A Front Page You Won't See In The US

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Just because try hard as it may, the Chairman's printer simply can't issue infinite electronic equivalents of the 79 proton element, newspapers with a circulation of 435,000 (same as the Chicago Tribune) on this side of the Ganges will hardly ever be allowed to show the following anti-patriotic advertisement. 

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she would be a terrorist here

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Maybe WBanzai will do a mock-up?

Vote + if you want one!

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They have Latinas in India?

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NO! But they do have Aryans! And the funny thing about that (Cultural bias against skin color) is on various indian channels that have enormous followings for Bollywood movies, you will see commercials (backed by Hindustan Unilever) for a whole mass of womens products to WHITEN their skin. Dark skin means you work outside and are a laborer, light skin means you DON'T work outside and come from a good family. And the women are HOT!!!

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It used to be the same here in the USA...a tan meant you worked...white meant you had means baby....funny how that has changed

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Doesn't ZH get more readers than the mainstream financial press in the US?

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Good for them for not falling for that old gun in the teddy bear trick.  Well done officers!  That little dissident will think twice before she does that again.

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and Shirley Temple was a midget

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Ja...and besides since when do serfs and four year olds need 4th amendment rights. Serves her reicht!

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THAT is exactly why we have a second amendment in the U.S.  And if you think the TSA is bad now wait until they unionize.

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If the people don't do anything against their own government keeping them in a concentration camp they deserve no better.


So much about the Land of The Free (or even Home of The Brave).

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Don't tell the mainstream financial press though -- they're already in a shitty mood.

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ZH winning momentum - getting more readers in Germany than the mainstream Axel-Bertelsmann press .

(  Public & private media in Germany r low  cost  FUX-News franchise, and the german journalists bit cheaper than the politicians  and crack whores ) .

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I would like to specifically +1 the part in which you note that Indian women are hot.

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Being hot is great but she best know how to make some Chicken Tikka Masala and Aloo Palak or I'll just say "NEXT"

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You're speaking in third person again?

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You know why Indian girls that emigrate to the U.S. have that dot?  Because when you marry them and consumate the marriage you get to rub it off and see if you won a Motel 6 or a 7-11..  I do love anti- PC humor..  Lets hear some honky jokes..

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How many whites guys does it take to change a light bulb?


MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

He holds the light bulb and the whole world revolves around him!

(I resemble that)

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Q: How many typical TV-watching Americans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None --- they prefer to remain in the dark.

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AK - Honky joke thread winner, in the dark indeed, this country is full of mushrooms in the dark and fed shit and they love it..  In fact try to shove them into the light and they will kill ya for the trouble.

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What's 12 inches long and white?


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What's the difference between Mic Jagger and a Scottsman?

Mic Jagger says, "Hey you, get of of my cloud!!"

Scottsman says, "Hey McCloud, get off of my ewe!!!"

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How many Indian men does it take to change a light globe?
None. Their mother does it for them.

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Lawrence always said, the polka turns chicks on

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dark skin means you work outside, kinda like red-neck. whitening products are big in asia. its our propaganda, brain-washing, consumerist poison seeping in.

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On the DL application under "race" always put "Redneck"

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I usually indicate I am Native American for anything that askes of my nationality.  I was born here damnit.

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Careful, I did that on a jury duty questionaire.

Let's just say I became popular.


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You should never fill those things out. As you discovered, they contain a legal threat.

If you really want to confuse them (as I found out once), show up for "duty" anyway. They spent well over half an hour trying to figure out why I wasn't in their database, until I finally told them.

Later, I got kicked out of the "Juror #8" chair for refusing to obey, in advance, any orders the judge might fancy coming up with.

Nope, sorry I'm not going to swear absolute obedience to any person, let alone a professional criminal.

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i got forms from the court to fill out a few years ago. it was all for jury duty. they wanted to know all kinds of things such as who i live with, where i live, phone number,, etc. etc. etc. i wrote a letter back to the judge indicating i refused to fill out the forms. the whole time i kept thinking he would probably lock me up for contempt. his baliff later talked to me and said that the judge was actually looking into the jury questioneer form and for lack of a better term the legitamicy of it. i was pleasantly surprised. basically i didnt fill out any of the forms, never had to appear in court and never got called to sit on the jury. things do work out sometimes even though you fear the worst.

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Good for you, N/A.

It is pretty appalling to show up for jury duty and be instructed by the judge that you must agree to everything he/she instructs. If that is how it is supposed to be, what is the point of a jury of your peers?

So wrong.

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i somewhat jokingly say i'm european american because i don't appreciate the double standard that it's ok to call me white while it's not ok to call others yellow, brown, purple, etc. :)

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My sister-in-law emigrated to the USA from Zimbabwe because of the troubles there. She insists on ticking the box for African American, and loves explaining how African does not equal black.

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I think you mean, "the unchecked savagry of hordes of negro beasts that infest Africa."



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Hell yeah ! Even an €uro can luv beer, shots, bluegrass and shotties ..... ( ... shit, my cousine is married ...). :-P


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If I remember correctly, they call that a "wheatish" complexion.  I only lived there for a little while, and that was in the early 90's.  Back then, they still aspired to keep girls chunky too.

High value is placed on very pale complexions there. 

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Looks like Zionist Central-Banking Mafia is not in control of India.

How soon will India army invade and liberate American people from the totalitarian & oppressive Washington regime?

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They'll come in right behind the French