will be those who may or may not successfully defend themselves and the Euro-maggots hoping that the noble savages won't want to eat something that will stop their hearts.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:41 | 2285143 Neo
Neo's picture wait..what?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:42 | 2285147 Lmo Mutton
Lmo Mutton's picture

Stacker bitchez.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:43 | 2285149 The Heart
The Heart's picture

This means the recovery is on the way!

Meanwhile, the one that will preserve your 2nd amendment right really needs your help now. Please contribute because there is a real good chance Ron Paul could make it to the top!



Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:53 | 2285417 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Thanks for the link. I'll have to email it to some of my gun toting Romney supporting friends.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:53 | 2285690 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

NO POLITICIAN, not even RP, can ensure our Gun Rights and the freedom that goes with them. Only our Guns and the Willingness to Use them can do that.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:43 | 2285150 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

CEO Michael O. Fifer also said, "We're working as FAST and FURIOUS as we possibly can."

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:44 | 2285153 navy62802
navy62802's picture

Shit! I think I may have to run out to the local gun store tomorrow and get that Mini-14 I've been wanting for a couple months now.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:51 | 2285193 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

NO.  Had one.  Would not hold 4MOA.  It's a design flaw.  Get an AR, or anything else. Or, man up and get a .308.

Mini-14=trailer park AR

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:58 | 2285218 xtop23
xtop23's picture


7.62x51 is your friend

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:04 | 2285245 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

Yep.  Ruger makes plenty of OK guns...  but in that caliber range, there are so many better alternatives it's not funny... 

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:29 | 2285346 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

Even better an AR in .308


"Man's game bitch"

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:06 | 2285453 slewie the pi-rat
slewie the pi-rat's picture


^my gf's like these^

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:36 | 2285661 WonderDawg
WonderDawg's picture

Daniel Defense makes an excellent AR. Best bang for the buck, to coin a phrase. They use Colt quality standards, and you can pick one up for right around a grand.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:57 | 2285695 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

rock river lar-8 with 20" bull barrel, 4x12 redfield revenge i can ring 6" steel all day at 500 no prob.  i do not like .223, not in a box, not with a fox, on a train, or on a plane.  .308 > .223, just like mr eugene stoner indended.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:33 | 2285745 AnarchyInc
AnarchyInc's picture

6.8mm is where it's at.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 22:58 | 2285884 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

Easy to find ammo, eh?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:02 | 2285237 Abiotic Oil
Abiotic Oil's picture

Got FAL?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:09 | 2285247 xtop23
xtop23's picture

16" fluted REPR 

Been considering the purchase of a SCAR /shrug - If I buy another gun I'm gonna end up divorced.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:50 | 2285411 Dugald
Dugald's picture

What a solution...way to go it!!

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:02 | 2285441 xtop23
xtop23's picture

She goes and a third of my guns vaporize lol she shoots too.

The .308 is the only thing I shoot more accurately than she does. She's 5ft 2", Assyrian, and a monster, you should see her transition from the Benelli to the Glock.

I pity the robber that comes to our house and she's home.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:06 | 2285263 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture


Plenty of .308 winners...  G3...  M1... 

I realize the arguments for a smaller caliber, but all things considered, I'm just not sold on the idea.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:12 | 2285283 navy62802
navy62802's picture

My thoughts are to have guns chambered in all of the most common rounds. Glock 23 can be down-chambered to 9mm. The FAL chambers the 7.62x51 which is a pretty common military/LE round. The AK chambers the 7.62x39 which is probably the most common rifle round in the world. And the 5.56 is close behind. I'm trying to decide on my next firearm ... it's a toss-up between a 5.56 rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun. Really want to get a Saiga-12.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:20 | 2285312 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

The Saiga is a nice gun. I just picked up a Ruger 270. It's quickly become one of my favorites.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 09:45 | 2286391 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

Yep.  Mucho guns in the most common military rounds is a good idea for everyone...  7.62x51, 7.62x39, 5.56x45, 45 acp, and 9mm.  Generally speaking there are an incredible amount of aftermarket parts and customization abilities...  as well as a whole bunch of cheap ammo.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:20 | 2285313 xtop23
xtop23's picture

The Saiga is good you can still get drum mags. I bought a Benelli M4 and it's been flawless I just wish it had a bit more capacity ( 7+1 ).

You know the drill, home = shotgun / down range = rifle. 

Totally agree on the ammo ( I have 9mm,12 gauge,and .308 )

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:30 | 2285350 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Benelli makes some sweet guns. I hope to get one for my next purchase.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 09:39 | 2286384 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

Given the cost difference, I think an 870/mossberg + speedfeed is a better option...  As for hunting, I prefer a 10 guage for any applications that a benelli could be used for... 

Know of a few folks in a duck hunting club around here that hit a stump in a pre-dawn boat run...  turned over the boat and out went about a half a dozen benellis...  they tried to drag the boat run, but couldn't find the guns...  OUCH!

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 01:51 | 2286079 Axenolith
Axenolith's picture

And WAY down range, 300 RUM :-)

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:09 | 2285275 navy62802
navy62802's picture

Oh. Well, in that case, I'll stick with my trusty FAL. Thanks for the info.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:17 | 2285305 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

If you have a FAL and you can lug it, you're good.  Spend the money on the 12ga and spare ammo.  The remington is great, but I prefer the Mossy for quick change-outs (buck to slug) and top safety.  I wish I knew more about these things but I'm horribly out of practice after the canoe accident.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:27 | 2285340 navy62802
navy62802's picture

HelluvaEngineer = GT??

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:43 | 2285387 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Yes.  MechE.  Now write code.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:36 | 2285750 AnarchyInc
AnarchyInc's picture

MechE here too.  Have a job but having a hell of a time finding a better one.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 23:01 | 2285888 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

Try CombatE.   Heard they're hiring with a bonus still, AND paying off college bills.

Might wanna get some of them nose-filters from The Running Man (book version) to keep all the DU out of your lungs, though....

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 01:57 | 2286082 BidnessMan
BidnessMan's picture

George P. Burdelle says hello.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:14 | 2285288 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

An AR-10 is sweet...especially tricked out with a suppressor....

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:25 | 2285329 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 23:54 | 2285947 Fedaykinx
Fedaykinx's picture

i don't have a suppressor, but i know folks who do and have used them to thin out wild hogs on numerous occasions.  that+flir+nightvis = one hell of a time.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:38 | 2285375 navy62802
navy62802's picture

Funny you mention the AR-10. When I purchased my FAL from DS Arms, it was a toss-up between the DS Arms SA-58 and the Armalite AR-10. Went with the FAL version for various reasons, but I imagine the AR-10 is also pretty sweet.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:44 | 2285392 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

AR10 is more accurate but you always run into the "it shits where it eats" problem.  FAL is second to only the AK in reliabilty.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:08 | 2285461 xtop23
xtop23's picture

Get gas-piston instead of DI and it's pretty good. Nothing beats an AK for reliability though.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:43 | 2285390 Agent P
Agent P's picture

Didn't that dude in Norway kill all those people with a mini?  It may not be as accurate as an AR, but it's still an adequate rifle.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:45 | 2285395 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Yes.  It's perfectly designed for things that don't shoot back.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:18 | 2285627 noob
noob's picture

Man o man is this a loaded topic(s).

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:21 | 2285637 navy62802
navy62802's picture

It is a topic that we must unfortunately face now rather than later, when it will be too late.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 01:13 | 2286045 LFMayor
LFMayor's picture

sounds like operator error with your mini. I had one for years, a ranch model with a cheap 4x tasco on top and had no problems rolling up groundhogs at 200 yards with over the counter Remington 55gn soft points.  

Now if you .223 AR 15 dinks want to shoot a real varmit round, my old man's Rem 788 in .222 is still the most accurate damn platform I've ever shot.  To be fair, that's with handloads, but it's a nailer.

For larger game, I'd recommend something in .308 or .311 caliber.   Nato or Warsaw pact, it just depends on the kind of money you have to spend.  I'd love to have an M1A, but cannot buy champagne on a beer budget, some I'm rolling SKS/AK.

best of luck to you all.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 07:08 | 2286260 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture

Yes, we must hang together or hang separately.


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:47 | 2285167 xtop23
xtop23's picture

Bullish for drones. No Govenment stooge is going to wanna go outside until the plebs are softened up by remote.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:47 | 2285170 viahj
viahj's picture

i wonder how many of these units were ordered by DHS in 0.40 to go with all that ammo they bought

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:08 | 2285270 aerojet
aerojet's picture

I'm guessing none.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:47 | 2285171 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

I wonder how many were bought by Homeland Security and the IRS?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:14 | 2285290 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

I wonder how many the ATF has promised to Mexican drug lords.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:47 | 2285172 Timmay
Timmay's picture


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:51 | 2285192 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Buying means nothing if it's to give them up when the government asks for them. Owning means nothing if you don't know how to shoot. Knowing how to shoot means nothing if you don't have ammo. Shooting means nothing if you don't shoot for something worthwhile.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:46 | 2285680 WonderDawg
Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:13 | 2286104 Lukacko
Lukacko's picture

What kind of massive army would they need to actually confiscate all these weapons?  I mean even after they recruit the census people.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 09:49 | 2286397 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


What kind of massive army would they need to actually confiscate all these weapons?  I mean even after they recruit the census people.

There would be a continuous need to hire replacements. They'd be dropping like red shirts in the original Star Trek series.

On the other hand, a make-work program that would always be hiring, had generous benefits which would never be used, and provided a deluxe pension with no expectation of retirees to collect it, would be a central planning bureaucrat's wet dream.


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 17:54 | 2285204 gwar5
gwar5's picture

Been alluded to before....  If it wasn't for the Armageddon preppers we wouldn't be having any recovery at all. If TEOTWAWKI is coming anyway, put it on credit.


"God bless our troops, especially our snipers" -- Kyle Bass bumpersticker

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:16 | 2285298 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

That's what I've been saying. The only real thing supporting this economy is preppers stocking up. Fuck the iPad give me another 1000 rounds of .223.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:32 | 2285354 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

"God bless our troops, especially our snipers" -- LaRue Tactical

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:15 | 2285299 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

That's what I've been saying. The only real thing supporting this economy is preppers stocking up. Fuck the iPad give me another 1000 rounds of .223.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:32 | 2285356 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

*Another* thousand? But Ive already got 8...

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:01 | 2285234 Abiotic Oil
Abiotic Oil's picture

Forget the stock.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:05 | 2285244 stant
stant's picture

its that way everywhere. lines at all the gun shops. i bought my m1a in jan.knew it was now or never. now they are out of stock and 200 bucks higher

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:04 | 2285249 Ausbroker
Ausbroker's picture

Wish the share prices of my gold stocks looked like that

Govt probably buying all production and shipping off to syrian rebels

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:04 | 2285251 Troncom
Troncom's picture

They make gold guns

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:05 | 2285254 Judge Arrow
Judge Arrow's picture

Get .308 for range and accuracy and thumping power with enough grains in the cartridge to kick at least 900 lbs at 500 yards without brutal recoil (Browning or Winchester); The Judge 410 for up-close and personal - and then practice. The war here will be most uncivil.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:10 | 2285277 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

Love the Judge...he sleeps with me....don't tell my husband!  lol

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:13 | 2285286 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

The Judge is a nice home defense gun but I prefer my Saiga 12 gauge to fuck people up.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:23 | 2285321 General Decline
General Decline's picture

The only thing better for close quarter combat than the 12 gauge is a hand grenade. Since those are difficult to come by, the 12 is a nice choice.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:17 | 2285483 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Rather pick them of from 500 yds.and up.

If they're that close your down to a 12g or handgun .you've got a problem.

Still like the FN  SLR sniper variant  myself.That goes through 10ft of conrcete at a

1000 yds.Ammos a bitch though.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:20 | 2285491 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I have the same philosophy, but sometimes long range is not an option.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:59 | 2285595 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

10ft of concrete at 1000yds? Or did you mean 10 INCHES? Im calling BS. Not much that will go through 2ft of concrete at 20yds.


Link to the ballistics please

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:11 | 2286099 Axenolith
Axenolith's picture

Things that go through 10 feet of properly cast concrete at 1000 yards go through the glacis of most main battle tanks too... I WANT some of that! ARF!

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:12 | 2286102 Axenolith
Axenolith's picture

Don't forget the 12 pound mountain howitzer (which can be home built no less).

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:02 | 2285602 navy62802
navy62802's picture

... most uncivil.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:40 | 2285754 AnarchyInc
AnarchyInc's picture

6.8 SPC has more downrange energy and doesn't sink like a brick so quickly

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:06 | 2285260 Incubus
Incubus's picture

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a whole lot easier for the handlers to just release some of their virus/bioweapons cocktails that they've been brewing up over the past few decades.


Load up on gunz all you want--it'll be the bugs that get ya.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:11 | 2285471 Uber Vandal
Uber Vandal's picture

Sort of like this:

Authorities have released the cause of death in the case of the Malibu restaurant employee who was found dead in a pool of blood outside of his place of work.

Assistant Coroner Chief Ed Winter has expressed dismay this afternoon regarding the LASD's release of information about Rodas' cause of death, according to CNS. Winter said he was "irritated at this," and explained that a sheriff's detective placed a security hold on the case, which barred anyone at the coroner's office from discussing the case.

Winter added he could not confirm the information released by the LASD that indicates Rodas died of an "upper respiratory disease."



Or, like this

The Calvert County Health Department (CCHD) is investigating a cluster of respiratory illnesses that have resulted in the deaths of three individuals from the Lusby area.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:04 | 2285604 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

The 'Antibiotic Age' is drawing to a close.



Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:49 | 2285677 KK Tipton
KK Tipton's picture

Here is an option 3M 6000 mask with box filters $17:

3M 6000/7500 series masks are sold all over. Home Depot only has size medium (good for kids not adult men). Autobody/paint suppliers sell them too. Full face are available. Look around at the link.
Get the large round pink filters if buying in store during an emergency.

Order ahead of time and get the box style P100 filters like I linked. They are both P100 HEPA.
Large pink round and box carts. are listed for radionuclides as well. Radioactive dust.
I think they would work nicely for "bugs" like "flying Canadian monkey flu" etc. as well.

The enclosed box filters won't get wet in the rain outdoors. They are also lower profile on the face.

I know there are surplus military masks and filters out there...but the 3M stuff is easier to find reliably.
They also come in all sizes. Small/Med/Large. Fits the whole family.
Another advantage over military type masks is that you will actually *wear* these daily.
Very light and easy to breath through.

Organic vapor carts might work for riot control gases? Dunno never tried that....


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:06 | 2285261 aerojet
aerojet's picture

WTF?  They must have a supply problem--unable to get enough credit to buy raw materials ahead of demand?  Incompetent management?  I fail to believe that shitty Ruger guns are completely sold out for demand reasons.  That really doesn't make sense at all.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:13 | 2285281 economessed
economessed's picture

The only thing Ruger makes worth owning are the Blackhawk revolvers, and those don't exactly fly off the shelves.  (Oh, yeah, the Mark III's are nice too, but a giant pain to strip down and clean.) Everyone wants the LCP (Little Crappy Piece) in .380's.  Then when then actually shoot them, they realize what a big mistake they just made. 

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:19 | 2285365 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

I like the P90 for what it is - a utility gun. No flash, no hi performance, its big and bulky but its bullet proof.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:42 | 2285385 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I have a Ruger 77 .270 I think it's a great gun.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 00:01 | 2285959 DarthVaderMentor
DarthVaderMentor's picture

“The caliber, weapon and firing mode is dictated by you, your mission, rules of engagement and mission logistics. They key is always to deliver the right amount of ordnance on target to do the job at hand, on time and without failure. No more, no less.”

You cannot know what is the right gun and caliber ammunition to use unless you practice. Practice, practice, and then practice more with as many different weapons as you can find. Shoot pistol targets at 3,5,10,25,50 and 100 yards because you may have no choice to shoot at those ranges. Practice shooting quickly and rapidly as well. One 45 slug is not match to two or three well placed 9MM or even 32 ACP hollow point or frangible slugs. Remember, once you’ve made the decision to shoot the objective then is to inflict the most accurate and devastating damage in the least amount of time. If accuracy is a problem for you, then consider a pistol that uses 410 gauge instead. Train your brain to keep a track of the bullet count as well. There’s nothing worse than running out of bullets unexpectedly in the middle of a gunfight. Then choose the weapon for the mission you have at hand: e.g. home defense, street defense, etc. Clean your gun often and take care of it and it will take care of you when you need it. 

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:44 | 2285567 HelluvaEngineer
HelluvaEngineer's picture

Have you considered that there is a shortage of engineers?  BTW, this means that when WW3 breaks out, you are phucked.  Good day.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:08 | 2285271 Gohn Galt
Gohn Galt's picture

The Ruger Mark III.  Say what you will but any little boy and girl can pick up this gun and hit their mark at 10 - 20 yds with little to no recoil.  I like to keep a few under the cushions, in the bedrooms and by the entry ways just in case.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:21 | 2285316 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

My father got me started with a Ruger Standard Model (forerunner of the Mark I) when I was 3. First shot was a bullseye. Thanks Dad!

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 06:46 | 2286253 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture

Yeah, my wife complains each time she cleans the house.

"Another one? You even have one near the shower. This is insane."

And I tell her

"In a land of Zombies, Lead is King."

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:10 | 2285278 Yophat
Yophat's picture

Just wait till the dog days of summer and the midwest bread basket isn't putting out any more bread....

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:12 | 2285280 Let them eat iPads
Let them eat iPads's picture

I guess the revolution will be televised after all.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:17 | 2285303 digalert
digalert's picture

Guess they don't have a dealer stuffing problem.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:23 | 2285319 SILVERGEDDON

Shoot for the Constitution.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:26 | 2285334 Bolweevil
Bolweevil's picture

TD, what's with the x's? Did I miss the memo?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:28 | 2285342 nothing can go wrogn
nothing can go wrogn's picture

The Ruger 10/22 is probably the best selling 22 rifle in the world.

I imagine it has out sold the iPad by some exponential factor.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:45 | 2285397 Hangfire
Hangfire's picture

You throw one of those big banana clips in there and it will heat up like an Ipad as well!  

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:29 | 2285348 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

bullish for knife makers

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:35 | 2285363 YesWeKahn
YesWeKahn's picture

one million guns from the 4th largest? I think each USA citizen has a gun. That makes the USA the largest army in the world.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:44 | 2285393 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

Stage a few school shootings and when cities are gonna be bankrupt, cops will get fired, leading to lots of crimes, leading to the sheeple being scared, leading to anti-gun laws.

People will BEG for it. Anyone seen with a gun will ``want kids dead``.

They'll say by January 1, 2014, all guns must be brought it or you'll go to jail. And by then, SCOTUS will have been stacked by Obama anti-second amendment judges and they will rule in it's favor.

Then is when the shit starts hitting the fan.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 20:06 | 2285610 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

The US Populace *is* the largest standing army in the world.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:40 | 2285755 Captain Benny
Captain Benny's picture

And thats why you should open carry every day if your state allows for it.

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 02:23 | 2286115 Axenolith
Axenolith's picture

Banned January 1 here in lame CA.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:48 | 2285400 junkyardjack
junkyardjack's picture

Don't worry, most of them go straight to Mexico

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:47 | 2285399 junkyardjack
junkyardjack's picture

Those damn deer just keep getting smarter, we need more guns to take them out.  At some point they need to just allow bazookas already to hunt wild life to even the odds a bit for the humans

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 06:43 | 2286251 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture

I'd like a tank, but did you know, a properly placed round from a Barrett will knock out an Abrams?

Just sayin'

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:51 | 2285412 LoneStarHog
LoneStarHog's picture

Sadly I did not contribute to Ruger's success during this period of GLOCK, where I contributed SIGNIFICANTLY!


Way To Go, Obozo!  Create those jobs!

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 18:59 | 2285433 ekm
ekm's picture

That's very very very good news.

It shows that americans DO NOT trust government despite of what Danica Patrick says.

Here in Canada and and back there is Europe, people have become all pussycats expecting government idiots to take care of their health, infinite pensions, 35 hr work per week and other elephant shit.

Thank God for USA.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 21:05 | 2285707 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

UNsurprising, coming from a gurl who spends her whole life making the same left turn over and over again.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 22:53 | 2285877 ekm
ekm's picture

I get the point, but this is an over-used joke. Find sth new please.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:05 | 2285451 Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill's picture

Finally the giant woke.

Don't forget plenty of extra ammo.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:07 | 2285455 nothing can go wrogn
nothing can go wrogn's picture

Just a rumor so far...but supposedly all these orders are coming from MF Global customers.

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 22:46 | 2285866 rosiescenario
rosiescenario's picture

Very nice...but I have always been puzzled that when Enron ripped off everyone none of those responsible for it got Texas????


It appears the sheeple are still docile, but for how much longer?

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:10 | 2285466 fuu
fuu's picture

It goes boom, it goes boom.

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