Guest Post: Be Honest CNBC - You Are Biased Against Ron Paul

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Sad how "enlightened voters" think that they're awake when they're really just programmed to believe they are (and to pull the appropriate lever).

All gets old, listening to the same broken record as to how the liberal/conservative media is manipulating things and that if people only run to the other side of the trap, er a, boat that all would be corrected.

Fucking tools!

I really like Ron Paul (supported him in the past, and do so in spirit today [my new-found religion doesn't permit me to engage in politics]), but he's NOT PTB material, he's therefore not going to "save" us all: yup, we're doomed to rinse and repeat up until we get it that it's the fucking System! (that's where power is, and where power will control us all until we get it through our thick skulls that power doesn't compromise, that our only options are to either become that power we hate, or we disallow the formation of power outright [NO GOVT]).

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As a constituient and supporter of Dr. Ron Paul, I strongly believe in his message.  I appreciate the viewpoint that he is not our "savior".  I am not ignorant enough to believe that one person could be elected and change the way the big boys/ control freaks run the corrupt government. 

 The biggest strength Dr. Paul gives us is his truthfulness and consistency of his message and beliefs.  When folks wake up and start listening to truth and common sense and realize we are being strangled by federal gov/corporate cabal- and work to end the corrupt system- then that is when Dr. Paul has WON!!!!


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Maybe that could be their new slogan - 

"America's Two Party System
A Leisure Time Service of Your Financial  Services Industry"

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Ohmagawd my eyes have been opened to the evil of the Communists at Comcast! Thank you thank you thank you!!

I need better drugs

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I only know what the 'MSM' is saying when I read posts like this on ZH :D

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best contrarian indicator out there, plus it's soooo fucking funny. 

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But, but, Becky cumming back tomorrow and and she'll show us the bathtub ducky Uncle Warren gave her!

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Speak for yourself. I turned off CNBS about 6 years ago--makes me puke. I never watch it--it screws up my trading. I just watch my charts and streaming quotes, and read ZH (#1),, Bloomberg, Investors Village, Google Finance and I do read the WSJ.

The only way I would watch CNBS is if it was the 'Rick Santelli channel', and he was the only commentator.

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Remember: it's important to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

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The useless corporate media ignores Ron Paul yet reports every word that comes out of the mouth of the completely irrelevant Michelle Bachman.

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I'm fucking crazy.

But Cain, Perry, and Bachman have completely shit the bed.

Furthermore, most Americans aren't going to vote for a Morman.  They'd rather have a black man.

So Paul and Gingrich REALLY have a shot.

One's a sincere genius.  The other is an evil genius.

Either way, they're both better than Obama.

Things are looking up.

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what's a Morman? Is that kind of like Piltdown Man?

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I think they're the weird cannibalistic underground dwellers in 'The Time Machine'.

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I don't think his Mormonism is the problem.  I believe it is because he is an asshat.

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Romney can't get above 25% in the polls.  That's because he is a RINO.  Republican in Name Only.

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Romney should try going "through the eye of a needle" and save himself some dough.

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I'd vote for the geico caveman. At least when they want to write stoopid bankster side laws, he would have to scratch it into a wall of rock. That would keep him busy as to not fucking up so quickly.

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"Mermen are mythical male equivalents of mermaidslegendary creatures who have the form of a human from the waist up and are fish-like from the waist down."

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the stupid polls dont matter. its the electronic voting machines we should be concerned about. the results can be hacked very easily

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A real concern but not necessarily hacked, just falsified.

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And who owns the code to these things???

Anywho... I had some involvement in nixing these things in my State.  Funny that the campaign to protect this obvious point of manipulation came by way of getting people to believe that a "paper trail" could protect voters.  You could program a machine to report a different vote but you couldn't have it alter a printout?  People just aren't very smart: and I'm talking about hardcore political folks (yeah, now I know better- I detest them in all their shapes and sizes).

Ah, the good old days in which I actually thought that the System was fixable (didn't realize that it operated just as always intended).

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he will break up the status quo and current system....thats what the powers that be want the current manipulated system even if gold is revalued whoever will keep the system as is as much as possible and yes MSM is handpicking the candidates. Who knows maybe Goldman Sachs is hiring these women to come out against cain. Who knows...

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Yesterday, after I voted in the poll and the result was displayed, RP was first at 33% followed by Romney at 22%.

CNBC however had a serious issue with the visual presentation. The bars indicating % for both candidates were exactly of the same length while every other candidate's % bar length was proportional to Romney's. Example:

R. Paul   ------------------------------ 33%

Romney ------------------------------ 22%

Cain      ----------------------------   21%

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Here is a screen shot of Ron Paul at 66% before they took down the poll.

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I certainly like your handle and your profile picture is very handsome!


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"I am very complimented".  Derrick Zoolander

The pic is of Dr. Paul

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@Unprepared - MSNBC did the exact same thing!  Paul with 29.7% has a line equal in length to Caint and Romney at 22%.  The rest are all proportional.  What gives?

Ron Paul   29.7% (11,686 votes) Herman Cain   22% (8,642 votes) Mitt Romney   21.8% (8,576 votes) Newt Gingrich   15.2% (5,963 votes) Jon Huntsman   5.4% (2,132 votes) Rick Perry   2.8% (1,119 votes) Michele Bachmann   1.7% (651 votes) Rick Santorum  
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They are scared of less airtime for 'front runner' rick 'GWBIII' Perry

Dumbass doesn't even know his own platform

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The MSM are definatley scared of Ron Paul.

But so is the GOP-if the GOP wasn't scared of him, the rest of the talking buffons on stage would not constantly be co-opting his ideas.

You can even see Romney watching Ron Paul closely when Ron Paul actually gets to answer a question. Then Romney will later rephrase Ron Paul's response as if it was his own idea.

The GOP knows that Ron Paul's platform is what the people want, but the GOP also knows they can't control him.

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Well, when only 6,000 people watched the show, then........

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+1 gazillion.  Great post

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I hate Ron Paul! He will never be a president!

Now counting all vortes down!

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Hey nitwit, if you are going to show your political stupidity by making such a statement  you may want to spell check before doing so.

vortes - dumb fuck

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He is too old for the job! He has no political expirience at all!  He has no clue about economics, how FED really works! He has no clue about fractional reserve system and his argument about M1 during debate was laughable.  He will never be a president! NEVER!!!

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6' 4" if you include the afro, eh?

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.... but he has real chance of becoming THE President!!!

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I can imagine some shadowy oligarch screaming this desperately at one of his underlings.

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Just twenty two votes down? You are as pathetic as RP is! Is that all you can do?!!!

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First good laugh, this morning. Thanks.

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Ok! You passed my test! You people are LEGIT!

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wow a troll that gives milliondollar bonus a run for his money.

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wow a troll that gives milliondollar bonus a run for his money.

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You're funny.. for a second.. I thought you were serious..

JPM Hater001's picture that you.  You crazy old dog you.

Someone get the gun.  Let's shoot this one and then cling to our religion.

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Ron Paul knows full well that the privately owned non-Federal non-Reserve is all about stealing wealth from the general public.

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@Pig Brotha

Sorry for that typo, but my first post shows how big and broad support even here at ZH Paul really has! All other GOP candidates should take that under consideration.


PS Second entry "expirience" - dumb unicorn. That's the negative effect of multitasking. I promise to improve!